“Small Dark Lives – Small Town Hopelessness Breeds Evil”

dark lives

If this is small town life in NZ, how bad are the cities? “AFTER THE KILLING: Later on the day Glen Jones was murdered, Hayden Ranson, Kristofer Jones, Tariana Jones, Toni Miller and Matthew McKinney went to the “burnouts” in Masterton.”

Thinking about emigrating to New Zealand for  the lifestyle ? You may want to reconsider that.

Are you sure you know what the lifestyle is?

After the rape and murder of a young care worker and the brutal assault of two overseas women by the same man released from prison on parole less than 6 months earlier (the latest in a mass of violent and depraved crimes in New Zealand) you need to make sure you know what you’re really getting yourself and your family into before you get that visa sticker in your passport.

New Zealand is far more ‘Top of the Lake’ than ‘Lord of the Rings.’

Why not read the opinion piece in today’s Stuff.co.nz, and become an informed migrant? After reading that and some other current news items you may well decide to give New Zealand a miss altogether. You may want to live a purposeful life with dignity, is New Zealand the right place for you?

Here are some excerpts from the above small town story (bold emphasis ours).

“Small Dark Lives – Small Town Hopelessness Breeds Evil”

OPINION:Featherston makes you shake your head and wonder. How can a small town, population 2325, get to have such rotten things happen in it? …

But the south Wairarapa town, with the population (declining) of a big-city high school, has a dark side, as so many rural towns do. There are too many people living idle lives there, without purpose or dignity – if we can use such a big word.

Four people were found guilty last week of murdering disabled local man Glen Jones, a supermarket worker, in a vigilante attack. A woman had accused him of rape, but how much truth there was to that claim is unclear. His killers, one of whom put on her “stomping boots” for the event, await sentencing..

Together again the next afternoon, with the killing on the news, the four young, soon-to-be-convicted killers (their ages ranged from 23 to 29) were idly doing “burnouts” in Masterton. Catching them was a doddle.

All of the four are parents. All of them, based on that night’s events, are hardly fit to be.

On a brief court appearance last year, Kristofer Lee Jones, the man who visited the cemetery (ed. a celebratory visit to his deceased partner and child after the murder), repeatedly pulled the finger, mouthed words and grinned at a police officer. What are you supposed to think?

Equally unfit to be a parent was Steven Williams, the stepfather of 6-year-old Coral-Ellen Burrows. He killed Coral in Featherston in 2003 after a night smoking P, his fifth night and day without sleeping. He, too, washed the blood off at a service station.

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An unemployed farm labourer with 90 convictions, he was by no means anyone’s ideal stepfather, yet he was in that position of trust, and that is what he did with it…

The rest makes for depressing reading, if you can stomach it the full article is here.

Other articles from E2NZ.org you may want to read:

Paradise Lost, Crisis In Small Town New Zealand. “Sex for drugs. Organised fights. Suicide. Issues that no town wants to deal with, especially when kids as young as 14 are involved. Kawerau was once a busy milling town, a piece of paradise in the Bay of Plenty…”

New Zealand Culture is Brutal, Something is Seriously Wrong. “I am a New Zealander but I do not “fit in” to the NZ way of life/psyche and am planning to leave asap with my family. It has taken quite a while to get to the place of realizing that there is something seriously wrong with this country, that is is not just all “in my head” or my own personal failing that I do not like life here…”

Outspoken Ex-Mayor Says “Many Small Towns in New Zealand are Failed Communities.” Outspoken New Zealand politician, broadcaster and writer/columnist Michael Laws, has made a scathing criticism of small town New Zealand in an column headed “Failed NZ towns attract losers“. Commenting on the mob beating of the sole police officer in the township of Kawhia, Waikato, Mr Laws touched on a problem experienced by many small towns and villages in New Zealand – a disgraceful lack of law enforcement officers…”

Pukekohe Kids Hijack Car At Gunpoint, “Get out of the car bitch” Elderly woman hijacked by three kids, the youngest was 8.

Kids in New Zealand, the village lets them down  Parents in Whangarei organising fights between their kids so that they can sort out their differences.

Terrified Chilean Tourist Punched, Robbed In Nelson “Three teenagers punched and robbed a terrified Chilean tourist in broad daylight at the Church Steps on Saturday evening in another of the alcohol-fuelled attacks that are blighting Nelson.”

Rotorua Stabbing “Indicative” Of Youth Issues In City Community leaders called for the Government to tackle youth and alcohol problems in the city.

NZ A Great Place to Raise Kids? Porirua’s Midnight Express Blog written about an alarming increase in children committing violent crime and robberies around New Zealand.

Kaitaia’s Kids’ Drunken Night Of Rampage. Mob Rule Residents of the small Northland town of Kaitaia suffered $10,000 in damages after a ‘group’ of  10 tanked up kids rampaged through the town for three and a half hours one Monday night.

Booze linked to teen crime in Christchurch 15 and 16-year-olds appearing in the Youth Court on rape and sexual-assault charges.

2 thoughts on ““Small Dark Lives – Small Town Hopelessness Breeds Evil”

  1. I spent six months in a small town in New Zealand that many there regarded as one of the small towns with no crime compared to the other small towns, yet I saw plenty of bogans and other low life dolts and few normal people. The picture is a great representation of the fine breeding specimens in New Zealand’s small towns. It is so great being in Europe where virtually everyone is height/weight proportionate and the proportion of incredibly hideous looking people is so much lower than in New Zealand.

    I am sorry if my comments sound insensitive, but migrants need to know how ugly most of the inhabitants are in New Zealand both on the inside and outside.

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