Another 100% Pure NZ Fail – E. coli Alert Issued for Kawerau Town Water Supply

NZ can't cope with influx of tourists

20% of people in New Zealand don’t have water that’s fit to drink.

We’ve often talked about how farming pollution and creaking, poorly resourced infrastructure  is degrading the quality of life for people in New Zealand, especially with regards to drinking and bathing water quality.

Despite marketing itself as 100% pure and telling visitors it has ‘world class’ drinking water quality, 20% of people in New Zealand have water that is either ungraded or contaminated and unfit to drink.

The Bay of Plenty town of Kawerau has just been issued with an alert after E. coli was discovered in its reticulated water supply. As yet the announcement has yet to be made on digital and print media, and was only broadcast via local radio.

Treatment plant has an Ee grading: Unsatisfactory level of risk

Kawerau District Council’s 2015 Asset Management Plan, released last year, stated

“Under DWSNZ 2005 guidelines, a Community of Kawerau’s size should have a minimum (water quality) grade of Bb. The Kawerau treatment plant received an Ee, which indicates an unsatisfactory level of risk. However, the plant did achieve E. coli compliance.

The Kawerau and Upper Valley Pressure Zones received demerits for non-compliance with DWSNZ 2005 microbiological requirements, lack of ongoing treatment for E. coli (i.e. chlorination), lack of protozoa treatment (UV, ozone, filtration, chlorination) and not having a P2 programme in place…

…Two springs (Holland and Pumphouse) occasionally have detectable faecal coliform present, are low in solids, have a low pH and are considered to be very pleasant to drink

Quality and adequacy of supply of drinking water available within the District

The principal issue affecting the supply of potable water is the biological cleanliness of the water.

The supply is not considered a “secure” supply as defined by the Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand 2005, due to historical detection of faecal coliforms in the source water and the inability to prove that the water has been underground for more than 12 months or is not directly affected by surface or climate influences in the environment. Contaminations, when detected, are treated with chlorine”

The sources and treatment plant could be improved by

  • Chlorinating the supply prior to the first storage reservoir
  • Chlorinating the water supply to the Kawerau and Upper Valley Zones
  • Ensuring that water supply operation staff have appropriate training and qualifications

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Still think that New Zealand is 100% pure and its water supply is world class?



3 thoughts on “Another 100% Pure NZ Fail – E. coli Alert Issued for Kawerau Town Water Supply

  1. I don’t think I have ever come across a more negative and depressing site.I really don’t know how you can print such stuff. Even though there may be some truth in your articles ,the way you delight in putting NZ down makes me sick !

    [Ken, why do you have the same IP address as Ester Cromack? Admin]

    • Just let this website’s tone sit inside you without judgement, and watch your experience’s of NZ.

      If you have no experience of other lands, NZ will be the benchmark from which you judge ‘normal’.

      E2NZ could be said to love NZ more than most NZers…. who do nothing to acknowledge or try to change the very poor stats of social development, well-being, housing, poverty, violence etc etc.

      Maybe if NZ wasnt near the bottom of so many global well being index’s, people here on E2NZ could be more positive and less depressing, but unfortunately we are dragging the chain in so many areas.

      I actually find it very liberating and uplifting….. to hear these stories and realize my experiences were not unique to me, and that its not my fault. I blamed myself for a long long time, just for being different, being caring, being [mostly] honest, trying to be a good person, not racist, and caring for the well being of animals.

      NZ is cruel and brutish. Thugby, cannibalistic war dance and excessive consumption of animals and bye products. Soft, kind and thoughtful people are ‘retards’

      Nearly everyone I make friends with in NZ, is not a NZer.

  2. This happens everywhere in the country even in a Wellington school where the incident left UNREPORTED.
    In my sons school did not only the DRINKING water turn brown 3x a year but also the e coli incidence caused 85% of the school kids to be admitted to the hospital. Some of them missed out school over a month or longer and had to receive live threatening medical applications. There has been no information or report about any of those and school denies any incident happening. 3x Repeated!!! The school kids had been given a spongy information but nothing ever reported to the parents about the e coli incidence! If someone was more concerned about their friends missing for so long he has been told “she will be alright”. It is terrifying that I have to think about those 3. World sicknesses and what else they might “brush under the carpet” unreported on the severe scale.
    Everybody who considers to emigrate to NZ with kids- better don’t! You will end up dealing with 3. World issues which have SEVERE impact on our kids and our own health!

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