Northland Supermarket Held Up At Gunpoint

New Zealand’s reputation as a safe place to live has taken another knock with the news that a Whangarei supermarket (above) was held up by a man with a shotgun on Monday night. Not the sort of thing you’d expect to happen when you’re queuing up in your slippers to pay for your daily milk and bread.

An armed police response unit, called the Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) , were called to local home after the alleged gunman fled from Tikipunga’s Countdown.  Tikipunga is one the biggest suburbs in Whangarei.

The robbery comes at a time that the police union warn about a knife being taken to their budget, a murder investigation is launched after a woman’s body in found in a drain in Napier (the place where a gang recently fired a gun into a rugby crowd) and police finally get the go ahead to keep Glock pistols and Bushmaster rifles in every vehicle in their fleet.

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3 thoughts on “Northland Supermarket Held Up At Gunpoint

  1. I myself am a New Zealander & I ashamed to say how selfish and self -thinking our Goverment is…they blame all issues that lie on NZ foil on all othr countys…compare ours to others and most of NZers are or have left to live a life else where because our Goverment things off no-1 but there own deep pockets..not all NZers are as yous may think sadly you will find the ones that lifes have become greed they are the people yous refer to or the 1s that love inquiring about guns because they have a mental illness that Yes our Goverment blames on most other counties,but yet we import the games and sell them over our counters….??????makes ya think is they hope…when us as citizins of NZ are helpless…

  2. Guns are too easy to purchase in the U.S., it is true, but one clear problem is New Zealand’s tendency to blame America for “exporting their gun culture” (among other crimes), thus avoiding responsibility for any negatives in their own society by shifting the blame elsewhere. If a problem is not of Kiwi making, then they are “helpless” to do anything about it. Convenient for those in authority who do not wish to spend the time or money.

    “Why is it that NZ’ers seem to have an obsession with the US gun laws and insist on making comparisons with NZ and other countries whose size, history,politics and location make them completely different? Switzerland is heavily armed as it has military service and the Swiss keep their weapons at home”.

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