Why Can’t Asians Find Work In NZ?

unemployed asian people in nz

Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales – first hand immigrant stories about life in New Zealand, taken from locations around the net.

Today’s tale is taken from a pro-NZ, for profit, emigration forum, in it the Indian poster tells of the enormous difficulties he has had trying to find skilled employment in IT  in New Zealand.

Unfortunately he is not alone in experiencing this problem and there are many Asian engineers, accountants and doctors who have no option other than to drive cabs or run corner shops in New Zealand as there is little other work available to them.

The situation has got so bad that some countries have warned their nationals about the risks they face by migrating to New Zealand believing there to be work available to them: “Philippines consul-general Emilie Shi says Immigration New Zealand is not doing enough to warn would-be applicants about the difficulties of finding a job or telling them that Kiwis will be given preference by employers.”

For background read our blogs “Philippines Warns Citizens About Work to Residence Scheme“, “Migrants Changing Names to Get Jobs” and Skilled Migrants Drive Taxis to Survive

Here is the Tale:


I am a New Zealand Permanent Resident and would like to have your feedback regarding my situation.

I am a IT Professional with 9 years work experience.

I had migrated to New Zealand from India in June 2001 and stayed in New Zealand for 3 years and 9 months. I left New Zealand in late February 2005.

I have worked in 2 IT Companies in Wellington.

During the period from January 2003 – February 2005, i applied for lot of IT jobs through SEEK.co.nz & other online job sites and went for lot of interviews, but i was rejected.

As a result, i suffered huge financial loss & my time was wasted.

I returned to India in late February 2005 and i recieved job offers.

I have applied for job positions in New Zealand from India but i have been rejected.

My skill set is in huge demand, but since January 2003 – Present, i have not recieved a single job offer from a New Zealand Company.

I would like to know the reason why i have not recieved a single job offer from a New Zealand Company since the last 8 years.

Is it because New Zealand is a racist country ?

I think their attitude towards Asians is lethargic & not good.

They just don’t care.

I had to save money and then come to New Zealand.

But now everything has gone down the drain.

I would like to know who will compensate me for the financial loss that i have suffered.

So much time was wasted…

I would like to have your feedback on this.

…I think that i am not getting hired in New Zealand because i am from an Asian Country…. In India, i recieve job offers. New Zealand is a very expensive place. I had wasted 2 years and 2 months looking for a job there.

When i came to New Zealand, i had very high hopes, but now everything is finished….

If they are not willing to hire people from Asia, then why do they say that Asians are welcome to work in New Zealand…

I suffered huge financial loss as a result…. So who will compensate me for this ?….


470 thoughts on “Why Can’t Asians Find Work In NZ?

    • But he obtained a bribe from an Indians. Right? You are very good people. NZ is not. But you will arrived to NZ. Please, choose good country. India!


      • Obtaining a “bribe” by “demanding money”, is not the same thing as being offered a bribe without asking for it.

        Can you spot the difference?


  1. Thank you for the link: “.

    ..Mr Deobhakta, who had been trying to get a group of 47 Indians to New Zealand last year, alleged that an immigration officer in New Delhi had demanded a $282,000 bribe to process their visas…”

    that’s a shocking amount of money.

    “…But a former immigration staff member, who used to work in New Delhi, said it was “common practice” for immigration staff in India to sell information. “I have no doubt he [the sacked worker] had passed on information obtained from the department for personal gain, but I know that 90 per cent of other officers at the New Delhi office also do it,” he said…”

    Perhaps we should give some thought to establishing a ‘corruption and fraud’ sub-page, there seems to be more and more stories like this coming out of the wood work.


  2. Oh, it’s not “corruption and fraud”, it’s “making sure incentives are passed around to those that require them”… afterall, in a situation where “friends” and “inside knowledge” are the few things that get you a job, and covert racism abounds… well… let’s just say, one hand washes the other…

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    • according to
      what a load of bullshit and propaganda!!! a website like that, along with telecon’s no bully website etc are big lies to paint a false picture. nz is full of underhanded maneuvers and bullying, even the folks that put up these dream messages themselves are guilty of the opposite. its too late if any stupid person believe any grain of these pictures and suddenly realised they are trapped and fooled. they’ll be in for the biggest let down in life and seeing people around them flee away leaving them damaged and unloved.


  3. I love how you instantly assume because you don’t get a job, we’re “Racist” there’s ALOT of skilled people looking for work in New Zealand, and a piece of paper doesn’t neccesarily guarantee you a job. Plenty of Asian people get hired, so might be a good time drop the “racist” rubbish, and realise there’s more people in New Zealand than just yourself mate. My partner has a Bachelor in Electrial Engineering and Computer Engineering, is a citizen and can’t find work either, so it’s not just the Asians that are getting a raw deal.


    • yes is true actually there are many Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Philipino that work in NZ they are qualified and many are working in shops, offices, doctors and nurses. Not sure but i think Employers have to advertise in the paper for at least 60 days or so before employing people of other ethnicity…correct me if i am wrong. i am Kiwi inside and out…..but i do love other cultures too …..


    • I came to New Zealand just 2 months ago and I am moving back to India as I realised its all bulllshit that they welcome Asians and there are lot of jobs because moment you apply for a job they ask “do you have Newzealand experience” come on some just comes into the country and you ask for a New Zealand experience this means you don’t want to employ just say no. My advice don’t come to this country to settle . It’s a beautiful country for a holiday but not to settle down . I found London more economical and accommodating.


      • So, what is “NZ experience” in the work place?

        Learning how to suck up to the boss so you can keep your job? That’s pretty universal, kiwis just bring this to a new level.
        Not just sucking up, but tearing down as you go. Elevating via the backs of co-workers [and migrants are an easy target] has been practiced and developed to a level seldom seen elsewhere. Merit has little to do with job placement or advancement.
        So really, you won’t do well UNLESS you are familiar and have experience with this type of work environment.
        Most migrants [and people in general] want to accomplish and produce, a trait that is not valued in NZ.
        So, if you are skilled in you field and plan on making it on your abilities in that field, you will be sadly disappointed.


        • the trait valued in NZ is white skin, it is a racist country and my experience as a brown guy is awful. But who cares if NZ is a racist nation. There are better places to succeed in world. Good luck for your future.


      • I immigrate to NZ 7 years ago after I finish my Master degree and I tought it will be easier for me to get a job even as a toilet cleaner. My expectation are wrong. I was jobless for 3 months and I finally get a job as an industrial cleaner. Its a tough job esp for small woman like me but i did it very well. I try to integrate with the local coz thats what kiwi always said about asian that we dont integrate with the local. Unfortunately my working environment and the neighbourhoods are druggies, those pple who are on benefit and single mum with kids from different fathers. They are nice but these are the people u try to avoid. Still they are nice neighbour to talk to. After I met my Kiwi partner, he helps me to get a job at his work place. He also suggest me to find a group of kiwi woman to hang out so that i can have my social life like i had back in my country. Unfortunately, i was been verbally abused on my first night out with the kiwi ladies. One if the ladies said I got the job at that olace because of my partner, if not because of him i will just do odd jobs. I was very sad and i told this to my partner. This is actually not the first time. I told my kiwi partner my bad experience and how difficult I am to get a job here coz im Asian and i dont have any local qualification or job experience. He didnt believe all my stories. He just gave the typical kiwi answer,”coz u not good enough and must be something wrong with u.”
        From then on i just keep it to myself. I am no more telling any difficulty to anybody. Ive been doing all sorts of job. I suffered from depression. My life is just work home and nature. One day i will make it to where i want myself to be. In short New Zealand is not a country for you to build up a career, but for lifestyle, YES!


  4. The fact that you address my post here, rather than in the “New Zealand Is Turning Into A Really Racist Country” article means that you don’t want people to see the full picture of what I speak about. Do you have a reason for doing that, mate?
    Drop the false kiwi bonhomie, I don’t buy it (not from you at least).

    “I love how you instantly assume because you don’t get a job, we’re “Racist””
    I love how you think you can think for me, mate! Instantly assume? The fact that you think it is a reason “worth instantly assuming” means migrants are on the right track with that assumption. It seems a lot of immigrants, have correctly “instantly assumed” racism was behind their economic hardship in a place marketed as a land of plenty, free speech and merit. Remember Occam’s Razor… And the only people who get offended in that way seem to be the covert racists, who want to write-off immigrants based on their race, without allowing anyone to speak up about it. Again, everyone (but especially victimisers) love a silent victim.

    If migrants were already talking about racism even in the good times, when Kiwis could afford to be choosy about the jobs they took, now in the bad times (and thank you for proving my point to me about your partner not being able to get a job despite their qualification)… how do you think the migrants will cope?
    And, by the way, these are the people paying for YOUR benefits so you can spend time arguing spuriously with me on the Internet…


  5. “is a citizen and can’t find work either.” Immigrants are future citizens, and they’ve paid a heckuva lot more for their education than the domestic students. They pay full freight for all services, unless granted discounts by virtue of membership to institutions or societies. (And even in universities, for instance, they’re paying 5 times the rate of domestic students, for every paper) They don’t “game the system” with the relish of the natives.

    An important (and sobering) question to remember is: If the only industry New Zealand had to rely on was its agriculture (and the education and tourism draw did not exist), would the country be able to sustain itself? Would the country be able to develop? Would the DPB get paid to the people who scream for it? International students asking questions about whether they can find employment in New Zealand before, during, and after they attain their qualification never get their questions answered satisfactorily. It’s the elephant in the room.


  6. this question appeared today in a news article:

    many comments show the rabid racism present in the minds of many kiwis, this together with their deadbeat economy explains why asians (and other foreigners) can’t get jobs… now, the good thing would be that asians stopped wasting time, money and health by coming this place and went to Australia/Canada or other countries instead, leaving NZ without one of their main sources of cash, kiwis are begging for it!


    • I hope this won’t turn into a cynical exercise, with employers then choosing to employ only “Asian New Zealanders” vs. “Asian international students/graduates”.

      Some people have a tendency to pull the ladder up behind them and completely shut out opportunities for others after they have had their chance. That is what contributes towards a service stagnation and entitlement mentality, which also makes it difficult for those arriving later to establish themselves.


  7. Sounds like you need to harden up…And stop the crying. You could have done your homework and planned ahead via internet before you came here to nz. Maybe next time..Heheh


  8. Alot of kiwi’s find the chinese very arrogant and rude!..they always complain that this a racist country!..if they feel that way they should go back home!.


    • Heheh, I’d hold my laughter if I were you.
      If people can’t find work commensurate with their qualifications with a good wage in NZ …
      they’ll move on.
      Meaning that you have fewer people to tax, and hence the government may have to print more money or remove welfare for some people.
      Then you’ll really see some funny things happen.


    • lots of good hard labour and contribution made by chinese were hidden from public and sweap under the carpet. the chinese were abused or bullied by rude kiwis and went back home. it is not that they did not try to befriend or integrate or contribute to the NZ place. as a matter they have done more than what they should on many occasions, and it is not right to assume chinese is supposed to be a fat pig pending to be slaughtered until death when they may not even ask for more than just an ordinary warm work/home life. having not received fair go, many did return to asia because they see that their prescence was met with unfriendly hostility and contributions invalidated or unappreciated. would kiwis speak chinese when they are in china terroritiory? fuk no! would kiwis allow chinese to speak chinese when they’re in nz, fuk no! countless bad and rude stories of encounter with kiwis starting from boarding the air nz plane. its not worth to give a shit to these thankless folks. the only thing i admire is their fresh milk. other than that, their petrol smell shit and cars are more polluting than crowded cities in asia. aggressive and ruthless white kiwis walking on auckland’s queen street just bounce you away when they’re in your way, treating you like an invisible object! media is also corrupt. when we went to school, locals kept yelling at us claiming we are thieves of their education and we went there only because it is cheap and high quality. guess what? your education is not cheap or high quality, and we really didnt try to take it because it is better. we played by the rules, and weren’t there to rob or fight anyone. but your loud english mouth is hurtful and belligerent. whats the point if all your place has is mountains, trees, sheep, milk and crap buildings? the people being indifferent and overly financially aggressive, who likes to enjoy any true relationships or friendships only based on how much perks and money you can handout forever? we’re supposed to have our human rights trepeded over again and again and kept hidden away from your stupid media? we really enjoyed having our homes and cars broken into by your local thieves? we know how much we suffered and lost by forming association with your side, your loud english mouth does not change that. be it any of you argue us into submission, or play tricks with information manipulation, eventually large amounts of us see through your deceit.


      • Yep, some of New Zealand’s fighter pilots for World War II were Chinese. There’s plenty more non-Maori – non-White people from/resident in New Zealand that may not have been heard about.


        Peoples’ investment towards and appreciation of the countries they choose to reside in increase when their contributions are recognised, and they aren’t treated badly.


    • RE: Nathan. This is their home. They are people of YOUR country. They have NZ citizenship. Stop treating people by their ethnicity and start treating them as if you were to treat yourself.


    • Already did. Now I am enjoying life in sunny California instead of that piece of crap New Zealand full of piece of crap white trash like you. And I will be sure to use that New Zealand passport as a toilet paper.


  9. It takes time, be patience, and keep reviewing your CV + your cover letter! If you will secure any interview, keep watching Youtube about the job interview technique until you fall asleep in front of your computer or your iPhone. It took me 3 months to find a job in Auckland at the beginning of 2011. So it’s also about where you are looking for work too.


  10. whether they say its their preference for choosing the people they choose and not being racist, it is the same net result. there was a lot of dirty underhanded bullying going on when i was educated in auckland as an asian and eventually working in the largest telescum there. it was originally a life set out in good faith, but all privacy laws were breached, and your white coworker may come in and start a campaign of falsifying documentation to rob away your work credit and defame you inside out until you are overworked, stressed and burnt out, and financially manslaughtered. of course, who gives you justice or who follows any written law or policies? it is all BS. NZ is only interested to paint a pretty countryside picture to tourists and people that have potential to waste money there. the locals dont have a fair respect for your prescence and are mostly only interested to hear how much they can slaughter your wealth. i’d say, it is not a perfect world, and one way or another someone is poorer or richer, and people help or depends on each other. however, just dont have a fantasy that new zealand is some heaven with clean people and earth. when i first landed there, i faced all sorts of social injustice from bigotory to rudeness from people. bank staff at nati0nal bank dared to abuse their power and denied you opening savings bank account. and of course you are denied to lots of opportunities that are supposed to be ordinary and available to everyone. you may not even trust the police or justice system do give fair protection or justice. the only thing that i admired is their sporting culture, and a successful enterprised fitness industry like les mi11s. however, les mi11s is dumping their ‘inventions’ to foreign markets to sell ‘fitness’ which is just in a way promoting a small group of english whites and sucking blood money from neighbouring places. are you kidding the kiwi folks are interested in genuine love and friendship with you?!?! try approach some white girls, they dont give a damn about you, and many a probably brainwashed by some distorted media information!


    • It’s not just international students and immigrants facing the problems of unemployment, it’s local Asians too.

      So it seems my experiences in the time after I graduated … were not as unusual as others often dismissed it as.

      If people don’t speak out against racism and racial microaggression …
      it’ll come along to bite them later.


      “A desperate job seeker is leaving New Zealand after coming up against racial bias in his job hunt, including the suggestion he needed to change his name to an English-sounding one just to land an interview.

      Anti-discrimination organisations are warning this type of racial prejudice is wasting some of New Zealand’s top talent.

      Yik Kun Heng applied for 175 jobs after graduating from the University of Auckland with a first-class masters in political science.

      He received just three interview requests, while his classmates with English-sounding names secured jobs.

      The frustrated graduate sought advice from a career adviser and colleague.

      Their advice? Change his name to an Anglo-Saxon one.

      “It’s almost like you have to give up your identity, everything you are as a person – your history – just to secure a job and pay cheque. That’s too much of an ask for anyone.”

      Heng is part of a wave of New Zealand- Asians hitting the workforce this decade.”

      “Although Heng was eventually hired at a telecommunications company after a seven-month job hunt, he has decided to leave for Hong Kong.

      “No one should have to fight that hard to get a pay cheque, and that’s just to get a job. To get a career, what am I going to have to do?”

      Heng said he looked forward to being judged on his skills, rather than his name and ethnicity.

      Research shows Asian migrants are far more likely to have negative employment experiences compared to South Africans and British migrants.”

      “Strangers have abused and shouted “go home” at Fabian Low.

      His home is Auckland. He is from Christchurch. He was born in Singapore.

      He is one of the growing number of New Zealanders referred to as the 1.5 generation, with their identity wedged between Aotearoa and Asia.

      Many of the 1.5 generation came to New Zealand during the wave of migration from Asia during the 1990s.

      Low arrived at a Christchurch boarding school 18 years ago, aged 14. His parents followed a year later.

      Racial slurs aside, Low says it is difficult to gauge how deep racial bias and prejudice runs in this nation.

      “A minority of people openly expressed their [racist] views at me in Christchurch, but what I don’t know is what is going on deep in people’s minds.

      “In Auckland it’s more subtle. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist.”

      Last year Low faced an identity crisis when his Singapore passport expired. He had to either renew the passport of his birth country or adopt New Zealand as his nation.

      He chose New Zealand – the place he has now lived the majority of his life. Yet the struggles continue.

      Low said it’s not easy for the 1.5 generation to live up to the expectations of two cultures.

      Gently spoken and with a self- deprecating sense of humour, Low confesses to trying to fit in with other New Zealand men the only way he knew how – by drinking.”


      • Don’t young people have the chance of achieving their goals & dreams? No one can claim of ownership of this planet (so as to deprive anyone of fair chance).


  11. yes its just so hard as i have spent over 8 months to keep reviewing my cv and i even did a website to introduce myself, show off what i can do. But still no returns! wtf!!!


    • It was very tough for me, even with a university qualification completed totally in NZ. It may be even tougher for someone with absolutely zero NZ education background


      • Saying that “it may be even tougher for some1 w/ absolutely zero NZ educ background”, did u mean to say that NZ educ is far more superior than any other educ taken in other parts of this planet?


        • I mean that with zero idea of what to expect,
          plus a reality that if you come from an education system (Asia) where lecturers do not justify marks, and you are not used to arguing your case … beyond throwing a tanty or batting your eyelashes there’s not much you can do to improve the situation in terms of looking for a job … or even knowing where to start.
          Just to put things in perspective, the authoritarian Asian education system … leads to people who find it hard to be independent. Or speak out against wrongdoing. – Yes, I have personal experience with that.


          • Asian educ is pretty much good. Asian university graduates speak better English (as a second language) than most Kiwis,, if that is to say it bluntly.


          • Asian university graduates speak better English (as a second language) than most Kiwis,, if that is to say it bluntly.
            If they did … they’d refuse to take IELTS, in large numbers.
            They agree to it – meaning they don’t rate themselves highly. Or are scared of speaking up against what they consider unfair/biased treatment. “Respect for authority” :shake my head:
            I refused to take the IELTS test … and was given a written letter saying “You absolve the university of blame if you don’t understand the lectures”.
            They gave that notice to the wrong person – mainly because English is my first language.


          • you are well in debate bro but remember one things you can not say all the universities some universities provide much better education than international universities.


          • The fact that people falsify having degrees from certain existing universities more than others (and I know 2 STEM Master’s – DID NOT PASS – students who are doing/did just that) (there are also people who falsify having degrees from universities that DON’T EXIST) …
            means that there is obvious cachet when it comes to employment, having a degree from certain universities.
            From my experience it matters more for the management types though, as they justify big bucks through B.S.


        • @ann margaret
          I was referring to the job-hunting process. You may of course have a network of people in your community that you can count on for a job, which _may_ make things easier.
          But on the other hand, the more people that know your business … the more people have a hold on you and what you can do. Staying in a community is great – but remember that it also restricts the people you come across AND doesn’t prepare you for different opinions or the reality on the ground sometimes.


  12. i worked in burger king for one and half year as a strong team member.then there was delay of my visa for just five days.they terminated me saying that when u will get your visa status you can join again.i got my visa in the same week.i went back to my store and gave photocopy to my manager.she said she will call me .i waited for one month for her reply .then i called her again and she said u are not eligible for this job because you are not permanent residence of new zealand.
    I don’t know what happened in just five days that my eligibility changes from strong to non eligible.everything was same .i know it was just an excuse or we can say racism.
    we pay tax equal to a permanent residence of nz .we are allowed to work by immigration.we work hard even then we are facing this bull shit behavior.wtf!!!!


    • Very well said Mannu.I am trying to land job from last 2 years and have not received a single phone call from any “KIWI EMPLOYER” yet(Yeah, customizing CV and cover letter to each job) No consideration for my qualifications, skills and talent. I hold degree, graduate diploma-level 7 certificate,and work experience.I was told by the professional CV writer to make my name English sounding because employers toss away the CVs and applications with “Weird sounding name”(offended and feeling very sad), not even a single glance is given.They just weed you out in the name of “Diversity”. I feel this as discrimination because i never heard any positive response from these kind of organisations who mainly ask you about your ethnic backgrounds,gender, age, citizenship status and language you speak and RUN AS HELL WHEN THEY KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE ENGLISH SOUNDING NAME.This is my real experience.Actually i did a little experiment with my name and ethnic back ground thing. I created a fake CV with English name and in “Diversity section” ticked NZ citizen, NZ European and some experience but a little change in dates, did not Include home country education provider details etc…..Guess what??!!………..I GOT GODDAMN INTERVIEW CALL NEXT WEEK FROM THAT DIVERSITY LOVING ORGANISATION…..
      Now kiwi folks what do you call it???
      Employment discrimination, racism, bullshit behavior or what?

      Please NZ employers Do not judge people by their ethnic backgrounds, No employment discrimination please. I am not demanding any special treatment or playing race card.All I am saying is to respect skills, talent, experience and qualifications.Equal employment.Because NZ does not discriminate when inviting international students, bringing billions of dollars with them in education sector But does discriminate when it comes to equal employment.Why two faces???
      I am very disappointed and sad because after-all we are all HUMAN BEINGS yet treated as third class citizens.


  13. Reading all the previous comments here, I thought to tell my share of ‘fairy-tale’ of my sojourn to the great nation of New Zealand. While I could go on and on about the incidents of racism and bigotry that I experienced in New Zealand, I will at this instance keep it restricted to work.

    See, I my case, I landed in NZ as an international student and completed a Degree in Information System. I thought I would be flooded by offers, given that my area of expertise was in skill shortage list. I genuinely wanted to stay in NZ for a few more years, and gather some experience. Guess what, that was a bad call. In colleges I worked on a project for a very prominent company as part of my curriculum, so I thought I should apply there first, after some one and a half month I got a very sad looking reply that they couldn’t employ me as I didn’t fit their criteria well. Surprise surprise, these are the same folks that benefitted greatly from my project and now I wasn’t fitting into their woodwork. Alas! I should have gone back to India, my motherland , that’s what I thought seeing that rejection. But then I though that it was their loss that they didn’t employed me, and moved on. After that I literally was applying some five jobs per day, money was less so I got a part time job as a petrol pump attendant, something that I wouldn’t have done back home. But my New Zealand dream was keeping my blood warm while I was filling up people’s car at five in the morning, in bone chilling winter. I had high hopes for myself, I thought I will get an interview call today. Nothing happened.

    My friend suggested to go meet an employment consultant in Hamilton. So, one day I dropped in to the office. And guess what happened. The dude who was hardly taking any interest in me finally got over me and in a very harsh tone asked me. ‘ Would you Indians give me a job if I go begging for it in India? ‘ and ‘ Why don’t you go work at a petrol pump? Your Indian folks run that industry’ . That was the most humiliating thing ever, not because working at petrol pump is a low class job in my opinion, but it was him trying to humiliate me. Well, I thanked him my most gracious of voice, and in pure kiwi accent and walked away as I was getting late for my job at Petrol Station!

    I come from a very educated family, so I was rather concerned now. Time was flying and there wasn’t any phone call yet, my inbox was flooding with rejections.I wasn’t able to comprehend the why of it and my effort to know why often failed as the job advertisers failed to give an formidable reply for rejection. Anyways, one day I realized I had lost a significant amount of weight, was anemic and in a constant state of depression. It was hard to make ends meet working at the petrol station.

    I am a Muslim with Arabic sounding name and am definitely not a terrorist. I was in terror myself, terror of losing my sanity. One day I was visited by my friends father, he is American and owns a company in New Zealand. I talked to him and was telling what I was going through, to which he offered me a job saying that he has some industrial contacts and he can work it out for me. I had to refuse, a man of honor I was. How could I have accepted someone’s favor.

    I denied politely, to which he suggested that I should try change my name to an English sounding one and give it a try.His suggestion worked and I was got three calls in the next one month, and finally accepted a position in Tech Support, for which I was definitely overqualified but having something is better than nothing.

    My job was in Queenstown! Yay, i thought. The pay was below industry standard and there was no added perks. I knew I wouldn’t be able to save a dime there, i knew i was not going to get any return of the eighty grand of my parent’s hard earned money that was shelled upon my education in this great nation.

    Anyways, I started out. I found it too cold and very expensive place. My office environment was rather cold, I was the only non white there. It didn’t made any difference to me but I noticed that the co- workers were rather concerned by it. I ignored that, tried to be friendly and on good terms with everybody and focused on my job. Soon it came crystal clear that there was some serious cases of mismanagements inside, and there was a group of bullies who held their domain upright. Kiwis run their companies like they run their country,by boasting and not delivering. Anyway, soon I was working overtime without pay, I had the greatest workload and yet the credit went to my south African team leader who didn’t even held a diploma, and was definitely under qualified and was just baking his bread there. I was working for them, rather than the company. I felt reduced, depressed and bullied. My advices weren’t looked upon, and they looked down upon me.I was often called upon by my boss and false allegations were made! Also, very often they used racial slurs and once I was even told a terrorist by one of the managers. My complaint went in vain, and soon they created a situation to throw me out. And guess what, they were successful.

    The day I walked out of that dreary place, I gained back my lost self confidence. I felt good,I called m folks and bought a ticket back home. And within a month of my return I got a very nice job in IBM India, working with qualified and warm people who actually have knowledge. And I often regret for waiting so long, and it’s only now that when I compare, I can see how DUMB New Zealanders are!

    No wonder the country is going to the Gods, while the immigrants are facing radical problems. I wonder if John Key cares about it while trying to avail investors from Asia?

    My suggestion to potential immigrants, if you read the likes of Anton Chekov and Bertrand Russell, find a better option. If you are DUMB and are only good at guzzling tonnes of Alcohol and sleeping around, look toward the great nation of New Zealand!


    • Pretty good that u had ur way out. A sound judgement not to waste ur precious time in that country u once called “great”. So much for racism & crab mentality; sacked u after having sucked the blood in ur veins.


    • Loved Zeb’ s summary of the NZ way,’ boasting and not delivering’. Fairly astute methinks. Some Kiwis have an overinflated sense of their own importance. I am sick of hearing about the ‘kiwi connection’ on the news every night. Oh and beaches and beautiful scenery are everywhere not just in NZ.


    • I feel for you, man. I come from a Taiwanese family, and my family stayed in NZ for 4 years. And in those 4 years, my father could not find a job, even though he was a highly qualified mechanical engineer back home. Do not tell me he could not find something mechanical to fix in NZ.

      We had to survive on the NZ$1,000 my mom sent to us every month by being a teacher in NZ. But that was not enough, so we operated a small convenience store to make ends meet. That lasted 2 years, and in the end, we simply ran out of money, and we had to leave for greener pastures in America. I have never looked back since.

      New Zealand is like a vampire. All it does is suck out every drop of money in your pocket until you have nothing more to give, and then it will spit you out into another country. Do not commit the same mistake my family did and take your money elsewhere. Contrary to NZ government propaganda, the NZers do not want you here, and they will go out of their way to be as in-your-face as they can to show you that.


  14. I’m a eurasian (50/50). I don’t consider myself asian or white at all, but of a completely different race. I find it insulting if anyone calls me an asian or white. My ancestors first came to NZ over 100 years ago. I was born in NZ but raised abroad. Even with my university degrees and years of work experience as a professional abroad, I found it impossible to secure a job offer in NZ, but I did get a lot of interviews. Both my parents didn’t have any problem getting work in NZ though after they came back to NZ from abroad. In the end, I got fed up and left the country. This time I plan to remain abroad. Perhaps I should head off to Singapore, where eurasians are regarded as the most superior race, much more superior than the whites. Now I should ask myself this question “Why Can’t Eurasians Find Work In NZ?”


    • I might be wrong and biased, please also excuse me if you find my thoughts rude and offensive (corrections welcomed). first, I want to criticize the guy above who studied years of political science and out of work – shouldn’t he have more political and social sense to access the market and situation instead of complaining not being given a ‘chance’ for his ‘talent’? also for the Eurasian, I think I can understand how he gets treated well in Singapore because the cultural setup is making Asians speak English and mixing and blending everything. I guess in nz they’re not that interested to be in the mixing mode, which I can appreciate if you may try to understand from their remote island perspective. you should rather appreciate any nimble mindedness instead of expecting them to integrate and compete with the modern world to be open and everything.

      if you’re a Eurasian, you may be a person who don’t radiate the feeling of being a western person, and carry an undesired Asian face that don’t resemble model looks that appear in movies or media which is easy on the eyes. as such, people feel while you cant gain warm and good relationships with Asian people because your way of behaviour, character, language and thinking alienates you or you think you’re different,
      from the white perspective you are also alien like and not a kind of theirs. your cultural and interests might also be out of touch with the current mindsets of the locals, so from a locals’ perspective, why risk choosing someone who they don’t feel resonating with or having a different embarassing opinion? are you able to have this introspection that I am trying to explain? do the maoris see you as a buddy? can you cook home made meals that the kiwis or pacific islanders enjoy thoroughly in a party? or if you are bad with relationships, can you up skill yourself with something such as being able to fly helicopter/plane and train people to ski with some relevant accomplishments of your own such as public awards etc, or being able to clear blocked shitholes or climb some tall poles to fix something, that kind of stunt?

      also if you have any superiority complex or looking for perks and privileged treatment, if I was the employer I might not feel at ease, because sooner or later you might have political issues or desires that render you angry or leaving and sabotaging stability of the operation. your mind might have been drifted away with other opportunities or ‘better’ treatment in Singapore instead of new Zealand.

      if there are other kiwis competing for your job role, why must they reject the kiwi brother instead? in my personal experience, when I dealt with Eurasians, I felt they were unable to speak a fluent 2nd/3rd language to engage closely and in a friendly level tone with Asians because somehow they are lazy or want to set themselves apart by reserving a European identity. some may use a convenient lie or excuse claiming English being the international language and therefore they have no need to master the Asian language, with a condescending and undependable attitude to look down upon the asian market while wanting to find perks and wealth from it, which I feel very disrespectful, rude and unaccommodating.
      these people’s relationship with you seems founded mostly on how much perks they can get from you and was very superficial and shallow. it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you feel they want nothing to do with you other than just perks.
      while I don’t advocate serious exploitation and abuse of good employees that benefit employers, I also think employers that feel threatened by any employees that only eye on the money instead of enduring any challenge to create value and success are not obliged to hire anyone in doubt.
      for a start, previously I had the very peaceful and nice guy mindset of accommodating someone that don’t have the job skills to get an opportunity to work and earn a living by letting them slip up, trained up or learn on the job. however now I regret this type of easy going open mind equality human rights thinking, because that person has a dishonest and greed that knows no bounds. not only does she want to steal jobs, preferential renumeration without relevant qualification and training, attack you, mess up operations, lie and blame something/someone else, shows no loyalty, empathy or remorse for damage caused etc, the fact that the candidate didn’t demonstrate genuine sincerity by investing effort and time to learn and know the relevant job skill/craft indicates the candidate has no intention or ability to do the job well but merely wanting to get paid for doing little, cheating and playing politics. if they were given knowledge and training, they still remained incompetent and unable to fulfill the duties. what can you say about these people that just outright piss off the colleagues and bosses, become a liability for the business, and have no sense about expectations of people but always think you’re entitled with something from others? if a job is so easy, well rewarded and attractive, you bet there would be so many people lining up to compete to earn it. If you’re a Eurasian that is worth it, I think you should prove yourself by offering to train people on multi foreign language, equip yourself with a ton of business/legal know how to foster international trade etc so that you can foster and assist tourism and exports to make both clients and bosses win. have you done your own part on this?? even for myself I do sometimes have a victim mentality and out of employment in local and nz market. but I tried to endure the hardship by doing something productive, rather than just day dream and complain. I tell myself – if I was given the textbook and unable to get full marks on exam, am I to be blamed for making errors and failing, or should the examiner be blamed for giving me a difficult problem? obviously I think I am to blamed and I am not invincible. with such introspection, I understand my own weakness on lack of political power, financial power, intellectual power, physical power etc, and feel grateful for all coming paid job offers that I thank god for giving myself an opportunity to work and feed my own life without becoming someone else’s problem. I think any education I have received with support from parents or government I do thankfully appreciate, and where I cannot afford the budget to learn, I try to do some self learning with available opportunities, and the internet is a great place to find information. while I feel many people don’t have real powerful abilities other than writing, simple calculations, saying things and moving abit (unlike what I saw about some people being able to eat 3000 hamburgers or memorise 1 million numbers), I think the minimum value they can offer is a basic sense of responsibility and integrity. if they don’t have physical attraction etc, it is the basic humble job service and honesty that I think is worth it and all that matters, like an obese low educated office assistant I met at work, he hasn’t got looks or qualifications or anything, but he is able to take care of all the little things like typing and keeping things in order with a very humble pay. I felt he is a great colleague and human being, and if I do have any chance and time, I would try to help him land a paid job. do you have this kind of magical sense that made people enjoy your company? have you ever tried to go the the street to offer people free hugs and give people happiness instead of living under a victim mode complaining nobody gives you a shit? I have done high paid glamourous or shitty low paid work before now and if you do it great there are cases where people do come back to me and ask me if im interested in this next opportunity. so life has had many unfair sides to me also, but it still has hope if you do strive to create value and brighten someone’s day. the world is sometimes quite insane, and why you saw news about say, some people in French telecom or chinese factory suicide, says a lot how much workload and pressure they had to endure while under a paycheque. I personally think we should set a max limit of how much shit we can take for the finite amount of pay received relevant to how much problems we solved from our own ability, but also we should try to sit aside and ask ourselves the question: do people perceive you as some spoiled generation who cant take a beating and who is just all talk and no substance? if you can demonstrate your ability, say you can overcome living costs and work on no basic income to generate sales and profit for someone, bringing in a multimillion dollar deal and create no trouble for the boss, why wont bosses want your help regardless of race? mind you, to generate a fortune (i.e. not a few thousand dollars) for yourself and someone, it is not only technical skills or perseverance, you have to overcome competitors, peoples deceit and cheatings, political attack, legal minefields etc. if you complain nobody is hiring you, you could have spent some time create a great website that people like. if you cannot overcome the challenge of finding advertisers, paid subscribers, competition etc, then you should not complain it is a new Zealand employment/employer issue that you’re disadvantaged as a Eurasian, but rather your inability to create or generate money by overcoming obstacles that the kiwi themselves have to overcome in the first place before handling out money to you as nobody would probably see which person is behind the website, how can the users discriminate whether you’re Eurasian or what. if you operate a failed business again and again, im sure you learn something valuable about human nature, practical problem solving skills, only if you’re not murdered or made insane rendering lifetime hospitalization, you still get a chance to do something. just don’t think new Zealand will offer you a prime minister or some prime positions or fair go. if you can figure out a spot to feed yourself while overcoming all the prejudice and unfairness, then you deserve all the admiration and credit. I definitely think the money and livelihood don’t get handed over to anyone including myself on a gold plate 5 star hotel fashion without any pain or difficulty. otherwise why would there be so many upset or suicidal people who think their lives were screwed? obviously following a well known, established easy path cannot be counted on in our lives. people are not dependable, laws get breached, rights get violated, accidents happen, and of course I felt the most evil thing was telecom probably violating your privacy and spying on you and defeating your every move and attempt to reach out for help, and media skewing people’s impression on any target they see fit. you may say it is an uphill battle, but like bodybuilding, we do need to overcome the hardship to get anywhere. aside from all the hate and hurt, may god bless you and myself to find peace and courage to overcome life’s stress. 🙂

      if you do not equip yourself with what the employer needs that benefit him or take a beating in life with enduring hardship, why then complain nobody is hiring you, or, if you think your skill is so great and valuable, why cant you just setup your own business and find clients who buy into you speading the word around how wonderful you are instead of expecting an entity to pay for it especially if you want some easy glamourous treatment or do something that even a kid on the street is able to do? I recall seeing some pity Chinese locals not having priviledged training, backing etc did so humbly creating some old fashion low tech merchandise like clothing or hair comb etc, selling for pennies and begging tourists to buy, suking in silence seeing people’s disinterest… are you able to remove any western or European superiority thinking and create some low priced cool merchandise that everyone wants to buy so employers flood to seek your talent? if you can’t, even if you want to work as a hair dresser, you probably have to expect to be able not only to make the client happy and charge a modest fee but also compete with many other businesses that were setup. if you don’t even want to endure that kind of hardship but just put up a condescending attitude sitting at home waiting for people to come to you while watching infomercials, then you cant even afford to go to suicide at a nz lake because they cost money to get to!


      • however now I regret this type of easy going open mind equality human rights thinking, because that person has a dishonest and greed that knows no bounds. not only does she want to steal jobs, preferential renumeration without relevant qualification and training, attack you, mess up operations, lie and blame something/someone else, shows no loyalty, empathy or remorse for damage caused etc, the fact that the candidate didn’t demonstrate genuine sincerity by investing effort and time to learn and know the relevant job skill/craft indicates the candidate has no intention or ability to do the job well but merely wanting to get paid for doing little, cheating and playing politics. if they were given knowledge and training, they still remained incompetent and unable to fulfill the duties. what can you say about these people that just outright piss off the colleagues and bosses, become a liability for the business, and have no sense about expectations of people but always think you’re entitled with something from others?
        This is why I say psychopaths get ahead.
        The good candidates are ignored, the slick people with charm are chosen.
        Well and good to complain about what they do … but you also burned a decent person by choosing a psychopath ahead of them.
        But it also speaks to persons looking just at superficialities … they get what they choose, along with the consequences.


        • this i guess is why there were massive downtime and problems when telecon rolled out any projects like xt or xtra or whatever it is or will be. just because the company internally is full of foul play, politics, dishonest people and bullies. if thats how the people at the top like to live life by gaming the system and stealing the whole country’s privacy and using the financial power and secrecy, target any staff or business competitor until they are exterminated without any sense of fair play. if they mastered the asian language, they would have subjugated and eaten up other neighbouring countries using their tactics and setup a few d beckham roles for a few planned white dude to be fed for generations and suck in massive resources to plan for the trip to space at the expense of millions of other normal people that play by all the ‘rules’. i have no idea the chinese still clueless how they drive themselves into economic suicide by being cheap labour and making fortunes for app1e, providing manufactured goods for western countries where those countries make more money by gaming and reselling the sweatshop goods instead of the people that burnt the hard resources and labour. the world is like every shit tiny crap company or large country scale corporation’s so called little vice president or ceo feels they are entitled to abuse other people they recruited and yell at them or to find underhanded ways to exploit them. i.e., if their human existence living cost to be fed a healthy diet is $1000, the folks want to hire the person to intense labouring for the price/salary of $300, thus having $700 to $10000 extracted or profited, and thereafter after a short while, dump the person and even smear them and give them a bad name. this is the danger of organisations, corporations and companies demanding people to disclose all their true private data, because the people that access these data themselves are more like thieves and dishonest managers, the candidates are like sheep to be slaughtered and controlled by evil spirits.when the nation is engulfed in a culture of rugby sports where the ends justifies the means and winning at all cost, and people writing fake warning or reference letters to defame those with good character, it is very worrying some kiwis now try to hard sell their pitch about generating wealth for nz using food science/safety engineering. all that will be is just like their r1bena blackcurrent juice that claim it is so healthy and rich in vitamin c, when in reality it could be junk with no vitamin, or, like how the white bullies that damage people’s lives and careers forcing them out of workplace that sells itself as a great place to work, the same story repeats in other industries and areas, and the exported food may end up being more like a new opium war where the unenlightened asian citizens become addicted to health endangering expensive crap created and controlled by your untrue kiwi ‘friend’ backed by and powered by well financed giant corporations. if you do sue them they will run you over like the govt tank running over people in june4 massacre. they are well financed not because they want to share good life with you for real. its because they want to slowly or quickly take away your life, wealth and rights! just keep watching… they will game and cheat the system so they silence the critics.


      • Hello pt for that very long rant. I’m the eurasian guy who wrote the post. The thing is, jobs are not easy to get in NZ for anyone of any race, and I was highlighting my case in particular, that eurasians have it tough too, and the fact that this thread is about “Asians in NZ” I thought I might put eurasians in perspective, and that it’s not just the Asians who should be complaining that they are having it hard. Like I said, I am proud to be a Eurasian. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you know, I never really lived in NZ and I spent all my childhood years overseas. As a result, if you were to listen to me, you couldn’t guess where I’d be from. I’ve had people say that I’m from UK, USA, Canada, China, Kazakhstan (that’s an interesting one!), Russia, and yes Maori NZ too (yes people have said I look Maori), but I think the Maori are a loud bunch and I would rather not have them as my neighbors.

        The fact is, I get along well with some people, and not so with others regardless of their race like everyone else. Though of course, I take upon a different view due to combined western and asian influences throughout the whole of my life. You can call it perhaps an international one? I have tried to learn other languages but they can be quite hard, particularly chinese and russian, as anyone who has english as their first language would know. As for being friendly, depends on who I’m talking to and the occasion really. I don’t particularly like Singapore but I was just highlighting the fact that all countries are racist anyway in one way or another and I guess you’d just have to accept it and move on, without getting upset over it of course. But thank you for your time in writing that and I wish you well.


      • “if you’re a Eurasian, you may be a person who don’t radiate the feeling of being a western person … ”

        The “feeling of being a western person”? What, you mean he does not scream racial slurs and telling the migrants to go back to their country?

        “and carry an undesired Asian face that don’t resemble model looks that appear in movies or media which is easy on the eyes … ”

        Just how many average “Kiwis” actually “resemble model looks that appear in movies or media which is easy on the eyes”? As for “undesired Asian face”, I actually find the Asian face quite desirable, thank you very much. You sound like a white supremacist who thinks of himself a little too highly. You are probably a lout who thinks he looks as good as whoever the hottest actor in NZ is right now.

        “as such, people feel while you cant gain warm and good relationships with Asian people because your way of behaviour, character, language and thinking alienates you or you think you’re different … ”

        Not sure how your previous two points leads you to this conclusion. But you seem to love the sound of your own voice, so proceed. Anyways, instead of psycho-analyzing somebody you know absolutely nothing about, why not just take him at his words? He said he was a Kiwi, and therefore, he really had nothing in common with an Asian immigrants. That was why he could not fit in with the Asian crowd. There, done. Occam’s Razor. No need for some long-winded psychobabble that nobody will read anyways and is just designed to make think that you are some kind of a big shot intellectual.


  15. Hey Friend..I think you did good by leaving NZ as soon as Possible, not to sound harsh but I think growing up here or having a “Kiwi parent”(as in your case) could have transferred what a lot of kiwis display, a false Supremacy Claim Due to a inferiority complex, Its a defensive mechanism you will see among a lot of New Zealanders however its not limited to them, however you do see this a lot more here then maybe among the likes of the EDL. I think there is an old saying in Chinese “Enforce Your Inferiority, Encourage His Arrogance”, Its from a Chinese War Doctrine. I wouldn’t call you a “new race” but just a mixed raced person, So nothing too special about you. 😉 Actually this is exactly the kind of attitude that I see among New Zealanders, it ticks me off, New Zealanders regardless of their race, Born here, or immigrated at an early age or just excepted the NZ lifestyle, if you could call it that. They are peple with even less historical background then their ancestors and thus suffer from this inferiority complex and they somehow try to feel better for it by wanting to be “Worshiped” when they are not drowning themselves in alcohol. I know some history about New Zealand, not a lot but enought to get me by, Majority of New Zealanders are of English or Irish Heritage, There is a small minority of French as well. So that is basically they are Anglo – Celtic people, However there are many shades of “White” and what we call Europe is quite a large zone with many enthinicities and “Shades”. Not all of as come from the same tree and some of us have a lot more history and contributions. So I think calling themselvs European as an unbrella term would be selfish and very wrong since these few countries dont represent the rest of Europe. I myself come from what you’d call Aryan background and if we started talking about our history it would be longer then the nile river. Not to sound rude but personally I could never think of marrying a New Zealander or a Westerner and share my genetics with them, they share nothing of my (or any) culture or civilization, and I find their values and morals very different then mine, a preview while living in NZ tells me there is too little they value. Anyway, you didn’t tell us much about your Ancestry, what part of Asia and Europe are they/you from? East Asian as in Japanese, Chinese, Singaporean, Indonesian? How long did you spend outside and inside NZ? What goals did you or do you have?

    If it makes you feel any better, its not just a immigrant, asian or “eurasian” problem. Even New Zealanders our age 20’s up to 35 Years now are having difficulty trying to land a proper job, Many I have seen aspire something but end up being Assistants and Clerks, and if you can suck up to it and treat people real bad they might even make you a manager after a few years. Most Asians I meet were people from China or India and they all worked the bottom barrel jobs, KFC, Subway, McDonalds, And some in places such as Call Centers, Local Dairies, a bit higher ups at Farmers, K-Mart etc. You know, my friend who was raised here (white south african) has a Bachelors Degree in Computers, he spent a lot of his saving including what he got from selling his car on a university education over three years, and last time I meet him he Drives a DHL Courier Truck and borrows money from his parents. I don’t have the means to travel(Funds of Qualifications) but I can dream of getting out of here one day, 🙂 So I did some research over the past few years, and if It helps then I wanted to tell you to Stay Away from Singapore, take my word for it, instead look towards Malaysia, (Disregard what the media says all these media outlets are full of zionist lies and propaganda, they lie and boast about their own countries, you know that. They wont really tell you the truth about others). Malaysia is one of the few countries I had picked in asia actually, If I do ever move that would be one of my options. Life is very fair, its the people in these countries aren’t, Get out and stay out while you can and dont bring your kids here or they will hate you one day like I hate my parents. Best of luck 😉


  16. Hi, everyone who is migrant in here. I feel it’s really caughted deep down in my heart when I read all of your migrant experiences in NZ. As I am the one who’re in the same boat with you also.
    I came from South East Asia, the country that have the nickname of ‘Smiling Country’. I borned and brought up in this country with the environment of friendly and welcome to every foreigner in the capital city of my homecountry. I graduated Master Degree from the international standard university in my homecountry, had > 9 years experience working professionally with foreign companies in my homecountry where English is necessary. My boss were Germans, Europeans, Americans, Indians and etc.
    With my professional & international background I can applied for PR with NZ quite easy under the skill migrant scheme because my background has been recognised by NZQA automatically equivalent to Level 9 of NZ.
    First instance I felt really glad becoming Kiwi as I have acknowledged that NZ is developed country, therefore my priority assumption is everything in this country must be better than my homecountry as we’re just being ranking as developing countries. I have thought that it gonna be the real challenging of my life if I can work and live in a developed country of the world!
    I have been in NZ since 2006 never been back home yet, as I’ve tried very hard to keep my status here and keep surviving myself in NZ learning all along from my real painful experiences in NZ then knowing that what’s going wrong in Kiwi social!
    I only worked for a local Kiwi employer for 1 year in 2009 and my unrealistic working journey in NZ was end in 2010 as the similar to every unlucky professional migrants in NZ. I can’t say much about how I have been treated unfair by native people in this country, as to my experience trying to tell the truth seeking justice in NZ but it’s only become the more I tell the fact, the more I will be treated more & more mean & nasty by them ! Since then I have to remind myself to be aware of telling the truth about their people in this country. I become a silent victim living in NZ, watching things’re gone wrong about people in this country!
    Until now I haven’t got any job yet! with my age becoming lately mature I cope with difficulty coming back to get job at home. I waste my life, my time & all the whole of my saving of life to not refined people/country.
    Every time I studied in NZ, I always got the top high mark of the class whilst those Kiwi classmates failed to pass the subjects that they have dealt with it every day because they come to the classes with well-groomed showing off their young experiences working with the big high-prof. companies of NZ. These guys announce their intelligence personality being chosed by employers with their none education & background in that job at all ! This is how prof. criterias of employers choosing candidate to work for.


  17. I must admit this is one of the most grim view of Newzealand I have ever heard or read, I was in the UK but the visa policies there changed and had to come back to Pakistan. I was planning to move to another country to find work and NZ was one of my options. I say ‘WAS’ because after reading all that I have read I don’t think I should apply. I am of the opinion that merit is the only parameter a person should be judged (when it comes to work) hence my reason of leaving Pakistan.

    All that I knew before coming to this blog was that NZ is a beautiful place with friendly population and abundance of sports.

    I really am shocked to hear the stories I really am ….


    • The fact that most people outside of New Zealand have an unrealistic view and are not aware of the actual conditions there, is why many former migrants are coming out and mentioning it on these forums. Unlike the paid-for sponsored forums, which are run by special interests, we want to make sure that genuine information is available on the Internet. The only way we can warn people is to go on the Internet and spread the word. Then at least they will be informed if they decide to move there. Many of us did not have the information we needed to make a sensible choice, and made the bad choice of moving there. Our lives were set way back as a result. I’m glad that you have learned something valuable to your life and not made the mistake we did!


    • beautiful place? well, i.e. if you have a ton of free money and time to troll around paying for all the transport/accommodation/food costs etc. do the trees and beautiful run down buildings pay you money to do work? friendly population? so friendly they yell at you or nice to you only because the agenda is to take money away to exchange for crap? abundance of sports? or is it more like clique groups of activities that cost money anyways, and if you don’t have cash to burn, who is interested to sport with you?


  18. I’d like to share some hard facts from someone on the other side of the fence (I am an employer) and I’m also a kiwi but am currently based in an overseas country.

    I personally receive around 50 speculative CVs to my e-mail inbox every week from people all over the world seeking employment. Due to the shear numbers of speculative CVs I receive, I have come to treat them as little better than spam and the vast majority (around 99%) of these are immediately deleted without being read. I get a lot of CVs from countries like India (I guess due to shear population) and others are speculative CVs sent by recruitment agencies. These speculative e-mails generally get deleted without even a second thought, you can put in as much effort as you like into your cover letter and CV but it’s not going to make a difference.

    So what advice do I have for job seekers?

    1. Understand the importance of networking. As an employer I am far more likely to notice you or give you a job offer if you come with a recommendation from someone I know and trust. Yes that’s right it’s all about who you know, it matters it really does. No matter how much you try and say it shouldn’t, it does. Networking is all about your ability to market your skills to perspective employers.

    2. Of course it’s possible to get a job offer by sending out speculative “spamming” CVs (you might get lucky) but unfortunately the odds are stacked against you.

    3. Even if I do end up reading your CV, I will probably not spend and more than about 30 seconds skim reading it, so you don’t have much time to try and get your message across.

    4. Job hunting is not always fair. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best qualified and hardest working employee, if you can’t get that message across to your prospective employer you will not be noticed. Again I will stress here why networking (marketing your skills) is so important to your job prospects.

    5. Don’t take rejection too personally. As an employer, rarely do I reject an applicant because I think they are not qualified or unable. It is more likely that they simply failed to get my attention and I simply did not notice them. Or perhaps it was just bad timing, ie right person wrong time.

    I certainly don’t go out of my way to discriminate against good qualified employees but you also need to realise that employers are very often very busy people and employing/recruiting people is an expensive and time consuming activity. I certainly don’t have a lot of time for people spamming me with speculative CVs. Also remember that employers frequently receive hundreds of CVs when they advertise for a position.


    • If people gain employment by sending you e-mails,
      does it occur to you that they don’t think you are worth the price of a printed piece of paper chronicling their achievements and value they bring to your business, that is spell-checked, precise and accurate?

      BTW you mean “sheer” not “shear”.

      And what about people who have completed their entire education in a skills shortage area in YOUR country, that 90% of others taking the programme, failed?

      Are they not to be considered if their skin colour is different from yours?


    • To Mr Al, the employer NZ (comment #35 above) ; This is the reason why we call NZ employers are discrimination because you only consider people from your network connection which is not suppose to be in the international professional standard. Or otherwise, education is not the real reason for anyone to be considered for getting a job in NZ. Don’t employers in NZ should learn to recognise the valueable of human resourses who deserve to get the job, rather than the back up that candidates should have. It just only ‘FAKE’ of KIWI typical, you never realise that you lost the valueable human resources and you get the stupid one to work with you just because they have someone to back them up. JUST LEARN TO GIVE CHANCE TO THE QUALITY OF PEOPLE.


  19. I’m afraid I’m not aware of this education programme you speak of that 90% of people fail so I would be completely oblivious. Perhaps you could give more detail on this education programme. Also I will stress points 1 and 4 in my previous post.


    • Not really, Al. At least not to you (I notice you haven’t identified what company you work for).
      Because then I’d be identifying myself, and possibly get a black mark put against me by Kiwis who think I’m one of those tall poppies that need cutting down.
      Life may not be fair, but I can guarantee there’s more interesting times ahead for NZ.


    • You totally miss my point. The fact that NZ employers never respect to Asian professionist even though we’re better performance than KIWI. You only specific on stereotype of people and races such as African & European migrants are better chance to get job in NZ because Kiwi more favour participate to white Western any way. Perhaps if Kiwi are refine enough to consider candidates by professional criteria, not by words on mouth from your own community, then we can have the fair opportunity to prove to you that we’re not different from any other skin colours. ALL ABOUT KIWI’S ATTITUDE TOWARD US. TO BE REALISTIC, HOW WE CAN BE ACCEPTED IN YOUR COMMUNITY, KNOWING THAT KIWI PEOPLE ARE RACIST TO ASIAN, THEN YOU BLOCK OUR JOB OPPORTUNITY BY REQUIRE FOR YOUR COMMUNITY RECOMMENDATION !!! KNOWING THAT IT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN !!!!


  20. Hi,
    I have been in this country for ten years and yet to get a job as an english teacher. I have the qualifications and new zealand qualifications and experience but still only day relief jobs. The reason being ” you are an asian and we cant have an asian teaching english,” I speak and write better english than most. ESOL is my specialty and I have taught main stream english as well. Please let me know if there is anyone who can give me a sincere reason as to why I am not getting a permanent job. I have hundreds of reject letters to prove that i have been applying for a job every time there is a vacancy advertised.
    Thankyou and God Bless


    • As far as I have seen, there is a global tendency to prefer native speakers of a language as translators, interpreters, and teachers of that language (the exception usually being in countries where lots of people want to learn a language, but a not sufficient supply of people who speak that language natively want to teach that language in that country – such may be the case in many Asian and African countries).

      Your being Asian may well be the main/a significant reason for your not having found employment. Other possible reasons might be if you have what might be considered a noticeably “non-native” accent, or if you were to use English in a way that native speakers would find it hard to understand (although I did not find your written message here to be at all hard to understand, and you say you speak it better and most), or if you were to use language structures/word combinations that native speakers would find strange/foreign (while not necessarily being grammatically incorrect in any standard form of that language). There is certainly an attitude that many people have that if you don’t sound like a native speaker of a language, then you’re not the best person to be teaching that language; at the same time, I have heard of many non-native speakers of English teaching English (as a school subject, not necessarily as a second language) in New Zealand schools. There could also be a plethora of other reasons for people not hiring you that could have nothing to do with how you speak the language or what country you come from (but not knowing you in the slightest, I could not know what they might or might not be).

      If you are not a native speaker of English, and you don’t sound like some particular person’s idea of one, then I myself would probably put it down to that as the main reason people are not taking you on.

      I am not very aware that there are very many paying TESOL jobs in New Zealand (although I am aware that there us a not insignificant number of groups that are pretty much run by volunteers, having participated in such a group myself); but you are a better knower of information like that than I am, having sough such work out for yourself in New Zealand.

      Are you aware of the organization Global TESOL? According to themselves, they can pretty much guarantee you employment (after you are certified by them, which, as I understand it, involves doing a course) (although as far as I can see, pretty much all of the jobs they advertise are overseas – not what you’d be wanting if you were wanting to stay in New Zealand, I think).

      Anyway, I wish you all the best. Blessings.


      • As far as I have seen, there is a global tendency to prefer native speakers of a language as translators, interpreters, and teachers of that language (the exception usually being in countries where lots of people want to learn a language, but a not sufficient supply of people who speak that language natively want to teach that language in that country – such may be the case in many Asian and African countries).

        Are the native speakers certified and scrutinised to the same degree that those of a different race are evaluated at?
        To put the stark, objectionable reality in focus, there are plenty of “English Teachers” overseas whose only qualification … is being white.
        They may not even speak English properly.
        in b4 “you must be racist if you recognise racism”.


        • i ran into this problem and feel the misconception cannot be changed overnight. it is totally unfair, but that’s how people think. they want a white person to teach English even if your English subject scores are higher than the white guy. they want a white person to be a manager of technology enterprise, even if your tech sense and know how is higher than him. they would rather want some wanker actor to be paid higher and in place to satisfy people’s fantasy. it is like buying orange juice that look orange in colour when the liquid is all artificial, fake and harmful. and yes, unfortunately that’s how many people think!!! and in western media/movies, the Asian guy is placed in the evil loser cunning role in martial arts etc. that speaks so much why in social economic market people are mass influenced and brainwashed to prefer to date and befriend a white dude that gets more power, when in fact both the Asian dude and white dude made no difference. the girls felt they’re dating a Hollywood star with the white dude, and if its an Asian guy, they felt its with a boring nerd or some 2nd line character that don’t surface in stardom roles in 90210 or western soap opera!!! if an Asian does appear in the scene, they would be an extra that show up as the noodle outlet waiter for 2 seconds! in real life, i’d be this Asian techie/scientist whose headache and workload becomes the fortune of some white credit stealer, and even though i can live with it, the worst case is when they got benefited from the fortunes you bring, they turn around and vilify you so it is only a miracle Asian people get seen in nobel prizes or public areas like sports achiever or astronauts. if its commercial airline pilots, the Asian gets to be placed as lower paid second officers as they’re assumed to be less powerful or less competent in English 🙂 on the other hand, i suppose, they are welcomed as cheery attendants and customer service for their attention to detail and slavery mindset service attitudes, people enjoy taking them in for a ride and entertainment purpose 🙂 The Asian girls make great housewife materials for the white boys in NZ, they would only be lady Gaga at home but not on tv advertisements or on stage 🙂 Just take it as it is! I’m not joking NZ would not have a Connie Chung as news caster. Also, the commercial sports icon wont have Asians, as any of these publicly seen roles have been allocated via legal contracts to an exclusive priviledged few, mainly handsome lightskined muscle buff (the deeds of Les Mi11s enterprise). Their so called trendy fitness programs will be licensed to markets so that Asians could only be in roles that keep paying to buy or license or brainwashed with their materials. Any inventions, creations, good concepts or skills would be aggressively robbed away or fought over and kept in the arms of the small group of white people. Nowadays you may see Wing Chun or martial arts taught and promoted by Caucasian masters with no mention of any so called intellectual property or legal framework around amassing fortune from Asian enterprise to milk the west. BUT, if you want to be seen leading or teaching pop music filled trendy English aerobic fitness programs, don’t even think about or imagine you may be given opportunity to do videos and sell them in popularity. Like how Apple sues Samsung for so called infringement, the system has been defined and setup so that people ignore the natural inborn talent and potential each of us have from birth about technical developments and creativity. Just count yourself lucky that they haven’t exploited the media and political influence to get you ‘judged’ for invented and imposed crime allegations and jailed yet, for many people placed in jury roles were also brainwashed that the Asian guy was the saboteur, or some discredited IP thieve who stole US secrets to China. So if you want a love relationship with a white race, in the human logic sense (not machine or academic logic), you should be an Asian women waiting to get fucked hard in bed. If you’re not, you’re in a wrong role/position, and going for roles relating to hard working labour, mathematician, computer scientist, finance consultant, architecture, fung shui consultant etc might be feasible roles ordinary people accept. Unfortunately, for USA, the president announced they ban buying any IT products from China for consumption in DOJ, NASA or other govt entities. So unfortunately it means like invading Iraq claiming they are the axis of evil with mass destruction weapons, your hopes of working as an accepted successful Asian international IT entrepreneur is defeated because now they want to install the concept among people that the tech products invented and made by Chinese are evil and trap filled that poses security threat. They want the world to believe American Microsoft products pose no security threat to Asian Department of Justice because nobody from Microsoft or FBI can hack into it. Nor can you dare to be a high spokesman for new IT features because you run into the minefield of infringing so called first hand invention by Western people, when these ideas or inventions might have been silently stolen from Asia then legally protected. Just thank God they still haven’t made up some people that claim Shaolin kungfu has infringed the fight choreography in Hollywood and allowed those Chinese to appear in shows. If they became too famously successful and dominating they will die from surprise accidents and ‘mysterious’ deaths or ‘stupid overdose of vitamins’ with nobody ever able to seek legal recourse as long as it eats into the wealth and well being of Asian people. Simple as that.


  21. I call myself Indo-Canadian… living in the US for the past 5 years… have been doing lots of thinking about coming to NZ on a Holiday visa for a year… reason for that is life in NA is too fast and trying to find a place little laid back… heard the Aussies and Kiwi are…

    I read most of the post in here, NZ is a small country and cannot expect a lot comparing AUS or US… I did my BS in Canada and couldn’t find my first job for a year… I know the feeling about the people blogging here… but worked in Gas station initially and found a job 1000km away from my city in a remote Native Indian reserve… I took it without hesitation… got more jobs later in Canada and finally moved to US in 08… I find US is awesome finding job, because they do no discriminate on your race and have very strict anti-race laws and that made this country what it is now… But there always drawback US don’t discriminate against your race but they do against your time… meaning working like a slave for a paycheck and for healthcare….

    Its a give and take I guess… my profession in demand in NZ same as my wife’s… her case couldn’t find job in US due to registration etc… reading all this blog makes me very skeptic to come to NZ… but I guess it would be like me trying for job in Canada after finishing education… but I have nothing to lose except unemployed for x number of months in NZ… will enjoy as an vacation and return back to US….

    Now coming to the Discrimination part… its everywhere like to give you an example.. I am Tamil and I have lots of co-workers in other teams who are Telugu… I don’t find them to assimilate with any other people… they made Telugu as a second language of my work place… so this is are people everywhere they go… just spend time with their own race or people speaking that language…

    In past have told my non-white buddies in Canada, if you want to live in Canada… think like white CDNs… and I guess it is exactly happening in NZ… Kiwis have very limited jobs and just by having the skill and English language will not guarantee any job, as a HR person mentioned, have to do lots of research in the field of job they are searching… people connection, like go the company has majority of jobs and go in person show that your not just an immigrant looking for a job and you do have the skills etc…

    Now regarding Racism, its everywhere and to what degree… I have been called names in Canada so many times, but White CDNs are the friendliest people you can meet, and now in the US I never been called any names but they are not the friendliest…. remember a person saying… Kiwis are just good to drink and get laid… get job with less qualification… may be that is true and thats all they are expecting… Again Kiwis can call names to all non-white immigrants but again, one thing they should remember that they will become one moving to AUS trying to find a job….


    • Hi Mr. Snagu, do you mind to provide me your email address? I would like to ask further of the life and job in both US and Canada if you don’t mind.

      Thanks a lot in advance, I have posted my situation at the bottom there.


      • Kurt my name is manpreet nd m frm india…..i would like to know abt ur experience in nz….coz m deciding to move to nz…..my email is manpreetbawa67@……gmail.com…..plz contact if u can


  22. One of the more interesting ideas I’ve entertained about this topic, have the common motivation of: paying the employee less.
    Reasons for advertising a job (beyond the obvious of filling the position with someone competent for a fair wage):
    1. Overstate the requirements so that any hires can be told “You don’t tick all the boxes so we can pay you less”.
    2. Obfuscate the requirements so that any hires can be told “It doesn’t actually use (this skill which is a progression of the requirements stated) … so we can pay you less”.
    3. The position is going to be filled internally, but they are only advertising it so they don’t cop a discrimination lawsuit.
    Remember that HR is in charge of hiring and firing (at the behest of managers). So there’s a layer of insulation and plausible deniability.
    HR gets their salary for insulating managers from direct blame of their choices.
    In a small country like NZ, it’s a safe bet to say some people get ahead by connections NOT qualifications, e.g. university students teaching English to kids at church … while not having a qualification in English.
    They’re depriving a qualified person of the right to earn a living … while claiming that migrants can’t teach because they have no qualifications.
    Or a girl doing Environmental Science, moonlighting as a babysitter.


    • Face facts. New Zealand wants international students to come in and pay for an education, and then leave again. They are cash cows only. I wish that these kinds of stories were getting more press in the native language media of the students who are suckered over to New Zealand to “study” (or learn bad English! Never seen so many supposedly educated people making so many spelling mistakes!).


      • Well the problem with that there is Asian international students will simply go elsewhere. The payment of 5x local fees, I would not be surprised if some consider it “entry fees”.
        Similar to the way “entry fees” to teach English in Asia … is paid for through having white skin.




  24. Hi , I am totally agree with all comment regarding New Zealand treatment with international students. As I have done PGDBA from AIS ST HELLEN New Zealand and I was very happy that I am at right place and I will get good job and i recovered my fees and sent it back to my parents who totally depend on me but I dont know that this was the most tough time I had to face in New Zealand. For continuously 1 year and six months I applied for hundreds of job but every time I received negative answer from employers with the reason that i am not the suitable for job but honestly telling the jobs to which I applied contains people who hold less education and knowledge compare to me. Sorry I am not underestimating anyone but this is truth. And I have to leave this nation because it was unable for me to meet my expense. But It is really great for me if New Zealand rejects my study visa so that i will not lost my $40000 NZD. In the end I recommend every student in India think 1000 times to choose New Zealand for study, it might be next your turn.


    • If the current marketing manager of AIS St. Helen’s reads what you’ve written,
      he might sic his daughter on you (she’s a lawyer, now working as a service consultant in ANZ).
      She might slap you or swallow pills and claim you made her do it! You evil man! 😡


      • oops, let me correct myself. She graduated in Law, but has not been admitted to the bar, and the regulations have changed to require prior work experience in a law firm for some time before being recognised.


    • And I have to leave this nation because it was unable for me to meet my expense. But It is really great for me if New Zealand rejects my study visa so that i will not lost my $40000 NZD.
      Your fees, which are 5x that of domestic students, helps to subsidise them.
      They get to tell others that “we got our qualification on merit”,
      while pointing at international students, saying “those guys bought their qualifications”.
      Tired of hearing all that, :smh: (shake my head).


  25. there is too many asians an indians in new zealand we have high unemployment and a new zealander with the same skills should be considered first maybe these people need to stay in there own country and find work.


    • Ignoring the overt racism of your post in this instance…Your government is happy to keep on collecting the millions of dollars in revenue it raises from immigration applications and your economy continues to benefit from the cash injection that migrants provide. See anything wrong here with this picture?


    • we have high unemployment and a new zealander with the same skills should be considered first maybe these people need to stay in there own country and find work.
      You’re ignoring what I experienced, that even if you begin and complete your studies in a skills shortage STEM field – and very few New Zealanders have the same qualification I do – you WON’T get hired even if there’s an opening.
      I’d say something, but I’m too busy enjoying the spectacle.
      P.S. If you think it’s a smart move turning away people who take the trouble to come from overseas to learn a specific skill and thinking paradigm in the right way,

      I invite you to read this (it’s tradie-related, but still relevant):

      Now imagine that, as applied to, oh, pacemakers and the like. (Wasn’t Gerald Shirtcliff a guy that faked his Engineering qualifications?)
      Still think getting things done by halves is the right way to do things?


  26. i dont see it as being racist maybe they need to have control on the people that come in this country not just asians everyone and be tougher on letting them in i guess we need them but do we need all of them.


    • In my opinion, tougher immigration isn’t even an issue.
      Because the individual immigration officers are given carte blanche so there is no right of appeal for qualified immigrants.
      Not to mention the fact that if people can be persuaded to come over and have no job while they have the money to be in NZ …
      they get a fair chunk of it squeezed out when they finally run out of time and have to leave because they:
      don’t meet the requirements for residency
      or cannot work in their field as their overseas qualifications are not recognised
      or have had no job offers which can assure them that what they learned while in NZ is going to be applied.
      All that money (coming from migrants, who should be grateful they are even let in, with questionable prospects for the future floating around, it’s hard for some people to turn it down.
      And I doubt any government in NZ believes that they can truly do without that money, to secure their own future (let’s face it, politicians don’t work for free).


    • Really? You don’t really have any information about immigration policies. Do you? Well, let me tell you, they are already controlling it Jamie.They only let those people in who will pay ”HUGE TUITION FEES FOR C**P STUDIES IN NZ” They have eliminated the parent/sibling category means any permanent resident immigrant can not sponsor their family in this pathetic country (The strictest conditions are applied) .If parents/siblings still want to come THEY NEED TO BRING THEIR OWN MONEY FOR STAY IN NZ. They have eliminated work visa category for most partners of students.They have eliminated many occupations from skilled migrant category, LTSS lists.What else do you want? Btw after experiencing the horrible dream of ”YOUR NEW ZEALAND” most people are going back to their mother countries. NZ is just a cash cow.NZ NEEDS BILLIONS OF DOLLAR THAT ARE BROUGHT WITH IMMIGRANTS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AFTER THAT IT SHOWS ITS REAL COLOUR WITH DISCRIMINATION IN EVERY FIELD.Good luck with your racism, do as much as you want, just clean your face on judgement day..Because you have to answer and justify your irrational behavior to HIM.


    • The money comes with the migrant.
      Unless you want the money … without the migrant?
      From what I saw:
      That money … keeps the fees for papers taken by domestic students, affordable.
      P.S. I know domestic students who’ve taken 7 years to finish a 3 year degree.
      Yeah, I guess you need all the internationals you can get, it also helps that the people that need to be failed, get failed – it’s the only way to maintain standards.


  27. P Ray I don’t know who you are and I don’t even know why the hell you are responding to my message and if your country is such fully self respected then just do one thing give my money back. And I have no problem with your country man I am just saying about the unfair behaviour of New Zealand employers with me.


    • Eh, I’m not a New Zealander. I’m overseas Asian just like you, and I’m relating what I know of someone related to AIS St. Helen’s management (juicy tidbit: she was also admitted into hospital for substance abuse and escaped without completing her treatment). :O


      • juicy tidbit: she was also admitted into hospital for substance abuse and escaped without completing her treatment
        Whoops, mod, I’m making unsubstantiated allegations. It’s alleged that she escaped. Unless I produce documentary proof it’s all hearsay.


  28. (They get to tell others that “we got our qualification on merit”,
    while pointing at international students, saying “those guys bought their qualifications”).
    P Ray from your above statement it shows in NEW Zealand degrees are selling and can you please tell me the place where I can bought more degrees.


    • nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10612600
      The Oregon Office of Degree Authorisation has named four institutions it says are operating out of New Zealand – Presscott University, University of Honiara, University of Honorius and the University of Newlands – as being either degree mills or lacking in any authority to issue degrees.

      “The [New Zealand] Government needs to publish and maintain a list of approved degree-granters. If it isn’t a crime to issue an unapproved degree in or from New Zealand, it should be,” the authority’s administrator, Alan Contreras, told the Herald.

      In New Zealand, it is not illegal to issue or buy fake degrees, but purchasers who use them could face fraud charges, police here said.

      The term “degree mill” refers to “substandard or fraudulent colleges that offer potential students degrees with little or no serious work”.

      These range from either degrees that can be purchased outright, or those that require some nominal work from the student but not at the level of study normally required for a degree.

      Comment by me: However the REAL institutions (The 8 Universities NOT polytechnics) have a register of their graduates, and some even have it online (via PDF copies of the graduation magazine and alumni lists).


  29. Shiv – you need to chill. I think you missed the nuance in English – it’s called “sarcasm.” P Ray has said nothing you could or should take offense at, and is very obviously as critical of New Zealand as you are. That is why he used “italics” – he is paraphrasing the thinking of mainstream kiwi culture. His comments aren’t directed at you, the immigrant, but the NZ immigration process.


  30. Thanks P Ray and PT for sharing so much of details and experience before I have even make my first move. I am holding double majors; Accounting and Finance degree that graduated from Monash University but I was resigned from one of the big 4 Audit firm last two years ago and have this migration thought recently. 4 Choices in my mind which are US, Canada, OZ and NZ. I have been interested in NZ lately and reading through all the forums and found out it’s kinda difficult to get a job in NZ, thus I google further.

    Well, 1 main reason that holding me off to OZ is due to a number of Red-neck people living there, so I put all my concentration to NZ. If NZ has no difference to OZ, then I might wanna consider Canada and US now. Literally, I can be getting a PR by holding Investment migration qualification but then if I were to faced all the Red-Neck people around while living there, hell no. Besides, a job is not only to sustain you living but also things that you can focus at.

    I thought NZ is a great place ! It turned me down so badly. My country is in bad shape, hope to migrate to a better place. I am from Malaysia, Chinese.


    • I am holding double majors; Accounting and Finance degree that graduated from Monash University
      Monash University MALAYSIA
      Monash University AUSTRALIA?

      My experiences with Universities having branch campuses (or shared programmes) in Asian countries was their branch campus let through people without proper marking or returning their assignments. I was pointedly told by their local Asian staff that I “did not have the right to view my marked assignment”(turns out later that the lecturer doing the marking – did not have a qualification in that subject). Twinning from what I observed while there, the last year consisted of pointless electives and “soft skills training” NOT hard sciences and rigourous examination.

      That’s why I went to NZ for a proper STEM degree.

      Again, to repeat: I’m Asian.


      • Oh, to be specific, I was graduated from Monash University Malaysia, and the only reason that I didn’t study overseas was, by that time I have to stay here to take care of my wife and baby boy (Early marriage). I was planning to get a PR at in UK starts with my Diploma but who knows god had actually planned a baby for me 🙂

        Yes, I agree with you on sometimes the markers are not professional in that subject where they can simply giving low marks if they do not understand what you are trying to say. I think the most reputable foreign universities in Malaysia was only Monash, now we have another Nottingham University,

        So P Ray, are you leaving NZ soon or what? Never considered for Canada and US? I have liaised with kiwi (Is kiwi necessary to be White you all mentioned?) he is quite friendly though. I was actually planning to bring my family to tour NZ once again before I found this blog. I had traveled to NZ very long time ago, it was fun, natural, lovely, good weather and environment but you know, travelling and living there for rest of your life facing things are totally different experience.


        • Yes, I agree with you on sometimes the markers are not professional in that subject where they can simply giving low marks if they do not understand what you are trying to say.
          Would you hire an engineer to evaluate a doctor?
          In Asia, this was a person who was UNQUALIFIED for the role.
          Hence why they were afraid to return marked papers as there would be cause for dispute: many others whose assessments were not up to standard … were passed.
          Of course, there is a different mentality in Asian educational institutions(at least when it comes to STEM), where a teacher “is seen as good if everybody passes” vs. the West where a teacher “is seen as good if only the people who should have passed, pass”.
          This is of course, also another reason why salaries have remained stagnant.
          And, despite all the hoopla that people require qualified workers … managers are scared that those they hire can do their jobs.
          It’s rare for a manager to have the skill or qualification surpassing that of their workers (in many cases, it’s the reverse).
          In Asia: 30 people enrol, 30 people qualify.
          In NZ: 300 enrol, 30 qualify.
          Remember … the people who qualify, will be making, building and standardising things.


          • Hi P Ray, I think you shouldn’t have generalised that every University in “Asia” be the same as what you had encountered. The passing rate wasn’t that high anyway from my courses, and there were a lot of people retaking the same subjects.

            With all due respect, you are trying to prove you’re a very talented person on your professional skill. Perhaps, your hatred that had long covered your eyes from every single thing you think. Be optimistic.

            My purpose on this blog is to get more information of live in NZ. Think I should research further 🙂 Thanks and unsubscribed.


          • I think you shouldn’t have generalised that every University in “Asia” be the same as what you had encountered. The passing rate wasn’t that high anyway from my courses, and there were a lot of people retaking the same subjects.
            Retaking subjects is one thing.
            Being deliberately marked down or assignments not returned is another.
            A transparent marking policy, is something anyone who needs properly qualified people, should strive for.

            With all due respect, you are trying to prove you’re a very talented person on your professional skill. Perhaps, your hatred that had long covered your eyes from every single thing you think. Be optimistic.
            Gotta love ad hominem.

            but I was resigned from one of the big 4 Audit firm last two years ago and have this migration thought recently.
            Remember that the longer you have not been in work, your chances for re-employment get drastically reduced.

            Thanks and unsubscribed too 🙂


          • Might be of interest to you, Kurt
            Dear Madam
            As I informed you on on 17th December 2012, I could not afford to pay 10% or 50% of the debt because I have been jobless for the past 4 years. I was a government servant (a lecturer) but I was victimised by my superiors because I refused to pass students who fail my paper. I was persecuted because I was honest.
            The details of my persecution is available in http://highereducationinmalaysia.wordpress.com/
            I am not shirking my duty to pay my loan but I do not have the money to pay the loan.

            I told you about things like this happening. I guess it takes an example for you to eat your words 🙂


          • I laughed it out real HARD ! Man, you had made my day. Dude, there’s always a bad apple from the basket. And you are trying to pigeon hole all Universities in Asia are like this. Gosh….what a pessimist. Go ahead, to prove till the end of the world you are right and I am sure a lot of blog readers can understand you clearly what a person you’re.

            And FYI, I have already being invited back to interview by Big 4 again, ha ha, so hmm…..yes, I can apply my job to overseas after a year serving in the same company and yeah, good luck mate. Still jobless in NZ? Too free to post on all these on this blog? GOOD LUCK ! 😀


          • Why do you want to return to a company that you were resigned from? Good luck with moving forward with your life.


          • And FYI, I have already being invited back to interview by Big 4 again, ha ha, so hmm…..yes, I can apply my job to overseas after a year serving in the same company and yeah, good luck mate. Still jobless in NZ? Too free to post on all these on this blog? GOOD LUCK !
            You assume so much about me it’s funny.
            To me, you seem as one of those self-centred Asians I’ve also encountered (I have no illusions that there are good and bad human beings in every race).
            What goes around comes around, and if you do not believe standards need to be maintained … hope you have fun being a one-person expert.
            P.S. Every company can promise you the world. The question is whether they can ante up when the time comes. Enjoy the future, may you live in interesting times.


          • Oh, it would be interesting to check out if you have prove or some sort evidence that Monash University Malaysia has similar case, please share! If you are free, I believe you do.


          • This isn’t a Malaysia blog. Besides, you yourself did mention that Dude, there’s always a bad apple from the basket. Doesn’t excuse the impropriety. Should people who murder be freed because “murder has existed in every age?”

            Remember, as Donald Rumsfeld said: “Absence of evidence … is not evidence of absence”.
            At least universities in the West keep academic misconduct records, WHICH ARE PUBLISHED.
            Please don’t tell me there is no academic misconduct in Asia.


  31. Whoa.. I had no idea nz had racism too… Guess dats happening all over the world. But dude lets not be too harsh here… U wouldn’t want aliens in ur house eating away ur resource s either ryt… I do want to go abroad ( m an Indian) for education n perhaps shift out ( coz frankly developed countries are desirable places to migrate as everyone dreams of hi standards of living) well in any case I don’t think il have the courage to keep nz in my options any more.. Would love to visit it sum tym tho..


  32. Thanks P Ray for telling the reality of colleges in New Zealand who graduated the students with fake degrees every year..And I have seen lot such colleges which has two to three room campus and they are offering post graduate courses. Its really shock to see when one went to live corruption free life and experience illegal activities in New Zealand. Every year these fake degree colleges earn lot of profit for New Zealand economy. And big question New Zealand is second most corruption free country. But this is just in General knowledge books not in reality.


    • Get qualified at one of the 8 universities, is all I can say. (Private) Shophouse colleges are also a problem in Asia.


  33. I have just moved to NZ and already experienced some difficulties about working with Kiwis. I was not respected at work place, and I was the only one Asian there. I am giving up to look for jobs to Kiwis organization, as I believe there is no way I will get hired by Kiwis. I had a lot of hope to get a job before moving here. I really see the racist problem in this country that is disappointed.


  34. go work in a curry shop or fish n chip shop plenty of asians there you could start straight away were no more racist then anywhere else maybe we dont recognise indian qualifications as im sure there different to a new zealand or australian one.


  35. what do you mean i have no problem indians being here but when there on the phone when you ring someone with broken english and you cant understand them then its a problem i love this country and welcome foreigners have indian friends but it is an expensive country in some cases and if they cant take a joke an realise its not all handed to you then maybe they should re consider trying to immigrate here why should we pay back the money they have lost by living here thats life.


    • Thanks for making that so much clearer than we could ever do 🙂

      Racism is so deeply ingrained in New Zealand society that people like you aren’t even aware of how small minded and xenophobic you are. Ever thought about living abroad for a while and broadening your mind. Maybe you could live in India and improve your use of English, you have to admit it needs a little work.


    • i have no problem indians being here but when there on the phone when you ring someone with broken english and you cant understand them then its a problem
      The problem with “unable to understand broken English” is also “not being able to compensate for broken English”.
      You should really only have that problem … if you grew up in a place where proper English was the norm (Hint: I’m pretty sure NZ’s not it)

      i love this country and welcome foreigners have indian friends but it is an expensive country in some cases and if they cant take a joke an realise its not all handed to you then maybe they should re consider trying to immigrate here why should we pay back the money they have lost by living here thats life.
      That’s mental considering quite a few people coming over have no illusions and want to do the hard yards (I myself was turned down applying for jobs as a security guard and even as a tar-layer for roadworks).
      Well, you should be aware of your funny comment that people being cheated deserve it … hope you have good luck being a one-person expert.


      • i have no problem indians being here but when there on the phone when you ring someone with broken english and you cant understand them then its a problem
        Whoops, forgot to add: the companies involved in retaining those workers evidently feel that the benefits of keeping them, outweighs the costs of people like you complaining.
        Just as you say “no free rides”, guess what, you’re in the situation of an realise its not all handed to you.


      • Hey Peter you entirely miss my point. I loved living in UK and never expected government to support me either. The Asian contribution was well head lined in the Guardian, so it not a made up figure. The simple point I was making is that UK and New Zealand are both racist countries , that does not mean each and every one is. I have made it work for me so they can and have to live with the problem until second and third generation who will definitely sort it.
        The point I make is that despite all the obstacles we have made it , survived and will keep on doing it. I have suffered hundreds abusive behaviour and bit beaten up few times , you only have to be a foreigner to feel and see it. Like yesterday I was happily going home and these guys blocked my car and kicked it and asked me to go home? I gave them what they deserved , I told them to leave this country and go home. This is nothing new we go through all the time.
        So get the point I am making ? No point getting angry. Both UK and New Zealand are wonderful countries and I have made it my home, but the problem has to addressed and sorted.


  36. no problem but you get sick of poor me syndrome i lived in perth for a while so i know what its like to be a foreigner but i guess at the end of the day New Zealand is a Small country with limited opportunities yes there available but its very competitive and overseas visitors asian or not must realise its obvious a kiwi or australian will most likey get considered first unless the overseas immigrant has specialised skills.


    • The Indians who come to New Zealand aren’t “living there for a while” most of them have emigrated and want to become Kiwis, just like you. What chance to they stand when faced with such rampant racism.

      BTW did you emigrate to Perth based on your skill set or did you just turn up at Australian immigration and ask for a SCV visa? Indian migrants probably had more right to be there than you, at least they got in on merit and are prepared to make the commitment to their new country. They’re not asking for anything, other than the chance to do the work they were brought over to do, not open up takeaways, drive cabs and stay away from call centres.


    • @jamie Winter
      you’ve got to be kidding,,A kiwi living in Perth doesn,t constitute being a foreigner . They speak the same language,same humour ,,same food!!! try living in india as an immigrant ,,speak the language ,,eat the food,and live in the local community,,then you will begin to understand how hard it is to truly immigrate!! you will most likely be far more welcomed in india as an immigrant than foreigners are in NZ. with all due respect I don,t think you have any idea,,,,,,Full respect to the people expressing there experience on this website,,,most NZ people have a very narrow world view.


      • Hey Bruce
        You need to go to India to experience. All western visitors and migrants are treated same , even may be better than locals. It is no rocket science that Indians and Chineese are treated very badly in New Zealand. I have been here 9 years after leaving in the UK for 32 years.
        I find job hunting difficult despite I have no language issues. I just use networking and because I have special skills I get jobs but the remuneration they try to offer is much lower.
        There is racism here, but not getting job is not the reason.
        I like Indian government and Chineese to government to take pro active approach to support these migrants .
        I would have economic section applied then we will see where our country New Zealand will stand.
        We rely on the foreign trade without it New Zealand will be a third world country, so wake up work together and let’s us be good host to be proud off.


  37. its hard to answer that im not racist i just like to paint the real picture but indians they come over maybe need to do some research yes if they are bringing in skilled people they shouldnt have any trouble finding work but it aint easy i can only go by my city of invercargill which has a population of around 50 000 its hard to give any advice with out being accused of being racist


    • Do you honestly believe you are not racist? Our readers may like to tell you what they think about your comments…

      WRT Invercargill, we have a number of articles about Indians encountering racism in that town. You should try to read some of them.

      Next time you catch a cab ask the driver where he or she is from and what skills and qualifications brought them to New Zealand.

      New Zealand doesn’t give out visas to taxi drivers, its not on the skills shortage list. You don’t need a degree to drive a cab or run a takeaway. So why aren’t they working as engineers, doctors, IT administrators, etc. as they did in their own countries?


    • but indians they come over maybe need to do some research yes if they are bringing in skilled people they shouldnt have any trouble finding work but it aint easy i can only go by my city of invercargill which has a population of around 50 000 its hard to give any advice with out being accused of being racist
      1. problem with research is that the “fluff” sites outnumber the realistic ones.
      2. consider that the people who employ and the people who are affected by “workers chosen by the employer” are 2 different sets of people.
      3. consider that most managers don’t have the skills they demand of their workers.
      4. since In New Zealand, it is not illegal to issue or buy fake degrees, but purchasers who use them could face fraud charges, police here said. who determines whether they are skilled?
      5. on that note, the small networks also mean people can be blackballed without proper scrutiny.
      I’d say that leads to a market where cheap and nasty is the norm for most.
      Would definitely like to hear your thoughts on that.


  38. maybe because the positions are nt available im guessing your indian or chinese i have an indian gp so what are you on about and most doctors in invercargill are indian or sri lankan
    and they are very professional there is racism all over new zealand and there is worse places for it then invercargill i understand where your coming from but new zealand and australia usa and england and other countries all over have racist people your entitlled to your opinion i dont have a racial problem have asian and indian friends if i was racist i would associate with them.


  39. Is this a typical trait in New Zealand? To become rude and aggressive when held to account for your prejudice, is it so hard to provide the most simple of evidence to back up just one of your claims?

    Our readers take note, this is how easy it is to challenge racism in New Zealand. Doesn’t take much does it for the façade to drop.

    If anyone would like to share their own experience of racism in New Zealand we’d like to hear from you.


  40. (who cares you go on about fuck all.)
    Jamie Sir first learn some manner and is this the New Zealand and Aussie education teaches you. Great if yes.


  41. Beware from New Zealand for all those who want to develop their career and wishes comfort life. Never choose study in New Zealand and if still some student wants then pray to god to help you in New Zealand during studies. This is my personal experience in New Zealand. I again warn you Beware from wrong agents who suggest you New Zealand the right place. Rest depend on the reader who still want to take risk.


  42. i do have manners i just dont like hearing stuff that isnt true if you dont think our education is up to standard then why are you here?


  43. Beware from New Zealand again and never come into the words of greedy agents who suggest you this shit country New Zealand.


  44. It was all Indian government failure that their citizens face trouble in weak nation like New Zealand and many other and Indian embassy knows very better but remain silent. I think Indian embassy is responsible for all this. Today whole world knows very well that what India is today. India must make strict rule to send its people to go and take education and tell them about the present situation of particular country so that student will decide to choose that country on his or her risk.


  45. E2NZ :
    Why do you want to return to a company that you were resigned from? Good luck with moving forward with your life.

    Had to leave due to family business growth. And re-applied to Big 4 Audit firms (Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PWC), so not necessarily the same firm I am joining back.

    Thanks Mod


  46. P Ray :
    And FYI, I have already being invited back to interview by Big 4 again, ha ha, so hmm…..yes, I can apply my job to overseas after a year serving in the same company and yeah, good luck mate. Still jobless in NZ? Too free to post on all these on this blog? GOOD LUCK !
    You assume so much about me it’s funny.
    To me, you seem as one of those self-centred Asians I’ve also encountered (I have no illusions that there are good and bad human beings in every race).
    What goes around comes around, and if you do not believe standards need to be maintained … hope you have fun being a one-person expert.
    P.S. Every company can promise you the world. The question is whether they can ante up when the time comes. Enjoy the future, may you live in interesting times.

    What did you just say previously?
    “In Asia: 30 people enrol, 30 people qualify.
    In NZ: 300 enrol, 30 qualify.”

    You were concluded all Asia Universities are like that. And secondly, weird, I first asked about life in NZ, you questioned back me the University of MALAYSIA or AUSTRALIA? It’s irrelevant and in turn, criticise back as a person, that I had graduated and holding Monash University Malaysia cert is also under “those” categories. So, didn’t you assume much, did you? So who’s self centred and rude here initially? I would suggest you to change your personality in order to get you further for your future. I leave my case here.

    P.S: Apparently I have witnessed and liaised with my colleague who did that, securing his job before moving over. So, it worked.


    • And secondly, weird, I first asked about life in NZ, you questioned back me the University of MALAYSIA or AUSTRALIA? It’s irrelevant and in turn, criticise back as a person,
      If you didn’t see a criticism of a lack of transparency, you didn’t read enough.
      P.S. Is the student union in your Monash University of Malaysia … run by people who don’t speak up for student rights? There you have it, people who won’t stand up when there’s injustice.

      It’s irrelevant and in turn, criticise back as a person, that I had graduated and holding Monash University Malaysia cert is also under “those” categories.
      Again, did you not see what I said about lack of transparency?

      So, didn’t you assume much, did you? So who’s self centred and rude here initially? I would suggest you to change your personality in order to get you further for your future. I leave my case here.
      It’s fair to assume when the education system isn’t transparent, and student unions are employed by management, assignments are not returned, the marking scheme isn’t apparent, and the lecturer doing the remark … is the same lecturer setting the paper – well you can draw your conclusions as to how correct, fair or impartial the assessment is.
      P.P.S. Finance companies have plenty of people willing to stab each other in the back, watch yourself out there 🙂


  47. I am born here Asian. Had a heartblock stopped working, went to uni again did a course in accounting as I thought that would be good b/c I enjoy no.’s so numbers I thought could have helped my prev job, less words, more numbers. But have yet to score a job after 1yr, had interviews but at times the employers expected more than what I had on my CV. But when I started off, I worked in a call centre b/c I couldn’t couldn’t get a desk job in 12 months.

    Maybe it is the economy. Have tried admin jobs but they see me as over qualified maybe that is going by the few advisors who spoke to me incl recruitment.

    RE: the students. I think it is human that they prefer someone with local knowledge in terms of communications, team building etc. Maybe ok with the larger orgs but I think that is still there based on human psychology. I know one overseas student, she graduated with a BSc in a NZ university but due to her VISA she has to get a job that is related to her degree, 6 months gone, 6 to go or she would be classed as a overstayer. And another who got a BCom degre in a NZ university, couldn’t get a job, treated the 12 months as a self funded OE and then just went home. I know one international student who got a Masters and half a PhD, he is quiet etc .. introvert, so just got a job at one of the Asian foundation providers teaching business. The rest of the overseas students that I know, generally speaking most of them went home and just visit NZ on a regular basis ie … visiting their university towns, go to the white mountain, the beaches and 7 days after leave and back the following year or two. Some worked for a big org like an accounting firm and transferred to Brisbane and stayed in AU while visiting family in Asia yearly. Most of the overseas students who remained in NZ straight after graduating got specialised degrees such as medicine, dentistry. The largest group who stayed in NZ are those who was brought up in NZ, no overseas student.


    • Most of the overseas students who remained in NZ straight after graduating got specialised degrees such as medicine, dentistry.

      They had to work to a higher standard than locals, and are only chosen after locals want to work overseas for higher pay.
      In other words, play the model minority role.

      Interesting bit from that article:
      As Ranginui Walker explained it, you don’t have to be very smart to be a doctor. “It only takes an IQ of 100 to succeed in medicine. It’s not rocket science.”

      That meant the problem of too few Maori doctors could be fixed easily. The university dropped the bar to a B-bursary for Maori. Everyone else needed an A-bursary or better. Once into medical school, though, Maori students had to perform and pass like everyone else.

      As far as the university was concerned the problem was fixed. But then came the influx of new immigrants. In Walker’s words, “the Asians started to squeeze out Pakeha students”.

      So the university broadened the criteria for selection. They were no longer strictly academic. It counted if students did kapa haka, went to the marae, played sports or practised music.

      Walker explained that gave Pakeha students “a bit of an edge over Asian students who are totally, single-mindedly focused on academic excellence and had nothing else to offer the profession”.

      Another article that is very disquieting

      tbird22 hours ago

      People need to learn what racism is. Racism is NOT having a personal opinion about someone else’s culture. Racism is NOT describing your attacker to police. Racism is not reading out facts.
      Racism is forcing races to be segregated, different water fountains, different movie theatres, back of the bus type thing. Racism is saying white people and Asians need 89% GPA to do Medicine at uni, but reserving seats for a special race. Racism is saying that white people and Asians need to pay full fees for their counselling for depression, while letting a special race have it for free. Racism is making everyone pay money to a particular race.
      An worst of all… in our parliament, in the place they make the laws we must all follow… In a country with 6th gen Kiwis, Chinese, Samoan, Indian, Tongan, English, Korean, Dutch, Niuean, South African, Filipino, and hundreds of other “ethnicities” – we have parliamentary seats reserved for a few over-paid, lazy, Maori elite.
      That, Lisylis, is racism.

      Choosing people for jobs based on being born into the “correct skin” means that very likely, the best people don’t get chosen.
      Who loses? The people getting the service.
      But as long as they don’t complain, they should not expect any improvement. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.


  48. I do not believe this is a racial problem…truth is….there is very few jobs available in NZ. Everyone is having a tough time finding jobs. Cheers…..


    • If that were true why is New Zealand still drawing in migrants to fill skills shortage lists? Are their skills really in demand, or is it because immigration is a revenue earner and keeps the NZ economy afloat?


  49. Who would like the person who is from a country full of corruption? I am an Asian, but I don’t blame NZ, because I can see how the Asians are here, I don’t mean all, but most of them, once they don’t have jobs, they would pay for that, no matter how much money. Once they got the jobs, of course they would hire the person who pays them, so they can get their money back. The same as marriage, they earn money like that. and some of them, after became residencies, they ask benefits from government and show how poor they are, I wonder if they were poor, how did they buy the job offers, how did they pay for fake marriage business? Perhaps, they spent all their money on it, as a result they don’t have any but NZ government.


    • once they don’t have jobs, they would pay for that, no matter how much money. Once they got the jobs, of course they would hire the person who pays them, so they can get their money back.
      Uh what? This is the bit where I say, it’s remarkable if you got residence with such poor English, but I guess you tickle the fancy of immigration officers (apologies if that’s not the case)
      You must not have read the recent articles on nzherald, e.g. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10842675
      “Migrant worker made to pay own wages”
      so this is a recurring situation, where “migrants in a more comfortable position of residence, prey on the newly-arrived” … which is not that much far removed, from NZ citizens paying migrants less than the minimum wage (happened to me in one of my casual jobs, person was a Caucasian NZ citizen in his final year of a Law qualification).

      The same as marriage, they earn money like that.
      Again, if you’re talking about mail-order brides … men are not part of that scheme as “the party that is sold”

      Who would like the person who is from a country full of corruption?
      And finally … ya know, maybe they came from a country full of corruption … BECAUSE they DIDN’T want to live a corrupt life? Or does that reason not strike you as valid?


  50. I was thinking of going to further my studies in NZ next year in hopes of getting myself a job after completing my postgrad dip in food tech (it’s listed in the skill shortage so was thinking chances in landing in a job & getting citizenship would be higher)….then I stumbled upon this site. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

    It shouldn’t be THAT hard for a food science/food technology graduate to get a job since it’s in demand, right? I hope I’m right 😡

    Oh and I have no significant working experience. May the odds be ever in my favour. 😡


    • Further your studies, BUT have an emergency stash of money to use for you to leave if things don’t work out on the job front. Keep a careful eye on your finances, and keep backups of your work or any data you need for assignments.
      PLEASE don’t hold out false hopes of employment, and in doing so drain your family finances or put your health or well-being at risk – you are entitled to the minimum wage as a worker, and have nothing to be worried about if you are following the working hour limits as stipulated in your student visa (outside study periods you can work 40 hour weeks).
      Employers aren’t allowed to question you about your race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political views.


    • It takes many years and much money to stay on long enough to get permanent residency in NZ even if you have the requirements on the Skills Shortage List (if you are not coming in on an investment visa OR were not born here OR didn’t at least go through secondary school in NZ).
      Alternatively, you can get married to a local …if they’ll have you.

      One route that people go through is to arrange a job in NZ while they’re in their home country.

      But of course, that offer may be withdrawn when the (potential)employer feels like it, like what happened with Dr. Sharad Paul:
      He came to New Zealand in 1991 with a guaranteed job as a plastic surgeon registrar at a regional hospital but on arrival discovered the position was gone.

      “Until I landed, they probably didn’t think I was Indian, with the surname Paul, born in England,” he laughs. “But I never take no for an answer, so rather than quit and say I’d failed, it made me more determined to stay here.”

      Wanting more time to write, as well as the skills to do medical mission work as his parents had, he trained as a GP in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.

      “There was some sort of medical council assessment that said I couldn’t communicate in English very well. It’s always been my first language and I’m a writer of English, for God’s sake. Some people may have been broken by that, but each of these things made me even more determined to succeed,” he says.


      • Note that it might take 5 years to get permanent residency in NZ (the specifics were NOT made clear to me at a university briefing),
        and now, another FURTHER 5 years stay in NZ after PR for citizenships(used to be 3 years).
        So, 10 years to become an NZ citizen.
        That is the biggest reason why people on PR either stay on in NZ, or work in Australia.

        Also, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia allow dual-citizenship with NZ … which is a probable reason why people from there enjoy relationship success in NZ.

        Citizenship Requirements Change in April 2010

        The requirements for obtaining New Zealand citizenship by grant change on 21 April 2010, and it is important that people who might be affected lodge their applications before they miss out.

        At the moment, if you received permanent residence or had a successful application accepted by Immigration New Zealand before 21 April 2005, you could be eligible for a grant of citizenship after living in New Zealand for three years.

        If you applied for and received permanent residence on or after 21 April 2005, you have to be resident in New Zealand for five years before becoming eligible for a grant of citizenship.

        However, from 21 April 2010, everyone will have to be resident for five years before becoming eligible for a grant of citizenship, no matter when they applied for and obtained permanent residence.

        That means that if you meet the three-year requirement and don’t lodge an application before 21 April 2010, you will not be eligible until you have lived in New Zealand for five years, not three years.

        You can check whether you are eligible for citizenship by using the Citizenship Online Calculation Tool. Alternatively you can contact us for further information.

        Source: http://www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.nsf/wpg_URL/Services-Citizenship-General-Requirements-for-a-Grant-of-New-Zealand-Citizenship?OpenDocument#fifteen


        • Whoops, forgot to add that during this 5 year period before gaining permanent residency if you don’t have work you may need to demonstrate evidence of funds.
          This is just my opinion but you are looking at somewhere in the region of NZD2,000/month, so if jobless for that period you’d better have over NZD120,000 with you …


  51. Something you all miss is that education isnt a ticket to a job. Nor is there a promise that youll get a job that pays well in New Zealand just because you come and do a level 6 diploma at a small college. The world doesnt work that way. As a newcomer you normally start from the bottom and build your resume. if you think you’ll jump into society higher than many kiwis you are delusional. Migration doesnt work that way.

    I dont hire people from AIS St Helens or any other college. They charge less than a uni and thats reflected in the quality of education. Why, well start by looking at the 97% passrates colleges have on average and the quality of what students are taught there. Im sorry but a college isnt enough. Not even close to enough.
    Secondly, the universities are today a money scheme, Massey University proudly boasts 40% of its students are Chinese. (almost 50% of the lecturers re foreign highly skilled academics by the way)
    I hire students with majority A grades, possibly some B grades that have graduated from a good NZ University. See the ranking yourselves its a google click away. Going cheap isnt a great choice. University of Auckland and University of Otago are the best universities and maximises the chance for a job.

    And no having great qualifications from India/China/Russia/Egypt etc doesnt help. I get 30 emails a week from jobseekers. I dont look at them i put them (or usually my secretary straight down into the bin)
    I dont know Indian etc qualifications and thus I wont hire people with those qualifications. If you come with a Australian qualification I might hire you but indian etc sorry thats a no no. And no its not my job to find out, there is no reason for me to do so. I get 50 CV:s so why would I look at people whose skills and educational merits I cant judge. I wont nor do I have time to find out.
    ill look at those I can judge and the best of those will be shortlisted. C average graduates will never get a decent job.

    If you want a job here, get a good education from a reputable university. Speak good English and get some work experience while a student. You see when I hire someone from a foreign country I want to know how they function at the workplace. I need a local reference. A western reference that might be a cafe, a waitress job or a cleaner job down at the local hotel it doesnt matter its a reference and its worth a lot to me when I hire someone without local work experience.

    Now im a manager for a European company in Auckland. Im European, not kiwi, and the majority of my new hires have been East Asians such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Koreans and Malaysians.
    They were all hired because they graduated with good marks from the best Universities. And they did well at their interviews convincing me that they would work hard and be independent goal getters.
    I have hardly hired a single ethnic kiwi. Mainly because their grades at uni hasn’t been as good as the Asian students. And because they never bothered to learn a second language at school still thinking International career is fine despite just English. Migrants have an advantage with language especially people from the likes of Malaysia that often speaks three or four languages by necessity.
    Good luck with the jobhunting.


    • There’s lots I have to say about what you’ve written(which I will do so later), but it’s so nice to know that international students will now “be allowed to compete for jobs” (I say it in quotes because their passports are already stamped with “Allowed to work 20 hours during the term, and full time outside that period”)
      Of course, it starts off with the encouraging words toward international students:
      Parents beware, your student sons and daughters might be on the couch next summer with a proposal to open jobs to international students promising fierce competition.
      International students really are loved, aren’t they?


    • Certainly my friend, you are correct when you uttered so. In this island of uniqueness, (beings with distinct DNA floating upon the street on Friday nights, with metaphorical talents, ravaged by their own uniqueness), certainly education is not the ticket to a job….NEPOTISM IS, which is why you see kiwi brethren with the IQ of a third grader (compared to us rest of the world), serving as CEO/MANAGER of a cleaning/milking (both migrant and animal milking) companies, most of them barely having a high school certificate!!

      That tells us a lot, and surely there was some wisdom in your words, the grandiosity of which is merely all, but a tinge of your kiwi uniqueness, but would be considered euphemism for the ‘rest of the world people’ who don’t share underwear with your unique ‘100% kiwi’ ‘mates at the gates’ mob.

      No wonder we ‘rest of the world people’ could draw some equivalence to human form of the antipodes, when we look at NZ, you, and the ‘100% kiwi owned & operated’ gatekeepers as such.


    • You are not European, you are a liar and ‘one of them’. An impostor, merely posing as European. Your ‘kiwiana’ is dripping from the quality of your English, as kiwis have a unique way of writing which is very easy to identify, the quality of which, sadly is,at the bottom of the heap in all English speaking countries.

      Whats your real job mate, which pub in Gold Coast are you working for?

      BTW…India educated 24 year old guy here, whose first language is Hindi.


  52. I am planning to apply for P.G Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at University of Auckland and Massey. (Level 8). I have about 6 years experience in Logistics and Supply Chain in India.

    Primary reason for choosing a P.G in this field is the Long Term Skills shortage list. I have been told by agencies in India, finding a job in NZ is difficult. However, since Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs are in long term skills shortage list, I would find a job. Most of the experiences here, are from students from St Helen’s (my guess). Is it really that difficult. I understand, it is a small country. The population is less than my city in India(Pune). Therefore, opportunities will be limited. A agency here, says out of 10 jobs in Supply Chain, 7 are vacant. Therefore, it will not be difficult to get a job. Google search is giving the same result. There are vacancies in many Agro-based industries.

    However, I am having second thoughts. I have to change my name, to get a job in NZ, better, i stay where I am. (I am not doing bad here). Just looking for a better life style. Moreover, even though I am well off, I do not want to waste my hard earned money just getting a Diploma. Even, If i accept, the Diploma in University of Auckland or Massey is world class, if it’s that difficult to find a job, sorry, but I will have to pass. I learn my work ex in India, in a small company is not valid in NZ. They have a list of comparable work experiences, which is valid. I guess from countries in the west, and Singapore.

    Also, the agencies here(reputed ones) say the P.G Diploma Course has the same job prospects as the M.B. A. Is it true?

    I am thinking of Singapore as an alternate option.

    Ray and others.. please pour in with your comments.


    • Somebody summoned me from a Marmite-induced haze?
      The other thing that you should keep in mind:
      a “Post-Graduate Diploma” UNLESS you have a Bachelor’s in that field … trust me, you did not receive the full foundational grounding that someone who went through their Bachelor’s did. Same goes for people doing “double-degrees”: They did not do twice the amount of papers for their qualification – they did halves of 2 different degrees (see how misleading words can be?). A REAL double degree … takes 6 years – and results in 2 degree certificates.

      In other words:
      If you had a “Bachelor’s in Business Analysis” and a “Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting”(PG.Dip takes 1 year(120 points) … do you seriously think they can condense a 3 year Bachelor of Accounting(360 points) + add supplementary material on top of that … into 1 year?) –
      you are NOT (objectively)”better” or “more experienced” than someone who did their Bachelor’s in Accounting (Good luck – you’ll need it! – applying for a job as an accountant, I think a case like that has appeared in the NZ newspapers).
      You can of course, verbally claim to be an Accountant … the same way an assistant language teacher(ALT) can “verbally claim to be a Teacher”(without all the attendant qualifications and experience that entails … writing that down may have legal consequences however – since you aren’t registered OR licensed with the Ministry of Education).
      If on a PR or NZ citizenship … you can claim the benefit if work cannot be “found” though (so you can at least feed yourself, and save if careful).

      Remember: Gerald Shirtcliff … didn’t even have an (existing and valid)Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, but managed to get his Master’s (father helped with his assignments, LOL) AND be hired to work in Christchurch without questions being raised about his bona fides!
      I disagree with the last paragraph though:
      “He was bright enough and hard-working enough to have achieved it all honestly. (Didn’t his father help him?) It’s such a waste and he has done so much damage to his family, to others and to himself.’

      Well, he can “verbally claim to be an Engineer”!

      Fraudsters – are just not good enough(whether by intelligence or diligence) to honestly do things to satisfaction/proper scrutiny or completion … THAT’S why they cheat. The brains of some people are just “wired up” to live sneakily and opportunistically. And if they succeed in their initial fraud, it GETS REPEATED, and GETS WORSE.
      (also see Hohepa Morehu-Barlow/Joseph Hikairo Barlow/Joel Morehu-Barlow(lots of names for 1 person), Stephen Wilce, Mary-Anne Thompson, Richmal-Marie Oates-Whitehead).

      There are plenty of people trying to rort the system in this way to gain a leg up (whether via non-existent qualifications, incorrect qualifications or misrepresented work experience) e.g.

      Example 1:
      a new hire, just graduated from university (2013) writing “I singlehandedly created the software used to operate this company”(which was founded in 1989 – D’oh!) …

      if you were the Archangel Michael, you’d leave with a white head from black hair previously at the stress of having to sift through all the lies.

      In a (true) competitive environment excluding racism … the person with the Bachelor’s in their field, will be picked before the Postgraduate Diploma candidate (with an unrelated Bachelor’s).

      I can tell you this though:
      Very few people in New Zealand will tell you they are having trouble finding jobs.
      And they’re terrified about complaining regarding poor treatment at the workplace. There will be no (specific) indications on Facebook except cryptic statements like “Tired” “Frustrated” “Angry” (“vaguebooking” is the term).

      But of course:
      If employers like you, no(or falsified, or flat-out ridiculous or unbelievable) qualifications/experience are necessary/acceptable(examples above and below – both sportsmen),
      If they hate you, nothing is good enough.

      A “hiring factor” seems to be if you were previously involved in sports – it seems Kiwi athletes are suitable for every job regardless of the actual licenses or certificates or qualifications or competencies required!
      If an accident were to happen, insurance wouldn’t pay out on account of those flagrant deficiencies.
      (By the way Raminder – that should be the progression of your “self-help” movement: You will be in a new country, and should quickly try to become as self-sufficient as possible – ESPECIALLY since it now takes 5 years to become a permanent resident in NZ – and there is a 90 day trial employment period)

      I wouldn’t expect ANY help from the Ethnic People’s Advisory Panel (fuhgeddabouit, seeing as their former Golden Girl is currently tied up with the scandal of “making love” to the married Auckland Mayor) or the List MPs (as in my opinion they are there for “decoration” not to actually help immigrants – to keep the “model minority” quiet and uncomplaining) … as both sets of people are professional office-bearers or “community pacifiers” who are more interested in their position than helping their communities. (I have interesting anecdotes about one of their newest members, that I will share later)

      P.S. You should be aware that even international companies like Google make vague promises during the hiring process that are never fulfilled. Get everything down in writing for your employment contract.

      And if you are doing labour in hazardous locations, try and make sure your manager is not sending you to your death (and possibly sack you afterwards – if you survive the mishap – “number 8 wire”-innovative deaths are all at once tragic, embarrassing and stupid), e.g.
      The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s investigations concluded that he was given inappropriate breathing equipment to carry out work in this hazardous oxygen-deprived environment,” Northern health and safety manager John Howard said.

      “In fact, Auckland Pack and Cool did not follow the manufacturer’s instructions which explicitly stated that the respirator should not be used in ‘areas where atmospheres are oxygen deficient’ – the type of environment that the worker was required in work in.”

      Pack and Cool Ltd director Craig Lemon (is he the brother of Keith Lemon?) would not comment on the scale of the fine only saying “the court’s made its decision and we accept that decision”.

      He would not confirm or deny whether the employee was still working at the Alfriston premises.

      Example 2:
      “Practical-minded” Bob, a new join there, I hope he uses his management studies, years of experience working in kiwifruit(?) and sports ability (along with his key knack of making things “good as gold”) to make the company safer (and keep things like beer out – machines and the inebriated make for poor results).
      Previously, he managed to work full time (8 hours per day/5 day week) … while studying full time (8 hours per day/5 day week) + commute 2.5 hours one-way;(Explain to me how that’s possible, including the commute time to and from work and university (as they’re in different towns?) … 21 hours a day doing stuff (8+8+2.5+2.5) before you sleep for only 3 hours? Isn’t that illegal, being awake that long and operating heavy machinery/studying day in and day out for years … and also UNBELIEVABLE?
      (Ask yourself if people who spout these obvious lies in writing on their CV … should be considered model graduates.)

      Stay frosty, Bob!

      Oh … and about Singapore’s policy on foreign talent:


    • Another fraudster exaggerating their academic achievements (She’ll be right, mate!):
      High-level businessman’s CV false
      Last updated 17:40 25/02/2014
      Michael Vukcevic
      Michael Vukcevic

      The chairman of an influential business council with close links to the Government’s bid for a Middle East free trade agreement is a CV fraudster.

      Fairfax NZ can reveal that Michael Vukcevic – head of the Auckland-based Middle East Business Council – falsely claimed to have a law degree from Victoria University.

      Mr Vukcevic was also a director of anti-corruption agency Transparency International when he lied in his successful bid for the top New Zealand job at multinational law and patent firm, Baldwins.

      The fraud will embarrass the firm, which was last year a finalist in the New Zealand Law Awards for a second year in a row.

      It will also embarrass the Government because of the ties between the council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NZ Trade and Enterprise.

      As chair of the Middle East council, Mr Vukcevic rubs shoulders with powerful figures from MFAT – including Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully.

      The ministry said tonight that Mr McCully had no knowledge of the CV fraud, and nor did the ministry. “It is a matter for the council. It is a private sector organisation. MFAT has a good working relationship with the council and its members.”

      The council’s current executive includes former Young Nats president Daniel Fielding, and the vice-chairman is Auckland lawyer Stewart Germann. Former National Party president Michelle Boag advises the executive.

      Sources said MFAT officials were warned about concerns within the council about Mr Vukcevic over a deal he did without initial council knowledge.

      Senior figures in the council have been told of the false claims in the CV.

      Ms Boag said in the two years she had been at the council there had never been a complaint about his CV.

      Mr Vukcevic used the fictitious degree to become chief executive at Baldwins in 2012.

      Victoria University has confirmed Mr Vukcevic’s only qualification from Victoria was a Bachelor of Arts degree.

      Mr Vukcevic has not responded to multiple approaches asking for an explanation.

      His seven-page CV also includes a claim he was a director for a recruitment firm. That claim is also false.

      When he was at Baldwins the company’s website claimed Mr Vukcevic was a “Registered Patent Attorney” in Australia and New Zealand but he does not appear on the registers for either country.

      He also claimed to be a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand but he is not registered as either with the Law Society.

      Under the education, the CV claims Mr Vukcevic obtained a law degree and a BA from studying at Victoria from 1989 to 1992.

      Yeah, what nonsense. 2 DEGREES WITHIN 3 YEARS?
      That’s twice the workload of a full-time student, it’s amazing that many people in NZ were thick enough to believe that claim.


      • Mr Vukcevic was also a director of anti-corruption agency Transparency International when he lied in his successful bid for the top New Zealand job at multinational law and patent firm, Baldwins.

        And they didn’t check his credentials before giving him a directorship?! Makes one wonder what else they gloss over.

        If the directors of Transparency International can’t be trusted to maintain a high degree of personal integrity, what does that say about the validity of the work it carries out?


        • Transparency International New Zealand is a NZ government propaganda wing that tells the world how free of corruption New Zealand is. The organisation lies and distorts. In this sense, he was a much better “fit” for the organisation compared to an honest migrant or Kiwi. Perhaps he also had that special “local knowledge”!


  53. Postgraduate diploma at Massey University is far far from world class.
    Massey is the second worst university in New Zealand. Check the rankings before you apply. University of Auckland is of much higher quality but world class is over the top to say…
    I know three of the largest companies in your field and they only hire graduates from University of Auckland or Otago University.
    A master degree is always better than a postgraduate diploma.
    If you wish to do a postgraduate diploma in Auckland your choices should be acording to standard.
    1. Uni of Auckland
    2. AUT (Auckland University of Technology)
    3. Massey

    You must remember that agents care most about their own commission. Not about your fortunes. Massey offers the highest commissions of any New Zealand University.

    Id suggest that instead of listening to people saying 7 out of 10 jobs are vacant. thats not true at all, do your own research. Trademe.co.nz and seek.co.nz shows most joblistnings in New Zealand today. Pay close attention to what experience they are looking for in all their joblistnings.
    Assume that you’ll be viewed as a fresh graduate (unless you have experience in a well known company and have English speaking references from such company)

    After your first job and lets say two years supply chain management experience then its easy to find another job in New Zealand but at first you need to be patient.

    Also the agricultural business isnt big in Auckland. So if you want to find a job in it you can search for good university degrees from other Universities such as Waikato, Canterbury or Victoria. (All better and with a greater reputation than Massey)
    Contact the universities own representatives and ask them about graduate job search opportunities and what assistance the universities can be of etc. Ask them how previous students have faired.
    The key is to not rely on a sweet talking agent. they dont present you with an objective image they are salesmen working on commission. You can enrol for free and get all help with visas etc if you deal directly with the university. ZERO agent fees and honest advise. Do that.


    • Dear Exile,

      I have been reading Migrant Tales, Immigration stories posted here by moderator and others. If I take the views on face value, it is a setback to learn conditions are not very promising for new comers. When you say, after a first job and two years of work experience, it should be easy to find a job. Going by the opinion of many here, they have found it extremely difficult to find a first job. Also, people on student visa are rarely offered a job. Plus the opinion, that natives and white skin if more preferred. Is it not going to be a problem finding a first job? and the second job? a few young guys I know from North India, have ended up doing, far labor job (picking kiwi, and other Agri jobs). One you tube video, said Auckland, is like just a few blocks. It is just the sky tower. They said, they were lucky to find a job, to survive. Their peers have been unlucky.

      The institute where, I am training is a reputed one. They do not have any tie ups with any universities abroad. They may have become a victim of the hype. I learnt from them, cost of living as compared to other western counties is cheaper in New Zealand. And comparatively spending power, saving is more. Average starting salary minimum would be 50, 000 dollars. I spoke to a friend pursuing an IT Course in AUT. He said his monthly expenses were 600 – 800 dollars. Which is, in all standards reasonable. However, someone I know is a New Zealand resident, said, things are not as advertised. It is a small country. It is obvious, there will be be fewer jobs.

      There are just two universities offering a program in my field of work. Massey and University of Auckland. Massey is out of question. Not even applying there. That leaves me with University of Auckland. Second, I have learnt, a P. G Diploma in a specialized field of study is as valuable as masters in NZ only. in Canada, US, P.G Diploma is hardly recognized by employers, unlike NZ. This too was my initial reason to choose NZ university.

      I have a family. I cannot risk their careers, when there is a probability, I would be struggling to find feet. Especially, when partner, would not be working, since dependent is too young.

      I have a Masters in Business Administration. I have been compelled to do a course again, since a NZ qualification is a must to find any reasonable opportunity to the job market(if there is any). I have researched trade me and seek. I find there are vacancies. However, that is not a guarantee,I will match their required skills. (I do have good experience in Supply Chain, and a fantastic profile). But in small companies. I guess, that will not be recognized. Another reason choosing, PG course, it is a year program. Saves time and money. Since, I already have a full time masters. Most things, I will study will be repetition.

      Coming around, 2 things.. why risk my career, (for a better lifestyle, than what I get in India), and go in reverse gear, choose a country which has such low user ratings. This website has demoralized me to a great extent. But, I believe, this is good for me. A pinch of salt is better. than castles in air. Precisely, USA has very stringent laws on racial laws. Canada, I hear, is an economy doing well. Singapore is a very governed country. Rest, UK, Europe is not doing very well in most sectors. I do have options.

      There, are success stories too. I am confused. People from my community (not necessarily, i know them) have had success stories too. I read, about this MP from India. I spoke to one of the other guys. They said English speaking is a major bottleneck. I scored 7.5 in IELTS. English language should not be a bottle neck for me.

      Even, if I am the best candidate, if there are no jobs/or fewer jobs even in Skills Shortage List, and they go the native and local guys, I am not going to take, this risk.

      Please clarify on after my first job, and then two years experience in Supply Chain Management, finding a job should be easy observation. If, this is the case, NZ sounds perfect. In any country there will be struggle for first 3 – 4 years.


  54. The majority of NZ companies hire employees based qualifications, experience, and how they fit in with the current team environment and culture. Language barriers and cultural differences lead to possible stumbling blocks which can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and mistakes. Thus these are risks which employers will take into account when hiring someone.

    Immigrating to a new country involves a huge change in adapting to the culture differences which many take for granted, or don’t even make the effort. Thus their English language skills are poor, and/or their mannerisms and reactions are too different in nature to how we culturally relate to one another in New Zealand.

    Personally I think the immigration laws are too relaxed. I work in a University and meet several post-graduates each month whose spoken English is far below par. It’s incredibly frustrating to communicate with them, and feel that it’s an injustice and an insult for me to make the effort in my own country.


    • Language barriers and cultural differences lead to possible stumbling blocks which can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and mistakes

      What you’re saying is that NZ employers are racist and culturalist, and if you’re anything to go by (“it’s an injustice and an insult for me to make the effort in my own country“) they have little tolerance for anyone who won’t fit in immediately?

      Yet despite your intolerance your university keeps accepting the higher fees that overseas post-grads have to pay.

      Thanks for being honest.

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      • Your critisism of me being intolerant and racist can be used to justify my stance as well – that they are the ones being intolerant and racist for not giving a damn about NZ culture and language. Why should it be on me to make the exception, despite that I was born and raised here.


        • Well at least you’re honest about your racism.

          Maybe it would help immigrants if you could define what your culture is? Depending on who you talk to its either Maori, Polynesian, Australian, Asian or British. Outside of the country much is made of New Zealand being very ‘English’. Even your parliamentary system is touted as being British, even though the electoral system is different and it only has one house of parliament?

          Have you ever considered the way the country is marketed abroad, and its lack of a national identity, could be sending out mixed messages to migrants.

          If you can’t make them feel welcome why continue to attract them? or is it just their wealth you’re interested in ?


          • I highly doubt you’re a kiwi if you had to ask that question.

            To label me as ‘racist’ despite that I’ve not made any personal attack or remark against another race is a trolling remark. I’m allowed to feel insulted by the lack of effort made on part of an immigrant who fails to speak my language in my own country. That isn’t being intolerant or racist.


          • Please do not resort to insults as a ploy to avoid answering the question. Yes, it takes balls to admit you’re a racist, but be a man and answer the question.

            Define the NZ culture and language.

            You previously wrote

            The majority of NZ companies hire employees based qualifications, experience, and how they fit in with the current team environment and culture. Language barriers and cultural differences lead to possible stumbling blocks which can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and mistakes. Thus these are risks which employers will take into account when hiring someone.

            Immigrating to a new country involves a huge change in adapting to the culture differences which many take for granted, or don’t even make the effort. Thus their English language skills are poor, and/or their mannerisms and reactions are too different in nature to how we culturally relate to one another in New Zealand.

            Personally I think the immigration laws are too relaxed. I work in a University and meet several post-graduates each month whose spoken English is far below par. It’s incredibly frustrating to communicate with them, and feel that it’s an injustice and an insult for me to make the effort in my own country.

            FYI migrants have to pass an English proficiency test before their visas are awarded. Ever considered the problem may be with the way you communicate with them? Bet you’re happy to take their money though.

            Your IP address resolves to the University of Auckland, are these common sentiments in the business faculty there?

            Oh, and we’re adding xenophobic to your profile.


          • I’ll define the New Zealand culture. To me it is one of abuse against women, children and the weak. It is bullying, corrupt, misogynistic and xenophobic. It revolves around binge drinking and rugby. As a woman I find it very uncomfortable here and have to consciously dress down so as not to draw unwarranted attention to myself.


          • This is a non sequitur as no Muslim in New Zealand is proposing to force anyone to wear a burqa.

            I am the first to concede that immigrants must learn the local language, respect the prevailing customs, and not impose their ways on their new country. However, I generally do not see lack of assimilation as a problem in New Zealand. Aside from the refugees that New Zealand takes in, the overwhelming majority of immigrants speak English well, possess higher qualifications on average than the locals do, and tend to come from the higher strata of society.

            The foregoing reality creates resentment amongst many Kiwis, which is why discrimination against immigrants is widespread in the New Zealand workplace. The better educated, the more highly skilled, and the more enterprising Kiwis escape the stultifying environment of New Zealand and the culture against achievement. Consequently, the government imports migrants to offset the decline in skills and to try to swindle money from them directly through immigration fees or indirectly through the various industries that prey on migrants (e.g. migration agents and lawyers, relocation services, etc) and presumably pay tax on the profits. Incidentally, many returning Kiwis report the same discrimination and difficulties as migrants, particularly the canard that they lack “local knowledge”.

            Many of us discover that New Zealand is very different to how the government and the migration agencies advertise it. For example, New Zealand has widespread corruption, an appallingly shoddy education system, and very limited opportunities for the professional people and businessmen that New Zealand claims that it wants to attract. I have also discovered that New Zealand is not a meritocracy and the plum jobs tend to go to unqualified people that have good mates and relatives. The incompetence is omnipresent in New Zealand, whether it is in professions like medicine, law, or financial advice where the “professionals” are incompetent morons, or in the unliveable houses built by New Zealand “builders”.

            Lastly, I resent the canard about “lack of English”. I frequently encounter “educated” people in New Zealand that cannot write properly in English or differentiate between too, to, and two. Often, I meet “educated” Kiwis who give me a dumbfounded look when I use a word such as paradox, acclimate, or spurious. When I still had the misfortune to live in New Zealand, I once received a communiqué from the communications department that was so shoddy, I edited it and sent it back to the author, who reported that seven managers had reviewed it and approved it. Clearly, her managers did not know the difference between their/there or in/on. Perhaps the Kiwis should learn better English so they can communicate better with native English speaking ex-migrants like me. Incidentally, I speak three languages fluently (English, Spanish, German) which is about three more than the average Kiwi can speak! New Zealanders should learn useful languages such as Chinese or Spanish, rather than being silly and politically correct by pretending to learn Maori. Actually, they could start by learning their own language correctly, which is supposed to be English.


          • Yeah – Kiwis are only interested in generating wealth from migrants so there would be customers to rent/buy houses, buy cars, buy food/etc. from the supermarket, etc. – I’m sure you get the drift. However, asking for a job in your field is a different matter even if they have already assessed your school in your home country. If they can make an exam, they will make it very hard for you to pass, if you require a placement – the professional society will talk amongst themselves to deny or make it so hard that only PhDs or the very few of the most superior quality can get through. I know – I spent 7 years there – geez while my schoolmates from my home country whizzed their way in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia, I stagnated there. Onetime, I applied for an engineering job, I said I have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of the Philippines thinking it would be an asset. The manager said to me even if I am a Doctor of Engineering, he would not accept me. Yeah go figure. Escape before there is time!


      • Furthermore, sometimes there’s a clash in cultural values and beliefs which I don’t think should be my responsibility to simply tolerate.

        For example, the burqa which Muslim women wear is an offense as it is a cultural representation of unequality and oppression against women. If that is the cultural norm back in their own country, then that’s fine, but here it’s an affront to the values which we uphold in New Zealand .. which women have fought for and established as the cultural normative.

        What if a Muslim male owner of a company imposed a company rule that all women must wear a burqa? Would it be deemed as intolerant and racist to protest against it? There is no compromise here – so either the immigrants must abide by the cultural values of the country, or else the country must abide by the cultural values of their immigrants.


        • No doubt our Muslim readers may chose to answer you.

          But does New Zealand not respect the human right for people to practice their own religion? the wearing of a veil is very much a personal choice for Muslim women in New Zealand, not something that is forced on them.

          As for cultural matters, New Zealanders seem to think they have the right to inflict their Haka abroad at sporting events, flash mobs, Waitangi Day pub crawls, etc. and take deep offense at any criticism of it. It looks very much as if NZ is just a very intolerant nation.

          Whilst we’re on the subject of female rights, have the police made any arrests in the Roastbusters complaint yet?


        • Here I agree with Nic.. People migrating to another country must be aware of local culture. I am an Indian. Here too I get irritated as hell when somebody doesn’t not know the local language. Now that is not racism. E2nz let’s keep the discussion logical. Not slander at every bit.


          • Mr Singh, a culture is as definitive as crystals in the ice. The patterns are all different, the substance stays the same. You are Indian, how many cultures can we find in one corner of India? Let me answer you, ‘numerous’. Culture is a a collection of human outlooks, glued by the collectivism of that outlook.

            We are inherently diverse, and NZ’s should learn to live with diversity if its wants to usher into the era of globalized and interconnected ‘worlds’. I suggest that all kiwi workplace should have a mandatory diversity education, so that the sheeple here could be more tolerant and put up with all that, which doesn’t rock their boats.

            BTW….drinking alcohol,raping young girls (refer to roastbusters case), racing dumpsters on street, sleeping around with anybody and everybody, going pig-hunting with shotguns or watching rugby with beezees surely wouldn’t be called culture, but a ‘bundle’ of degenerate behavior confused as culture by these ‘bogans’.

            Last time i have had an enriching conversation (which revolved around ideas and human experiences) with a kiwi, was never!


        • What if a Muslim male owner of a company imposed a company rule that all women must wear a burqa?
          That’s funny, I’ve observed that owners of companies in NZ seem to demand a lifestyle of rugby, larrikin-ism, getting wasted and “old-boy networks”. No protest against that?

          1. Not all Asians are Muslims, and not all Muslims live in Arabia;
          2. Islam isn’t a monolithic religion – like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism – it has different denominations;
          3. The burka isn’t the only religious attire that Muslim women can choose to wear
          4. All the Abrahamic religions have types of clothing for religious women, why single out Islam?
          P.S. I found the culture of proselytizing people on University campuses in NZ, especially offensive, e.g. “tagging” people as Christian just because they “speak good English” (Apparently I’m good enough to be labeled Christian, not good enough to be employed in NZ 🙂 )

          No, I’m not a Muslim – but I can see where the hatred will begin, start to fester, and infect relations towards other Asians in NZ.
          As Martin Luther King said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

          There is no compromise here – so either the immigrants must abide by the cultural values of the country, or else the country must abide by the cultural values of their immigrants.
          Of course, you decide how well they’ve assimilated, right?
          Going by the crime figures, I am guessing Asians and other immigrants have assimilated very well to life in New Zealand, since they do not make up significant criminal numbers?
          Correct me if I’m wrong.


    • I agree with Nic in the importance of English language skills and fitting into the team environment are of vital importance to employers. Probably just as important as technical qualifications if not more important. As someone who works in a technical engineering field myself we are not well regarded as having the best language skills but we still need to understand and be understood by other people and we still have to be able to write technical documents that look like they have been written by a professional as opposed to a 6 year old child (yes I have encountered people before with English skills that bad).

      However, I disagree with Nic in that I personally am not insulted by having to communicate with people with poor language skills.

      I would also like to warn people against relying too heavily on job sites and recruitment agencies. Most job vacancies posted on job sites do not actually exist. It is a well known fact the world over that recruitment agencies post fake job vacancies as a way of phishing for CVs to expand their database.


  55. Jarvis,I am afraid it is true,I have sat for 4 years without a job,this is just coming from a Chinese who has lived 19 years in New Zealand with his parents


  56. New Zealand find shortage in Indian students after 2012 that is why they are calling students without IELTS and now I am confused what will happen with these students who spent on expensive studies of this country and in the end they will get no job. So people from India who decide to choose New Zealand for future must be careful because greedy agents tells false things about this country but never tell about the real story. I am the live example that after graduating from best institute of New Zealand I got no job and in the end I have wasted my money on studying MBA here. Most shocking thing is that the value of studies of this country is zero. I am crying now sitting in my house with a wastage of paper.


  57. I have worked with some indian people especially from india and i have come across so many problems. They smell like curry and it is so irritating hearing their accent.They always speak highly of themselves. one of them said she is from high caste as if matters to us.Indian people especially from india are very races compared to all other ethnic groups. i would never employ them.


    • Emma your one-eyed, inarticulate racism is astounding. Let us hope you’re not an example of the average Kiwi. Your country must be so proud of you.

      Tell us where you work.


  58. E2NZ,racism is still dead common nowadays,my mum spoke with me on the phone on how Mitre 10 in Wellington is starting to gang up on her


  59. I think NZ in general want to attract international students because the amount of cash they bring into the country. However, it is a small and isolated country with limited opportunities. I have a degree in engineering and I just did a quick search on seek.co.nz and it returned with 6 jobs in my field in the whole country. The number of jobs I can actually apply for will narrow again after I read the job description. As a NZ citizen it is already hard to find a job, how can we expect immigrants on work visa to get a job here easily?

    NZ is probably false advertising both their quality of education and the amount of opportunities currently available.

    FYI, I’m a first generation immigrant from China who grew up in NZ and has had two jobs since graduation.


  60. My mum told me after she took a four week holiday because of her arthritis,they started talking behind my mum’s back about her culture and etc,my mum tells me they do it almost every day to her,well when I told her time to move back to Hong Kong,she wasn’t happy about it when I told her New Zealand won’t do her arthritis good in the long run


  61. Mr. Ray….i m quite convinced by your argument….i m an undergraduate student trying to transfer my college to university of auckland so kindly tell me weather new zealand is a good place to study or not?..& if yes,then what is the scope of civil engineering in nz…..i m not impatient to work there but the only reason i m shifting is for graduation+work experience+masters….thank you
    (whoever is an experienced person in this situation of mine….plzz help me out…thank you!) 🙂


    • Kunal, as a control system engineer myself the job market in NZ is not that great. You have to understand that it’s a small country with a small population. There are more civil engineering jobs here in NZ compare to other engineering disciplines. However, there are a large number of civil engineering graduates too. Auckland University graduate around 150 or more civil engineers a year, if you add other graduates from other university you can expect 250+ civil graduates a year. Competition is intense.

      In terms of study, Auckland University or Canterbury University are the best but I can’t speak for the quality of education for the amount you pay as an international student.


    • I ran across a very interesting case some weeks back, it was regarding engineer Gareth Alexander Pert. Google “Gareth Pert” for this result:

      Through sheer providence I managed to snag his linkedin profile(now removed), where he does not mention at all working for Progressive Hydraulics, and merely states:
      Project Planning & Business Development
      Southern Peak
      February 2007 – Present (6 years 9 months)
      Strategic Operations
      Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Civil Engineering industry
      2008 – 2012 (4 years) Middle East North Africa

      Note that Southern Peak … is a company that he set up himself …

      with an education after University, coming from IPENZ (which is not a university):
      IPENZ – Institute of Professional Engineers NZ
      Construction Finance, Construction Finance
      2013 – 2013
      NZIHT – New Zealand Institute of Highway Technologies
      Highway Bridge Design & Seismic Evaluation, Highway Bridge Design & Seismic Evaluation
      2013 – 2013
      IPENZ – Institute of Professional Engineers NZ
      Contract Management, Purchasing, Procurement/Acquisitions and Contracts Management
      2010 – 2010
      IPENZ – Institute of Professional Engineers NZ
      Risk Management, Risk Management
      2010 – 2010
      IPENZ – Institute of Professional Engineers NZ
      HSNO Bulk Storage Tank Design & Assessment, HSNO Bulk Storage Tank Design & Assessment
      2007 – 2008

      He has “Google bombed” the internet with references as to how capable he is, to drown out his criminal past.

      Now, these are the type of people your resume will be compared against.
      In other words, they have an established clique, that will actively keep you out, even when you are fully qualified from beginning to end, at their local institutions of higher learning

      To answer your question: NZ has a competent education system FOR THE PURPOSES OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (many people fail, which is a good sign … degrees aren’t meant to be easy AND if they were, they’re of the “do you want fries with that” school of thought).
      Thankfully, insurance requires properly competent people to be in positions of responsibility, unless companies decide they can “no. 8 wire” the situation to the detriment of clients (this happens worldwide).

      However, NZ is a place where you may find it difficult to gain employment using your skills, especially when you have racism, “old boy network”, “cannot speak English”(BS reason), “don’t understand the culture”(another BS reason).
      It does seem to me that acceptance differs by gender: I have not seen many Asian women have the same level of difficulty in securing jobs.

      Consider, alongside your looking for work, gaining certifications through short courses in polytechnics, allowing you to prepare food, transport goods and care for the aged.
      Because, I am very sure that you will need to get a job – any job – if a post using your skills does not materialise.

      Also remember that training for a job where you NEED an employer … means that you won’t be able to easily do anything on your own.


      • An update to the story, he’s now at Tranzliquid NZ

        From the about -> history page:
        “Tranzliquid remains a family owned and operated business. Greg Pert and Jackie Carroll are actively involved in all aspects of the company with their combined skills and knowledge of the industry, logistics and business management. They ensure the culture, standards and core values remain integral part of the business operation.”

        Ah, it’s good to be related to the CEO, eh? Means such pesky things as a criminal record and a police arrest don’t count …


  62. Kunal as a friend I will suggest you that you must have research on New Zealand job market. Everyone has its own luck and I have not got any job in New Zealand after passing out my MBA and leave the country and make sure you will invest huge dollar for civil engineering course and chances of job is very less relevant to your studies. Rest on you I will wish you best of luck.


  63. Thank you E2NZ,I hope this can get published

    For the Mentally challenged or the intellectually disabled there is no doubt that in New Zealand that we are being discriminated against,what I like to let the readers if you are Mentally challenge or intellectually disabled which has syndromes like Autism or Asperger’s,New Zealand by far is a very harsh place for them,the discrimination on them is pretty bad,I am in a group in Lower Hutt where a lot of intellectually disabled or mentally challenged cannot get a job or even any form of paid employment just for being different,I have pretty much given up looking for work and even took to spending a month in Japan where my Syndrome is pretty much recognised and also there are laws in Japan that prevent the mentally challenged from being discriminated and also I am pretty much moving to Japan because they respect the mentally challenged or intellectually disabled and in fact Japan is a very desired place for people who have Asperger’s Syndrome like myself

    This link below shows how people with Asperger’s are also discriminated regardless:



  64. Nah mate I wouldnt say its about being racist just I guess kiwis get looked at first I lived in perth for a while same deal they look after there own first sorry to hear your experience.


  65. Okay I haven’t graduated from university nor applying for a job nor receiving any offer nor having any hands-on experience with looking for a job. However, I feel quite frustrated when I think about it, but I also think that Kiwis employers are very rational.
    I have 1 question: You are the employer for a local company. There are two people applying for a job in say accounting. 1 of them lives across the street from your house, and the other one lives in another city from your country. Who would you hire? Of course you would hire your neighbour because you like him better and the other person from another town might have some personalities that are distinctive in which you will dislike. Back to reality, if there are 1 Kiwi folk and 1 guy from China, assuming they have exact degree, grades, extracurricular activities, years of experience in part-time jobs, exact level of English and communication, exact handsomeness => I being the employer would still hire the Kiwi guy simply because he’s one of ‘us’, he’s a Kiwi and I’m a Kiwi, but you’re not so see ya and good luck job hunting for the next decade.
    Another point of interest in the fact that if I am a Kiwi employer, I would not consider an Asian over a Kiwi is because of citizenship status. Ok so if you hire someone for a job, you need to train them. This will cost large amount of effort by 1 of the supervisor and some significant amount of money. This is in the hope that through training and development, you will bring in larger benefits for the company in the next 2-10 years. However, since you’re not a citizen or permanent resident, your mum and dad does not live here. We as Asians usually return home to our family or bring them to NZ. But it is more likely or it is percepted to be by my Kiwi employer that: you will work here 2 years and then you’re gone. You’re not born here. You can just go wherever you want. Ah, Then I should give this job to one of my Kiwi mate because his mum and dad lives in Wellington and he is not going to move anywhere. If you have PR or citizenship, it is more likely that you will stay on the job for many years and so the investment into your training will be more beneficial to the company. In addition, you can also think about your own country. The training you put into that guy, is it gonna benefit New Zealand, the country you love. If not, then it is not a good investment and you sort of think why does the Government try to promote policies for international graduates employment. It is no good for the country. When thinking about this point, I think that if I get an offer for a graduate programme, I will feel really bad because I will only stay on the programme for 2 years and then when I get enough experience and fun, I will go back home to Asia. I feel really bad for people who put a lot of effort into my training and my work colleagues then. So, if you thinking of working in NZ just for experience and for fun before going back home, forget it. If you want to work here, get PR.
    Communication: If I am a Kiwi employer, I would employ Kiwi graduates because they are some what less of a burden and better than Asian students. First of all, it is difficult for Kiwis to pronounce our name, thus decreasing the communication effectiveness and efficiency in the organisation. Secondly, it is possible that your English is not so good and we don’t want that.
    Conclusion: It is very difficult, almost impossible for international graduates to find job in NZ or in any European countries -> unless your employer is Asian. There have been cases I know that people have been hired: often because they are the absolute, extreme best in their degree that no other Kiwis can even reach, extremely hard working 20 hours a day, 4 hours of sleep, participating in every events, volunteers and stuffs in every cities in NZ, enduring extremely low wages, etc… I think we should just return to Asia and get a job there. Its been good having a qualification from NZ and thats good enough. Nowhere feels like whee we came from


  66. I’m sad that it’s true nz are racist but it’s not all of them, some still can accept Asian but not in employment as they will think of the language barrier between Asian and kiwi.
    Anyway, they forgetten now most country boom up was Asian country why all MNC decided to go Asian mostly was ppl are hardworking, costing, dedicate, humble and follow instruction.
    No matter how if the company who cannot accept Asian to work with them they are also will face problem to entering the Asian market for exporting.

    Imagine if you want to do export to Asian country but can’t even think of Asian staff how can you be successful you are selling product not buying remember that.

    Most Asian communicate are different to kiwi, you will think your English are the best and most needed which is correct but you forget the purchase or bosses in Asian are speaking Asian English. I remember on my job when I open market export OPC drum to India, Turkey, Vietnam and South America most of the sales was successful and order of container is repeated.

    I did do my survey as a export customer service with all country and customer feedback was they like the way we communicate straight to point, fast respond even in complaint, they are not coming for English exam which some of the company sent a good dept English to them which they not understand that is why they still supporting our country.

    Second reminder was a medical packaging that the German company are looking at the purchaser told me that this packaging was from German they get from New Zealand but I want to check with your company whether you can do it and supply to us to pack. I did ask the purchaser why you not buy from them, answer was I can’t understand what they talk and the price was expensive.

    I also believe if I back to my country I can get offer job very fast it’s within a week or even if I can ask my ex boss for job.

    Anyway, I still continue my application and I believe the company here all was go to agent not direct employ by the company itself so the owner never involve in recruitement which is big mistake meaning owner not care on their business who they employ.

    Back to my country all recruitment was done by HR and owner, some was done by owner itself as they make sure the staff they employ are perform, if not perform after 3month probation period they will ask them to leave but basically it will perform.

    Recruitment agency receive payment from owner but whether they do the job in proper I have doubt. This method was using in our country 30year ago & now our country all company employ own hr to do the recruitement, salary, tax and handle employee sick leave and attitude. It’s a laid back country over here that why they are thinking to get recruitement agency not saving cost at all. Recruit staff can pass to HR/account or admin staff they can pass all resume to owner to screen through and select. Spend an hour to see resume on yourself is not waste your time infact if you get a good candidate your company might be growth faster as people said open your eye, your arm to accept if it’s not the same way will come back to you.

    Some Asian will go back to their country and tell about nz are like this and that. If a businessman listen they will not supporting your country.

    One key is no sound but if both key hit there is a sound. Always remember that all human are same we all run a red blood not different color blood. World economy are change you will never know who will help you on coming future.

    Even my neighbour is a kiwi but his wife from other country also a white, he told me sad most company here see age and you are from where even you capable for the job but they will inform you not successful.

    His wife been here 7year told me have certificate and qualify chef but can’t get job in nz.😓😂 now the wife work as packer under part time role. I was surprising and I ask why? The wife told me they said I can’t speak good English !!!
    I feel this was not a good reason given a chef most important is cook why you need to speak good English ? You are not serving customer and she told me same shop every 2month advertise look for job in two year. She keep apply and keep reject (now I know why nots company can close down) you don’t have a staff not even think an option to open for other candidate how can it be sustain.

    Lucky in our country all company are not like here, they see you know the job experience they will pick you no matter what race are you.

    Telekom in our country now customer service a lot of Thailand and Philippine staff. Factory clerk we get Indonesia staff and train them, export & local customers service/QA/planner/account & management staff under mfg was all local Chinese(reason was this position involve calculation and cost), Malay will doing warehouse, admin &qc will be Indian. Of those GM or director are Chinese/us/German/Japanese/Malay is depend in industry and what company you join. Multi national business.

    So many country have different role of employment.


  67. Asians in my eyes I see as equal as im not a racist if they have the skills and speak a good level of english they deserve too be given a Chance just like any other nationality as they pay taxes and should be made feel welcom I went to thailand a number of years ago and was blown away by there hospitality.


    • NZ is a inhospitable place by comparison then,,aye,,,the fact is NZrs are uncomfortable with difference,,and don,t like foreigners..


  68. I Have got admission for Master of science in computer system engineering from univeristy of auckland..! majorly all the comments here is suggesting a negative review about employment in NZ? is the situation same in NZ currently ?


    • 2 questions:
      1. How many points are your studies? (A postgraduate qualification is 120 points, which, judging from the course AND my own experience with education in NZ – is 8 papers at 15 points each)
      2. Will you be a full-time student? (The measure of employers valuing you is whether they can work around your schedule AND assign you work that improves your skill-set while SHOWING APPRECIATION)

      Now, not to alarm you or anything … but the
      “computer systems engineering” “university of auckland” search …
      returned a “page not found” error: (I’m laughing at the people who say the University of Auckland is the best)
      But you can access a cached copy from Uncle Google:


    • Oh snap, I forgot to add this report too:
      Lincoln Tan
      Lincoln Tan is the New Zealand Herald’s diversity, ethnic affairs and immigration senior reporter.
      Too qualified to live in NZ
      5:00 AM Tuesday Apr 29, 2014
      An Indian national with a master’s degree was declined an opportunity to apply for residence as a skilled migrant, despite being more qualified than was required.

      Kiran Kumar Kalamraju, 38, had lodged an expression of interest for permanent residence under the occupation of computer network and systems engineer, which is on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skills shortage list.

      But he lost points towards his application because his bachelor’s degree in commerce was not related to computing. However, he holds a first-class master’s degree in computer applications.

      Immigration New Zealand also said he had “work experience in a labour market that is not comparable to New Zealand”, but the professional body for New Zealand migration advisers argues that India is more advanced in IT.

      Mr Kalamraju said he was “absolutely gutted” by the Immigration decision and that he had no right of appeal.

      “New Zealand is a beautiful country and I believe I could contribute positively to Kiwi society by working in an area where there is an identified skills shortage.”

      Immigration New Zealand area manager Michael Carley said the failure to meet specifications meant Mr Kalamraju did not get the 100 points required to enter a pool for selection.

      Mr Kalamraju attended Bharathidasan University, in southern India.

      “Mr Kalamraju claimed a total of 140 points, this total included bonus points for qualifications that do not meet the specifications … as well as points for work experience in a labour market that is not comparable to New Zealand,” Mr Carley said.

      “After our assessment, Mr Kalamraju was awarded a total of 85 points and was declined on the basis that it did not meet any of the applicable selection criteria.”

      Immigration adviser Tuariki Delamere, who is representing Mr Kalamraju, said he was considering writing to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

      “The INZ manager is saying that you are not allowed to be more qualified than the stated qualification of a level 7 bachelor’s degree,” Mr Delamere said.

      “Her decision is absolute mindless nonsense …”

      Skilled migrant category
      *Applicants need to submit an expression of interest containing details of character, qualifications, work experience and relevant skills.
      *Those with a score of 100 points or more go into a pool for selection.
      *Those with 140 or more points are automatically selected and invited to apply for residence.
      *Having a job offer will help.
      *Data is not compiled on reasons why applications are rejected.
      Source: Immigration New Zealand


    • One word for you my friend, ‘run’. I hope that sums it up. Cancel your plan immediately and ask them for refund of money ASAP, if you have already paid for the fees. If you come here, it will one of the most regrettable decision you will ever make in your life. Auckland University sucks, and is just one of the ‘milking machinery’ establishment here. Don’t go by the marketing hype, NZ is a third world country when it comes to technology and Computer Science and most people here will judge you by superficially, not by your education or talents. Even if by some stroke of luck, you do happen to land in a ‘reasonable job’ here , mind you, workplaces here are riddled with racist bogans morons, with managerial labels, barely having a high school certificates, who will bully you like you are in third grade!! You will be dumbed down here, that’s for sure.

      However, if you don’t mind flipping burgers at MCDonalds, or working in gas station, or cleaning toilets after ‘Masters in Computer Science’, hoping that one day you will ‘cut it into the big league’, then forget about it. Save yourself the trouble, while you have time. Read this http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11245875

      This is just one example, there are thousands such examples, never reported by the mainline media.I have friends from Indian subcontinent and China who are working in call center and ‘IT Support’ after a Masters in Computing Degree!!

      All the good thing that you might have heard is just a marketing gimmick. Its not worth it my friend, however everybody has his/her own luck, but after working so hard and putting so much into it, would you still want it to leave it to your luck?? That is the question you should ask yourself now.


    • The point here is that Asians are skilled migrants who’ve been drawn to New Zealand by Immigration New Zealand’s skilled shortages lists. They’ve given up their homes, packed up their belongings, invested thousands of dollars and passed strict immigration criteria which select only the best candidates who are the most likely to succeed. They then arrive in New Zealand under the impression they are wanted and find there are no jobs for them. Hardly surprising is it that they feel duped and ripped off? And it’s not just Asian people that this is happening to. Add to that New Zealand’s pretence of being a first world country and you can see why so many people are upset.


      • While the situation is undeniably worse for people moving here on the promise of skilled work the situation is similar for New Zealand’s students when they attempt to enter the workforce upon completion of their education; this is why so many of them leave.

        Many of them have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their education only to get their qualifications and discover that the job opportunities they were told were here don’t exist.

        A good example is what happened to someone I know. She was continuously told that there was a demand for primary school teachers. She spent three years getting qualified to teach, only to discover that the only jobs available were for teachers with New Zealand experience. After several years applying for jobs (and a couple of hundred rejection letters) she left the country in disgust and now teaches in South Korea (where she has remained for close to ten years). She has no intention of ever returning.

        My own situation is similar. Five years of tertiary education, six qualifications in my chosen field (including a uni degree), and a huge student loan, and the jobs just aren’t there (unless of course you know the right people, in which case your education is irrelevant).

        This is probably why so many graduates in New Zealand leave the country upon completion of their qualifications. Statistically the more qualified they become they more likely it is that they will leave. With 25.9% of graduates with bachelors degrees skyrocketing to 48% of graduates at the highest levels of education (these are among the worst rates of graduates leaving their country of origin in the developed world). And, the more educated they are, the longer they stay overseas, and the less likely it is that they will ever return.

        New Zealand is well know for its anti-intellectualism and tall-poppy syndrome. Having a brain, or being capable in this country is viewed almost as badly as having foreign origins. Graduates know this, and the numbers of them leaving speak for themselves.

        If, of course, you are foreign born, have an education, and are capable; as the immigrants who come in under the skilled category are; and if you don’t have an established network of cronies you can use to get a job, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in this place.


  69. New zealand only has 4 million people and a tool for a prime minister low wages in comparision to living costs asians are good people but there are better options
    then coming to n.z id like to leave myself but not in a financial position to do so.


  70. What are the chances of finding a good job after doing a cooking and patisserie course in the best college in Auckland? This is a two year course. My wife plan to do the course work for a year then set up own business, as we have the funds to start our own setup.


  71. What is the general outlook for starting any business in and around Auckland ? Which kind of business have good chance of ROI ? Asking as my coming here with wife and two kids, one has to plan in advance and have some plan ready.


    • Anon, I will try to answer you to the best of my knowledge and experience.

      1. Chances of getting Job in your situation is not too high, as there are numerous local people involved in food and hospitality industry.Since kiwis prefer kiwis, so your wife will face some tough luck.
      2. NZers don’t care what college you come from, so much so they don’t value qualifications at all. So it is out of question, whether your wife will have any advantage over here, owing to that college’s education.

      3. There is nothing called as best college in NZ, its all but marketing gimmick. NZ educational establishment had a mediocre stance at achievements, and is full of low life losers. Only good students are the ones who are international students, or older fellows.

      4. Starting a business is easy, however the start-up cost is comparatively high and there are numerous low level bureaucratic hurdles. But if you got the money to spend and connection with low life kiwi leeches, its will be all good (until the day you stop spending),

      5. Auckland is pretty saturated market in itself, people have less spending power and are always looking for cheaper deals. Even if you are a savvy businessman, you will cry at the inherent inefficiency of the economy here, which is geared towards to top percentile. People at the lower rungs are heavily taxed. So are the businesses.

      6. If you got two kids, you must also be careful about the living cost in Auckland, which is very steep. So you should have enough funds to secure your move.

      7 In general, NZ is not the heaven you might have read about. Before you move, i strongly recommend to come here first and do some first hand market research, like talking to the business owners in the same industry.

      1. Remember, life is about taking risks, but risks here are very high. No wonder many of us have succumbed to it in NZ, and cant wait to get out.
    • But if you really are hell bent upon coming here, then buy an established business, but many of them are overvalued and have faked accounts. So beware, don’t trust the ‘smiling zombies’.

    • Migrant lawyers here are big cheats, so don’t trust what they say. Do your own home work, and don’t buy any second hand businesses without proper auditing.

    • P.S.- If i was you, i would rather go to Australia, instead of moving here. Better market, open people and lots of buying power.


  72. Think 1000 times to come and settle in New Zealand and in India lot of agents sending people without IELTS it clearly show that if it is so easy then why should I leave this country after speding a huge amount. Honestly it is a great shock for me not to leave this country but wasting my fathers hardearned money for shit studies of this country.


    • With the low wage-high cost of living, I’d be thinking another 1,000 times and come up with Australia.
      Even with the best of good fortune, you’d not be doing as well as in Oz.


  73. In your worldview NZ are against foreigners. NZ is a shit country. You come without IELTS and assume that NZ will role out the read carpet for you? isnt that almost rude not to even try to make some research of the country you want to migrate to?

    NZ Immigration policy is free and easy to find on websites. The annual number of migrants they ALLOW to join them is free too. Its important to remember that as a migrant you’re a guest to a new society and its for you to get what they want from you. Not for them to adapt to you. if you cant adapt and offer what they need then you’ll struggle and the country isn’t for you. Its the same in every country around the world.
    What NZ want is high quality immigrants. People that can have a professional career and who they don’t need to start by training. NZ dont need immigrants without skills that allow them to join the ranks of professionals.

    I have hired hundreds of candidates over the last two years. Professionals find work. People without a recognised quality workexperience from abroad don’t. For example, if you want to get an accounting job then ensure to have worked with one of the big accounting companies in your home country. Plenty of South Americans run accounting departments here and they all started at KPMG, Deloitte etc in Brazil. Same for Malaysians, same for Taiwanese. But if a candidate comes with an accounting degree and experience from a foreign unknown company we wont ever interview them. Fact. if you want a professional job in New Zealand you need to have worked with good companies where references can be checked and trusted and you need a quality university degree.

    And if thats a surprise to you I don’t think you have made much effort to research New Zealand before you came here. Reading through ads on Seek etc and see what companies look for, reading NZ herald a few times a week isn’t overcourse, to the contrary its the minimum you’d expect of a potential migrant. Remember you’re a guest in a foreign country and its up to you to prove your worth to them.

    if you dont have a good corporate career the other road is through education. Get a local, Australian or other western university degree with an above average score and you’ll find a decent job. Eventually.
    And FYI, all students that scored B+ or higher on average at University of Auckland Engineering, mathematics and computing school found a job within their field within 6 months of graduation. More than half of them had the one year work visa i.e international students. Thats quality migrants and quality migrants are in demand. Among the C average students that same number is less than 40% and half of them spent their times working in other sectors. Quality is the key as a migrant.

    Don’t come here and assume that companies are looking to hire a person without a good and recognised university degree . Don’t assume that a college degree from a private NZ tertiary college will give you a professional job. It wont. Why would I as a employer hire such a person?
    They aren’t professionals, they don’t have the skills nessescary for me nor are they well accustomed to the New Zealand way of work. And I get 100 of these applications for any job advert I put out. I don’t even bother to read them no matter how good their CV might be and this is pretty standard for kiwi companies. (We also get about 50 replies from people in India for every job advert we put up, they don’t get read either…)

    Doing some homework before you migrate, understanding the country, the culture and the systems is a must. Blaming others for your own failure isnt good enough, no one hires a bitter person and that will always shine through at any interview.

    if you want a successful career in New Zealand then either get a good education with an above average score or get a good start to your career in your homecountry with trustworthy references. (Hmm and reading the local newspaper once a day never hurts – its quite common to be asked behavioural interview questions and to answer them well you need to understand the culture and society). And stating that NZ is shit wont do you any favours nor will it help the average Punjabi looking for a career in New Zealand. Thats worth keeping in mind as a guest.


    • (We also get about 50 replies from people in India for every job advert we put up, they don’t get read either…)

      Why not. Xenophobia or just plain old racism?

      Thanks for demonstrating to our readers the small mindedness of Kiwi employers.

      BTW, what exactly is the “New Zealand way of work” that makes it so very unique?


      • I am very sure SeanExile has no answers for international students educated in one of New Zealand’s 5 universities, who cannot find a job there, who can speak and write in proper and fluent English, educated in a skills shortage area and who understand the local slang.

        I would say he is one of those who “has all the answers” but has no answer why 700,000 kiwis have left the paradise that is New Zealand … 🙂


    • You speak as if getting a job from a New Zealand company is some kind of honour for which migrants should be grateful. You also sound like a semi-literate Kiwi bogan manager that would not last five minutes in another country.


    • Hey Sean
      You are racist through and through. Who on earth are the big 4, NZ business needs to understand that Management Accountants are key to any business success. Put on your CV that you are CIMA from UK, they even do not know what CIMA is.
      I will not hire you in my Company in New Zealand.
      I am an Indian who respect NZ but do not respect people like you.


    • To SeanEXILE,

      1. I came here with IELTS Band 7.5 from an ICSE board school in New Delhi, and found that kiwi co-students have a mental level, of that of a sixth grader. In a degree level economics classes, they were largely unaware of the basic terms and definitions.
      2. Research won’t give much information about the real NZ, because the truth has been ‘media bombed’ over, by NZ Tourism. I worked for them, so i can give you first hand brief.

      3. Why do you assume that the migrants aren’t professional? Migrants who you see driving taxis, are probably more qualified than an average NZ CEO.

      4. Most migrants try to fit into the kiwi woodwork (except the filthy rich ones, because being rich is a culture in itself), but that doesn’t mean they should completely forget who they are. Because, if you demand a complete ‘submission’ of one’s larger cultural attributes, in a relatively less time scale, then you are a moron, and hold no understanding of humanities. Migration to a new culture takes time, and demands understanding from both parties.

      5. My best buddy, a qualified CA, worked for six years in PWC in India, he couldn’t even find a clerical work here. Worked as a housekeeper, got fed up and left. So, your ‘fact’ portion is wrong too.

      6. ‘Guest’ my ass, after paying loads of money, you aren’t a guest buddy, you are a ‘customer’. Guests don’t pay a monetary price. And your kiwis breathrens are not aware of the basics of the science of customer retention. How can they be, as they mostly are, uneducated, university dropout morons.

      7. As about the seeks ad, in NZ, what is often advertised , is not what they are looking for. I am talking from my over five years of corporate experience.

      8. Again, why do you ‘assume’ that we don’t have degree moron. Most migrant are twenty times educated than an average kiwi, just read the immigration terms for the OpManual. And your statistic about NZ graduates finding jobs is grossly wrong, i have a Masters from Auckland Uni, and i can give you first hand info. Also to highlight the fact that in NZ, your marks doesn’t matter, heck even the top recruiters barely even try to verify whether your degree is correct or not. And yeah, most top end graduate do find jobs, in hospitality industry, more readily, than in their field of study.

      9. Please elaborate upon ‘NZ way of work?’, is it something radically different from other’s. I will tell you what NZ way of work is, it is filled with sheer incompetence, unqualified, uncreative, lazy, uneducated morons who know nothing about anything related to their job. I hold a whole department under my boot, with mostly kiwis, so i an tell you how competent they are. We are so sick of it that we will restructure the department soon and will outsource the jobs to Philippines. So yeah buddy, talk about the ‘NZ way of work’.

      10. People apply for jobs when you put an advertorial, there isn’t anything surprising about that. Stop being biased and start paying attention to the CV’s you frequently refuse to read, because of your superiority complex. I am not boasting, but i was amongst those, whose CV’s were thrown at first instance, then one day, one good old kiwi gave me chance and i payed it off, by having a quarter of a million dollar positive impact within three months. So yeah, gems are found in the mud and dirt, not in shopping mall, as most kiwis like you, would assume.

      11. You suggestion of education or a good score, both, do not work in NZ. Period. ( Got Connections?_ )

      P.S. – I am not saying all kiwis are in the same bracket, there are some absolute gems of a NZer. One of my biggest inspiration is a New Zealander, and one of the greatest person i have met.

      Most of the good New Zealanders feel the same as all normal humans do, such kiwis have high character and morals. They are rare, mostly exiled from their own country, because the majority consist of progressively dumbed down population.


    • Yeah, you will find a job easily as ‘chemistry analyst’ of KFC or McD (Satire). But seriously, please get some first hand information. Your professional area would be considered too ‘niche;’ from dumb NZers.


  74. Do you all think that calling kiwis bogans, saying the pay is bad, explaining to those that hire people that they dont know their job is more likely or less likely to give you a good career in the future?
    Actually as a migrant getting a job, a chance in a new country is something to be happy and grateful for. NZ open its countries to outsiders. Thats very nice of them and if you fail to show some form of gratitude for that Id suggest you to seek greener pastures somewhere else. We must all remembers that NZ dont need migrants. They are doing excellent without any migration.

    How about some soulseeking, your attitudes are quite likely to shine through and be the main reason why you lot fail in the country that probably is the easiest for a migrant to settle into a career in. Degrade the country who you have chosen to migrate to seems like a very narrowminded approach and backfiring approach. I struggle to see how you think that will benefit you. Fact is you dont know more than management nor will you have their experience. if you believe you do, prove yourself by setting up a company. (38% of the chinese immigrants do – one reason why they are much more successful than indian migrants).

    I might be a bogan, but im not kiwi and I have been at senior management in 5 countries on three continents,. How about you? whats your qualifications to make such sweeping statements?
    However more important its people like me you need to convince to get a job. You may choose to disregard my opinions. All up to you, but coming from someone that have migrated here and settled down after 25 years of stressful corporate life, there are few easier placer to enjoy a balanced lifestyle than NZ. Your chance to be part of that lifestyle is short ( 1 year workvisa after the studies). Id recommend a change in attitude and maybe the fortunes will turn. With the present negative attitude that’s however unlikely to happen.

    And for that person who said passed his bachelor or master at a university. Congratulations. To the details, with what overall mark?
    As said passing a university bachelor or master degree isn’t enough in today’s competition. You need to pass with a minimum average score of B, preferably higher to get the nice jobs. If lower you have to start from the bottom and struggle to find your job. That goes for kiwis and migrants alike. Corporates want the best. Not the alsorans. if you had your own company you wouldn’t hire a person who has produced bad/low results. C:S is low scores.

    For those coming out of a college, you’re placed below the C- students coming out of a university. There is some ranking, Unitec is higher than private small colleges and the “Auckland Queen street buy a degree colleges” is lower than low and wont give you anything with any reputable company.

    Remember in NZ you’re judged on your results. Have good results and doors open, have a big mouth and no results and the door stays firmly shut.


    • @SeanExile: Thanks for masterfully illustrating the sick and twisted mindset of New Zealanders. Incidentally, I owned a small successful company, which I sold before arriving in New Zealand (hereinafter Retardicon 6). I spent three years in Retardicon 6 searching for a suitable company to buy whilst working in a supposedly professional field comprised of people supposedly educated at university under the most insipid and incompetent managers that I have ever encountered. They come across the way you do, i.e. they are semiliterate, ignorant, know it alls with an inflated sense of their own self worth.

      I did not “fail” in Retardicon 6. I had a “good” job by the standards of Retardicon 6 and many Retardicons thought that I earned too much. They love to mow down tall poppies because they viscerally know that they are incapable of achieving. However, I was capable of so much more than toiling under the Retardicons, so I packed up and left to Switzerland.

      Incidentally, I explored buying or starting a business in Retardicon 6, but it simply is not worth the time and effort because most businesses for sale are scams. Starting a business made little sense because the people in Retardicon 6 do not appreciate quality and standards and few have disposable income after paying for essentials. Retardicons want the cheapest rubbish, which is why The Warehouse is the largest retailer in Retardicon 6 and Retardicons live in houses that regulators in the developed world would condemn as unliveable and unsanitary.

      Your attitude typifies the arrogant stupidity of most Kiwis. You barely know how to write and punctuate in English. Notwithstanding your claims to the contrary, you obviously lack any type of strategic thinking with your ignorant comment that “New Zealand don’t (doesn’t) need migrants”. The undeniable reality is that New Zealand cannot retain its best people. One in five Kiwis, typically the most skilled, best educated, ambitious, and prosperous, lives in another country. Retardicon 6 must therefore try to import immigrants because the Retardicons left behind need parasites to support the welfare state that feeds the useless civil servants, welfare underclass, and the private sector comprised of vampire companies feeding at the public trough. Ripping off immigrants is a large source of foreign currency for Retardicon 6. The professionals that can produce and actually have demonstrable skills and experience invariably leave the stultification of Retardicon 6 so that people you end up in senior positions instead.

      You say, “Corporates want the best”. Interestingly, the best people also want the best. In my estimation, Switzerland is the best. I earn triple what I earned in Retardicon 6 with a private pension and phenomenal benefits. I also pay far lower taxes than I did in Retardicon 6. I am around intelligent people and I can enjoy nature and culture. Incidentally, I also live in a building constructed to a proper standard.

      Retardicon 6 is a crumby country and the best calibre employees and managers go abroad leaving behind deluded bogans such as yourself to “lead” and feel important. Why would someone such as me that speaks English, Spanish, and German fluently, has owned his own company, and has specialised mathematical and analytical experience want to stay in Retardicon 6 when he can do so much better elsewhere?

      Unlike New Zealand, I judge you on your results. You obviously would not cut it in the First World.


    • To SeanExile:
      It seems to me like you think all graduates do not meet standards. Even those from your own country.
      Let me tell you this:
      Regardless of grades you do not have the luxury of saying those that completed their qualifications in a skills shortage area are “no good” …
      because you have no other people that can do the work.
      Plus, if only a handful of people graduate … you still have a skills shortage even if you hire all of them.
      And don’t forget the people who fake their qualifications, who get through because they “know someone”.

      if you had your own company you wouldn’t hire a person who has produced bad/low results.
      Actually, I wouldn’t hire a manager who could not do the work of the person below him: I have a very particular idea of leadership: The person in charge … has to be able to do EVERYTHING they ask of their subordinates. None of this BS “compartmentalised functions” according to job.
      Thus if you were the manager of a medical facility … you’d be qualified as a doctor, and still be able to do the janitor’s job if the sudden need arose. That may be a disability of mine, but I can only respect (in an organisation) people obviously better than me.
      Many in my cohort, who claim my qualification, have not done the papers I did (or had the medical condition I did when I took them) 🙂

      Have good results and doors open, have a big mouth and no results and the door stays firmly shut.
      The funny thing about New Zealand, is that those with the big mouth that cannot deliver, are getting ahead.
      That’s also a reason why so many New Zealanders are heading overseas.


      • P.S. The idea that kiwis “only hire the best”, is a steaming pile of waste.
        I finished a 3 year “skills shortage” degree in 2.5 years … yet no takers, and even a recruiter told me “If you’re not a local, forget it”.

        People taking 7 years to finish a social science degree (failing quite frequently) … get a job.

        In that sense, putting your hopes on being employed in New Zealand, as an immigrant – don’t give them all your money.

        On the flip side, I enjoy watching the property prices go up, not to mention the fact that it is becoming more apparent that my prediction that the “90 day trial period” for workers … is coming true, in that it is being used as an excuse to sack people unjustifiably.


  75. I would recommend you to check where you are doing a level 7 diploma. if at university you might be able to find yourself a job. If at a college thats highly doubtful. the key for you is to do a good independent research on the education provider. Ask them about their students and if they have succeeded, if their students have gotten jobs within their fields. Perhaps ask them for reference to previous students from your country of origin that has undertaken the same course and hear what they have to say. Then you get a good idea if its worth it or not.

    Also remember to bargain if its a college. Colleges have very different prices and you can strike a good deal. Universities have fixed pricing and you cant bargain.

    Finding a job will also depend on your previous work experiences. In chemistry the market isnt that big (unless its to do with agriculture) and without suitable work-experience and with a college degree only you’d probably wont get the job your hoping for easily. but that doesn’t mean you cant. Do a good homework before you pay and the opportunity might arise.


  76. What I can say about newzealand that people enjoying here but I come with lot of dreams in this country from India that my life will be better here than from my home country but in real that dream was only dream and I had seen more worst days and waste my money for useless studies which even newzealand considered than how we can except high fee degrees of NZ is accepted by other countries. I have only one question from newzealand embassy that why did not you tell earlier that enter our country only for studies and you will not get job here. Great New Zealand embassy. Thankyou for giving us visa to show your country.


  77. Seriously guys, cry me a river.There seems to be an attitude here that New Zealand owes you something because you have decided to come here looking for work. New Zealand owes you nothing, nor are they overly concerned if you leave. It is this type of righteous indignation and an overstated sense of entitlement that create the tensions you speak of, along with the abusive rhetoric and generalisations around the mindset and abilities of the average New Zealander, which only further highlights the collective xenophobia of the countries you all represent. As a second generation New Zealand Indian my parents worked hard to create a great life here, have a huge range of friends and relationships and really feel at home in this country. I have suffered racism because of the colour of my skin more in China, Korea and South East Asia than I ever have in New Zealand, which realistically has a more significantly advanced social structure in terms of equality than given credit for. To all of you suck it up and stop whining, it is embarassing.


    • Let’s go over your comments:
      As a second generation New Zealand Indian my parents worked hard to create a great life here
      Did they have to work harder than the “already here” New Zealanders? Bingo, some racism.

      New Zealand owes you nothing, nor are they overly concerned if you leave.
      Universities are desperately granting “small scholarships” in the hundreds of NZ dollars, to entice Asian students to come by as “it enhances their job prospects”.
      Newsflash: those students would not be coming, paying 5x the fees, if they could not get a job in New Zealand. And since proper NZ qualifications seem to be ignored when the person holding it is an immigrant, I think that tactic will not work too well.

      It is this type of righteous indignation and an overstated sense of entitlement that create the tensions you speak of, along with the abusive rhetoric and generalisations around the mindset and abilities of the average New Zealander, which only further highlights the collective xenophobia of the countries you all represent.
      I hope you have something to say about your entitlement that “people should not expect anything”.

      have a huge range of friends and relationships and really feel at home in this country.
      I hope you can rely on your friends to help you out of a jam, Tarun Asthana had some problems there I believe. He was 2nd generation New Zealand Indian …

      I have suffered racism because of the colour of my skin more in China, Korea and South East Asia than I ever have in New Zealand, which realistically has a more significantly advanced social structure in terms of equality than given credit for.
      Did you apply for jobs in all those countries?

      To all of you suck it up and stop whining, it is embarassing.
      Be staunch, bro! Harden up!


    • I have suffered racism because of the colour of my skin more in China, Korea and South East Asia than I ever have in New Zealand, which realistically has a more significantly advanced social structure in terms of equality than given credit for.
      Whoops, forgot to add:
      Were those countries sold to you by migration agents? Did you have to sit for an English test? Were you told that “diversity was welcome”?
      Were you paid less than the award rate, by people holding law qualifications, who should have known better? Were you falsely accused of anything there? Did you read a sign on the library saying “Indians go home?”
      Inquiring minds would like to know …


      • Having read most of the article, there is apparent that there is lot of ignorance about migrants, their qualification, and royalty when they have a job. I came to New Zealand in 2005 under skilled migrant category. My accountancy qualification obtained in UK was not recognised. It cost me 50K to shift my family to New Zealand, with application for visa, medical certificated, police certificates, migrant levy (what in a hell is this levy for?), then air tickets, shipping container etc. My first day at the job, I was told you have to follow the rules here? What rules can some one explain. I came from UK so I knew how to handle people with attitude, people form China and India are too polite. I had right to work here , I had gone through the process. Getting job was not difficult, since I used English name as nick name, you should she their faces when I turn up for interview.
        I had to sell my self well, but when offered a job the salary was half of what was advertised. I had no choice but to take it, once established, I started to pick those non performers and displayed my real skill. They became dependant on me then I played my trump card. I knew more about rugby, I knew more about current affairs and I started talking like them.
        This all was not needed, my skill got noticed and I challenged every wrong doings, yes I made some friends , but also made enemies.
        I tell my friends, fight back, once you get residency , then if you do get job , claim the benefits, hold the seminars about your skill levels, fight back. If you think you were not treated well then speak up?
        I do not tolerate any ignorant comments , I am superior to then?


      • in my experience, indians dont make an extra or any amount of effort to form friendship with us chinese. for business dealings, dont hire online remote indian programmers. they will lie and cheat you, refusing to give source code and only demanding money giving you crap. indians dont learn chinese language on the chinese land. they complain of being discriminated against when i think the truth is they dont have passion to learn your language and befriend you. in gyms, the workplace etc they cling to their own groups.


        • pt you sound like a kiwi making (or a kiwi in making) such generalised statements, or may be one ignorant Chinese ( cause ignorant once are everywhere, plenty in India).

          Most Indians go well along with other nationalities, it is because India is multicultural and english is spoken widely, so they have no qualms adapting.

          I don’t know about your generalised statement about Indians not giving source code, well buddy, source code is not given freely, however just for your knowledge plenty of open source projects were developed by indian, your phone which runs android, your browser chrome to name a few.Take a tour to silicon valley, you will find plenty of Indians who have done extremely well. No wonder the companies like Google, Microsoft are run by Indian CEO’s. It’s just in kiwi land, Indians have no respect and they have to flip burgers after finishing their master degree in information technology.

          And I bet you are a kiwi shill. Everybody clings to their own kind, this is how multiculturalism works. Multiculturalism doesn’t mean giving up your identity, which you kiwis demand all the time.


        • Somehow I fail to understand if you have (or had) problems with Indians in NZ or in general? If it’s the latter then probably you have succumbed to the culture.

          On the same line, I once heard from a local kiwi who said most of the Asians in the gym are either bi or gay, I didn’t buy their statement likewise I refuse to accept your comment too. The day I accept it, means I have joined the brigade of being “the problem”.


  78. Rajesh, great to hear from you that New Zealand is welcoming country for asians. Now tell me that for which agent you are working to keep confidence in the students who wants to come to new zealand for making career. I applied for jobs but got response that recession is here and no job for you Indian. But for white people plenty of jobs in recession. So mate you are having good life here but do not think that everyone is satisfied here.


  79. And it is very much clear from your statement that you find more rascism in china,korea,india and many south east asian countries.If you are newzealander then I know how much money newzealanders have to visit all these countries when it required more than 20000 dollars if some one just wants to visit all these countries.So do not fool the people.


  80. I find it amusing , I understand there is racism, but not all Kiwis are racist. The only way to resolve the issue is by accepting there will always be some minority who thinks they are better than others, but it is their ignorance. I have met lot of migrants that have gone through lot and they feel that they have been left out.
    We need to address the issue in the parliament here and in your own country. stand for election, contact foreign business people who have settled here and join forces. As a business person I will make very effort to ensure I support these migrants.
    why come to New Zealand to study when thee are really good universities in India and China? why buy Kiwi products? To show your disgust, rather than suffering from these kind of behaviour from the minority.
    The government must support these badly treated migrants, new blood will not tolerate it.
    we in New Zealand need these countries without them we will have lot of issues here.
    so open your eyes and work together , there is lot to gain by living in harmony.


  81. Here’s another update about the job situation, and NO surprise, “international students” are “getting blamed for starting a trend”.
    Unpaid Kiwi internships on the rise
    By Paul Charman
    5:00 AM Saturday Aug 30, 2014

    AUT Business School research analyst Danae Anderson says the problem seemed to crop up a few years ago, mainly with international students trying to get NZ experience.

    “The internship periods seem to be longer now. Rather than getting that ‘Kiwi’ experience, we’re starting to find New Zealanders are starting to work as unpaid interns.

    Again, all bad work practices, come from “people from the outside”. Beware the outlander!
    Reading that article was like experiencing a version of M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village”.


  82. Somewhat related to the statement:
    “Philippines consul-general Emilie Shi says Immigration New Zealand is not doing enough to warn would-be applicants about the difficulties of finding a job or telling them that Kiwis will be given preference by employers.”
    comes this article
    Philippine authorities have suspended two Kiwi firms recruiting migrant workers, citing reports of exploitative work practices and exorbitant recruitment fees.

    Christchurch’s Business Immigration and its Philippines-based counterpart, Sacred Heart International, were suspended by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), along with Auckland’s Valiant Homes.

    The POEA is a government agency that supervises recruitment agencies in the Philippines. It has supplied more than 1000 workers for Christchurch’s rebuild.

    The companies are accused of charging migrants fees of up to $13,000 – more than triple the legal maximum in the Philippines.

    According to the POEA, eight Filipino workers alleged they paid about NZ$10,000 in “placement fees” to come to New Zealand.

    Their complaint was backed by the Philippine Embassy in New Zealand.

    Workers allege they were sent to “endorsed” lending companies, which charged exorbitant interest rates swelling their loans to around $15,000.

    That is four times the legal maximum for “placement fees”.

    I get the feeling, that as usual the sentiment is “It’s the fault of people who want to come to New Zealand, that allow these things to happen”.


  83. http://www.cnbc.com/id/102007307

    Saumya Khandelwa | Hindustan Times | Getty Images
    A Singaporean director at a local private equity firm, recently got invited as a guest lecturer at a private college in Jaipur, India. “I had heard stories about India’s young people with ‘excellent academic and English speaking skills’ but what I encountered was the complete opposite,” he said.

    Not one student in a class of 100 has ever heard of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Most students could not understand, let alone speak fluent English. “The only question they had at the end the lecture was how to find a job at home or abroad,” he said.

    His account is anecdotal evidence of what human resource experts, corporate leaders and countless surveys have been highlighting over the past few years – that despite India’s huge talent pool of graduates, few are equipped with skills to be gainfully employed.

    According to a survey conducted by Aspiring Minds, an entrepreneurial initiative in preparing youth for employability, as many as 83 percent of graduating engineers in 2013 could not find jobs, given their poor English language and cognitive skills.

    In fact, only 2.6 percent of graduates in India were recruited in functional roles like accounting, 15.9 percent in sales-related roles and 21.3 percent in the business process outsourcing sector. “Nearly 47 percent of Indian graduates are unemployable in any sector, irrespective of their academic degrees,” noted Varun Aggarwal, co-founder and COO of Aspiring Minds.

    The statistics run counter to the perception that India’s relatively youthful population could help reap demographic dividends for the country down the line.

    In 2020, the average Indian will be only 29 years old, compared to 37 in China and the U.S., 45 in West Europe and 48 in Japan, according to India’s Ministry of Labor and Employment. By 2030, India’s 1.5 billion population will have 68 percent men and women in the working age of 15-68, compared with 65 percent today.

    Theoretically, a nation with young demographic has lower dependency ratio, which leads to increased consumption that can be channeled into higher investment and therefore growth.

    For India however, the reality on the ground couldn’t be more different. “It is not unusual to see graduates employed as security guards, driver or waiters in restaurants, given the poor standards of education. So what demographic dividend are we talking of? The generation coming of age in the 1920s faces the greatest underemployment ever in history,” said Anil Sachdev, a human resources specialist and career coach.

    The fault appears to lie in the dismal education standards in India. As little as 10- 12 percent of the 15-29 year-old age group in India receives any formal or informal training compared with to 28 percent in Mexico or 96 percent in South Korea.

    For tertiary education, none of the 42 central universities in India feature in the most recent QS list of best 200 colleges in the world. In the rankings of the best MBA schools by the Financial Times, the prestigious Indian School of Business has fallen six places to the 36th spot this year and Indian names are conspicuously missing in the top 25 places.

    Analysts say a lack of occupational focus in the degrees offered by local universities could be partly to blame. Some 82 percent of the enrolment is in arts, sciences and commerce programs rather than specific skill-based courses. Even among the engineering and management colleges, less than 25 percent can apply theoretical knowledge to functional areas, given the emphasis on rote learning and theory in the education system, says Aggarwal. The situation progressively deteriorates moving into the tier 2-3 towns from the metros.

    “Excessive government regulation, outmoded curricula and a drop in the standards of teaching have led to a deterioration in the standards of education so much so that India’s demographic dividend may well turn out to be a demographic disaster,” said Pramath Sinha, co-founder of the new-age Ashoka University and ex-dean of Indian School of Business, the country’s first public private initiative to bridge jobs and employability gap.

    Systemic risk?

    According to the World Economic Forum’s 2014 Global Risk Report, high youth unemployability raises the risk of social instability and hampers economic growth. Analysts fear this is playing out in India.

    The planning commission has estimated that the country needs 500 million skilled laborers in the next 5-7 years to support economic expansion, compared with the current capacity of 3.1 million.

    It’s a mind-boggling ambition, India watchers say, given that most state governments do not have the budget, will or capabilities to build the required education infrastructure. Private initiatives, meanwhile, are stymied by archaic socialist laws that ordain that education be a ‘not-for-profit’ activity. While colleges have mushroomed in the country, the learning outcomes are so poor that they have developed an infamous reputation for being ill-respected teaching shops that dispense degrees on the tap.

    “It is the biggest scam in history where political money has found its way into institutions of higher learning. While world over the government’s role is focused on learning outcomes, in India the focus is on political controls in the name of ‘not-for- profit. Urgent education reforms is the need of the hour,” said Sachdev.

    The poor education standards are recipes for social problems as incidents of crime escalate, added Sinha.

    “The consequences could be huge if no action is taken. Already we are seeing an increase in violence, rape and crime in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. If more than two-thirds of the youth don’t realize their economic potential, how can a nation achieve its growth targets? Trouble is no one seems to be paying heed,” he said.

    Well I’ll probably find Canada more appealing than New Zealand or Australia. With all the dangerous animals, I’ll probably choose to stay in the swamps where they smell but you’ll still be breathing (smelly) air.


  84. can any one say me it is good idea to do postgraduate diploma in napier campus
    what are the possible of getting good i am getting it clear some are saying good and some are saying bad about nz whom should i believe what can i decide
    i am planning to do it in eit institute


    • Its a terrible idea! I know the ‘ins and outs’ of EIT, which is filled with jobless bogans and boyracers with ‘zero’ drive of education an excellence, quality of education is very poor, the campus is barely a campus with few buildings and once they take your money you will be on your own.The passing rate of very low and the dropout rate is staggeringly high.You will be looked down upon as a person of color and will be rounded up, in whatever ways they can. If you don’t believe me, ask the international center for the number of graduates, say in last five years and then ask them the number of students who had initially enrolled, so you can then workout the number yourself ! And then you will notice that 90% of those who graduates were international students (as most kiwis drop out or would have failed).

      Having a job is a luxury in Hawkes Bay, as there aren’t many. International students takeup whatever work they can, that includes cleaning toilets and picking fruits at the orchards, to support their shattered dreams. Moreover, crimes rate is very high in some areas of HB, and sadly most students live in those areas to save some reant So in a nutshell, you will struggle a lot, and the international center wouldn’t help you, because they are filled up with pesky employees who are so full up to themselves. You will be better off somewhere else, but in NZ, lest at EIT. Make a wise choice, and steer clear from NZ, if you want to stay afloat in your life as it could well be the worse decision of your life. You will loose yourself ‘guaranteed’ at EIT Hawkes bay, or NZ in general.

      Do not fall into the marketing cliches and look beyond the good brochures, ask them for ex student references.

      Here are a few links for you,besides read this website comments in details and it indeed would be the best, unbiased resource about the ugly truth of NZ that you will ever find on the internet or anywhere else.



  85. Hey I understand it is frustrating. Normally in issues like this you will hear more negative comments.
    It is best to find very reputable place to study?
    It is all up to your mind set.
    You can talk to me to discuss it further.
    There are lot of Indians settled and doing well . It is not all doom and gloom.


    • Mr Raj, You must be ‘Kiwi sheeple’ in the shadow of an Indian name. Going by the nature and tone of few comments you have made on various posts, now i am increasingly compelled to believe that theory of mine. Or you might be one of those FOB (fresh off the boat Indian) who is still in the honeymoon phase who worships ‘white people’, as there are plenty of ‘Europhile Indians’ i know of’, mostly from Fiji and Punjab. Where did you took that name from?, Big Bang Theory must be the inspiration.

      NZ is a scam and It indeed is 99% doom and gloom for qualified migrants here, and Indians especially because we come here with huge educational loan and do not have the financial net to fall back. Third rate migrants with low qualification and trade skill like cooking, hair-cutting and plumbing etc tend to do well here as they tend to gel well within the local mindset. But if you are confident and comfortable in your own right, educated, bright and hold an ambition in life, then forget it. They will pull you down here, because they don’t like ‘tall poppies’.

      I myself have studied from EIT and experienced provincial NZ first hand as an Indian, so i just wrote truth ‘as it is’, without sugarcoating it. I have struggled a lot in NZ, and the only way for for an Indian to do well here is to own a dairy, sadly even then you might be at the helm of luck with high risk of being stabbed to death http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11271434

      Go to US, Singapore, Switzerland or Canada if you truly are thinking about living abroad. NZ wont cut it, as there are plenty of qualified Indian doctors and engineers who are driving taxis here. But at the end of the day Diwaker, its your choice and decision. I hope you will make an informed one!



      • Hi thank you for your feed back. You have valid comments that it is difficult for the migrant person . I anm not a FOB and have gone through same issues as rest of the migrant.
        Our migrant business owner make it more difficult for us they exploit our own people , so how we expect to be treated well by others.
        This college you call , I do know. Anything about it, there two similar here in Christchurch, I wonder why people study there.
        I have been in New Zealand for 9 years and am a citizen. I do not think people as white , brown or black, I see them as people. Some are bad and some are good. Yes there is fair bit of racisism, I agree. The real truth is that if you look at the cost go migrating is too expensive. I migrated as a skilled migrant and with my family it cost me 50K whole life savings, then landing here I was on my own. Why I chose New Zealand, because I saw better future for my children here than in the UK where I have spent large part of my life. The situation in the UK is similar , but people in New Zealan are better socially not when you want a job. I look at positively and this gives me more strength to do something. I thought if first get residency then after two years ! If I still struggle to find job then I will start claiming benefit and keep doing as long as I find the right job. I have lived in UK for 33 years never claimed single benefit, I have been here 9 years not claim the dole. Yes I am fighter if I see wrong done I challenge it. Currently I have twenty three students looking for the job after completing their education. They only have one year open visa to find something . I currently mentor them and offer solution to get them settled. It currently takes two years to process PR in Christchurch, work visa is also taking too long , so even if you manage to secure a job after 1000 or more applications ,you will loose job offer since employer are not prepared to wait. So you see the problem.
        The only way to address the issue is to tackle it head on. Form the union and take it to the parliament. Use the rules set to solve the issues. I also want our Indian and Chineese business people to employe their own to show that we are hear to stay and fight back. It is not long where many business will be owned by our people.


        • @ Raj…so you have admitted that there is a genuine problem that migrants are facing here, which is good…diverting from your previous statement . But then why are you calling Diwaker to NZ? Is it to add him to your ‘union’ as you mentioned before. Why he should even go through this hassle, eventually to end up as a burnt up candle…with no option but to end up in your union that you are going to build. What point you are trying to make here man.


        • @Raj:
          Currently I have twenty three students looking for the job after completing their education. They only have one year open visa to find something . I currently mentor them and offer solution to get them settled.
          There’s this idea I’m really tired of in Asia, it’s called the “guru in the jungle” / “sensei on the mountain” … and has to stop.
          In other words, there is an aged someone with no/little/questionable qualifications that has a coterie of followers that has appointed himself “ethnic spokesperson” for “my people to interact with the locals, and my people don’t know how to do things right”.
          The question that needs to be asked is: are you a middleman farming people out for work? Or an honest broker concerned about (properly) skilled people getting the shaft? I’ve observed there seem to be many charlatans in the “ethnic spokesperson” category, so much so that I dismiss them now.

          The whole idea that “experience beats education” and “theory means nothing” is easily done away with when I reply “Go hire a butcher then, since they are more experienced then a surgeon, they should make easy work of being veterinarians, amirite?”


          • I must eat some of my words, there are ethnic representatives that recognise a time-wasting tokenist diversion when they see it (just very few of them though):
            Chairman quits ‘token’ ethnic panel
            5:00 AM Saturday Mar 21, 2015
            The chairman of the Auckland Council Ethnic People’s Advisory Panel has resigned after 11 months on the job, saying the panel was a “token” body.

            Feroz Ali said the panel, one of about a dozen created by the mayor, had no real status and was unhappy about what it was costing ratepayers.

            The council said the budget for running the ethnic board was between $70,000 and $85,000 per annum.

            “As chair, I found that the panel is only there for token consultation and frankly a waste of ratepayers’ money,” he said in an email to panel members after tendering his resignation on Wednesday.

            He had “serious concerns about the governance in Auckland Council”.

            Mr Ali said yesterday he had attended five meetings since being appointed, but felt uneasy about getting $500 for each meeting he chaired. Other members received $200 for each meeting they attended.

            A panel member, who spoke to the Herald on the condition of anonymity, said the panel existed just so the council could say it has done the “politically correct” thing.

            “We have been asked for advice on matters like community consultation on the drug policy, events and the long-term plan, but we know our advice is not what they are after,” said the member.

            “The panel is here just so that they can put a rubber stamp to say ‘yes, we have consulted the ethnic community’ on these issues.”


    • @Raj:
      I like your optimism, but, LOL-ed at this bit
      It is best to find very reputable place to study?
      I don’t believe EIT institute is one of New Zealand’s 8 universities.

      For a further dose of reality, see this:

      1. You are not a New Zealander,
      2. Unless you have a proper work permit, you can be employed by people paying you less than the legal minimum.
      3. If you have a job where you need an employer, you are sunk if people choose not to hire you.
      4. Qualifications, even those earned in New Zealand, get discounted by people who think that as an overseas student not on government sponsorship … you paid 5x the fees for a “guaranteed pass”.
      5. “Ethnic representatives” for your community, are probably not going to be much help, since they are scared to speak up about the reality of “migrants qualified in New Zealand, but unable to find work because of racism”.
      6. Immigration is a lottery, but made even more costly by the reality that if you choose to work illegally, you can be barred from the country for a VERY long time … and that some people, just don’t like immigrants, even when qualified in their own country.

      Whatever you do, make sure you have strong networks where you are, proper licensing and enough money to see you through the dry periods.


      • Hi Ray,
        Hope you can read my comments made to vigilante.
        I went to UK as a refugee from Uganda when Amin asked us to leave. This was either go to UK or risk life in Uganda, the choice was simple. Strange country , strange culture, and weather not at all bearable. We had British passport so UK did not do any favours. The times were tough, coping with no money and racism. Yes UK government supported for few weeks then left us loose. 32years later the Uganda refugee now controls 7 % of the UK economy. Virtually every one have their own house and all children with the best qualifications. We did not have choice but to work at it and make it work.
        Same here I have been here 9 years and a citizen. Gone through all over again but from my first experience I was well prepared. I have skill set I see it to my advantage and I am proud that I am more superior than large part of population here. Making point not arrogance. I want people to be positive and fight not give up and run.


        • “32 years later the Uganda refugee controls 7% of the UK economy” do you have any proof of this outrageous claim, or are you talking bollocks.

          Racism in Britain is aimed mainly at Muslims and islam due to the overbearing and unwanted religious views, not skin colour, the relationship between African/carribean blacks and white british people is pretty good, possibly the odd flare up in London and Birmingham, but nothing extreme and not much based on the colour of a mans skin.

          “I went to UK as a refugee from Uganda”

          Ok, fair play, a war torn country.

          “This was either go to UK or risk life in Uganda”

          As above, most people would do the same.

          “The UK supported us for a few weeks then left us loose”

          What do you expect, support for a couple of years, a decade maybe, not much evidence of being a fighter when you are moaning the British government wouldn’t pay for you.

          “we had british passport so UK did not do us any favours”

          From what Iv read above the UK did you a pretty big fucking favour.

          “Times were tough coping with no money and racism”

          Do me a favour, just stop, stop talking crap, in one post you say in 33 years of living in UK you never claimed benefits, in another post you say the UK supported you for a few weeks.

          You talk rubbish my friend, the evidence is there, above, for all to see


          • @Uk builder- I second you man, this Raj is a kiwi troll under the disguise of an Indian name, because his story seems a big load of bullshit to me, and i don’t know anyone from Uganda with name Raj and email signifying a female name (Rashmi). Come on, Raj shed you identity mate. Let us know which zombie town you are trolling from. http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/nz-has-zombie-towns-need-close-%E2%80%94-economist-md-159124

            Even if i am wrong, you are disillusioned anyway.


          • @Vigilante:
            This might be the guy.
            No surprises there, it seems … no education beyond
            Rashmi Thakrar’s Education
            Old Kampala Secondary School
            Accounting and Computing

            1969 – 1972

            Activities and Societies: School drama, boxing and cricket.

            Again … more of that “sensei on the mountain, guru in the jungle” BS … of “aged people with no degree, are better than those who completed their university courses”
            Too much “respect for the elderly” allows charlatans through …


  86. Hi why did you leave ? First understand New Zealand is a small market. The skill set in some areas are miles behind other developed countries. All big government jobs are in the hands of who you know and not necessarily based on skill or qualification. If I were you should have gone on benefit and stay until you recover your money or find suitable job. That is your payback.
    When I chose to come to NZ I did my home work , I knew that I will not get the same highflying job and salary, since I am highly skilled and I will not land a top government job despite my suitability . No matter how racist the company owners are but if you can offer benefit they will turn a blind eye. The earthquake in Christchurch made them realised that they do no have the skill set to restart, plan, etc. I have now people waiting for my help, but it is my time to cream having such a skill set. I can rebuilt Christchurch with half the cost and half the time frame. I have offered it to the power to be but ignored flat.
    These business people rely heavily rely on hand outs and insurance and blaming government rather than their poor risk management skill. No clue about disaster recovery.
    So see my point.


    • @ K for Kiwi Shill – you are from “Russia” are you? Hahaha, sure thing, as if ANYONE but a KIWI SHILL would write an idiotic, xenophobic and profoundly ignorant post like yours. Pull the other one. Like you’d know a Narodnic from a Cossack. It’s pretty obvious your education wasn’t “Russian”.

      Same Shill, different day. Face it Kiwi Shill, your country is a backwards backwater. Your people are ignorant, venom filled and consumed with envy and hatred of outsiders. NZ is an IMMIGRANT COUNTRY you moron, every immigrant has just as much right to be here as you friggin’ descendants of UK maids and footmen. Grow up and read a book or two, whydontcha?


      • I wonder what made you think that my education is not “Russian”?
        It is not hard to distinguish a cossack from anyone else, they have a specific funny uniform. Other than that I would not, would you?

        I want to repeat my main points:

        1. No one owes you anything.
          You (and me) are given a chance to find a job and live here, you (and me) are not welcome.
          Survives the fittest, blame Capitalism.
        2. Business starves for good employees.
          All successful IT companies are struggling to get talents.
          Though the risks of getting a wrong candidate are high because the job security laws are quite strict, you can’t just fire a person that does not perform well.
          That is why they are cautious in hiring and consider risks that a person may not fit the team personally.

        3. People of the same race, gender, religion and age get along better.
          I think it is a fact and stand to be corrected.
          IT consists of mostly young men. Small High Tech companies are driven by under 30s.

        It depends on the culture in the office but often it includes playing Ping Pong, Wii, drinking beer on Fridays and calling each other cunts. And even having racist jokes and that does not exclude New Zealanders themselves, sheep shagging humour is not under the ban.

        I am sorry for the muslim Indian lady at the top of the thread, that is a challenge for her.
        Would a muslim girl feel comfortable in that office?
        Would she be alienated?

        Probably yes.
        In place of recruiter would you risk considering a candidate who would feel alienated?

        It is totally unfair but smaller businesses need strong core teams that fit and complete each other.

        Bigger companies have anti alienating rules to keep diversity high.
        Try finding the work there, you’ll be most welcome.

        1. Unfortunately NZ is a 5 million nation you can’t find enough corporations here but plenty of small businesses.
          Try Australia.
      • Cultural fitness is important but if you have the required rare skills, you won’t be without a job even if you are a naked bushman from Africa.

      • How do you present you “high qualifications” to the employer?
        Is sending your resume to 20 SEEK listings enough?
        A 10 page resume from some random guy from another country that is likely to have bad English and who probably lied in CV (everyone does) is not a proof of qualification.
        Be creative.


  87. P Ray, I don’t think it’s about racism down there, I myself graduated in 1 year course in auckland and wasn’t able to find a job or get any interview, i think local kiwi probably have roughly same difficulty fighting to get themselve a job, i start to think it’s down to employer prefference who they prefer and is suitable for their company, sorry if this seem missunderstand to you


    • I myself graduated in 1 year course in auckland and wasn’t able to find a job or get any interview
      The problem right there is … a diploma … isn’t a degree. (I began and completed mine … ENTIRELY IN NEW ZEALAND).
      But I do take some measure of pleasure in knowing that “no local experience” and “doesn’t suit our company culture” is now happening to kiwis too.
      Perhaps that will make them change their tune, but right now the lesson is long and ongoing for them.
      As Martin Luther King said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”


  88. Hey Peter Ray,
    As I said to you I am not interested in your comments or the opinion. For your information I am a qualified Accountant and have highest level of IT and Business management skills.
    You are as ignorant about Indians as other western communities. Rashmi is male and female name for your information. Raj is my nick name which all my friends refer to. So stop placing comments that are not relevant to the subject. I have my opinion you have yours. No point getting personal.
    If you do not like my opinion tough.


    • For your information I am a qualified Accountant and have highest level of IT and Business management skills.
      Then you can surely state your affiliation with such organisations in a professional LinkedIn page, and demonstrate how you have helped Enterprise level companies stay competitive.
      Note that I have very little respect for “managers who can’t do the jobs of their subordinates”

      You are as ignorant about Indians as other western communities. Rashmi is male and female name for your information. Raj is my nick name which all my friends refer to. So stop placing comments that are not relevant to the subject.
      I didn’t make that comment about you being male or female.
      You might want to read up in the thread about who actually said that.

      So stop placing comments that are not relevant to the subject.
      Your qualifications are entirely relevant, when you point out that you are some kind of “mentor”.


    • @ Raj Buddy, Rashmi is definitely a female name, in almost 99.99% of cases. I am an Indian by heritage, and i too possess the fabled ‘Highest level of IT & Business Management Skill’, and do hold a few degrees here and there. Add to that the pleasure of holding a few ‘incompetent’ kiwi subordinates under my boot. But to get to here, what i have gone through, only i know better about. And while i am here, i know it is not where i should be. Anyways…

      Stop playing the cultural card here buddy, as no body cares here if you are Indian, Chinese or XYZ, as long as you are a rational being, make sense, not falsifying the facts, and aren’t proving yourself dumb by making illogical comments. ( And add to that blaming somebody for something that was said by someone else!) Don’t expect that we know nothing, and will ignore you on your ‘face-value of silliness’ here, because you are spreading false hopes into the ‘would be’ migrants like Diwaker. Which, in turn, will be the reason for their ‘career suicide’.

      We are here to scrutinize the ‘status quo’ and say what people refrain to, and we do no sugarcoat it here. And we will strip you down to your ‘bare bones’, if we need to get to the facts. That is why i highlighted the fact that your names are ‘paradoxical’ to each another, one being feminine and second being masculine as there are a lot of kiwi shills here, commenting under the disguise of these ‘cultural names’. And the fact is, that your name is largely a female name. And honestly, you are wasting your time on this blog, and ours too, because it seems like that you haven’t got a dog in this fight. So i suggest you to go back to your ‘la-la-land’ and to these blogs which could accommodate your ‘fascinations’.

      Your mentor-ship is not needed here, as we are here to do that, and we have been here longer than you, having seen and known ‘in’s and out’ of this country. Go drink a kool aid, will you?


  89. The forum engine is a ridiculous, it split my post in a very mysterious way.
    Let me try again.

    I wonder what made you think that my education is not “Russian”?
    It is not hard to distinguish a cossack from anyone else, they have a specific funny uniform. Other than that I would not, would you?

    I want to repeat my main points:
    1. No one owes you anything.
    You (and me) are given a chance to find a job and live here, you (and me) are not welcome.
    Survives the fittest, blame Capitalism.

    1. Business starves for good employees.
      All successful IT companies are struggling to get talents.
      Though the risks of getting a wrong candidate are high because the job security laws are quite strict, you can’t just fire a person that does not perform well.
      That is why they are cautious in hiring and consider risks that a person may not fit the team personally.

    2. People of the same race, gender, religion and age get along better.
      I think it is a fact and stand to be corrected.
      IT consists of mostly young men. Small High Tech companies are driven by under 30s.
      It depends on the culture in the office but often it includes playing Ping Pong, Wii, drinking beer on Fridays and calling each other cunts. And even having racist jokes and that does not exclude New Zealanders themselves, sheep shagging humour is not under the ban.
      I am sorry for the muslim Indian lady at the top of the thread, that is a challenge for her.
      Would a muslim girl feel comfortable in that office?
      Would she be alienated?
      Probably yes.
      In place of recruiter would you risk considering a candidate who would feel alienated?
      It is totally unfair but smaller businesses need strong core teams that fit and complete each other.

    3. Bigger companies have anti alienating rules to keep diversity high.
      Try finding the work there, you’ll be most welcome.
      Unfortunately NZ is a 5 million nation you can’t find enough corporations here but plenty of small businesses.
      Try Australia.

    4. Cultural fitness is important but if you have the required rare skills, you won’t be without a job even if you are a naked bushman from Africa.
      How do you present you “high qualifications” to the employer?
      Is sending your resume to 20 SEEK listings enough?
      A 10 page resume from some random guy from another country that is likely to have bad English and who probably lied in CV (everyone does) is not a proof of qualification.
      Be creative.


    • The only ridiculous thing is your long laundry list of disjointed opinions cluttering up this thread. Your advice on how to succeed in New Zealand is by “calling each other cunts”? Yep, you’re a real leader; you’ll go far here.

      You seem to consider yourself an authority on all things, but provide absolutely no support for your nonsense other than dogmatic broken English. You provide no detailed personal accounts that ring true, no clever insights from other information sources, no links, just trash talk. I can understand why others have been condescending towards you – I find it hard not to do so myself. Do you really think that your trite, vapid comments are pearls of wisdom that everyone hasn’t heard at least a million times before?

      P Ray has shared many personal insights on this site and has described his experiences in detail many times. I have learned a lot from his honest and revealing stories. Even though I am not Asian, he and others who have posted here have helped me to see the incredible difficulties they face.

      I value their hard-earned opinions, not yours.


  90. Ok Vigilante
    I was meant to write to you and Peter.
    I am not at all asking any one to come back or stay.
    Peter made valid point and I have addressed that point.
    Like you said I am wasting time , thank you.
    Now let us see your real name .
    I will continue with my good work.
    God day


    • @Raj, I’ll call you RamTak from now, ok?
      Here’s an Asian lecturer taking a stand against racism.

      Of course, you’d have been able to do that if you were employed as a lecturer who is a “qualified Accountant and have highest level of IT and Business management skills.”

      The funny thing about the “Asian community leaders” that I know, is that they parade the mantle of “community that values education” … but they themselves have “no/little/questionable education pedigree”.

      Talk about irony …

      P.S. “Tolerance” is not “acceptance”.


    • Hi Raj ,
      I have read many of your comments on so many issues regarding PR, Getting Jobs etc.
      After going through your comments it seems that it is bery difficult to make in New Zeland.
      I am shocked and confused about the decision of moving into New Zealand.
      Its my dream country to live in but seems a little tough from now.
      I request you to guide me how to make in to New Zeland.


  91. I am a IT recruiter based in Auckland and i am asian. I think the culture fit is really important. We are not racist, we only demand for good talent. – Maybe it is time to examine your own self. Sometimes we might think we are something but in fact we are not.


    • @Anonymous October 10, 2014 1:12 pm
      I think the culture fit is really important. We are not racist, we only demand for good talent. – Maybe it is time to examine your own self. Sometimes we might think we are something but in fact we are not.
      Reminds me of what Steven Winterburn said “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by a**holes.”
      P.S. Check your grammar. And, funnily enough … migrants / international students “have to pass an English assessment test”.
      But “if your face fits”, your qualifications are “not important” …


  92. I think New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries with lots of opportunities, every day here is new day, I love being here I am an IT professional looking for a job, although I am almost rejected from every place I apply for a job, but thats not because of racism its because of my own lacks, because what I have observed I am from a country where we rarely speak English, due to that I am unable to deliver I what wanted to say properly, but I am working on it I have a hope that I will soon overcome on this thing, and to get a job is like we really need that work, it requires a lot of preparation and homework, it is not like we randomly apply on 10 to 20 jobs in a day for miscellaneous categories with one CV and say oh New Zealand is a racist country, see they dont give us job, Its just bullshit.


    If any one has guts he can grab an opportunity.


  93. I remember writing in a reply somewhere on the pages here to a prospective migrant that,
    “house prices in Auckland are increasing by up to NZD50,000 per year”.

    I’m wrong. Don’t get too happy though …
    It’s actually …
    increasing by up to NZD68,309 per year.
    Anne Gibson
    Property editor of the NZ Herald
    Auckland values to rise throughout 2015
    12:00 PM Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

    Prospective migrants need to think really deeply about whether they want to “get stuck in”.

    An (Asian) manager I know at Grant Thornton (worked himself up from accountant and has a related university qualification) recently got downsized or managed out to end up working as an accountant at an Auckland POLYTECHNIC.
    So the idea that there is only an upward career trajectory,
    and “as long as I’m doing my job”
    is a myth.

    I did read somewhere that
    “if we have to keep sending out resumes for work even while employed then we as a society have failed” … it seems to be working out that way for the next few years in developed countries, but especially where people subscribe very heavily to the “work hard and you will succeed” Horatio Alger myth.

    Many jobs nowadays are filled with the lucky – and they know it.
    And they will do what it takes to “protect their turf”.


    • The general progression is: work visa, permanent residency, citizenship, move to Oz on their “special purposes” agreement with NZ.
      It seems that the “bulb illuminates, penny drops…” somewhere between PR and citizenship, with the carrot [reason to stick it out] at the end of citizenship being an opportunity to relocate to Australia.


    • I did not take the NZ citizenship, my parents made that decision for me because I was quite young at that time, we found out in less that a few years during the early 90s that getting a job in New Zealand was very difficult


  94. Migrants coming to New Zealand need to be very careful and understand why they want to come to New Zealand.
    There is a heavy exploitation of these migrants by the locals and by the government.
    So if you do not have PR ( permanent residency) do not bother coming to New Zealand.
    Study here is not recognised over the world so why pay huge fees and living cost. Getting work visa is use less waste of money, since you may not get a job , even if you are lucky enough to get that job, it us temporary. Every two to three years you have to reapply for the visa and you may not get the renewal. Currently I know people who have established them shelves after initial work visa are now not getting their visa renewed. PR processing time of 2 years that is too long and cost huge amount of money.
    I came to NZ 10 years back and my reason knowing that there is racism, and host of costs was based on that I will only come if I was granted PR, I had 2 Years of funds to support and if it does not work go back to the UK which overall is the best country to live and I still kept that option open. I like it here for now . Those who have the PR hope have left their option open to go back to where they came from.


    • Me and my parents came in early 1994 and we found that to find a job in New Zealand was hell and my mum was given undesirable work hours at Pak N Save and my father had to go back to Hong Kong for 9 years because the income in New Zealand was not worth it and are planning on selling up properties that we own in Auckland before my dad retires and are considering moving back to Hong Kong where literally all our family are


  95. hi any one tell me .what are the jobs for indian who completed msc-chemistry and coming to nz by student visa to do study pg diploma in food technology .please tell me what are the jobs after completion of study their …..?


  96. Hi if sole reason for you to study in New Zealand is to get work , I will be careful. You will then be wasting money.
    There will be very little chance if any you finding a suitable job.The reason for this is staring in your face.Read all the postings and it is not difficult to form an opinion.
    If you really want to come to New Zealand then get the job in your field whilst you are still in India, other wise you will be disappointed.


    • Mr. Raj……my friends are already in new zealand on student visa for level 7 business management course…..they said they are doing well here…….wht is ur opinion on present condition of inter. Students in nz..?????……….should i apply for nz or nt……plz be frank….m totally confused…..whether to stay in india find a job here or move to nz……plz help mezzz


      • Raj and Exile are completely right.
        If your “friends” are doing so well, ask to see their payslips. They will show them to you if they are either your friends or are trying to prove a point.
        What you have been hearing sounds like a repeat of the intro movie to Grand Theft Auto 4, where Nico Bellic was previously told(and enticed) by his cousin Roman Bellic that he was living the “American Dream” with two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars. Of course, it was all lies.


        • Sir I am from India and looking forward to bachelor of engineering from nz ?
          Is this is a right desicision can I have good chances of job?


          • Ankit

            Could you elaborate a bit on your university, course and reasons for your choice. Also, do you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses while you are here?

            The general advice is to careful and not believe what the agents have told you. They usually give examples of the candidates who are relatively successful, but not the the majority who struggle and have to finally leave the country after burning themselves up financially.



  97. Hi Manpreet
    join the long line of migrants. Without foreign students universities and colleges will be empty.
    You should have claim the benefit to recoup some money lost. Finding a job for migrant is a lotto.
    our own people also have private colleges trying to rob our own kind , such a shame.
    If all migrants boycott New Zealand then they will see what happens.
    It is a forum like this is to discourage migrant from coming to New Zealand is a start.
    the situation is getting worse.
    So best is tell as many as possible not to come.
    if you have the PR or Citizenship, then come back and get the pension.


    • There are plenty of overseas nationals with PR who pay their workers less than the minimum wage and under the table. This means the workers don’t pay tax but still use hospitals, transport etc. Plenty of Asians are working here. However, good jobs are thin on the ground. This is true for New Zealanders too.


  98. Hi Manpreet
    I am sorry that you are getting confused. Those who say they are doing well ask them where are they working, what job they are doing and how much are they making in bulk part.
    I currently have 23 CPIT student looking actively for relevant work in Christchurch after completing internship. Now they have one year open work visa by which they need to land a job in their field to apply for PR.
    There are jobs working in the fast food and hospitality working silly hours, there are jobs in the super market self filling and bakery working crazy hours. These are migrant jobs since locals do not want to do it.
    Then ther is farm and fruit picking jobs. Some people get fed up end up taking up franchises for cab or courier. Then there are others who set up a dairy.

    So please check out carefully. Hope it clarifies little bit for you. There are those very very few lucky ones have landed a reasonable jobs but as a percentage it is too low.
    Good luck mate, think and think before you decide to make that move.


  99. Manpreet – Raj is right. Taking on a business levl 7 diploma will give you nothing. Its a complete waste of money if you want any form of career. Unless your one of the very few lucky ones hired by your internship company (and thats what maybe 3% who are). You’ll get your promised 1 year workvisa after completion sure. But after that?

    What you will end up doing is staying and working together with other mainly Punjabis/Gujaratis in professions such as cleaning, petrol-stations, warehouses, restaurants. (Non of those gives permanent residence after your one year visa ends) You’ll live cramped, like a dog, with a group of other Punjabis all of you earning minimum wage or below. Your future in NZ is low and decent jobs wont come by you.
    Modern day slavery.
    Your only chance is to have enough money to buy a business or start something that is more or less another migrant scheme such as dairy, cafe etc.

    But be aware your likely to be the lowest class person in NZ for your life. And be aware a house in Aucklands poorest neighbourhoods, areas riddled with crime costs 500.000. (Think Papatoetoe) if you wanna live in a decent area with decent schools the house costs 800.000-1.5 million.
    For that you need a salary way way higher than 15 dollars an hour and a deposit of at least 100.000 dollars something you wont make working immigrant jobs in NZ…


    • I agree, NZ is no bed of roses, as it is said out to be by the ‘agents’ who are handsomely paid to bring students like you to NZ ( NZ Institutions have a commission structure). They will rob you blindfolded her, and you will realise it when its too late. Think of it as a good karma that you landed on this website and got the right information, save you money mate, and go to the first world countries like US, Canada, etc. Here you won’t find your paradise.

      I am indian mysel, and it is truly a lotto to have a job here.


  100. actually, the lies told by NZ Immigration regarding students easily be able to get permanent residence or even easily full work visa has been going on for many years. In this open world of internet, skype,facebook, twitter, why are Indians students still coming to nz believing it is easy to get at least a work visa and eventually permanent residence after their studies?
    Why are they so stupid to come here? Can’ there do any research about NZ first before coming here? Yes NZ Immigration tells lies but it is the indian students who are so stupid to still come here after these lies have been told for many years now. Grow up dear Indian students. The world today is 2015 and it is one f…ked up world and no one can be trusted, even agencies or people in developed nations. We are not in the good old days anymore. Grow up please dear Indian students!!! or you will be cheated also in other so called developed nations also like UK, USA, Can ada, Australia etc


    • The people probably telling them the lies that get the most traction,
      are “ethnic representatives of the community”.
      After all,
      to pass off a big lie, you first have to be accepted as a truth teller and someone who looks out for your community, am I right?
      Not to mention, reality is difficult to accept, as people strongly want to believe that their options are better elsewhere since they spent so much money, effort and time.
      It’s hard for anyone to believe that those things can turn to a big fat zero. Because we have been indoctrinated to believe that only good returns come to those who strive …


      • Beyond the contradictions that “New Zealand looks up to the Asian education systems in producing hard workers” YET “Asian education is unsuitable for New Zealand” (lol, as most locals don’t even finish theirs)
        Much harder to find teaching jobs because there seems to be an undercurrent perception about Asians being “not up to standards” and incapable of speaking/writing well in English despite that fact that a lot of Asians migrants right now are arriving on skilled visa.

        are these 2 gems:
        How much money did you bring with you:

        How much do you earn in New Zealand:
        Right now about $70K income. We have 2 rental properties (our home in Singapore and an apartment in the NZ city) so we have a nice additional source of guaranteed income coming in. We’d also have investments too.
        (Also remember the wife’s previous comment about her education: Of course it helped I had degrees from both Singapore and Australia and good referees. – how much did that cost?)

        Point to note that coming here, you tend to spend a lot of money in the first few months and especially in this uncertainy economic climate, you need to have sufficient funds to sustain you. Because things always never happen the way you want it, being secure financially is a big security for us. We were very prudent with our money when we were jobless.

        I would actually hazard a guess to say they were millionaires BEFORE they sought jobs in New Zealand.


  101. Subitai Singh + What lies does NZ immigration tell?
    I have been through their website many times and i cant see a single lie.

    Agents, colleges and fellow students tells lies a plenty but NZ immigration I haven’t seen a single lie from. They don’t tend to interact with the students all they do is issue a student visa and then a one year workvisa. And unless you completely screw up everything you cant fail getting those two. Its the real visa after that that any fail and thats because they think they can work as petrol-station, dairy attendant, parking garage, liqueur shop, McDonalds, waiters jobs and then claim managerial position based on an employer supporting them. Unfortunately no manager at restaurants get PR anymore…
    but the employer is happy to support you because he gets 1-2 years of hard labour from you for low pay.

    Also remember every college pays about 30-60% commission to the agents to bring a student to NZ. Good money. Why would the agents tell anyone the truth. The colleges hold their promise. You get a lvl 7 diploma (as long as 80% attendance) and after it you qualify for the one year graduate job search visa. The agent laugh and takes your 5000 thousand etc, the college laugh and take your other 50-10.000 and then you are stuck in NZ with a job earning between 10-15 dollars an hour hoping to get a visa and a good life. Something no can can on a salary below 30 an hour…

    Nah its not NZ immigration thats at fault they deliver exactly what they promise. others lie but not them.
    Deep down though the culture of blaming others is wrong, everyone has a choice and if you do enough research you’ll know that undertaking a lvl 7 diploma at a college is pointless if you want a job and a career in NZ.

    Good luck with migrating here, but dont assume shortcuts such as colleges provide a ticket to a promised land. it doesnt and you’ll work lousy jobs no one wants for years to earn more than the minimum to survive, The white kiwis sit in their houses, smiles and for every new person that arrives their properties appreciate in value. Their rentals become dearer. Master and servant and you’ll be the servant.


  102. It could be because some are afraid you will work harder and achieve more. For a number of NZ people, Tall Poppy Syndrome seems to justify ganging-up on others who demonstrate they are capable of working harder and achieving more. This cultural characteristic, and the ability to gang-up anonymously with cyber-bulying today, results in what research from Waikato University recently called:

    "a perfect storm for under achievement" (see http://srl.to/u5e2dNha?4)

    which they show reduces New Zealand’s average performance by 18% over what the people are truly capable of.

    And, contrary to the comments in the video above, I believe this kind of thing certainly does not happen in England where there are very strong laws preventing discrimination of any kind (on anything other than measurable work and achievement that is).


  103. So here is my little 2 cents on this who topic about NZ being racist and immigrants finding it hard to find jobs.

    I’m going to start by saying I’m from an Asian background but I have been fortunate to have been raised partly in Asia and outside Asia. This has helped me see two sides of the coin and understand better where the flaws of immigrant Asians looking for jobs in a foreign country.

    I immigrated to NZ myself about 5 years ago and I’ve had a great experience. There are times where it was a bumpy ride but generally it’s been good. I know immigration NZ can be tough and off putting. Those blaming agents claiming that they were lied to that NZ was the land of milk and honey, I bet you any agent will tell you the same about other countries. Their main goal is to get money from the service fees and commission from employers/universities. I came here through an agent as well and I could tell he was over exaggerating about things.
    The two issues I think make life harder for Immigrating Asians in NZ are:

    1: Lack of Communication skills.
    Just because we learnt to speak English doesn’t mean we can communicate well in English. Majority of Asians in NZ who moved here are still struggling with speaking and communicating. Employers are looking for excellent communication skills so speaking and writing skills need to be top notch unless it’s for a job that doesn’t require much communication. One major factor we don’t improve on English (I hate Asians for this and I’m Asian) is because we come to NZ and we hang out with only our on people!!! I have met Indians and Chinese people in NZ who have been here 7 years plus and have no Kiwi friends. This means you been in NZ for 7 plus years and majority of the time you still speaking your own language. This is a major disadvantage because you’re not going to improve your English.
    2: You butt heads to much.
    I have been working in a few companies and the Kiwis have told me one reason they don’t like Asians is the disagreements and the lack of common culture. If you want someone to welcome you into their “family” you need to make an effort. Unfortunately Asians just don’t seem like they want to be part of the team, they are literally there for the pay cheque. (Yes truth is we are all there for the $$ but make an effort to at least be part of the team).
    The other thing is Yes Asians are rude and inconsiderate sometimes, so be careful with some habits. If you came to NZ for a better life, leave them nasty habits and unlikable behaviours back home. If you had thousands of immigrants come to your country with their unlikeable habits, you would be unhappy too.
    I see Asians who immigrated to NZ complain about racism and no jobs, but have you ever wondered why Kiwi Asians (NZ born and raised Asians) don’t complain. They find jobs like other kiwis and they go on with life like other kiwis. It’s because they successful integrate into the NZ society without any issues. Kiwis are not afraid to hire them because they communicate well and they share the same NZ culture.

    You want to be treated like a kiwi, learn to be a Kiwi then.


    • Sounds convincing enough. They say while in Rome do what the Romans do. I am from Goa living in Goa India, wanting to migrate with my family to New Zealand for varied reasons.
      Goa is different from the rest of India. Sorry to say I hate the behaviors most Indians. Many of them cheat, are very rude and corrupt. So I want to get out of this country to bring up my children in a non corrupt world.
      The first to reach New Zealand were the Maoris. They never conquered the country for there was none to take it from. Then were the mixed white traders who mingled with the Maoris followed by the Britishers who also neither attacked or conquer but signed the much debated Waitangi treaty. Does that make them original settlers sadly not. They do govern. Overall I like that country more because it is a place where every one migrated to. That makes one and all ‘immigrants’ doesn’t it? I may be wrong.


      • This article is probably of relevance to you (Good thing I saved it way back when …)
        (Apologies to the mod, it needs to be posted in full as the website seems to have been shut down)
        Indians in NZ face job bias: survey

        Wellington, Oct 5: Indians in New Zealand face job discrimination up to 10 times or more compared to New Zealanders, a survey has found.

        Almost two in every three Indians (63 percent) felt they have been discriminated in the recruitment process or at work, according to the survey by the Global Indian magazine.

        An Indian in New Zealand is likely to be in an administrative or physical job and be underpaid. The survey revealed that three in four (72 percent) Indians felt their career has been adversely affected after migrating to New Zealand.

        One in two Indians said they have never been promoted in a job in New Zealand. Two in three Indians feel that their salary is not in line with their qualifications and skills. One said that he had not had a permanent job for the past 12 years.

        “I did not get one promotion in the last 10 years. I am in a Catch-22 situation because my kids are schooling in New Zealand. Now I am unable to go back to India as I have to wait for them to finish their schooling,” another respondent said.

        The salary levels of Indians in this country indicate that almost a third of Indians earn less than NZ$ 40,000 (about $26,000) a year while half of all Indians earn less than NZ$50,000.

        Referring to the ‘No Kiwi experience’ cited by many recruiters, one respondent said that this effectively meant that Indians in New Zealand face the prospect of not being allowed into water until they learn how to swim.

        The survey, which was conducted among 232 Indians in New Zealand, also found that every third Indian is employed in physical, administrative, secretarial or customer service role.

        However, the survey also highlighted a minority group in the Indian community that has fought against all odds to achieve their goals.

        “In the beginning, yes, I felt my career was adversely affected. However, things have got better as the Kiwis became more aware that Indians could speak English and were hardworking, sincere and loyal,” one respondent said.

        “And thanks to us Indians who have proved to the doubtful Kiwis that we actually speak the Queen’s English with good pronunciation, correct spelling and are not lazy speakers.”

        The respondents cited a need for employers, the immigration service, and migrants to develop solutions to address the issue.

        “(There is a need for) cross-cultural training and diversity management skills among management personnel (not HR departments alone),” one respondent said.


    • I’ll just say that your idea about “excellent communication skills, something only Kiwis and “enlightened beings” in NZ possess” (that’s how I read it anyway),
      is laughable – I have a Cambridge qualification in English – of a much higher standard than the “so-called” “english language courses” that Universities in NZ ask of overseas students.
      Their limp-wristed response to an obviously superior qualification, was to write me a letter while I was in the halls of residence, that said “You will not hold the university or their staff responsible if you do not understand the lectures”.
      LOL at that too … the biggest cohort of dropouts and no-hopers … were the domestic students 🙂


    • Hi Mr2cents ,

      From all the above comments, reading your comments have somewhat send me positive vibe. I don’t think I will face any communication problem . I am Indian ,studied throughout in English and planning to study , work in NZ. Please reply , should I change my plan since reading all they above comments is really making me tensed about my plan. Please suggest, because I would be really spending a lot for my this plan . I would be gald if you help me out. thankx.

      Jinal 🙂


      • Jinal

        Are you serious about moving to New Zealand, have you done any research, are you aware it is hard to find a job in New Zealand, I have lived here with my parents for 21+ years and just remember once you come to New Zealand, it could be a very bad mistake, New Zealand has a serious problem with unemployment and also when you try looking for a job in any New Zealand company, it is about who you know, my father tried looking for various jobs in New Zealand despite himself being a railway engineer and in the end he had to go back to Hong Kong to look for a job and came back in mid 2003 with Tranz Rail now KiwiRail and compared with that the wages in Hong Kong were much better than New Zealand wages.

        Also when you come to New Zealand, are you planning to rent a home, room or whichever, if you decide to rent some homeowners will expect you to pay for the Rent,electrictity and water and the telephone+internet bill will surely be paid by yourself.

        Also the Health System here is shocking, I mean shocking, if you are sick and need to go to the ER at any hospital in New Zealand, expect to wait 3 or 4 hours at the Emergency Room and New Zealand has a serious nurse and doctor shortage even people waiting in the surgery list have been thrown off or you could be waiting a long time for surgery in the public health system, be warned private Hospitals in New Zealand are not cheap, when you want to do a private surgery it could cost $20,000+. Also doctors in New Zealand are not cheap at all and on top of that when you have the doctors fee and medicine costs combined, it could well run over $50.00+ and also after hours clinics can be expensive too for example $65.00+ .

        Food is also not cheap in New Zealand as well and it can be expensive, also make sure you do sufficient research before coming to New Zealand.

        Just something to show you the price of food compared with Wellington and Mumbai:


        • Well hey – it goes both ways I’m afraid!!!

          I’m a Kiwi that has spent the last 2 years in and out of India. My last entry into India was with a Journalist visa, which is extendable. Due to the “GREY AREA” for each applicant, the Indian immigration at one office denied me twice for an extension because he didn’t have enough information regarding an extension on a Journalist visa? The official even said that he would contact Delhi between my 2 visits to quicken the process! On the second visit I had asked if he had contacted Delhi, but he had not (to busy or lazy, or didn’t really care). He replied, and said “it would be better to leave India and re apply for another visa and enter India again”?

          Now at who’s cost – definitely not his problem right?

          So I went to another immigration office (Salt Lake – Kolkata), and went through the same process again. This time I was granted a 4 mth extension by the head official, but that was also denied by some jerk below the chief who granted it, just because it wasn’t a 6 month extension? Now why couldn’t these idiots just grant a 6 month extension? I had a sponsor and proof of being a Journalist, but then thats the “Grey Area” the Indian Immigration use when they have straight forward paperwork to process – Totally Incompetent, unsupportive and Lazy!!!

          So I had to fly out of India just because of the incompetent staff at both Indian Immigration offices who used their status to deny any type of extension, even though I was granted an extension and then revoke it!!!


  104. Hi Mr 2 Cts, thank you for your comment. Understand what you are saying, but the point you are missing is there are fundamental issues.
    I am an Indian and NewZealand Citizen. I have lot of kiwi, poms, Asians, and other nationality friends. I consider my self social animal.
    When it comes to doing business or getting that job you deserve then things change.
    I have New Zealand experience, yes I have been successful but OMG it has been uphill struggle, now those who know me are willing and queuing up for my services, because I have something that they do not have and Iam the only source.
    Not every one is as lucky.
    So even if you integrate well, eat , sleep kiwi you are treated as foreigner.
    Just one example, they give you two year. Work visa, so you work hard , retain the job, after two years you star all over again, hey this is not right, they should give them PR after that two years.
    No , no you reapply they take your money then refuse. So when they need you it is ok , but when they do not you go back home.
    I will not repeat job issues.
    So nothing works, it is selfish government and all.


    • Very True Indeed, I second every word of what you said.

      Does anybody wants to know why a kiwi is so dumb and tomorrow belongs to us Asians (Indians + Chinese) .

      Here is why http://m.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11447375

      While a typical college goer in Indian and Asian universities spends most of his/her time toiling through the studies, a kiwi counterpart spends drinking, partying, sleeping around and expecting to graduate with a high paying job, on the sole merit of the colour of his/her skin and eyes? Now who of the two lots, would a rational person be employing? The dumb moron lazy kiwi who thinks that the world owes him something because he has less melanin in his skin or a smart, qualified Asian who is more deserving owing to his drive and determination?

      This is payback time friends, now wonder we are buying your second world country to decolonize it, it is just the natural progression of time and three of four generations after this, you all can end up as white trash.


  105. I am looking to pursue my Masters in Interaction Design from University of Canterbury. Will be applying for my student visa in the next 2 days. Could you share the scope of the same in NZ? I will be spending 22,000 NZD for my education and around 15k for living. So approximately, around 20 lacs INR. Would you say it is worth to do my masters?


    • It’s a trap buddy, don’t take the bait. The educational agents are lying scumbags paid handsomely by their kiwi owners. I guarantee you that you will struggle, having a degree here means nothing to them. Christchurch is a hollowed out place anyway, with deep rooted racism. I own a design agency and I can tell you, you would be better off in U.S. Or Canada, don’t do this to yourself. Only plumbers and concrete cutters make good money in Christchurch, not the educated lot. If you need more info, send me your email. I am prepared to guide you if you wish.


      • It’s a trap buddy, don’t take the
        bait. The educational agents are
        lying scumbags paid handsomely by
        their kiwi owners. I guarantee you
        that you will struggle, having a
        degree here means nothing to them.
        Christchurch is a hollowed out place
        anyway, with deep rooted racism. I
        own a design agency and I can tell
        you, you would be better off in U.S.
        Or Canada, don’t do this to yourself.
        Only plumbers and concrete cutters
        make good money in Christchurch,
        not the educated lot. If you need
        more info, send me your email. I am
        prepared to guide you if you wish.
        tell me more


      • Hey Buddy,

        I am also thinking to enroll in graduate diploma in tourism studies in auckland.

        Could you please guide me which country to choose from.

        NZ sounds economical but not aware about the opportunities.



        • NZ is a small xenophobic country with strong racial bias, you will find Indians here are looked as second class humans and you will never be given a chance to integrate in the society. You will have no local friends, no chance of getting a date, no chance of getting a job, no chance of getting anywhere….unless you are prepared to do the hard yard.

          Degree and diplomas aren’t valued here, in fact, you will find top level executives here with no Degree/Diploma at all. In fact, if you got a qualification, you will have ‘lesser’ chance of getting a job. They like it ‘white’ and ‘moron’ here, while educated ‘non-white’ racial minorities could be seen flipping burgers and filling up gas at gas stations.

          You wil find successful Indians here, however, they have gone through a lot and managed to get themselves some degree of success in this ‘rigged’ nations, where the odds are against you.

          Its crazy man, don’t blow all you hard earned money here, all the european countries are on a downward spiral. If you really want to be successful, go to asian powerhouses like Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. You will have a higher degree of success, than you would here.

          I have been to a heck lot of places, but not a place like NZ. Just here for family, otherwise , I am off from here.

          Remember, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’. Stay where you are and make you country proud, do something there and get hold on the pockets of countries like NZ. For example, I run a digital agency, and i charge kiwi price while the backend of the company is in New Delhi. We employ kiwi ‘cowboys’ here as the sales team, to cut through the kiwi bullshit of buying local.

          If i go there to sell, i will be out in few minutes, being a person with dark skin. Tried and tested!


      • Hi Vigilante,

        My name is Pradeesh George, I’m an Indian. I did my CPA and my wife is a software engineer. I was strongly considering migrating to NZ or Australia. My idea was to work there for couple of years, gain the experience and get the PR and citizenship along the way.

        But reading all these blogs was scary, I was told that Christchurch has lots of opportunities and has a easier chances of getting PR. I did go on to the many websites and found ample job openings. All that being said i would like to get a more realistic opinion. Could you please spare some time and advice as to which is the better among NZ and Aus or if either are worth while at all for a US CPA and my IT engineer wife


        • Unfortunately, just because there is a job opening … doesn’t mean that job opening is for you.
          Companies also try to “get (extra) work for cheap” under the 90-day trial period.
          After that, you are cut loose and told “you are not a good cultural fit” for this company.

          On the other hand, if you come with family, NZ is very welcoming – perhaps they hope you’ll buy their houses at inflated prices, pay more taxes and employ them + through your kids, there’s either consumer or sexual exploitation to come.

          Tough call … but as usual – unless there is a job contract (OVER 90 days) … with legal penalties for non-compliance (e.g. freeze company bank account or garnish their income) … don’t bother.


        • But reading all these blogs was scary, I was told that Christchurch has lots of opportunities and has a easier chances of getting PR.
          By a stroke of kismet / karma, this came up in NZ Herald today:

          Flatmates wanted – ‘no Indians or Asians’
          2:33 PM Saturday Oct 31, 2015

          “The honest answer is that the majority of them either don’t speak English very well, and I’ve had problems with communication in the past, where I’ve tried to tell them that they’re doing something wrong and they don’t understand.”

          He said these communication problems weren’t just an “Indian or Asian thing”.

          Funny, I’ve had problems with communication (with kiwis) in the past … but that was because the people involved … either didn’t want to solve the problem … wanted to prolong misbehaviour or … want to make out that you, as a foreigner, are “unreasonable” and “don’t understand the Kiwi way”(when they try to step on you … and you step on them).


        • Pradeesh

          You would be better off in Australia, it’s a lot like New Zealand, however, without the usual irks of living with a closed minded population. Racism is there as well, however, you got bigger exposure in places like Melbourne and Sydney.I know plenty of Indians who have done well in Australia, not many in New Zealand.

          PR and citizenship in NZ is not worth it, think logically, if it was such a paradise, how come close to a million New Zealanders live abroad? Christchurch is a racist shanty town, with the most unusual eurocentric scumbags I have ever come across ( and this is a gross generalisation, there are exceptions as well). Yes, the jobs are there, however, you will be at the bottom of the heap given your background and race.

          Forget about NZ, go for Australia and stick to culturally diverse cities, otherwise you will face racism. However, when compared to India, both places are not good for career.


          • Haha no offence but as a Kiwi living overseas i have had to share a house with a couple of Indians and the reason why you can’t make friends with us is because your all in your own bubble and don’t understand our sense of humor and you are all really shy and awkward, like all the other Asians they all stick with other Asians and don’t make an effort to become friends with us kiwis or speak our language, they don’t really give a shit about our country, they are just buying property here and then prices increases making money off us.


          • as a Kiwi living overseas i have had to share a house with a couple of Indians

            who didn’t get your sense of humour and were awkward around you. Ever think that it is you that has the problem, and why should they speak your language, did you make an effort to speak theirs? Why are you living in Australia anyway?


          • Kiwi sense of humour equates to low class sexual jokes mixed with a tinge of racism, which they think is funny. Only morons on a parallel plane would enjoy such jokes. You folks barely open your mouth and the foul words begin to rain. You guys sound better with your potty mouths shut.

            As about why Indians and Asians seems a bit awkward to you is becaus they want to avoid scums like you like plague. After all they come from decent families, not like a typical broken families found in the good old New Zealand.

            Kiwis and a good friend? Doesn’t go along well. Nah…mate Aussies are way better, educated and open minded.


          • kiwi’s having sense of “humour” or “humor”? First kiwi’s need to understand which version of English they want to ape, is it the British or American. You might be capable of showing off your English skills to someone (you consider) inferior but mind you I know lot of Indians, Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans), Eastern European who have much clearer diction than borrowed English that most of the kiwis reflect including above comment.

            Kiwis anyways have their attitude 2 feet above their head and the reflection gets stronger & stronger by each passing comment. BTW, what makes you share room with Indians & Asians? Why didn’t you find the courage to share it with any Australian or Kiwi per se?

            Talking about buying property, there is risk factor associated with any selling & buying business. The one that takes the risk earns the rewards too.


      • My name is M Mallikarjuna from Bangalore india
        I’m planned to study graduate diploma in applied management and after that i do job and i want to make my life in NZ with good income with PR also and I’m only one child of my parents and they don’t have money and I’m coming from education loan can you please sir give me suggestion or if you e-mail me than its too better for me [ Please send a message to admin if you’d like to contact Arjun and we’ll pass on your details]


  106. Hi Mr Desai,
    Why you choose New Zealand? The reason you mentioned cost , do you find that expensive. 15K living expense is under estimated.
    If you then expect to find work? Work is not easy to find.
    Hope you are not paying any agent any fees, because applying for visa is as easy as.
    After you have thought about the issues listed above and done a thorough research, you can decide.


  107. i am new zealand born an breed and indians asians etc are decent people but yes it is definetely tough for you people to live in new zealand maybe easier in less desirable locations ie invercargill my home town


  108. To S. Desai,

    A word of caution…
    Heading to Canada or UK seems a far better proposition and much more rewarding not to mention cost effective in the longer run (if you were to consider the greater level of recognition n appreciation in the job market for the degrees being offered In both Canada n UK).



  109. Mr. Joeffry,

    “Goa is different from the rest of India. Sorry to say I hate the behaviors most Indians. Many of them cheat, are very rude and corrupt. So I want to get out of this country to bring up my children in a non corrupt world.”

    With a western sounding name (I reckon you are a Goan Roman Catholic) you should have it relatively easy if you are going for…say job hunting in NZ… as your chances of being called for an interview are far greater than any one with a not so western sounding name.

    Having said that, you may not have it easy once they ask you for your ethnicity… which they shall undoubtedly; so do secure the job/business offer before you arrive in NZ.

    And ‘being non corrupt’ as you had put…is only partially true in case of NZ… here its more about whom you know and how well… rather than just greasing the hands of some one (the practise rampant in India and many Asian countries… which is what I presume you are referring to)

    And with the affirmative action favouring the Maori, you may inevitably feel…as if you were back in India…with reference to the ‘caste based reservation system’, prevalent there.

    Having said that, I would strongly suggest you to check with other fellow Goan Indians here in NZ, as to how they are placed with reference to the above issues.

    Good Luck with the journey ahead,



    • Thanks for the Informative comment @ gianstefano…If only the thousands of Indians who are about to make the decision to come to NZ could actually see this . If you guys could actually see the way the ‘study abroad’ consultants are actually advertising NZ as one of the most comfortable places to start a new career or to immigrate to over here in India, you would be astounded.
      Thousands of people here in India, actually give up their house(life-time earnings) as mortgage to be able to finance the education loan to cover the tuition costs.

      What makes them fall for it is probably the fact that there is more money to be earned as compared to what they earn here in India plus the One year job search permit that they get.

      Any smart person,who has the skills from the ‘Skill Shortage List’, has a decent amount of experience and a NZ degree, wouldn’t think that it would be that great a deal to be able to get a job.

      I am not too sure on what the ground reality in NZ is at present. But i do wish that the NZ government takes the necessary steps to ensure they are not piling on jobless Immigrants just to be able to earn the $ 4 Billion in revenue from Overseas Education.

      I was actually planning on coming to NZ for a graduate diploma’s but after going through this thread… Im not really sure whether that would be a good idea.


      • Same here Buddy. I am planning to study at Unitec for Graduate Diploma in Construction Management, a Civil Engineer with 22 years of experience. Due to the vast opportunities advertised in Christchurch, I was motivated to this plan, as I had been applying for any job in Civil engineering but to only got rejections. As I searched over the net, I found this thread and it is so very alarming. Had to think 1000x.


      • Its all a rort!!!
        They sell everything on the basis of what NZ ‘used to be like’

        Very few of those who study here will get jobs . Even the locals studying are hard pressed. From my observations overseas students are seen as a cheap expendable labour resource. They are only here for a couple of years and do not complain as they are trying so hard to get permanent residence. They get used by the employer to increase profits and actually help maintain the status quo of a low wage economy by acceptance. When the visa expires it will be a simple thanks for coming…bye now. Some but very few will succeed. I suggest either study at home or go somewhere else where there is more opportunity. Don’t expect any favors. NZ will likely destroy you in the long term.


  110. Hi, I am planning to migrate NZ from dubai. but reading above all reviews changed my mind I guess I will better go to USA or Canada. Hope I am doing right step. Because reading above all gives Negative Vibration in NZ. Hope I will visit NZ as a tourist and can enjoy NZ


  111. Hello people, I am an Indian , currently I am doing Masters in Chemical Engineering in USA.. I am Planning to apply for a job related to my field In NZ, Can anybody Please tell me my chances of getting one..


    • Why do you even bother coming to NZ from the land of opportunities that U.S. is. I am an Indian living here since last seven years and I would love to swap my position with you. It’s a waste of your time here, as here if you aren’t one of them, you would be working in gas stations, not as chemical engineer. Read the thread above.


    • Sometimes, I think it is better to let someone else do the talking about whether you can find a job commensurate with your qualifications, in New Zealand, when you are “seen as different”:

      The couple arrived in New Zealand from Mumbai in 2003, full of hope for their new life. Mohini was an accountant, his wife a quality-control chemist. “We came here for better prospects and better living standards, and then an unknown person from a different country suddenly.….that’s the thing that is still in my mind,” Falguni Mohini says.

      Hiren Mohini wanted to own his own family home. It was why he was out driving a taxi at all hours, picking up the sober, the drunk, the dangerous. “His dream was to buy a house for us, so to fulfil his wish I bought a house within a year after his death,” Falguni says.

      Life has changed substantially. She has changed career, taking a new job as a teacher aide at New Windsor School, giving her constant contact with Yashvi and Hetvi. “The school has been very good to me, they have given me an opportunity to spend time with them. It’s very nice to be with them. The girls are happy about it, if they see me, they come and hug me.”
      Ad Feedback

      She has had to learn to drive, because “he used to drive us everywhere, wherever I wanted to go he used to take me there, and his daughters and Mum.”

      and this:
      It takes a typical immigrant 12 years to get the same wages and type of job that a New Zealand-qualified person would get.

      Remember, you are committing yourself – and possibly your family – to your decision about migration.


    • Hate to burst your bubble but ZILCH – You will be driving a cab before you will be working in the Chemical engineering field. I am an overly qualified American that has been here for 3 yrs – it has been next to impossible to find a job unless someone “knows you” here – it is very small-town mentality. Kiwis feel threatened by you if you have more qualifications than they do, and when they feel threatened, they bully you. So read the comments and pay homage to the advice here. People are NOT friendly to outsiders.


      • Completely Agree. New Zealand feels like a village that got stuck in time. There is ZERO respect for knowledge, education and learning here. I have great respect for countries like USA, even though I don’t totally support their foreign policy. However, America is a country built on merit, where there is a level playing field based upon your hard work and achievements. This country is the total opposite of that, here the societal philosophy surrounds ALL BLACKS and RABID IMMIGRANT BASHING. Most kiwis I talk to, couldn’t talk beyond sports and booze, there is neither rhythm nor wisdom in their speech, their monotonous irksome boozy accent talking crap hounds me to death.

        Its ALL MONKEY HIRING MONKEYS AND SELF PRAISING HERE, there is nothing of SUBSTANCE in this isolated landmass filled with intellectual freak.


        • Gosh Im so overwhelmed by all the negativity in this thread. I am a New Zealand citizen and I know that employers are bound by the law where it states that a New Zealand citizen has rights to employment over foreigners. I am PROUD of my country but I must agree with some of the things all you people have written about. Yes we are ALL underpaid except for the Employers and the Govt at this time are all for the businessmen and not for the workers who are the ones that actually make the money for the employer. I agree that we pay such high rates of tax except when you are a large business and can claim all sorts of tax writeoffs. I agree that a lot of new Zealanders are so caught up in glorifying RUGBY and other sport that doesn’t actually benefit the majority of people. But I DONT agree that our country is an isolated landmass full of intellectual freaks, we are a very small country and that is the reason we do not have enough jobs to go round. So just think of us citizens who are also qualified in certain areas, that do not get hired because some foreigner has come along and taken the job. We have a moral duty firstly to our own people and then we can look at hiring outsiders. I don’t believe that I can just “walk into a job” in China or India, as I don’t speak the languages, well the same applies here.


          • I know that employers are bound by the law where it states that a New Zealand citizen has rights to employment over foreigners.

            This is incorrect. All people who are legally entitled to work in New Zealand have equal rights to employment.

            We have a moral duty firstly to our own people and then we can look at hiring outsiders.

            Yes many Kiwis think exactly this. The problem is that your government doesn’t tell migrants. It tells them there are skills shortages and entices them with stories of ‘lifestyle’ and work life balance’. Its not migrants you should have an issue with, its your government.

            One last thing, English proficiency is a basic immigration requirement for migrants in New Zealand, unlike some countries NZ is actually very hard to get in to – only the best and most talented people get through. Its not surprising they get pissed off when they’re thrown on the scrapheap when they arrive. Bear that in mind next time you’re looking for a well trained medical specialist.

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          • There are two logical fallacies in your comment

            You mention that NZers should prefer hiring NZers because there is law which says so. Well, that’s exactly the problem why NZ is a such a backwater. In the books of most migrants, merit should triumph over the false sense of nationalism while hiring. No wonder the employees here could barely spell.

            2 . You say that you couldn’t walk into a job in India. Well…Sherlock, to burst your bubble, you can. Indians will hire anybody as long as you are qualified (education from good university, experience and personality). There are plenty of ‘cream class’ foreigners working there in top notch companies. And Indians speak English, guess what, India is the second largest cluster of English speakers after US.

            And about China, well we all know the ‘white privilege’ kiwis enjoy in China and other Asian countries. Don’t even let me get started on this.


          • Your government enticed me to move over but did not delivered. Should it be a case of Fair Trading Act 1986 on misleading representation of New Zealand?


        • All they do is have laughs, keep chatting at work and have endless meetings with no outcome wasting everyones time instead of doing productive work…


  112. Hi Lakshminarayanan S,

    Don’t want to harsh your mellow…(as they say in the US), but you would be FAR BETTER OFF and better placed finding descent work in US or even Canada than in NZ.

    For once, You would be facing racism WITHOUT A DOUBT; as it is an overt practise in NZ to discard CVs without even checking for professional qualifications and experience… if happen to be form applicants with with foreign sounding names (unless you were to change it to a western sounding one).

    Secondly, you may hear things like… you are either inexperienced (read…don’t have NZ experience) or we don’t recognize your qualification (it being not acquired through NZ universities).

    Thirdly, you WILL NOT get the infrastructure; neither professional nor personal-especially pertaining to housing.

    Fourthly, if you get lucky in securing an employment by grace of The All Mighty, you would end up working under bosses who would (as a thumb rule) be less qualified than you (read as high-school graduates and most certainly without a masters degree).

    Fifthly, earnings and savings ratio will be one of the lowest to say the least; so if you are planning to cash in the boom back in India, by way of sending back money and the likes of it… you may as well have to forget it.

    To summarise, do take your time to go through a good number of posts and comments posted here and do consult your fellow peers and acquaintances who are of foreign (Indian or not?) origin if happen to be already in NZ on work (not vacation); before you take a final call.

    Good Luck n Cheers mate.


  113. Additionally,

    If you don’t WORSHIP Rugby (much much more than Cricket back in India) and don’t drink heavily… socialising and networking for business prospects in NZ is next to impossible.

    So, Choose Wisely Live Well mate.


  114. What a sad story, yes I have no doubt that highly skilled migrants are doing a job that they wouldn’t do. Once here they do not have a choice . How do NewZealand determines skill shortage? Do they keeps a register of some sort? So when these skilled migrant apply do they match a skill level to these shortage and allocate them the job. The whole system is in a mess.
    There is no logic to apply fora skilled migrant category visa, it takes nearly two years to process and by that time offer if you were lucky would have disappeared. Things would have changed.
    You get my point.


    • The whole system (in NZ) is in a mess.
      Maybe the system is working exactly the way it is supposed to:
      Pull the wool over the eyes of qualified people.
      Get them to contribute skills and insight at a cheap price.
      And finally, kick them out or indenture them.
      (get their money put into company investment now, which is riskier, rather than government bonds, which are safe … they must “prove their love” for our country)

      We assume the homily “work hard and you will succeed” is accurate or will be enforced by external authorities or “community leaders”.
      There is a name for that fallacy, it’s called “the just world fallacy”.


  115. Why cant Asians find work? maybe your life will be directed to a better life. There are kiwis finding work and not happy because of a socially crippled environment, NZ has the highest nation holding a high cost to Government on bullying incidents. Prime TV has started this 3 episode programme and I recommend it if anyone has a chance. http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/69868306/bullies-tv-tackles-nzs-shame – sadly under entertainment but its not entertaining trust me. The show started yesterday 7th July at 8.30pm on Prime TV, every Tuesday at 8.30. Bullying is a serious epidemic in NZ, they accuse Australians to be racist but guess what Kiwis are mostly bullies. No body wins. No grass is greener on either side, but you have to water your side and look after it.


    • I agree. Kiwi are the real scums when it comes to racism. They are passive aggressive. Aussies are way better than them, however they are no saint either. However, one thing that is is good about Australia, is that it has opportunities, and handwork does translate to better life (compared to NZ) for migrants. I can give you a personal example of my cousin who went to Australia in 1996, from India, with $400 in his pocket, and 19 years after, he is a successful businessman and has gathered wealth in excess of AU$600 million dollar and is a ‘rich lister’ there. I couldn’t imagine the same for myself if i stay here.

      So, its primarily the lack of opportunities and small mindedness of kiwis which aches migrants. I can put up with racists, given that I am on a level playing ground.

      NZ is a land, where i find hard to relate to anybody, or anything. NZ now is what Australia used to be in 1970’s.


  116. Pls people, whoever is reading this, stop thinking of moving to NZ! This is not a better place as the NZ government promises. Trust me , please don’t waste your money. Especially Students!!! do not even think of spending your hard-earned money here. NZ government says they offer 2 year work visa after studies, but it is very very very hard to find a job, because they give preference to kiwis!, because most of the employers here do not want to get involved in your visa processes and therefore they look for employees with PR or citizenship (unless you are really skilled and ur occupation is under skilled-shortage). Even for those who are highly skilled, the chances of securing a job here is 1 in 300. So please I beg from you all, go somewhere else! I have seen so many student cry after their job search visa expires.. It is a nightmare in here…so pls pls do not spend ur money on education in NZ. Try moving to Canada, Australia, USA..


    • Hi Desilavsha
      You are right, but like you people find it too late.
      You need to spread your experience in India so to stop before they have already made their plans.
      Australia is no good either .


    • It’s actually only a 1 year work visa after your studies
      when you speak to companies hiring (qualified) professionals, they will tell you
      “we only hire permanent residents or citizens”.

      This means,
      if you want to get hired in New Zealand,
      you need to have previously spent AT LEAST 5 YEARS there.
      (2 years for the EOI+approval AND 3 years for university qualifications)


    • u are absolutely right Desilavsha . but u need to let people in your country (friends, relatives, etc.) know that. even do it in your own language. I was lucky i got my degree and left this country to Australian then to overseas in a better position. but i have seen many others in a very dire situation. thank you for the post and honest.


    • Hi Desilavsha,

      I am also planning to move NZ as to study and then work. Is it that tought to find job in NZ in one year. I am planning to do PG in Finance .I am an indian , reading your comments I am really tensed now , because I am really hoping to get good oppurtinites in NZ. Because I’m tired working in Mumbai now and wanted to explore . Since studying NZ is comperatively low cost wise then any other country like Australia , Canada, Please reply me , it would be really helpfull. Thankx .



  117. why are indians and other immigrants in 2015 STILL so extremely stupid to come to hopeless NZ? In this modern world of technology and connectivity, why are they so extremely stupid beyond belief not to have found out from the internet and from other easily available sources that NZ is crap when it comes to jobs and offers a banana republic lifestyle ?
    . In the past I was sympathetic towards the plight the Indian and other immigrants to NZ plight but not anymore. I think the really stupid people are the indian and other immigrants who believe that NZ is a land of honey and gold. They are the real losers with no brains. Amazingly stupid is all I can say and they can easily win the Nobel Prize for stupidity . Do your homework before you come. Its easy and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to find out the truth about NZ before foolishly thinking of migrating to NZ. Disgraceful losers are those immigrants still thinking of coming to NZ in 2015.


    • Sutibai, u r certainly right i completley agree with you. I am sooo lucky i found a job in Australian then moved on a 5 yr. contract overseas in China. can i just add one more thing please. even when you get a professional job in new zeland the pay is very low. I make now 2.5 the same amount of money i would have made with same postion in nz, don’t forget the bloody hight taxes. i am not trying to be mean at all but i agree with you on ” why are indians and other immigrants in 2015 STILL so extremely stupid to come to hopeless NZ? In this modern world of technology and connectivity” i mean people don’t go to the internet and check when my brother in law asked me the other day if he can immigrate to nz to get a better job i told him :BIG NO NO. thanks Sutibai.


      • I agree as well, there are no jobs here for Indians, they entertain you only if you have “NZ experience” . Its a beautiful country though. I have been around here for 8 months ( April to Dec 2015 ) and secured many interviews with employers as well as recruiters but they are just not willing to give an opportunity even at a lower designation and this is within the construction industry which is at a boom presently . Don’t go by what recruiters say and be prepared to face rejections and times when employers refuse to call you back or update you with your application. Don’t waste your time and money getting here , its simply not worth it. They are terribly slow and afraid of over qualified people and the standard reply is ” You don’t have NZ experience” , God bless you if you intend to come over to NZ


        • “They are terribly slow and afraid of over qualified people”

          Slow and ignorant. I had a conversation with a guy [kiwi] on a site and told him that there were three [official] ways of doing something. He knew of only one [as that is all that was taught to him] and he was emphatic that his way was the best and only REAL way. I showed him a piece of equipment that had marks on it to achieve one of the ways to do this task. He didn’t even know what the marks were for or even that they were there. Ignorant is kind for stupid and they are stuck on it.


    • Hey Sutibai ,

      I am an indian, I am also planning to study and work in NZ. Is it really diffcult to find a job for indian in NZ? Please can you help me ways to find better employment in NZ. Also these days NZ is much in demand for Study and Work. If it would be really that bad then I dont think many people would opt for. I am from finance backgroud are there oppurtinity there in my feild?


    • I have just returned from Auckland after spending 8.5 months there struggling to get a job opportunity in the construction sector and got a standard reply” You do not have NZ experience” , I landed up meeting many recruiters and employers as well, but no one was willing to give me the chance, as I result I decided to return to India for good and pursue my career there as I had no option left . No doubt its racism and colour of the skin that matters … but if you do get a foot in the door, its a great country to live in.. I lost time and money chasing my dreams and I request all migrants to be very careful before you make the move.. !! This is my sincere advise.


  118. My parents are in now full regret of coming to New Zealand, they thought coming in 1994 it was they beauty and dream land they came for, but now when I tell them its best to leave New Zealand after my father turns 65, they attack me for calling them out for the decision, it did not take me a while to discover New Zealand offered no future to the youth, most of the youth that I have met at Weltec in Wellington who are in the IT field plan on leaving New Zealand for good after they graduate regarless if having work experience or not and the other night my parents saw on TV that New Zealand has a long surgery wait time, at least in Hong Kong if you are on the surgery waiting list, it might take up to a year and the doctors will still follow up, in New Zealand none of that and when I tell my parents that they are better off selling up and leave New Zealand and if possible take their pension back to Hong Kong with them, they don’t like what I am saying, also my mum is unemployed and has been searching for work for months, its not easy in New Zealand


  119. Hello everyone.

    I start by saying that I am not Asian but a non-English speaker European who would like to share his current experience with you. I read most of the comments below and I can assure you that this situation is to be extended to all the non-English speakers coming to NZ.
    As I have been noticed the only people who do not struggle when they come here in NZ are only the English native speakers from U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland.

    I am a Multimedia Designer with 5 years’ experience in my area and I have been applying for qualified jobs since I moved here in November 2014. Obviously I cannot demand to get an interview every time I apply for a job but what I have noticed is that Kiwi employers always (let’s say 99% of the time) prefer to hire other Kiwi or native speakers (usually U.K.). Nothing wrong with that since I guess it happens in every country all around the world; the problem is that most of the time they tend to discard your application even though you are more qualified and experienced than a native speaker. And it happens non only for qualified jobs but for every type of employment, no matter what. Living in Wellington I have been looking around enough to say that a lot of Kiwi workers are really lazy and sometimes even unable to do their job properly but it looks like it doesn’t matter because they speak fluently and are from NZ. Then why posting job offers where you require skills like “work ethic”, “can do attitude” and stuff like that when you consider most of the time only English fluency over them? My English level is pretty decent (my father is a native speaker) and I have never struggled during an interview or for communicating with people around yet it is really difficult to find a job.
    If I was from U.K. I would have found a qualified job already.

    Speaking of social integration I am not the kind of person who tends to stick together with his countrymen rather I prefer to know new people to exercise my English and learn something new about different cultures.
    It is quite easy to get along with basically everyone but Kiwi people; I do not know, probably they don’t usually like to spend their time with you because a lack of comprehension/understanding…who knows?

    Well I am sorry for the long comment, just wanted to express my solidarity with all the people (not only from Asia) who are currently struggling for finding a job in NZ.

    Best of luck to you all.

    A struggling migrant. 🙂


    • “from U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland”
      Me, being from to US, would have to say that, although being a english 1st language speaker, have had similar experiences. So don’t feel as though you’re being singled out just because you do not speak english well.


      • What I was trying to say is that usually they tend to hire people who can speak English perfectly and for you guys (native speakers) it is obviously easier compared to other people. I am not saying that it is easy but speaking English as first language is obviously an advantage. As I said in my first comment it is a very common thing which happens pretty much everywhere (my opinion) since even in my country people do this. I have seen with my own eyes (in my country) hiring managers discarding CVs just after reading the citizenship. And most of the people who have been rejected were really qualified and motivated.

        I apologies if I offended you someway, I did not mean to do that at all.

        Was just trying to focus on a common problem and I am sorry that you have had similar experiences. Nevertheless native English speakers have obviously way less problems in finding a job compared to us and the number of native speakers who usually struggle to find it here is meaningfully lower.


        • No offence.
          I have found little advantage for having english as a 1st language speaker. Outside of being able to converse at the supermarket [and have received abuse when an American accent is heard], speaking english [with an American accent] is not “advantageous”.
          As has been mentioned on here numerous times, NZ has a dis-functional love/hate relationship with America/Americans. Kiwis love American; music, fashion, style, products, entertainment…Kiwis really don’t like Americans very much, especially in the work place, they feel so threatened and “behind” [usually justified}.
          So for me, speaking english [with an American accent] has not really been helpful, and I don’t want to lie and say I’m from Canada. They seem to be liked better, I think Kiwis relate to being confused with Australians as Canadians are confused with Americans.


          • It is an interesting point of view. Probably I have heard something like that but I didn’t think that you guys (Americans) could struggle that much. Also I have never thought that Kiwi people could abuse someone for some silly reasons. Very sorry and I wish you best of luck in the future buddy!

            PS: I agree with you when you say you don’t wanna lie, we should be proud of where we come from.


  120. I am planning to do post graduation diploma in finance in NZ. After reading all these comments. I’m feeling really bad, since I was really hoping on it. I want to settle in NZ and make a good career. Should I change my plan? Indians do not get good jobs really… Whereas I saw many jobs sites like seek and all they have jobs.. But really Indians don’t get jobs.. Is it really soo bad? It would be really helpful if someone genuinely reply. Thanks 😦


    • Unless you have a job offer that is legally binding (ask a lawyer if it is),
      you have NO job offer.
      “Good faith” agreements only work … if you have the ability to punish someone who breaks the agreement.


  121. Hi to all,
    It is wise to research about a country before moving there whether to study or to live.
    Fact New Zealand is a small country so without looking at anything else it is easy that things are going to be tough and difficult.
    There are these education establishment which are not recognised any where not even in New Zealand, so why people come to study there.
    If I want study further I atleast ensure I join the reputable establishments.
    I have come from UK , never lived in India and settled well with good job , but saying that , if I can turn the clock back , my decision would be to remain in UK.
    I live in Melbourne Australia now , but still work for New Zealand clients, that is the technology , you can work from anywhere.
    So for those who are not here in New Zealand and planning to come then please think before you come here. Unless you are studying in an university not private colleges springing up everywhere, then it is ok, but do not expect to find job, or Obtain PR. Do not come to NZ.
    For those who are here studying in colleges and not at the universities, pack you bag and do not waste time or your money, there is no future in NZ.
    For those who migrated here and have PR and no where to turn back, they do not have a choice but to continue and fight for equal opportunity, until than work in low paid jobs and hope for the best.


  122. Robyn, for some reason there is no reply button to your post.

    “that do not get hired because some foreigner has come along and taken the job.”

    This is BULLSHIT. They didn’t lose a job because it was stolen. Damn, are kiwis STILL spouting this SHIT? They didn’t get it because someone was better than them. Same thing happens if a kiwi is more qualified than another kiwi, or because of rife kiwi nepotism you like to ignore.

    My wife is Filipino. Did she also ‘steal’ her job? Does she have less right than a random kiwi because she has more skill than them and is better suited? Yeah, you sound like the type who does think such nonsense.

    All kiwis do is complain. You complain about not wanting to do certain jobs, then whine when a foreigner takes them. You whine when there’s a skills shortage like in the healthcare section but howl because NZ has many Filipino nurses, who do the job much better by the way. I know many kiwis whose ailing parents are or were taken care of by Filipinos and hear nothing but praise, not that I needed that hard evidence due to having spent much time with the Filipino people due to my wife.

    And my favorite, you whine about all these homeless, poor, and hard done by kiwis, but will NEVER open your door or your wallet to help them. If kiwis actually acted on this instead of whining, we wouldn’t have a poverty problem.

    Part of my job is to help foreigners integrate and find work here. You must really hate me for that right? lol. I enjoy every second of it.


  123. Hey Bill,
    I disagree that all Indians live in a bubble.
    you cannot generlise the entire Indian community based on your experiance.
    So now you want Indians to change for you and expect your kind of humor.
    No matter how hard we Indians try kiwi will not accept them because they do not want to.


    • Bill’s experience (or lack there of) says a lot about what expats complain about kiwis on this site. His total lack of respect for fellow immigrants (he himself is talking about “our language” while living in Australia) speaks volume about hypocrisy embedded in kiwi DNA


  124. I come from Hong Kong, now I also work in the IT field in Wellington. It could be difficult for foreigners / expats to find a job, especially for the first few years here even though you have work visa or even Permanent Resident. It is because Kiwis are not like those who travel from the other side of the world to here, Kiwis don’t like risk. And for sure, they don’t like people who are not sure would they go back to their home country next month. Things will be better if you stay in a job for a few years before your real job hunting.

    If you say they just don’t like Asian, you cannot explain why those New Zealand born Asians get good and stable jobs in New Zealand.

    Skill-wise or knowledge-wise, New Zealand is not a country like US. It is not as demanding as the States. Management in here usually just wants things get done, whether it is perfect or not, it is fine. So when the manager hires someone, as long as the person hits the requirements they look for, they would go for a stable and known person (like graduated from the same univ as the hiring manager, at least they know the university is to what level).

    And equally important, it may be because of luck or timing or some other things that you cannot control. I have also seen Indians land pretty well in NZ.


  125. The ground reality is that its a nightmare out there , I have just returned back from Auckland back to India for good as I spent 8.5 months looking for a job ( in the building construction / fit out industry which apparently is at al ALL TIME high ) and was unsuccessful, all employers say” You don’t have NZ experience” , ( I do have international experience of doing one off projects in Sydney, Singapore and Mumbai though and very briefly also worked in Christchurch ) so please be extremely careful before taking the plunge, DO NOT move with family unless you have a job for yourself and have settled into it completely . It was very demoralising and it hit my confidence to an all time low … I am also recognised by IPENZ as a Civil Engineer …. Its a very expensive city to live in, travel is expensive as well .. Small country, too many migrants and fewer jobs, there is No shortage of skilled people .. it doesnt seem to be true at all .. else migrants would have been employed receiving on the job training ..


    • Hi sir,iam also a civil engineering graduate.I was planning to move on to New Zealand with intentions of getting a job as civil engineer there.My plan was to initially do a course and later in the 1 year left on the student visa period find a good suitable job in my own sector.I have decided to take this step as I heard that NZ offers good opportunities for civil engineers as several reconstruction works are being taking place there as an outcome of a recent earthquake.What is the authenticity in this?


  126. Yeah NZ employment is very tough even if you are a New Zealander. A lot of kiwis work overseas because of this, I am one of them. I can tell you that when I grew up in NZ it was not a multicultural country, it is changing but very slowly its a very small country so isolated. In my experience there are cultural differences which influence who I work with eg when an indian says Yes he means yes I heard you, not yes I understand or yes I will do that.

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  127. I spent the summer doing work experience in the IT industry in Wellington, I managed to see a lot, it is very obvious many IT companies fight for Government contracts when it comes to installing routers, switches, telephones and etc.

    Today one of my Weltec tutors claimed New Zealand offered very good pay or salaries for IT Network Engineers or Administrators, when I heard that, I nearly fell out of the chair laughing and another student who sat next to me who is a local born told the tutor if that is even true why have many international Bachelor in IT or local bachelor in IT students have completely left the country and moved overseas to get work and pay off their student loan, after that the tutor literally fell silent


    • Hi

      I am a Mechanical Engineer having experience in Sales of Spare Parts and am in process to complete my Emigration process, I am planning to move with family in the next 3 to 4 months.
      Currently I am in Dubai.
      Would it be advisable, please reply


      • My opinion is No, many young New Zealand people have left the country to work overseas because they have huge student debt, hint my one is already $80,000+ and I am considering leaving because i simply can’t make good wages while working in IT, just remember when you come to New Zealand you won’t be able to get any WINZ (Work and Income) assistance and by the way a lot of New Zealand jobs pay way less than Dubai, even places like Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London are attracting young New Zealand people who want to do their Overseas Experience aka OE

        If you intend to live in New Zealand be prepared that you may be in for a shock when it comes to the medical system, after hours clinic can be very expensive and they can cost from $65-$70 NZD thats just for seeing the doctor and $20+ for prescriptions and if you need to visit a Emergency Department or Hospital in New Zealand, you could be waiting 4-6 hours. Housing could also be a major shock, a lot of houses in New Zealand are cold or substandard, in winter they can get very cold, the fireplace is still very common in New Zealand and it is still very common for many families in New Zealand to burn wood during winter.

        The tax also in New Zealand is quite high as well and just ponder is it worth moving to New Zealand when even the people who were brought up in their own country have to even move overseas to get a job in order to pay off their student loan or in order to feed their own family.