In The New Zealand News Today

A quick round up of this morning’s headlines from New Zealand.

Jewish grave vandalism charges dropped

A man who vowed to fight to the “bitter end” charges of wilfully damaging Jewish graves at an Auckland cemetery has had his case dropped.

Honeymoon celebrations cut short by thieves

The celebrations of an Australian couple on their honeymoon in New Zealand turned into commiserations when their wedding dress and suit and rings were stolen near the Milford road.

Bond strengthens after axe attack

The couple severely injured in a horrific axe attack in Bluff 10 days ago are recovering in hospital in Dunedin and say despite the horror and pain they have suffered they will not let it change their lives.

Violent dad jailed for abuse

A father who forced his children to cover up their injuries after he beat, slapped, whipped and strangled them has been imprisoned for four years.

New Zealand’s most prolific criminal has 1147 convictions including 1119 fraud and deception offences

Details of the top 10 recidivist criminals have been released by the Justice Ministry under the Official Information Act, including the number of convictions, the category of offence and the time period in
which the crimes were committed.

Crims walk free in court shambles

A repeat drink-driver was allowed to walk free after a court botch-up meant no judge was assigned to his case.

Drugs, tobacco top prison contraband busts

Crooked prison guards have been smuggling contraband to inmates, with seven losing their jobs in three years.

Man seriously injured in Temuka bashing

A man was last night in a serious condition in Christchurch Hospital after an assault outside a Temuka hotel on Saturday night.

Armed robbers strike Wellington cleaners

Police are hunting four people after an armed robbery this afternoon at a commercial cleaning premises in central Wellington.

Body found in Dunedin

The body of a young man has been discovered in the Dunedin Botanic Garden.

Judge questions jury trials after meth case collapse

The collapse of a major methamphetamine trial has led to a call for a high-level review of how drugs cases are dealt with and their effects on stressed jurors.

Car crashes after police pursuit

A police pursuit of a stolen car in the Waikato this morning ended when the driver unsuccessfully tried to avoid a tyre deflation device laid in its path and crashed into a bank.

Mother ‘blew smoke’ in killed toddler’s face

A mother who admitted she was an alcoholic who smoked P and marijuana around her two year old son, blew cannabis smoke in his face and waited for days to take him to hospital with a broken arm, has denied any role in his death.

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    Drunk and disorderly Kiwi claims Greek police beat him up – police say nay.

    Reminded me of that Kiwi father whose Turkish wife buggered off with their kid and he starts going on loudly about the Gallipoli heritage of the boy and so therefore boy is a kiwi and should be back in New Zealand.

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