Northland Supermarket Looted By Mob of 100 Youths, and Roast Busters #2. NZ a great place to raise kids?

youth crime is out of control in New Zealand

youth crime is out of control in New Zealand

Staff at a Northland supermarket cowered in fear last night as a mob of youths looted the store.

Up to 100 youths aged between 12-17 gathered outside the Countdown supermarket at 9.30 pm after Whangarei’s fireworks display. A “large number” of the mob entered the store in what looked like a planned attack. Senior Sergeant Cliff Metcalfe of the local constabulary said

“[They’ve] gone on a rampage in the supermarket, taking alcohol and chocolate … the reports were of what was effectively looting.”

Countdown staff were unable to contain the crowd and the supermarket was forced to close early, he said. “The store shut down, the staff were obviously shaken.”

Known as the “lawless north,” the Northland region has long had a reputation for inter-generational crime and extreme poverty.

Northland also has New Zealand’s highest unemployment rate and a dubious international reputation for tourist assaults. Offenders are often let off with home detention sentences, which do little to deter crime.

If you’re thinking about emigrating to or visiting Northland, you’re strongly advised to go elsewhere.

Roastbusters #2

If you’re emigrating to New Zealand with children you may like to reconsider your decision in light of the country’s rape culture becoming a “national health crisis”.

Police have uncovered another ‘Roast buster’ gang of young males who’ve been sexually assaulting young girls and posting photographs of the attacks on social media.

As was the case with the original ‘Roast buster’ gang, this latest group of young men have not been charged with any offences. Understandably, this is causing outrage in New Zealand as the country is doing nothing to counter its rape culture.

Police have let school boys off with warnings after they performed lewd acts on drunk girls and posted pictures online.

The case involved senior boys from an unnamed New Zealand secondary school plying young girls with alcohol and recording sexually degrading acts, before uploading the images to a private Facebook page.

New Zealand Secondary Principals’ Association executive member Patrick Walsh, chairman of a high-powered Government group to counter cyber-bullying among school students, is dismayed no one was prosecuted.

Walsh, who declined to reveal the school involved, was told of the incident by the principal of the teens’ school.

“The boys had a competition where they would get young girls drunk and they would dangle their genitalia over their faces and take photos,” he said.

“The competition was how many girls you could get into those compromising photos.” He advised the school to let the police handle any inquiry.

True to form, the police have declined to prosecute the young males and let them off with warnings. The identity of the youths’ school has been redacted, to protect reputations.

Mr Walsh said

“What they are doing is criminal and totally unacceptable. In my view they do need to be charged, convicted and a message [sent] to teenagers across the country that this is totally unacceptable.”…

The incident has echoes of the infamous Roast Busters scandal two years ago in which a group of young men claimed to have got young girls drunk before having sex with them. They bragged about their alleged exploits on a Facebook page.

No charges were laid, despite several official complaints, including from a 13-year-old girl.

An Independent Police Conduct Authority of New Zealand of New Zealand report released in March criticised the initial police investigation, saying it had let down alleged victims.

National sexual violence survivor advocate Louise Nicholas said it was concerning the teenagers in the latest cases weren’t held to account. “For boys of that age, with that type of behaviour, a warning is a joke.” source

In the first Roast Busters incident the sons of several high profile New Zealanders were involved, including the children of famous actors and police officers.

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9 thoughts on “Northland Supermarket Looted By Mob of 100 Youths, and Roast Busters #2. NZ a great place to raise kids?

  1. “bent”?
    Most will not take the responsibility for having allowed things to get this way. Schools? Teachers teaching consensus. Business, cronyism rules so don’t bother learning. Dating, rugby, drinking…

  2. When we found out that our under age daughter was a victim of sexual crimes by a child sex gang in Auckland, her school took her to Youth Law to gag her whole family, preventing us from doing anything about it. Her school ensured that our daughter was placed in a very vulnerable situation so that she could continue to be abused.

  3. I don’t blame the poors, the rich gatekeepers are to be blamed for the abject poverty and hopelessness in New Zealand.Sometimes I feel that how tarnished these kids would be, when they have no hope and elders to look up to. Poverty and crime go together. Here is a good piece of article published in NZ Herald. Prospective migrants beware, because your kids will be subservient to the NZ elite

    Time to pack up for thos who are here, because this is the last straw

  4. comment on “nz a great place to raise kids?” not all people in new zealand are like this, but yes many are, we are not wealthy, but have 4 children who we have been very strict with in raising, my oldest is 15, shes in high school, plays sports, and works after school, weekends, and holidays. my younger 3, polite, good humor and raised to have respect towards adults.
    the reason the youths behave the way they do is because there parents allow this, you have a problem with there children’s behavior? dont bother speaking to the parent’s as you will only be abused for this and the youths will be encouraged, why call the police? dont bother crime here just gets a slap on the hand. including repeat offenders. i hate this way which is just another reason on my list on why i hate living in nz. not all youth are this way but for the many who are is just an embarrassment, the stupidity of these parents! i feel sad/angry for all of this as i love new zealand just not these people. the funny thing is they wont acknowledge this, instead your the idiot. im sorry to be speaking this way, a had a friend say i was “bent” lol for the way i think about the people in new zealand, bent or what ever i dont care! im only speaking honestly, why hide the way it really is. i still see the good parts, and there are many things i love about new zealand, but for the past few years i have just seen more and more negative. im sorry for all of you who have or who do have a bad experience here, no matter what country you are from!, there are many good people here, i hope you find them

    • the reason the youths behave the way they do is because there parents allow this, you have a problem with there children’s behavior?
      Not just the parents, the media glorifies it too, e.g.
      “Jack Tame: Them’s the breaks of childhood”
      The sort of game that taught little boys about nature’s simplest laws: if you have to run from the lion, it pays not to be the last gazelle.

      Yup, physicality is 100% important nowadays, because you will never get old or need to use your brain. /sarcasm

      Also, when people tout this nonsense about “survival of the fittest” … why do they request welfare when they’re down? Being down should just mean they aren’t the fittest … and need to curl up and die, amirite?

      • Great comment Ray. What can you expect in a country where sportsmanship is revered over intellectual pursuits. I grew up in comforts of upper middle class household in India and had plenty of space to run around, however, never had to break my bones to prove that I was a man. The problem with males here is that they try really hard to be a man and funnily enough, while trying to prove so, they reduce masculinity to sheer stupidity. So much so that having an intellectual conversation is thought to be a feminine trait here and a kiwi male will never go there to question the ‘why’ of things, but Rugby.

        And about the theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’, the lion and the gazelle, when truly intellectually applied doesn’t means ‘physical fitness’ because we as humans have survived (and flourished) because of our intellectual abilities, because we have pondered, we thought, rejected the status quo and created things out of nothing, using our brain, not brawn. Humanity is here today, not because the likes of Richie McCaw, our proverbial ancestor ( according to kiwis) who would outrun the lions in the jungle, but because of men who thought.

        There is a study which correlated intellectual abilities with interest in sports, and its no brainer that the brightest minds have ‘zero’ interest in sports. Sports is mass hysteria, which basically exhibits our ‘baser animal behaviour’ which has no evolutionary advantage in the long run and our sports heroes of today are no different than the gladiators of the past, fighting worthlessly, to entertain the thick skulled ones.

        Humanity as we experience it now, has been shaped by the brightest of minds, who may be scrawny weaklings, the odd geeks who often failed to get a date in college. These are the ones who go on and create great ideas and propel our human race forward. They are ones who hold the key to our ‘evolution’. Not the beer guzzling morons with intellect of a semi retard, chasing after a ball in a stadium full of equal moronic crowd.

        Kiwis just don’t get it….

        • Interestingly I was having a conversation with a psychology student last week and she mentioned that till early 12th to 13th century the local tribal here were killing each other and to a large extent were cannibals. In short, they had to evolve & adjust a lot within 800 years compared to rest of the world. Countries like China, India or any other evolved civilization actually had universities, literature, artworks etc during the same period. To a large extent your post speaks about the gap in evolution of this species and I’m not surprised why they are such much mad about rugby – the sport absolutely matches their rowdy mentality and no wonder the crime rate is in same proportion as well.

          It also seems a non-maori person cannot become a professor for advanced courses related to Maori culture. I feel this is clear demarcation and needs fixing. Imagine people from Chinese, Indian and European backgrounds (who inherently have more knowledge about cultures and have mastered in their line of studies) are not considered qualified enough to master the local culture….we laughed it off saying, that would expose the lack of culture…probably!

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