Begin the Countdown – Xenophobic Intent Revealed: ‘Let’s Bash Immigrants Too’ – updated


The Countdown boycott could be the start of something bigger

We’re getting comments that two Australian supermarkets are supporting their country’s ‘Buy Australian’ campaign by opting to use solely Australian producers for their own label products.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting local producers and it does reduce food miles, which is a far more sustainable way of doing business in this carbon conscious era. So why the furore in New Zealand?

The problem is that Kiwi producers have taken it personally and consider it to be an insult to New Zealand and their national pride, of which they have aplenty.

Evidence of NZ goods still on sale in Australian supermarkets

kool aid

By way of retaliation there now is a movement afoot to boycott Australian owned supermarkets in New Zealand, of which Countdown is one. Furthermore, the ‘battle’ has been taken to Facebook with a hate page called “Boycott Countdown” set-up by an accountant, Nevan Lancaster (below) of Papamoa Beach, New Zealand, whose twitter profile says he’s “traveling and trading around the world” and was “leading a group of business’s suing Swedish club after the Rena grounding.” The page is populated mostly by trolls, spurned on by comments made by Shane Jones under the protection of parliamentary privilege.

Nevan Lancaster also owns a Kayak and catamaran rental shop and helped organise claims for a group of business owners affected by the Tauranga ship wreck. He himself claimed he lost an estimated $3,000-$5,000 (depending on source) in rental income.

Eastern Europe better bet than NZ

It is not known what Lanscaster stands to gain, if anything, by encouraging a boycott of Australian owned supermarkets. But he did once say NZ and Slovenia were very similar countries and their GDP were about the same. He said whilst Slovenia was holding its position within Europe, New Zealand was “falling behind the EU each year.” Where’s the logic in trying to accelerate that decline with the “Boycott Countdown” hate site? Maybe this hirer of pleasure craft has too much time on his hands?

He thought that Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic “all have better prospects for growth than NZ.” source. It would be interesting to know if he thinks damaging economic relations with Australia would improve NZ’s prospects for growth.

Nevan Lancaster

Of the Australian supermarket stoush he opined

“It just sticks in the craw a bit. I believe in free trade but it’s got to be fair as well,” he said. “It’s like, kick New Zealand.”

Mr Lancaster wants people to stop shopping at Countdown and instead give their grocery dollar to locally-owned producers and suppliers.  “Basically if our goods are not good enough to be sold to Australians, then the company is not good enough to sell to us,” Mr Lancaster said.  “Go to your local butcher, green grocer and supermarket.” source

Mr Lancaster said on the page, which has been liked by  almost 8,000 people, this is what it will take for him to end the trans Tasman shopping war

I have being asked what I would like to see to finish the Boycott. Mainly a full reversal of their decision to pull NZ products off their shelves in Aussie and a Buy Kiwi month instituted in their Aussie shops every year as recompense. As for the Shane Jones allegations I will leave that to the Commerce Commission but it would be cool if a fairer system for Supermarket suppliers came out of this. Foodstuffs would have to come to the party as well. I am working through some ideas at the moment but nothing concrete yet.

He may have a long wait. The Australian government isn’t interested in the opinions of Kiwi suppliers, or shoppers, and its supermarkets virtually have a monopoly on food retailing in New Zealand. They’ve said if someone’s got a grievance to take it to the ACCC.

“AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Tony Abbott isn’t going to do anything about supermarkets spurning New Zealand products.

He said they were private businesses making commercial decisions, and if anyone has a problem with that they can go to the competition and consumer authorities…

The action taken by the supermarkets is part of a vigorous Buy Australia campaign.” more

The Aussies’ only real competitor in New Zealand is a dour, low-income shopping warehouse called PaknSave (the clue is in the name).

But why is New Zealand stopping with supermarkets? Why aren’t Kiwis boycotting all Australian businesses in New Zealand starting with the leviathan banks that kept NZ’s ship off the reef during the GFC? That would send out a real message about independence.

Some of the comments on the Facebook page show that New Zealanders don’t presently have the sort of influence on the world they’d like to have.

response 1

and they blame everyone except themselves for their low wage economy and dependence on their big bro’. (Note it wasn’t so long ago that PM Key was saying that NZ’s low wages gave them a competitive edge over Australia).

comment 2

We hope the campaign succeeds. It’s past time for New Zealanders to become more self reliant, to be able to live and trade without relying on Australia so heavily for their welfare and success.

Time for them to stand on their own two feet in the world and be proud of what they can accomplish on their own, time to stop being the 3rd unrecognized territory of Australia. They’ve had the debate about losing the union flag, why not go the whole hog and start the countdown to independence from Australia too?

It’s time for Kiwis to fly the nest.


The ‘Boycott Countdown Facebook’ page revealed its xenophobic agenda today with the following comment. The campaign isn’t about protecting Kiwi investments, or  safeguarding the livelihood of NZ’s food producers, its xenophobia and narrow minded protectionism – pure and simple:

immigrants full comments

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  1. Lancaster is described as an ‘accountant’, presumably he would have studied economics at business school, perhaps he’s forgotten what he learned, or perhaps there’s another agenda, populist politics.

  2. “I find the visceral hatred that many Kiwis exhibit towards Australians and Australia rather nauseating.”

    I’m an Australian who, a few years ago, considered migrating to NZ, however thanks to E2NZ, Expat Exposed and the NZ MSM itself, I decided not to, I wasn’t prepared to take the chance that Oz bashing was as bad as it appears, even though New Zealanders in Australia assured me it was just a media “beat up”.
    There are reports here in Australia that the NZ economy is “booming”, perhaps if the economic gap narrows, the ‘sour grapes’ attitude of Kiwis will disappear.

    • I can tell you that my New Zealand family is deeply anti-Australian, although some have lived there for many years, and others have become Australian. One family member in their early 30s even said (this an actual quote), “I hate Australia, I hate Australians, and I hate the scenery,” Actually this person also hates England and whinging Poms, and lots of other things besides. I don’t like to use the word “hate” but that was the word used. Sad thing is, this kind of talk is not censored in front of the children. They’re learning to hate on everyone at their mother’s knee.

      This is what my family say, but from my conversations with other people in New Zealand, and reading newspaper comments and TradeMe forums, similar attitudes are more common than not.

    • You certainly made a good choice to avoid New Zealand. As for the “booming” economy, it is nothing but cleverly disguised GDP “growth” from a relatively low baseline. Rebuilding Christchurch and selling properties to each other does not make a country wealthier.

  3. Well I think the Adolf Hitler award for mass persuasion should go to Nevan Lancaster of Tauranga and his ever growing legion of followers. Nevan, who remarkably doesn’t appear to live here in Australia in order to see what’s really happening, has single-handedly reacted to a sensationalised non-story loosely based on a couple of cancelled contracts (that’s just business ‘innit?) and a rather patriotic, albeit slightly nauseating, campaign by Coles offering “Aussie Grown” (strange, for an Australian company) and then infused it with all the emotional overtones of an underarm bowling incident…

    Yesterday I consumed a can of L&P which was purchased along with some Jet-Planes from my local Woolworths. This supermarket is one of many in my neighbourhood that has a New Zealand foods section in it’s “International” isle. I don’t know of too many NZ supermarkets with an Australian foods section. The day before I consumed NZ blueberries purchased from Coles. You could hit me with tales of all the Australian produce on sale in NZ, but I could also mention all the Heinz products here from New Zealand etc. etc. This has had minimal coverage in the Australian media. And for good reason – it’s so head-scratchingly weird and misguided that it’s beyond taking seriously. Boycotting Countdown will mainly punish local suppliers and local workers (reduced shifts anyone?). These people are really starting to scare me with their village mob mentality.

  4. Don’t forget his sentiment on the 7th of February that they don’t need our firefighters either and they should “let Aussie burn.”
    the Boycott the Boycotter Bullies page on facebook is grinding their gears a bit.

  5. If Kiwis were a bit more entrepreneurial and stopped cutting down their tall poppies, they might produce their own entrepreneurs rather than chasing them abroad. Australian businesses have simply filled in a void that the Kiwis themselves have left.

    I find the visceral hatred that many Kiwis exhibit towards Australians and Australia rather nauseating. The Kiwis and Australians share most of the same flaws, but the Kiwis have fewer of the virtues that I have generally found in Australians. I made two good Australian friends whilst I lived in New Zealand, both of whom complained of the virulent anti-Australian attitude. My Kiwi wife and I were in Australia on holiday following the Rugby World Cup victory and several Australians congratulated her on the victory over France. I doubt the opposite would have happened in New Zealand.

    The movement of peoples benefits both governments, especially after Howard’s policy to stop handing out benefits to Kiwis caused planeloads of Kiwis to “return home”. Australia gets people that it did not have to educate to work and pay taxes whereas New Zealand exports its unemployment problem to Australia. My non-Aussie friends in Australia generally say that the Kiwis in Australia are generally better workers than the locals are.

    Likewise, Australia acts as an outlet for many talented and disgruntled Kiwis who would otherwise stay at home and perhaps demand some more accountability from the government. Allowing them easy access to Australia is a great way for New Zealand to remove the malcontents, the ambitious, and those that are somewhat more adventurous and enterprising. This results in a more docile herd of sheep for the next generation of politicians to screw.

    • Aussies I knew told me that Kiwis have a reputation for NOT working hard, but they were all older people and possibly this is a holdover from the period when they could still move to Oz, claim benefits and camp out on them.

      I actually do know some Slovenes, and they tend to be a thorough crew, no tall-poppyism, not in the least knee-jerk anti-intellectual, and lack the shocking inclination to flimflam that too many of the Kiwis we encountered seemed to have. If I had to place a bet on which culture was more stalwart, not even taking into account geographic position (which would make a very big difference), I’d place my bet on the enduring Slovenes, who are more Middle-Europe in their culture than Eastern Europe.

      Interesting comments on this mining forum about the famous Kiwi Work Ethic – “I have found that in general most people are laid back in the construction scene, but that Kiwis although appear hard workers they tend to be lacking in skill and work ethics and get thier jobs on the bro system” – “kiwi scaffolders very dangerous” – “NZ bosses put unrealistic pressure on workers. It shows up in safety ( not as good as oz)” – “Some of the kiwis i work with are really hard working but are very dangerous to be around. They get the job done faster but with alot more incidents”. “kiwis do generally work harder, but only when the supervisor is around. plus they have more days off then any aussies that are in my crew of 20. They do work hard but are dangerous and do not complete the job properly as they are too dumb to follow procedures. Thats why they are called rock apes in the mines….good at simple heavy lifting jobs but hopeless at everything else. I am going to become a supervisor soon and i will never hire or allow kiwis on my crew…way too dangerous and ungrateful of the opportunities this country has given them” – “the kiwi at least one missing every shift” All too familiar to those of us who have lived there.

  6. Have you no sympathy, E2NZ? Where will all those hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Kiwis living in Australia get their favourite canned spaghetti brand?

  7. One of the rare occasions that I agree with PM Abbott. ‘Boycott Countdown’ can huff and puff as much as he or she likes, however, nobody’s listening.
    Australian exporters have to deal with all kinds of informal trade restrictions, particularly in Asian markets, that’s the way the game is played.
    Yes, rather than blame Australia for their problems, Kiwis should blame the UK, after all it was the British who double-crossed them when they joined Europe, if only they had joined the Australian Federation when invited.

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