Five Arrested In Kaikoura Mob Attack

Yesterday we mentioned that some arrests had been made following the savage attack on a group of young men who were visiting Kaikoura on a fishing trip on Friday .

Today the press is publishing details of the arrests, so far at least five people have been charged out of a group of around thirty men who set upon the visitors.

A NZPA press report on Stuff said that

“Rangi Ramana Petira Clayton, 21, Joshua Larry Boyd, 17, Kieran Howden, 18, Samuel Lee Patrick O’Connor and Luke Brian O’Connor faced charges of assault with intent to injure and unlawful assembly when they appeared in Blenheim District Court on Saturday.

They were remanded in custody to appear in Kaikoura District Court on December 17.” Read the full article here

The attack was condemned by the town’s mayor who is reported as having said that this wasn’t the first time that visitors to the town had been attacked:

Kaikoura Mayor Winston Gray said the incident was not the first against visitors and the community needed to help stamp out violence. He was disappointed so many people were involved in the incident.

“There must have been some amongst them that thought this is not right. Where were they – were they all so alcohol or drug-affected that reasoned judgment had totally gone out the window? Banter between groups of males is one thing; these actions, however, cannot be condoned.

“These young men need to realise that they actually do not own this town.”

Who does ‘own this town?’ why did the rule of law fly out of the window during the early hours of Friday 12 November.

Why were there up to thirty drunken or drugged young adults on the streets at that time of the morning in such a small community, and how could such a massive affray gone unchecked with such disastrous consequences, not least to the reputation of this town?

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