Pukekohe Kids Hijack Car At Gunpoint, “Get out of the car bitch”

Kids hijacking cars is now a problem in NZ

Can you imagine parking up to eat your takeaway, having a kid point a gun at your head and being told

Get out of the car bitch, we want the car!

You’d think you’d were in some war torn country, or perhaps some developing nation where crime is the only way for kids to survive. But no, this happened south of Auckland, New Zealand and the youngest child in this threesome was only eight years old.

It followed another incident in the town’s CBD on 15 October. An elderly woman was sitting in the back seat of a parked car when a young  opportunistic thief gave her the fright of her life.

The Herald published the story today, saying that the 57 year old car jacking victim was stopped in Franklin Road, Pukekohe, last Sunday night when a

“boy, carrying what was believed to be a plastic rifle, opened her driver’s side door and demanded she get out.

“He’s tried to take the keys from the ignition and said, ‘get out bitch’,” the spokeswoman said.

Another boy, thought to be 15 or 16, then opened her passenger door and repeated the demand: “Get out of the car bitch, we want the car.”

The spokeswoman said the teenager, who was standing next to another boy, snatched her handbag and ran away with it.

The victim chased him while the two other offenders got into her car.

The bag snatcher then “doubled back” and got into the car and the trio drove off… more here

Police have yet to find either her handbag or her car. Our condolences and good wishes go out to her and we hope the police find these tearaways who may’ve stolen her car to order.

The problem is the younger kids are probably too young to be dealt with by the criminal justice system and there’s every chance they will fall through the net and continue into an adulthood of crime.

Only a few weeks ago pressurised police were urging Pukekohe residents to report crime as soon as it happened to give them a better chance of solving it. Two days previously they’d issued an alert about door-knocking kids pretending to sell chocolate whilst sussing out which homes were unoccupied and easier to burgle. Fittingly, the chocolate had been stolen, from the town’s Pak ‘n Save supermarket.

Spate of Crime headlined by bank robbery

What have these kids got to aspire to other than becoming career criminals? Back at the start of October PC Borrell wrote in his column for the Franklin Country News

“There’s been a heap of crime in this past week. The big one was the aggravated robbery involving a sawn-off shotgun at the Pukekohe ANZ on Monday morning…

Pukekohe staff arrested a 17-year-old for an aggravated robbery last week at the vets.

Also this week, in the Pukekohe CBD at night, we have had a spike in burglaries and cars getting broken into.

We’re pleased to report the 17 year old vet burglar  was caught but no news yet on the bank robbers. But police did score another victory. They managed to close down a meth lab when they searched a property in Karioitahi beach.  A man and a woman from South Auckland were arrested.

The town is currently being plagued by a teenage “night thief stalking the streets” in the northern  suburb. He’s breaking into houses whilst the occupants are asleep and taking anything valuable he can grab. More here.

What else is there for youth to do in Pukekohe, a small semi-rural south of Auckland described in Wikipedia as “A service town for the area formerly known as the Franklin District” with a population of just 26,300. What will it take to break the circle of crime in small town New Zealand?


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