Infrastructure, Earthquakes and Tsunamis

A page about the low standards of NZ’s infrastructure. This page is still under construction and will contain information about the roads and limited rail network, power transmission, preparedness for earthquakes and civil emergencies, provision of safe drinking water, sewerage system and other infrastructure topics.

Building consents, a good indication of the health of an economy, were down to the lowest in 46 years in December 2011. Of the property being built apartments units show the most growth, a significant number of which were retirement flats. Not such a great place for families perhaps?

It is divided into two main sections -the first relating to national transport and building, the second to infrastructure issues in specific regions, towns and cities.

If you are looking for information relating to the Christchurch or Canterbury earthquakes scroll down to the Christchurch section.





Regional west coast

Wellington – New Zealand’s capital city, situated in an active earthquake zone

  • A single road crash was able to shut down all road routes into Wellington. Police say it “painfully highlights the fragility of the capital’s infrastructure,” and the limited number of routes into Wellington.  A crash south of Porirua closed State Highway 1. Diverted traffic clogged up SH58 to the Hutt Valley and SH2 into Wellington.  Sections of all three highways were gridlocked between 6.30am and 9am. August 2010





  • Plans are afoot to increase population growth and bring about an upswing in the local economy. The ex-Mayor of Wellington, Mark Blumsky, wants to make Invercargill the most “child friendly” place in New Zealand, even renaming it “Invergiggle” for a week. According to Mr Blumsky what people dislike most about Invercargill at present is:1. Drivers – boy racers, bad drivers.2. Expensive airfares – tyranny of distance.3. Perceptions (of Invercargill) by people outside of Invercargill.4. Drinking culture.5. No plan or vision.6. CBD – disjointed, rundown, no shelter and lacks parking.7. Weather.8. Invercargill Licensing Trust.9. Conservative in self-promotion.10. Limited activities for youth/teenagers.11. Lack of vibrancy.12. No shopping mall.



South Taranaki