Huntly Is A “Dead Beat Town,” Crime “Rampant”

After we wrote our post last week about the rise in violent crimes and robberies in Huntly, a fairly typical Kiwi town in the Waikato, the Waikato Times has today put together an article which reveals that crime is ruining local shops.

Some shops have been burgled close to 40 times in the last few years and the cost of crime is now so high that some insurance companies have said they can no longer afford to insure businesses there.

Retailers have been quite blunt in saying what they think of the town, calling it “dead beat” and saying every shop has been touched by “rampant” crime.

And what’s causing this crime epidemic – the breakdown of social adhesion, unemployment, lack of facilities, boredom, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, lax/absent policing? No, according to Huntly Community Board chairman Frank McInally it’s the victims’ fault for not paying $1,000 each to install security cameras. He said:

“retailers were “their own worst enemies…”They won’t put their hand in their own pockets to contribute towards the cameras.”

Does he honestly believe that cameras will reduce crime in the town? Cameras in banks, gas stations and dairies throughout New Zealand haven’t deterred armed thieves one iota. Big Brother is obviously sleeping on the job, or out to lunch.

Some businesses do see some merit in having the cameras though, even though they don’t seem to work:

“The Essex Arms manager Gale Mackay supported security cameras, but said it wouldn’t stop offending completely.

The tavern was broken into twice recently despite their premises being equipped with cameras and an alarm.

What is the solution to Huntly’s crime? “

The solution for Huntly will be the same as for the rest of New Zealand.

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2 thoughts on “Huntly Is A “Dead Beat Town,” Crime “Rampant”

  1. There was a murder in the Huntly area back in the 80’s where a young teenage male stabbed his adult female neighbour and as a result he received a lengthy prison term, the last I heard of him he was in Waikeria jail. but for the life of me I cannont remember his name or his victums name…. can anyone help for this research thesis.
    Thank you in advance
    Gary P

  2. Give the people of Huntly a reason for existing rather than putting them out to pasture to be bored and lifeless. Create jobs, a better healthcare system a lot more sporting venues (there are alot of kids just roaming the streets) give them a reason to grow up to enjoy a lifestyle that they will never otherwise know. At the moment the kids do not have anyone to look up to except for the their uncles or cousins who are probably doing criminal things – that is what the kids today have to look up to. Stop this now. We an’t save all the adults but we can sure as hell try to help these kids toward a better future. Stop the crime rate – put the cops on weekend work

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