Why Can’t Asians Find Work In NZ?

unemployed asian people in nz

Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales – first hand immigrant stories about life in New Zealand, taken from locations around the net.

Today’s tale is taken from a pro-NZ, for profit, emigration forum, in it the Indian poster tells of the enormous difficulties he has had trying to find skilled employment in IT  in New Zealand.

Unfortunately he is not alone in experiencing this problem and there are many Asian engineers, accountants and doctors who have no option other than to drive cabs or run corner shops in New Zealand as there is little other work available to them.

The situation has got so bad that some countries have warned their nationals about the risks they face by migrating to New Zealand believing there to be work available to them: “Philippines consul-general Emilie Shi says Immigration New Zealand is not doing enough to warn would-be applicants about the difficulties of finding a job or telling them that Kiwis will be given preference by employers.”

For background read our blogs “Philippines Warns Citizens About Work to Residence Scheme“, “Migrants Changing Names to Get Jobs” and Skilled Migrants Drive Taxis to Survive

Here is the Tale:


I am a New Zealand Permanent Resident and would like to have your feedback regarding my situation.

I am a IT Professional with 9 years work experience.

I had migrated to New Zealand from India in June 2001 and stayed in New Zealand for 3 years and 9 months. I left New Zealand in late February 2005.

I have worked in 2 IT Companies in Wellington.

During the period from January 2003 – February 2005, i applied for lot of IT jobs through SEEK.co.nz & other online job sites and went for lot of interviews, but i was rejected.

As a result, i suffered huge financial loss & my time was wasted.

I returned to India in late February 2005 and i recieved job offers.

I have applied for job positions in New Zealand from India but i have been rejected.

My skill set is in huge demand, but since January 2003 – Present, i have not recieved a single job offer from a New Zealand Company.

I would like to know the reason why i have not recieved a single job offer from a New Zealand Company since the last 8 years.

Is it because New Zealand is a racist country ?

I think their attitude towards Asians is lethargic & not good.

They just don’t care.

I had to save money and then come to New Zealand.

But now everything has gone down the drain.

I would like to know who will compensate me for the financial loss that i have suffered.

So much time was wasted…

I would like to have your feedback on this.

…I think that i am not getting hired in New Zealand because i am from an Asian Country…. In India, i recieve job offers. New Zealand is a very expensive place. I had wasted 2 years and 2 months looking for a job there.

When i came to New Zealand, i had very high hopes, but now everything is finished….

If they are not willing to hire people from Asia, then why do they say that Asians are welcome to work in New Zealand…

I suffered huge financial loss as a result…. So who will compensate me for this ?….


478 thoughts on “Why Can’t Asians Find Work In NZ?

  1. I am 15 years multimedia veteran. For last six years, I did not even get an interview. I wasted my youth in this country to realize that brown asian people are not very welcome.
    I also did a contract with weta and MOJ. People sometimes ask me to do test and then reject me. Try to break me.
    I got job in the warehouse store on minimum wage for 30 hrs. I quit it when I couldn’t make it to work one day and my kiwi store manager told me that how dare I call in sick being an Indian.
    I really respected that man for three years without realizing how he thinks. It just came clear that kiwis feels superior to Indians. Something I always felt but never fully sure.

    So I asked my manager that what did he mean by that statement ? He just ignored me.

    I am highly skilled person but get rejected cos I’m in late 30s now. Too old to hire as a software professional but okay as Labour.

    After huge number of rejections, my career isn’t just destroyed, but I could even not learn any other skills because I spent 15 years of my life in this country.

    Someone please let students from India know that nzenders are maybe not racist directly, but they will ruin your life, career by not giving you any white collar job. It’s a systematic racism.

    • Hitesh, this sounds like my story, too. There must be thousands of people out there who have unknowingly thrown away their career and the best years of their life in NZ. Doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

    • Such unfortunate systematic racism can only happen in this paradise, Other day one of my Indian friend shared his story that he’s been in NZ for about 8 years, paying these dumb eff’s 37K p.a. in taxes for all the years and when he went to apply for a meager $5000 personal loan to move houses and was rejected by the vultures of Wastepack and BS-NZ.

  2. Hi guys, I was just reading up interested of this discussion. First thing is first, that is I am Malaysian chinese, however, I am born and still currently live in NZ. It is probably a country that has some disadvantages and is probably stigmatized to people of foreign culture. This is because even NZ maori are struggling to tend to jobs at the moment and with the huge inflow of inexperience foreigners, I can see why NZ citizens would probably be fed up with the lack of opportunities given to them because of this.

    But, however, for an asian it isn’t that hard to find a job. Here are some reasons why.
    You have to note that qualifications in NZ is more appreciated and respected than some unknown foreign qualifications, we only have 8 universities compared to like what 4000 in USA and 500 in AUS, it is wayyy more likely for someone to pick a NZder than it is for some other. Even more so all 8 universities are in the top 500 in the world, so why would they pick any less? Thus you need to be better than the rest, this includes cultural respect, as well as picking the right jobs available e.g. any health professional jobs are always ok as there is an increase in migration of mainland chinese people. Just a bachelor in engineering or IT might not be enough.

    Secondly you have to consider where you work as well. Auckland is definitely somewhere to be wary of despite being the biggest and most populated city. There just isnt enough work for go around for the amount of people who live there, to top it all off, there are news articles portraying foreigners coming in without enough skill and purchasing housing. The houses and cost of living in auckland is way higher than the rest of the cities. However, the rural area are always looking for skilled workers, but if you can accept the way of life of a rural lifestyle then there isn’t much option left.

    Thirdly, im not saying there ISNT racism. There definitely is, but people can’t be migrating to NZ thinking that NZders have to change and not yourselves. Obviously way of life is different in every country and it is your responsibility to adapt. I would suggest learning very comprehensive english, cause trust me NZders are pretty garbage when it comes to english. It could go a long way. Work experience has to be applicable, you have to demonstrate skill not the amount of experience you have. Being a professional for 5 years is much better than 10 years with a mediocre minimum wage job. But again, it just might not work, especially for jobs such as teaching, IT and commerce. We just have too many students who study those careers and not enough demand to supply. And I can imagine employers taking on unknown qualifications from unknown universities rather than just pick a student in one of our great Universities.

    Btw I’m an optometry student with many jobs from construction, supermarket work. My twin brother works at pharmacies.

  3. I so agree with you I have the same problem like you and I believe this is a racist country. I have 12 years experience in the field of electrical engineering with bright and successful background but any job offer wasn’t offered to me during 3 years I have been in Auckland.I have also suffered massive financial loss with a kid and my wife. I advise everybody who reads this page please do not waste your time migrating to nz.

  4. I am British and was working as a senior BD in tech in Dubai for 13 years. My wife is a kiwi and I am now a resident. We came back to NZ because my wife’s father was very ill. I believe from my position that this for me was a mistake as I have not got a single offer OR interview in just under a year so it’s not just people from Asia. I am returning to Dubai as to be honest I don’t want to depress myself any further. It was a nice idea but I need to work and I cannot afford to sit here any longer getting rejected just because I’m 50 and not a kiwi with experience here ! I wasn’t an Emirate with experience when I landed in Dubai but they had faith in me and I repayed that tenfold. Sorry but that’s my experience. I should of seen the writing on the wall when I got an email from the NZ Govt careers people with tips about presenting my CV with words like “don’t show off” . My CV lists exp and achievements of which I’m very proud of however here it seems to curtail a kind of strange reaction from those who perceive it to be overtly over the top, it isn’t! Again I’m not being personal here it’s just my experience, put frankly I’ve never exp this kind of thing before. So as I said I’m leaving, this will void my VISA however work is more important. My wife will follow in due course. Good luck to everyone, don’t give up keep trying, this is just my experience and decision and does not reflect on NZ and its people who I have always found to be welcoming and very personable however that doesn’t pay the bills. I’m just glad I came here with plenty of funds, I would of been in trouble had I have not.

  5. Hi Anukriti, you must have threads in this forum. Why people do not take notice of the comments may be they have made up their mind and waiting for some one to confirm their decision.
    You have family, have you visited New Zealand? If not first pay a visit , check it out.
    Then if it tick all the boxes for you then the biggest issue is going to be getting the right job offer that will give you enough points to get residency. It will be foolish to come without the correct job offer, get that first if you are happy with the other things.
    Life always looks Rossy if you are not physically here, sample the experiance of living here.

    IT is currently in a long term shortage list, but do get fooled by that, getting job here even with 20 years experiance is going to be tough.if a large company is going to make you a job offer and assist with your PR then try it out even then I would not shift totally. I will advise you to work here for two years and see if it was the correct move.
    So my friend with the family , think before you make a move.

    • Raj,

      I got job offer from NZ company for 53000 NZ dollars per year inclusive of taxes. Can you give ur advice whether to accept the offer to go to NZ. I am married with one son.

  6. i really advise you not to go to new Zealand. neither for education nor for working nothing there it is a dead country. Aust., USA or Europe much better besides living expenses and housing there is pretty expensive. don’t go or invest time and money there

  7. To my point of view, why should one leave his/her land of origin ?
    Instead of developing another country’s economy, why not put additional attempt in developing our own land ?
    For instance, India has vast opportunities to develop its capacity. We tend to give excuses to work for others in order to develop the economy. Why not work for yourself and develop the economy at the same time ?
    Thinking out of the box is not enough. Think from an aerial angle of improvisation would give birth to impossible ideas. Make it possible with your talent.
    One could easily advise but the pain is on the carrier.
    Gain your strength through this pain and fail as many as you could. It helps to develop you and your motherland.
    Blessings are always there for those with positive trajectory and ‘Never give Up’ mindset.

    • Because government doesn’t care about private sector. Trust me I used to think same. And honestly I’ve worked 8-10 hours a day, for at least 27 days in a month. With salary of 7500 ($116) I am a Commerce graduate. Do you even realise how tough is to survive in India, right now?

  8. Thanks a lot Raj, for your help!

    Though you are flooded with lots of e-mail’s, you reply promptly!

    Thanks again!

  9. Hi Suresh,
    Firstly have you got the job offer from an IT Company?
    If you have then you can negotiate your start date, so there is no hard and fast rule. Normally there is 4 weeks period you gave to give to your current employer, depending on your current contract.
    If do not have any job offers then you better do your research and read threads from this site.
    It is not easy to find any job which requires skilled staff.
    Hope this helps.

  10. I am Suresh, I.T.Enginner from India. I am trying to move to Newzealand for I.T.Career.
    Can any tell me – how much time New zealand I.T.comapnies can wait for a new joinee.
    Is 2 months normal or only 1 month ?


  11. New zealand is not a high tech country and does not have many industries, it is basically a nation for farmers .And the infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired, few rail lines, water problems outside cities, houses which are outdated, with little or no insulation. People who go there should realise that unless you are an outdoor person and if you don’t live in Auckland, there are few facilities, and are nothing like that that is available in Europe or Singapore .

  12. I am not sure why you are worried about whats being said on a forum. First very few Malaysian Chinese have written here, your experiences are likely to be different from the mainly Punjabi posters who have college degrees and have struggled a lot in NZ.

    You have a family in NZ and they will tell you how they and other Malaysian Chinese have broken into the labour market. Speak to them and their friends and get a much more relevant idea. Also, the good news for you is that you have a network. people that understand NZ and its labour market. That makes your ability to match the demands of employers much easier. Understanding those you need to persuade that you are the right candidate is very important.
    Run your CV through them (a poor CV is a killer of opportunities), ask hem what you should think of, how you should act and what they perceive as the key steps to gain employment. Enlist the help of them and their networks/ friends.

    If you are planning to continue your education, choose wisely. Every country have their on practices and going to any western country with a NZ degree isn’t going to be seen as something that sets you part. I always go for a good local degree unless were talking the likes of Cambridge or Harvard…
    Finding your first job is always a hassle, no matter skin or race, but after you spent two years pursuing it, the career has started.
    Malaysian Chinese have done very well in Auckland and for that sake NZ and if you get yourself a university degree (perhaps not from Massey in Albany) and decent grades I see no reason why you shouldn’t use the 1 year job-search visa that you will have the right to apply for after you have completed your degree. That give you more than enough time to see for yourself if it racism holding some migrants back or just them not being a good match / meeting the requirement of our employers.
    It is your life so why listen to others, non Malaysian Chinese, when you can see for yourself?

    A few key pieces of advise:
    Its NZ, working experience is of importance to almost all employees, get a part-time job so you obtain some and don’t just sit at home focusing on your study. Having had a part-time job bolsters your chances of landing your first job substantially. if you haven had it during your degree, ensure to get on as soon as possible, few employers would hire someone that has zero working experience on their CV.
    Focus on the language. Ensure your English is top notch and that you pronounce the words clearly. Most Malaysian Chinese do this, one reason why they and HK Chinese have done quite well in NZ.
    Ensure to have a good CV, not the university standard template, but one where you have added o it and really display your key skills and abilities.
    If you like many Malaysian Chinese are a practicing Christian, network through your church.

    Id say most Malaysian Chinese graduates find work in Auckland. At least those that I know. It seems East Malaysians in particular do well here so for you its definitely not as hard as this forum will make you think. That is if you have a university degree and not a college visa “buy a visa” degree.
    One final advise – don’t expect to become rich fast.

  13. I’m an Malaysian Chinese female looking to continue my tertiary study in New Zealand, and judging from all the notes of racism I’m now somewhat intimidated by the prospects. I’ve initially considered settling in NZ to work but it seems to be quite impossible. However I do have immediate family who have successfully settled down in NZ and are already welcoming the second generation of kiwi kids so maybe it depends? I’d need to speak to them to be sure. I wouldn’t condemn the kiwis for racism as it’s something that happens everywhere, though I’d prefer not to settle in a place where I, as an Asian, would the most popular victim. Fortunately I’m not yet tied down here, but I do fully intend to complete my studies in NZ before moving on. Sure it would be useless in NZ itself, but would a NZ degree be valuable in other parts of the world? Please advise.

  14. I’m an American. I have 2 Masters in specialized technical fields and work experience in 3 countries. It took me over a year and 200 applications while traveling around the country to find a job a couple levels below my skill level. I was even turned down for unpaid internships before landing the position. My Malaysian wife, however, found a job in about 3 months and only applied to 3 places. She got lucky with her position because it needed to be filled immediately and she was the most flexible applicant.

    You have to remember that NZ is a really small country. There are about 25 cities in India with populations as big or bigger than NZ. There are more job applications coming in from China and India than ppopulation of NZ. Most skilled jobs are scarce and highly competitive. Sorry, I don’t think the country is racist, so much as it is just a really hard place to gain footing.

  15. After reading all your comments and things of Information , I dropped my plans to NZ. I respect all countries , but in that Case Germany is bounds and bounds better … Yes, once you are skilled employee you are accepted and you will be let to prove yourself.. Getting accepted in implementing the ideas of others and other things with protectionism is understood .. it depends on company culture….

  16. Do no do financial investment in NZ. My husband from aviation and has permanent resident in this country but there is no job opportunity w go back India and start working. even tho my husband has 7 years US experience in same field , there is no job , it’s OK.
    Richard the owner of air to there chartered company IN NZ, he contact my husband because he face some financial problems. Company gives offer they give job to my husband and my husband has to invest money in six digit value. We do it in 2013.

    After investment Richard do not keep his words . We take legal advice but still we fail to see success . According to contract and nz low there is 3 years locking time in business investment. We accept it and go back our country start working again.

    Now actually problem starts now , right now we r in nz because our financial investment time is over and person Richard , he said he can’t able to return money because his company invest money in buying new aircraft.
    But what about our money and New Zealand low.
    One hand w invest money , on other hand we have to fight Court case to get back our money. we lost money from both sides.

    What to do ?
    What about the country s foreign investment police and rules.

    • @Hiral
      I’d like to know,
      what is stopping you from getting in touch with a lawyer or the Citizens Advice Bureau in New Zealand?
      With so much money given to “Richard”, you should be able to spend a little bit trying to either get it back or making him famous in New Zealand.
      – meeting with the Citizens Advice Bureau IS FREE.

      If you are afraid that standing up will make your money evaporate … you can expect more of such treatment.

      Abusive people, continue abusing PEOPLE WHO TOLERATE THEIR ABUSE.
      Stop being that kind of person if you want your money back.

      P.S. In order to earn that money, your husband had to have some grit, be decisive and blunt.
      Where have those qualities gone since you set foot in New Zealand?

  17. I Have same story.Got a degree in india but moved to NZ 2011 as a Management sstudent, got my permanent residency.I get interview calls when they see my CV but after they see i am an Indian, things go negative.i am working at a fruit shop since 4 years.

    It feels hard to go back to India now but reality is that its disappoitnting here.

  18. New Zealand is a beautiful country and good to travel ~ Kiwis are friendly (Some are not). This is not easy to settle down in NZ for Asian especially you want to continue your expertise job at there.

  19. Updated for this year
    ‘Significant’ name and accent discrimination by NZ employers
    Last updated 14:53, September 17 2016

    Auckland-based business lecturer Terence King, who was born with the name Wang Lai Ming, was overlooked for several jobs in New Zealand because of his Chinese name, the BBC reported.

    King emigrated to New Zealand from Singapore in 2000 and had a master’s degree in business management from a university in the United Kingdom.

    He told the BBC he would send out about five job applications a week when he came to New Zealand, but failed to get called for interviews.

    After changing his birth name, King said things became different for him.

    “I’m confident there will always be a job for me somewhere with my English name and qualifications to match,” he said to the BBC.

    Looks like change is very slow to come to little old New Zealand.

  20. Thanks for the heads up! I’m Asian American and I always wanted to live in Australia or New Zealand. It’s a good thing I did an internet search on “Asian in New Zealand” before applying for a work visa for NZ. I’ll still visit one day. If any Asian decide to move to USA, please, please live in California, Nevada, or Washington. Just any where on the west coast. Do not move to Alaska. California or Hawaii is your best bet for comfortably for opportunity; income and networking. Don’t move to any Southern states, Midwest states or the east coast. These area either have high racism, typical stereotyping, low employment, fewer Asian community, and very bad weather (either too hot or cold). TRUST ME.

  21. I have been in NZ for 16 years and have lived in both South Island and North Island.
    Yes, agreed that many Asians do not have the language skills and yes there are low quality immigrants.
    But on the other hand, there are significant numbers who do have good English and excellent work skills

    How do you define Asian? this could be anyone from Turkey to Japan.
    Asian is very vague world.

    Indians are also Asians who speak and write good english in general.
    Just read the books of Vikram Seth, Salman Rushdie and Arundhati Roy
    Watch journalists like Arnab Goswamy of Times of India and Bharka Dutt on New Delhi TV
    (watch interviews with them too)
    Then we have authors like Shashi Taroor who has lectured at UN level
    He was even one of the candidates contesting to become the UN Secretary General but he lost to Korean Ban Ki Moon

    Their English levels are superior to that of many kiwis born in NZ

    Go and watch the High Court Sessions in India. Even my Australian law lecturer colleague was amazed at the high level of English spoken there with great clarity

    What is so challenging about NZ experience? it is a simple small market with virtually no competition.
    If you come from a larger market overseas, you will have no problem fitting into NZ

    The excuse given by kiwi employers here that you have no NZ experience is just an example of the infamous tall poppy syndrome or racism.Even Kiwis who have worked many years overseas cannot get jobs in NZ as they are considered like foreigners – classic tall poppy syndrome

    Jobs here are given to close contacts- clear cut nepotism and cronyism
    The job advertisements are fraudulent and are put there just to fulfill legal obligations
    Often the position the has already been filled internally or they are just testing the market and there is no real position available. Also, very often they promise you a job verbally and then retract the offer. There is no gentleman’s word of honour here.

    The hiring practices are dubious and in many cases downright illegal. Contracts often are signed days or weeks later after the job has begun and often the conditions are not what was verbally agreed upon earlier

    Get everything in writing. Never trust whatever comes out of the mouth of most kiwis. They will promise you a lot and will never keep their word. Two or three faced charlatans they are without any conscience
    I have seen this happen so many times and have wasted so much time in the past applying for jobs looking at these false adverts. I am sick of this.

    I have been lecturer here in Auckland and Christchurch. I find the skills of kiwi lecturers very low and it is amazing how they got their jobs. Many have poor mathematics and poor basic computer skills.

    The quality of NZ workers and employees are a national scandal and disgrace.Any country which gives jobs to mates or family members without qualifications ( in this competitive world today) will become a failed state soon. Its so obvious NZ is a failed state in many ways

  22. The main issue is that Asians do not generally have the language skills of New Zealanders. For many jobs an ability to speak and read clearly is essential. Immigrants will always have a problem in this area.

    A secondary issue is that many Asian migrants may have formal qualifications or job experience, but the qualifications may be in “soft” areas, and the work experience irrelevant to New Zealand requirements. I have seen few Asian immigrants with formal skills in technical or blue collar areas.

    Suggestions that racism is the cause of many Asians struggling to get work is despicable, and itself racist.

  23. from my observation, Asians like me have tried to make an effort to integrate into new Zealand, but the white lecturers at university will bad mouth you behind your back to prevent you from succeeding, the coworkers in the workplace will rob your success and bully you. many kiwis have no integrity and are rude, locals have dirty habits that are not clean or environmentally friendly. the fun clean countryside image is only there to attract tourists and package new zealand, and there is no genuine care or sportsmanship of you, while everybody is there to rip money off you, and if you don’t have money nobody will even care or talk to you. the media is biased, corrupt and censored. when I was in high school, the only reason local students want to approach you is because they think they can profit from you. otherwise they just bully you and be very hostile, and make outrageous allegations to you claiming you are stealing education from new Zealand. there is no reason or need for us to steal anything in new Zealand. in fact, our frequent regional/international travel benefited new Zealand airlines and we’re happy to share with kiwis. when we spend money in new Zealand or work in new Zealand to contribute to society, all we got was being mislabeled and bashed. from that moment we regretted our decision to move to new Zealand and decided we will go back and contribute success to the place where we were born. why go through so much suffering in new Zealand… they wont appreciate you presence. they damage you when you’re young. wait and see what happens when you’re old or sick. the kids or whowever they are might as well just rob and murder you. the trees and plants there wont talk to you. and don’t fool yourselves with the ‘friendly’ manner the tourist industry treat people. the ‘friendly’ appearance is just fake.

  24. Good point by E2NZ which I did not consider- yes lots of NZ sites are censored and NZ seems to hide its bad parts much more than other nations. Less honesty as to the real conditions in NZ compared to other nations. Anyway, E2NZ is doing a good job in exposing the truth about NZ.

  25. People should now know that NZ is not a good place to find work , cost of living is too high , has no culture and brainless people. it is only good for rich people to retire in and for those who can afford to relax and enjoy life. It is as simple as that.

    Sometimes I wonder why sites like E2NZ are still needed.

    No country is perfect and all nations lie tjhat their nation is the best.

    In this internet connected world of today, if people still fall for the bullshit that NZ is a developed country or any other country claiming to be developed, then the fault lies with the people applying to migrate to those nations. Don’t blame NZ authorities and marketing spin doctors( Kool Aid) who claim NZ is paradise, all nations promote themselves in a false manner.

    Australia govt and people thinks it is a great country too but I totally disagree as I lived there for 10 years.It is very racist( always breaching UN standards of human rights), backward, corrupt bogan country of no culture and worse than NZ in my opinion.
    USA govt and people like to say their nation is the best in the world but we all know that so many problems and many americans are leaving USA and it is failed nation. Even Great Britain is not great anymore and has more less s collapsed – nothing works properly, no standards ,overflooded with immigrants who cannot speak English and is a now almost a living hell.
    So many Brits are leaving their country and UK is now populated with foreigners.

    So do your research before moving to any nation, whether to NZ or other countries

    No excuses for being ignorant- not in this modern era

  26. I’m a New Zealand born Maori hertiage 32 years ago I departed the shores from New Zealand to move to Australia and a good friend has just moved back to New Zealand from Australia and besides that his boys play rugby union, the disturbing thing this friend was saying the racist remarks comes from parents and kids, It’s something I have to see for myself and I will be for one that won’t stand back, but will find out why they saying these remarks and the root coarse, on is people are not secure with themselves, and there is a fear factor of other coming into their space, regardless who there are and where they from, every nation world wide has a racist issue it part of every human DNA.
    We born with it, a few Christmas ago while in the Philippines for Christmas I made a observation regarding children and the reaction when a spiderman suit was worn by another member in the family and the expression on the face, ” why are you wearing my spider man suit”, this is something we are born from birth
    without realising it is part of us,
    Because people lack education in the basis in life of manners and been taught life surviving principles,
    honour, respect, but I go 1 step further God created 10 basis commandments, and had man followed these 10 rules in life the world be in a better place to live in harmony with one another.
    In a nutshell the world is in turmoil and we it’s not going to improve or get any better.
    Regards for employment and qualifications regardless of when one finishes their university studies, with the world population increasing there are more people applying to gain employment with only limited amount of employment places and when one that is a international student the best advise one would go back to your home country as soon as you finish, because New Zealand is a small employment base and I know for a fact Australians are coming to New Zealand getting employed by New Zealand employers, 1 between both countries english is the same 2 similar interest 3 The ANZAC’s bold between both countries.
    With the New Zealand asian came as a child educated primary, secondary, & versity if you do happen to read this as far as I am concern you are a kiwi through & through stand up and say to them so where are you originally from even the Maori weren’t not the original people of the land of Aotearoa is was the Moriori people.

  27. Try the Skilled Migrant Programme at Victoria University in Wellington. Lot of skilled migrants have found jobs that are similar or equivalent to their previous ones after taking the course. They train how to present your cv, how to do a interview and at the end there is an opportunity to get internships from NZ employers. It is about network.

  28. I gonna apply to new Zealand through skilled immigration and I am B.S.c. electrical engineer . Shall I need IELTS but my education is in English as they mentioned in EOI ” IELTS 6.5 OR medium of instruction in English”

    Anybody got approval without IELTS from India OR Pakistan?

  29. hello!!
    can anyone help me. i’m a nurse but without experience, i just wonder if after a pg study in a nursing related course level 7 i could gain internship or apprenticeship on new Zealand to comply with the competency assessment programs requirement for at least 2 years experience to qualify. or anyone could suggest another option for me. Any information will be highly appreciated.thank you..

  30. Hi Amit,

    It is very difficult to answere your question as to whether you will find relevant job.
    There are lots of families here with MBA, Ph.D. and still struggling to find jobs relevant to their field.
    This is a small economy and normally it is who you know rather then what you know. It is very close knit community fellow locals helping locals.
    For me I had finance and skill set to start on my own.
    If you are coming with hope that you will lend your self a job that will fully utilise the skills then think twice, unless you have lots of money and lucky enough to secure PR, then the risk is worth taking .
    The life style here is good if you do not like to socialise and earn just sufficient income to live.
    What good is countries scenery if you do not have money nor time to enjoy it.
    It is not cheap.
    So Amit is matter of luck odds are low for you to lend your dream job.

    Sorry I cannot offer any magic formula.
    This is my opinion do your thorough research and read the posts and you will find your answere.

    • Hi Raj,

      I am an Indian, applied residence visa under skilled migrant category and it's halfway through, I have 15+ years experience in IT and I am one of the best performer in my organisation. My EOI & NZQA is completed and now ready to file my residence visa in a couple of days. As I have gone through so many negative feedback from the migrants above, seek your guidance to step forward...
      • Hi. Rajesh,
        For you EOI to be selected , you will need to enough points, so it means that you have a job offer.
        PR application are costly , so if you have job offer related to you field then looking for job will not be an issue for you.
        The majority of the issues in this forum relates to migrants not finding the right job, hence to get PR becomes difficult.
        For people with the related job offer that will obttain them PR visa issue of job offer will not be an issue.
        Let’s us look at the PR processing time, for an approved organisation visa are fast tracked, but if you have a job offer from organisation which are not on an approved list of organisation then processing time can take from 6 months to over a year. Will your employer hold the job offer open? For these long period of time. If not then you have an issues similar to other migrants.
        Let us assume you will get work visa, whilst waiting for the PR then you need to consider the risk
        That you may not like the job
        Employer can fire you under the 90 rule
        You work visa will be linked to your employer, no flexibility until you get your PR.

        So think hard.
        Hope this helps

  31. Hi Murphy,
    It is good that you are making research before making that final move. I have moved from UK to New Zealand in 2005 as a skilled migrant. I am an accountant. I had a job offer and had a permanent residency visa.

    Moving the entire family and all the house content did set me back few thousand dollars which was expected moving to the new country.
    On landing here in New Zealand I was on my own no information for new migrants. I did arrange six weeks rentals so it was finding a large enough taxi to take us to out new place in a new country.

    You will have to learn fast about everything. I started my job all was different , people made me feel welcome but was not really from their heart.
    The first week was really bad since all my staff who were to report to me were obstructive in an indirect way, I have no problem with the language coming from UK. My mentality was western since I have never lived in India.
    Secondly I met some of our community, when they find out you are new they will try to exploit you.
    The first six months in my job was really bad and salary was not as good. I later established that I was paid half the salary compared to my predessor.
    I met few of the migrants fellow accountants and they were all in a job with much less pay.
    I tried applying for jobs with higher salary, but three months passed no one wanted to take me on.
    I left the job with living cost eating in to my savings. I had thought so many times to return back to the UK.
    I started to do workshops I slowly grew my clientele. I became self employed and never looked back. In summary job wise you will not utilise your skills, you will have plenty of difficulty integrating with the locals , since I was from the UK it was bit easier but my fellow colleagues from India have lot of difficulty.
    The cost of living is not cheap, long medical waiting ques,private medical costing fair bit. Good schools are not cheap either.
    You need lot of money and time to enjoy beautiful scenery.
    I am now well settled and since I had financial back up I did not worry that much.
    I know lots of IT, Accountants, Engineers , doctors from India really struggle.
    In a small population country, your knowledge will be wasted, you will have difficulty integrating with locals and our community.
    I would think twice Wellington job security is poor .
    Hope this will help. If you have plenty of money with the PR visa then risk it.

    • HI Raj,

      Good to know you are doing well!

      I am playing to come to NZ by next year.
      My wife is planning to get her masters degree from NZ, this will allow me to get 2 year open work visa, What is your advice. Should we take this chance do you think within 2 year time, my wife and I can secure a job which will get us PR.

      We will be grateful, if you could reply us.

  32. Hi Raj ,

    My Name is Murphy , I am from Bangalore , I have a couple of contacts in Wellington who has promised me to land a job , I am an IT engineer Planning to move to New zeland and making preperations for the same .
    I’m really eager to know what are the challenges involved in staying in New Zealand and what probllems we might face . As for the job , I am approaching via a trustworth source and I have no doubts I would be able to get the job , but all I’m concerned about is the sustainability , Could you please help me with your experience and possibilities on how I would be able to sustain with a permanent residence ,
    My email is murphyjaison@gmail.com



  33. Hi Raj

    I was in the UK since last 8 years and now I am In India having exp in Travel and Tourism. If I got Job Offer in hand from an Employer from NZ then what is the chances of getting VISA ??

  34. Hi Raj,

    I am planning to apply for PR based on Skilled shortage list . I am IT professional with 7 years of experience.
    I want your suggestion looking at Job market in IT field for engineer who has prior experience.
    is it good to migrate to NZ are the IT Jobs available ?

    Need your suggestion I am yet to apply for PR.


    • Hi Kiran
      Firstly have you got the job offer
      ? If not then you have to be very careful.
      Do your reseach. I understand that IT is on a skilled shortage list, but that is just a guide not necessarily a reality. There might be shortage in a particular area or specific skill set.
      New Zealand has good land scape and it is a good road systems like any developed country.
      When it comes to cost of living it is expensive.
      Yes there is big issue for foreigners to be accepted and integration is very difficult.
      This gives you very difficult path to land in to a good job.
      If you have lot of money and really want to come to NZ then it is ffine.Beware jobs are not easy.

    • Hi Kiran,

      Not sure whether it will be use full as this is one year old post. Please don’t come to New Zealand and waste money. Irrespective of your experience/knowledge/whatever talent you have…will not be considered. If you get a job offer then come, else its a waste of time. I am from IT(8+ years experience) and my technology is in high demand, I have completed course from number 1 university(google the number 1 university in NZ).

      The recruiters and the companies will give junk reason and you wont be selected, the main thing is they wont invite you for an interview…From Nov 2016 to March 2017 I have applied for at least 400 to 500 IT jobs related to my technology, no one even cared to invite me for the interview. Unless you get reference nothing works here, and no one will be ready to give you reference. All the good things you see are only in paper, the reality is completely opposite. To get a cleaning job is not an easy one, that is the sate of New Zealand job opportunities(NZ has lots of cleaning job opportunities). My sincere advice don’t ever think of NZ, without job. NZ is filled with tall poppy syndrome.


  35. To be honest, if I was the boss, I would hire Asian more than any other race, simply because they work harder, less complain, don’t take leave for no reasons …and smarter…..well…in relation to English ability…. not really a big issue, coz you’re here to work not to make a beautiful presentation.

  36. Hi Bharat,
    Peter and Vigilante both are right in their way.
    My concern is people are still coming and the message is not getting there. May be this forum is not very popular for new migrant or they are not aware.
    My real concern is for the people who are here and like it or are trapped and have no other choice but to stay and make it work.
    If you really love to stay in New Zealand then you will have to make it work for you.
    it us an uphill stuggle and not every one will think and work like me, I have been in New Zealand for 10 years or so and am really successful but it was not easy getting there.
    You can e mail me to discuss specifics,

  37. Hi,
    I am a civil engineering graduate from India.I am planning to go to New Zealand on student visa for a one year post graduate diploma for which I will be availed with one year of stay back option in the nation so as to search for a job in that period in the civil engineering field itself.The agency had told me that I will be finished with course in 8 months and will get a 16 months time to search for a suitable job in my own relevant department.How feasible is this option for me.I have learnt that civil engineers have good opportunities in the country.Is it viable to get a suitable civil job for me in that one year period for me given the conditions and rules of the New Zealand. Also how much possible is to get a part time job and please explain the living conditions and expenses in the country for an Indian like me.

    • Jithu, dont believe what your agent is saying, its currently hard to get any employment in New Zealand, also a lot of jobs in New Zealand don’t pay well at all and on top of that high taxes and substandard housing, if you want a good paying job, i seriously advise you avoid New Zealand

      • Mr_Alex.Thank you for the valuable words.Is there any truth in what I heard that civil engineering field is flourishing in NZ and graduates in the related field have good opportunities there and that they are getting good basic pay.

        • Jithu, what i will tell you is that if you are looking for civil engineering work, the only places that offer it are either Auckland or Christchurch but also most of the Jobs in New Zealand are about who you know and also i know for a fact NZ has a pretty high tax rate as well, also food can be expensive, healthcare can be very expensive, i would not say NZ’s civil engineering is flourishing at all

          Lots of migrants who have moved here have regretted moving to New Zealand, all i can say is don’t be duped at all

    • Your agent is right about one thing. A diploma takes 9 months. After that you’ll get (as long as you have passed the course and have 80 or 90% attendance) a Graduate job search visa thats valid for 12 months.

      Do remember that for your future in NZ, the NZ degree that you studied here, the postgraduate diploma, should match the job offer you get. So if you study say a postgraduate in say management at a college in Auckland you’ll run into trouble getting a Visa when you IF you find yourself a civil engineer job. By then the agent already has his commission…

      And since the agent talks about 8 months I assume its a pointless degree from a private college (ie a visa factory). If the agent has recommended a university degree your chances of success increases.
      But a pg diploma at a college is not something that impress any employer in Auckland. keep that in mind.
      The study is just a means to get into the country.

      You should also keep in mind that you need to find a job within the field you have studied in NZ to get a further visa or residence after your graduate jobsearch visa has expired. You see just finding a job after the pg degree isn’t enough for residency. You need to find a job thats suitable for your NZ education and preferably in a field where there is a shortage of talent in NZ. Well thats most, but it needs to be a decent position not just a job so petrolstations, dairys, bottleshops, Dominos etc that are so popular to work at for Indian students wont be enough.

      In regards to finding a job itll depend on three things
      1. Experience in NZ (or similar country such as Australia, UK).
      2. Network, connections at the companies where you apply for a job.
      3. Education (As long as it is from a recognised western university you have a chance.) If its from a university in say Punjab or Gujarat then you have little hope.

      There are jobs for civil engineers if they have experience and good western education. if you dont well then the job youll get is not as a civil engineer unless you are very very lucky. Check out fletcherconstruction.co.nz largest building company in NZ. However don’t hold any hope that they would hire you unless you fulfill point 1-3 above.

      People say tax is high. Well its standard western rate; 30% on your income if you earn a decent salary. For low salary jobs its less than 30%. But being caught up in low salary jobs serves little purpose as those means you will never be able to afford a house etc in NZ. They also struggle to provide residency. Check out IRD:s website for taxrates.

      My advise,go to the gulf instead.

  38. hi,
    I was feeling so bad to read all this comments. I am a Sri Lankan who worked in Dubai for a decent wage and I decided to come to NZ for studies. I am 23 years old and I was working as a hostess in a hotel in Dubai and came here for diploma in operational management in hospitality. I still can withdraw 75% of college fee and go back to Dubai. I don’t know what should I do ? Any comments

    • Hi, Just writing it share my experience – I am in Dunedin (Otago University) from past 10 days only and I have decided to go back to my home country which is India, I have paid a hefty feesof approx. NZ$45k for Master in data science.
      After attending classes I have understood few things very clearly – at least in my senses
      1) They wont gonna teach you – You have to study by yourself only.
      2) They will try to clear your doubts for maximium of 10 min on your lucky day
      3) You will be spending more time in front of Computer screen than your eyes can think of.
      4) They will go extra mile to help you if it is not concerned with your studies, but if it related to your studies just marry google.
      5) Most of the time you be getting good marks in your assignment, but it does not mean that you have grasped the topic. because you wil be studying the topic just in context of your assignment only.

  39. You mentioned that you now work with new migrant, my daughter migrated from the Philipines and is really struggling. I am wondering if she could meet with you to get advices. Thanks. Laurence. lpochard123@gmail.com

    • Your daughter should from the second she arrives get a good CV ready and actively engage with employers. Filippinas tend to speak good clear English which means they have an advantage over some other migrants.
      But she needs to do the legwork required. No job comes unless she tailors every CV to the position, using the correct keywords thats in the jobadvert. She also needs a NZ style CV and to constantly be actively searching at websites and through network for opportunities. She should also get herself some extra job when she studies or has finished, to get some local work-experience and references it doesn’t matter if the job is basic such as say data entry etc. Its worth more than most understand to have local experience from a NZ employer. brings security to anyone looking to hire her.

      if your daughter came on a workvisa or as a student makes a difference. Time is less of a factor if she is a migrant and not one that came on studentvisa.
      If we assume its on a student visa a lot depends on what place she went to study and what she choose to study. A diploma or pg diploma in health or management that leads to a very ambiguous career prospect is hmm tougher to work with. Agents love that because they receive about 30-60% of the coursefees in commission. Unfortunately the NZ employers arent as impressed. The health/management diplomas from colleges is something pretty new and are created by small for profit colleges and they serve no other function than to enrich the owners of said colleges and provide students with a one year job-search visa. Thus those courses see ZERO NZ students. That in itself should raise alarm bells with any prospective student. if the locals shun an establishement there is a reason for it.
      But not all is lost of thats the case, most serious colleges have career advisors or provide an internship as part of the degree. Even if she has graduated already, give that person a call and ask for meetings and help. If the college she attends doesn’t offer an internship or have a career advisor, well then its one of those that unfortunately isn’t very good at all.

      She needs to work from the day she arrives at that educational establishment with that person, trying to get a job with their help or getting a good internship opportunity. And that isn’t to hard. most students have a parttime work and its important for a foreign student and increases employability.

      With this said, if she is proactive, applies for all kinds of jobs when she is on a student visa she has her chance to secure residency. Many Filipinos and Filippinas manage to break into the labour market. Ensure the CV is adapted to NZ, features good keywords and that she is very proactive and doesn’t get to depressed when she struggles to even land an interview. Network, be proactive and liaise with employers through every channel accessible. Speak to other filipinos network through the community.

  40. Hi Sutibai
    I am still surprise why people are not doing their research. I still see lots of people coming to New Zealand hoping the country with milk and honey.
    It is too late once you have landed .99% who come here regret it.
    So do your research before you come.

      • Hi EW,
        There are number of reasons why an IT qualified failed to gain employement.

        1 Yes there is racism. This reason is valid for all kind of professional work not isolated to IT, doctors, engineers. The country has very small economy and most of them are or doesnot understand the need for a professional . They still use antiquated system and processes, they do not see need for change. Some times they are forced due to outside their little business technology world is changing.

        2 They do not understand what IT person or engineers do, they do not know that Indian posses the best IT skill in the world. New Zealanders are years behind in utilising or understanding the technology.

        3 They fear change and fear more skilled person entering their environment, they do not want to look stupid.

        4 People from India also need change their attitude and make effort to learn the culture.

        Who should pay for your loss, you should. Firstly you did not do proper reasearch. Secondly why you waited too long once you are have realised it.

        My advise to you is if it is not working make a choice, or try Australia.

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