New “Gay” Jibe From NZ Prime Minister

Red is the new gay in NZ

More of John Key’s schoolyard humour was revealed today.

The Listener has published a story about him making a gay joke jibe on the very same day that he told Dunedin schoolchildren that David Beckham was “as thick as batshit

“What you’re wearing is an absolute disgrace. You parade yourself as some sort of centre-right invested community leader, but you’re in the red!”

A few minutes later, in reference to a challenge to Mackay’s chances in the charity golf tournament they were to take part in later that day: “You are munted mate, you’re never going to make it – you’ve got that gay red top on there.”

It’s hardly a statesman-like comment from the New Zealand leader, a “big Adele fan”, who was co-hosting a radio show at the time. You can listen to the clip here. Mackay asked Key what he thought his handicap was, isn’t that blindly obvious?

We think Mr Key should keep his inane comments to himself, or has the teapot tape saga given him the impression that the public is eager to hear his every word.

Yes there is a gap in the market for a schlock jock after Paul Henry departed NZ but Mr Key needs to concentrate on what he does best and stop trying to build up a media career for himself.

Some good may come out of it yet, Key has just made the playground use of the word gay instantly un-cool. Green MP Kevin Hague hopes

“Key’s jibe that a radio host was wearing a ‘gay red top’ will lead to the end of the word ‘gay’ being used to mean the likes of “hopeless, awful, pathetic, sad” and so on, in which context Hague says it’s “unquestionably homophobic”.

“It only works because it draws on common cultural associations between those negative attributes and homosexuality, and its continued use reinforces those associations,” he says.

“I do come across young people who say ‘that isn’t what it means anymore,’ but that is absolutely what it means to the young gay person and to the homophobic bully.”

Hague says given Key’s position, he has an absolute responsibility to counter this oppressive use of language. “Instead he has either decided to reinforce it or has been mindless in is choice of words. I suspect he thought it was funny and hasn’t even thought about the meaning or effect of what he has said.”

The Green MP adds that it’s an interesting thought that he may have been stereotyping farmers and making a homophobic joke because he thought they would like it.” more here

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