Attacked German Women Were ‘asking for it’

The man who was accused of the sexual assault of two Germans tourists has been acquitted by a NZ jury who thought the women’s attire was to blame.

In a case that is reminiscent of Anna Faris being branded a pothead stoner when she spoke out about being harassed on a NZ street (link) women’s rights in New Zealand took another step back into the Middle Ages step today, making the streets just that little more dangerous for unaccompanied females who are presumably gagging for it.

During sentencing the judge is reported to have remarked

My conclusion is that … a combination of the foolishness of your two victims, venturing out alone at night in a park in a strange city, dressed as they were, and the total absence of any DNA evidence, led to the jury collectively entertaining a reasonable doubt on the two indecent assault charges.”

Barrister Catriona Maclennan told the NZHerald

“The lesson from this case is that, if I had been attacked, it would have been my fault for venturing out after dark without a male chaperone.

“What on earth has what women wear got to do with them being attacked? And why should women remain imprisoned in our homes after dark?”…more here

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  1. Unfortunately, we are arrested at home after dark. It is not safe for a woman, and for anybody to be precise, to venture alone during the evening or night.

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