Who Gave New Zealand ‘The Exemption’ When It Comes To Shitty Towns?

Nice scenery, shame about the shabby infrastructure

As far as I am aware New Zealand is still a democracy – or does the fact we have yet to be formally introduced to our new ruling administration mean the right to free speech has been taken away?

Events of recent days certainly prove that some kiwis have neither a sense of humour – nor do they understand the very concept or meaning of satire (I am referring here to the ‘Shit Towns of New Zealand’ fiasco).


The negative reactions to ‘Shit Towns of New Zealand’ are very much testament to the self-hatred and loathing which some kiwis possess. There are also I’m sure some greedy individuals out there who feel they may miss out on private financial gain – so they have jumped on the bandwagon and conveniently disguised their negative reaction as ‘concern for the wider community’ (very much the kiwi mindset when it comes to all things ‘money’).

I am quite surprised a New Zealand media outlet (for a change) has actually taken the initiative and followed up on their original story. It makes a change not to have kiwi insecurities turned round and blamed on Australia, Colonial Britain, or Donald Trump.


It is surely time for kiwis to realise we do have shitty shabby boring towns; men do urinate in public places; and some of the dirtiest dishevelled people you will ever see live in New Zealand!


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2 thoughts on “Who Gave New Zealand ‘The Exemption’ When It Comes To Shitty Towns?

  1. Unreasonable and Unjustifiable Limits on Freedom of Speech highlights the Arbitrariness and Discrimination Running the New Zealand Judicial System


    New Zealand media, NewsRoom, limits CRNZ’s freedom of expression rights on its FaceBook page after it takes Dr Lisa Shamseldin less than 5 minutes to identify the two sisters in the story below, including their names, school, sports and where they live.

    Should NewsRoom be limiting the right to freedom of speech with the sole purpose of shielding itself, as part of the mass media, from criticism?
    Criticism that was justifiably aimed at the online exploitation of children where those children were identifiable?

    To add, the mother in the story has not (yet) been charged with breaching the Domestic Violence Act 1995. This is despite the High Court finding that speaking about the failure to protect by the Family Court within a closed group is DV. The mother charged with DV from speaking to a closed group about the failure of the NZ Family Court to protect her and her children from extreme post-separation abuse was forced into hiding with her children for 8 weeks as the court granted a protection order against her on what was false evidence and proved to be so. The risk was the father using the protection order to involve the police with more false allegations. The children were forced out of their home/schools for 8 weeks.

    The hearing on the Protection Order was scheduled for a half day, turning into 4 days during which time the judge changed the allegations/ prevented the mother from giving evidence on perjury of the applicant / a state psychologist. Protection order lifted, mother and children returned home/ to their schools. The High Court then put the Protection order back in place on more false allegations, the mother and children were left in a state of fear for over 6 months until the High Court ruled that speaking out in a closed group which included the judicial conduct commissioner, law society, etc was domestic violence and the mother deserved what she got for speaking out about the court. Appalling.

    The mother in the story run by NewsRoom has gone much further but not faced charges.

    An appeal to the Court of Appeal is being looked at in how law is being applied in an arbitrary and discriminatory way in NZ. That complaint also going to the UN on grounds of discrimination and arbitrariness, including unreasonable limits being put on freedom of speech between different groups (Citizens and Migrants)

    Either publicity over a Family Court case is an offence under the Domestic Violence Act NZ or it is not.

  2. Message to Admin and Avid Readers. Hello Buds. You are gonna want to check this out and cover the shitty NZ Rental, and absolute power the agencies and private databases and scumbags banking on the age old nz scam of debt slavery and landlord they call themselves and putting renters through,

    Here’s something about housing

    PS: make it so that people can post with out having to have face book or other accounts, use google accounts if anything. or plan old email method. god knows I have my own stories to tell about how corrupt, lying, leeching, 3rd world, low paying, low educated, over valued, stinking heap of raining POS not to mention and xenophobic and backwards this crap hole and its people are.

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