Another Child Grabbed on the Hibiscus Coast, Angry Parents Want Something Done!

of Regency Park Drive, Gulf Harbour

Another child has been grabbed on the Hibiscus Coast, these statuses were posted to Facebook in the last hour. If you are living in the area you need to be aware of the danger to your children. There is a child molester recently released from police custody and other parents are feeling extremely worried about him:

1 Hr Ago (bold emphasis ours)

Ok…let me put this more diplomatically to the. People on the coast…

My 13 year old boy was grabbed tonight around 6pm on regency park drive in gulf harbour…the police arrested the man involved…everyone knows this man on the coast and the police want him gone! Their words not ours! This was the reason the police helicopter was issued! This is a serious offence by this man but bit enough evidence…APPARENTLY!

I don’t condone violence or being a vigilante but this person grabbed out child…could it be yours next…regardless if he’s ill or not I ASK YOU PEOPLE OF THE HIBISCUS COAST…”Do we want someone like this walking around free?” Why won’t the police do something about him?!

We are very upset & angry by what’s happened and by how it will affect our son! The police did not fail us in anyway tonight until this man was released!! What if it’s more serious next time..someone posted on Saturday about an incident in army (bay) concerning this person…the police asked people on this street to contact them everything this man makes an appearance…for his sake this man needs help, sooner rather than later! But being let go tonight has angered us all! It’s unacceptable! So..AGAIN PEOPLE OF THE COAST…all you do gooders feeling sorry for this person…would your reaction be the same if our child had been seriously injured, hurt, Or worse!! WOULD YOU what if it was YOUR CHILD!!

Some of the Responses

Apareny he is banned from certain areas already on coast. He needs banning from gulf harbour/Army Bay

It was my own cousin he grabbed. Im not one for taking justice into my hands but the police have failed us and his guy needs sorting out before he seriously injures someone

What street? Who is it? Uggghhh yuk, keep our coast safe!
Regency in gh (regency park drive, gulf harbour). Ross aka moko nose. Has grabbed a 13 year old boy and is still hanging around the same area

Moko nose‘ was just hanging around my mates house, she lives alone with a 2 month old baby. He has talked to her before and tonight after we heard about him grabbing a young boy, we called the police but they aren’t doing anything about it? Any ideas? Shes safe at my house tonight though but for future.

So frustrating how people think he is harmless, like yeah he may seem like a nice guy to people’s face. But he is not ok mentally, and for this many people to know of him because of the stuff he does in our community goes to show he is not harmless. I was at the beach once alone and he followed me, but I walked so fast I think he gave up. I wish the police or mental health system would do something. It’s scary.

He was involved in an incident in Silverdale a couple of months ago where he tried to grab a women after following her down the corridor to the public toilets. The police were called in that situation as well but again nothing was done.

He broke her arm.

He has a green BMW. Wtf he grabs a women. And the police aren’t or can’t do anything? Like move him on or get him in for some help
Will somebody please let the schools in the area know what is happening so that they can warn the children that walk home alone to be aware.

What exactly do the police need to arrest him? Surely all of his past offenses are enough for detainment?

I literally do not understand why they don’t do anything. If it’s because of his mental health then that is beyond unfair.. He’s hurt people and made numerous people including myself even scared to walk places. There’s like nothing else people can say to the police so many people have complained about him.. I wonder how far he will go before they finally do something about it. And yeah he sleeps in his car most places, or just walks around.

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  1. Prospective migrants might not know that Gulf Harbour is one of the most affluent areas of New Zealand where one is less likely to encounter the downsides of living in New Zealand, yet this does not seem like enough to shield the residents from New Zealand’s high per capita incidence of sociopaths.

    • Yes GH seems to have a history of child abduction incidents going back some years. Not all of it makes the news (this is just one of many we’re aware of) and with such a high turnover of population (lots of migrants coming and going in that area) the collective memory is very short term.

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