Lovely Scenery but a Poisonous Soul

Don’t be taken in by New Zealand’s scenery

Today’s contribution to What Kiwis say about New Zealand comes from someone living in Christchurch. Bianca has decided to emigrate to Australia to give her family a better life and says if you want community to go elsewhere.

Bianca’s left her story on our comments section of this page “Christchurch, New Zealand, Sucks

I am from Christchurch and my family are moving to Australia, joining the mass exodus!

I agree that NZ exploits immigrants but to be fair, it exploits it’s own citizens too so at least they can’t be accused of favouritism hahaha. I agree the wages are poor considering the cost of living and right now we are paying huge amounts to live in a broken city. We are luckily mostly unaffected by the quakes and will have no trouble moving our property on the market right now. In fact, we should make a tidy sum. Rates have increased over 40% in the last two years, power is going up over $350 a year, petrol is expensive and food prices have doubled.

In saying that, we would probably have stuck it out except we are tired of the nasty NZ attitude. Sentiments after the quake were sympathetic for about two weeks then it was good ol kiwi, “pull your f’n socks up’ attitude which prevailed. Cantabrians were labeled dumb for staying, whingers if they tried to involve the media to encourage the insurers and EQC to actually help them and meanwhile all the country wanted to do was get on with the rugby world cup.

NZ has the attitude that anything negative that happens is always your own fault and you should sort it for yourself. We are very lucky that we never had to rely on benefits, Working for Families or help post quake but I would hate to be a person on the receiving end as the backlash in attitudes would be harder than the actual hardship itself.

NZ may have lovely lakes and beautiful mountains but the soul of the country is a poisonous well which is fueled by government hatred of those that need. NZ is a play ground for the rich and right wing. If you want community, go elsewhere.

I was born and bred in NZ and used to be so proud. Now I count down the days until our paperwork comes through so we can take our qualifications, experience and cash elsewhere. Most of all, I don’t want my children exposed to the poor attitudes that prevail. NZ’ers place blame on the victims of the quake , turn a blind eye to the horrendous amount of child abuse and neglect that goes on, have very little understanding of the Treaty and again place blame on those who have been marginalised because of it. Overall, poorly educated, highly opinionated and entrenched in egocentric ideals.

Unfortunately I would not recommend NZ to any families or anyone with a sense of social equality.

4 thoughts on “Lovely Scenery but a Poisonous Soul

  1. I would be getting a little worried if I lived in the Wellington \ Lower Hutt area with the amount of earthquake activity in the “ring of fire” in the south pacific in the last 3-4 years

  2. Thank you Kal. We watch the post each day for our documents. I’m not sure it will be roses and rainbows in Australia either but a more diverse population I hope will provide a more diverse outlook.

  3. Bianca I was just thinking yesterday that after returning from the States back to NZ (my homeland) I have no pride for this place left; no loyalty, no nothing.
    I hate this place, I dislike the typical kiwi because of their attitudes; it really is a crying shame the I despise the place I was born in.
    Thank you for your words; I hope it all works out for you in Aus.

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