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commentsToday we’re pinning this old post to the front page. Its an exchange between one of the /r/newzealand moderators and E2NZ admin that took place in April 2016. Please read the comments section to get the rest of the conversation with /u/TeHokioi

Recently we’ve been getting heaps of back links to defamatory posts on /r/newzealand, and daily abusive comments from one of the people mentioned in this conversation. We’re leaving it here as a reminder of how challenging some people find it the site and how they do their best to undermine it.

April 2016

This is the opening of our dialogue with one of the moderators of /r/New Zealand. Scroll down to the comments section to read the discussion.

“Hello TeHokioi. Not sure what you want to talk about but you’re welcome here and we’re happy to have this dialogue with you.

The people involved with the running of would like to see /r/newzealand stop its harassment and trolling of this site.

Furthermore, we’d like the /r/newzealand moderators to make a public apology for facilitating and encouraging that harassment over the years.

It’s probably hoping for too much to ask /u/SIS-NZ, /u/dead-rooster et al to mea culpa too. At the very least, and as a sign of your good faith,  we’d expect them the curb their attacks. You have a delete button that is seriously under-used.

Please bear in mind that many people who use /r/newzealand also use /u/nilnz often posts material that could’ve been taken straight out of this site, we clearly have areas of common ground.

Preventing the constant harassment, bullying and drama from the likes of SIS-NZ and co. will help to make your sub a better place for everyone who uses it, and will reduce the amount of time and effort you put into modding it. You probably have much better things you could be doing with your time.

Let me know your thoughts, Admin.”

One thought on “General Discussion Area: Talk to /u/TeHokioi from /r/NewZealand

  1. Basically, the goal I’m wanting to achieve here is a peace treaty of sorts. Your fighting with Acerbater and other old boys of the subreddit has caused unnecessary drama and infighting on the subreddit, which I can’t tell if it was your end goal or not but I’d prefer to try and keep the place in one piece. I can’t control what individual members do – I can try and ask them to cut it out, but I can’t outright ban them from doing anything outside the subreddit as I’m sure you’d understand – but I can assure you that as a whole, /r/NewZealand does not and will not condone actions against e2nz or discussions of taking action against it on the subreddit.

    At the same time, we can’t offer an outright apology post, but we could have an overarching discussion on the state of the subreddit which is heavily hinted in that direction and implied to be inspired by recent events with Area 64. Main reason for this is that since Area 64 people don’t trust the moderators, and a public apology from all of us when only a couple were actively involved will only damage that more.

    I can talk to SIS-NZ and see what I can do, though I think you might be right. We’ve already told him to back off, but it doesn’t look like he listened to that. As for the post deletion side of things, we can’t be everywhere at once and we rely on people reporting posts to bring stuff to our attention. If you see something of this regard you think is worth deletion then report it and say so, so that it’s easily visible to us.

    At the same time though, we wouldn’t do this without an agreement that the people at your end will stop the harassment of the subreddit or its members, mainly through the constant stream of new accounts posting screenshots from Area 64 or whatnot. You got your point across and got BalchyNZ to resign, there’s no point in continuing to damage the subreddit for what quickly begins to look like a vendetta against it. If you do have a problem with certain members, I’d love it if you were able to try and keep that separate from /r/NewZealand.

    Let us know what you think and whether that’s acceptable for you guys. I just want an end to the drama on the subreddit so that it can begin to get back to normal.

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