#DirtyPolitics – New Zealand’s ‘Free Press’ Ramps Up Anti-British Rhetoric in Lead Up to Flag Referendum

crackdown on kiwi oe

Anti-British rhetoric ramps up in lead up to flag referendum

It’s been known for a long time that New Zealand’s press has two priorities – to keep the government and the advertisers happy in that order.

In the lead up to the flag referendum we’re on ‘Brit Hate Watch‘ to see how many manipulative anti-British reports we can spot in the mainstream media, and most importantly which publications are printing them and who is writing them. We want you to help us, send us links to anything you see.

The more observant among you will notice that it started last month with sensationalist headlines that screamed that Kiwis were going to be “kicked out” of Britain after 5 years if they earned less than $76,000 per annum.

These reports have one simple objective – to turn public opinion against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so that people vote for the alternative flag design which does not carry the Union Jack.

nz flag

New Zealand’s more popular flag design carries the Union Flag

Will the New Zealand public be so easily manipulated, or will they be wise to this dirty politics confidence trick? Presently John Key’s flag is deeply unpopular in New Zealand, more so after the TPPA backlash/

We’re expecting a huge wave of anti-British sentiment to be unleashed in the NZ MSM if Key is to stand a cat’s chance in hell of winning the flag vote.

Key ‘disappointed’, again

Yesterday, timed for release on Waitangi Day (New Zealand’s national day) Prime Minister John Key expressed his ‘deep disappointment’ at Britain leveling an annual medical levy on migrants staying in the country for more than six months. Read Kiwi access to free healthcare benefits in UK axed (no named author).

However, this rule change was first announced in 2015, so why make a big thing of it yesterday? and guess what, if you’re applying for *indefinite leave to remain, or have a family member who is a EU National the levy is waved – but you won’t see that mentioned in the NZ press.

They get full access to the UK’s free (world class) national health service, which includes cheap prescriptions and free doctors visits. Compare that to the  70-80 dollars it costs to see a doctor in New Zealand and you’ll wonder what Kiwis have got to worry about, and why Mr Key feels so personally aggrieved. Meanwhile in New Zealand, his government are arresting Kiwis  at the border and seizing their passports for having overdue student loans.

Today the Herald’s lead story is Crackdown on Kiwi OE Clampdown on traveller’s rights in Britain by Catherine Gaffaney and Simon Plumb

A new health and dental care surcharge for New Zealanders living in the United Kingdom will put some Kiwis off doing their OE, the director of a meet-up site for Kiwis living in London believes.

Kiwis will still get free doctors’ visits and emergency treatment, but from April 6 those planning to spend more than six months in the UK, or applying from within the UK to extend their stay, will pay up to $434 per annum surcharge for other health and dental care.

Kiwis in London director Clint Heine believed most Kiwis planning to move to the UK would see the new costs as part and parcel of their visa…

And here it is…

Mr Heine, who has lived in the UK for 12 years, believed British policies had increasingly moved away from being pro-Commonwealth

Prime Minister John Key has labelled the UK policy change “another chipping away of New Zealanders’ rights.”

“I would have thought charging Kiwis £150 if they’re over there for a bit longer as a surcharge, over and above the National Health System, is pretty cheap and not really in keeping with the history of the two countries,” Key said.

NB: £150 converts to $328 so how does the article arrive at $434 per annum?

Last month, the Government said it would continue to lobby UK ministers over a strict immigration policy that might threaten the OE dreams of many Kiwis.

Stricter visa rules mean that from April 6, non-European Union migrants working in the UK will be kicked out after five years if they earn less than $76,000 a year.

Most Kiwis’ OE lasts a couple of years at best and most of them go to Australia anyway. Surely within 5 years they could apply for permanent residency if they’re that keen on staying long term? Much like they could do in Australia, the US or any other country that Kiwis flock to.

The Herald continues with

And there’s even more bad news, with Kiwis hoping to snap up a job in the UK set to be hit with a new immigration skills levy that would see all firms employing skilled, non-EU migrants slapped with a $2173 a year charge.

(yes, people it’s firmsnot Kiwis who have to pay to levy, so why is that bad news for Kiwis Did you see what they did there? Ed.)

Could it be that once Mr Key has changed his country’s much loved flag he’ll start chipping away at its membership of the Commonwealth? That’s neo-liberalism, folks!

New Zealanders have their say on social media

Some New Zealanders instantly took Mr Key’s bait without a second thought and used it as an excuse to vent their own personal xenophobia, while others were more considered and thoughtful in their reaction.

This from reddit New Zealand:

troll aelrt

yurcoxafailin gives vent to his xenophobia

crock of shit

some Kiwi trolls took the government’s xenophobia bait without a second thought

This from Twitter:

free health care

We’ll leave the last word with hello_world_nz

But I thought the point of removing the union jack from the flegh was prove that New Zealand is a “proud independent nation”.

Now its all cry cry drama when you get treated as one. That John Key fulla sure is a supreme douche.

Go on Brit Hate Watch and send us the stories when you see them.

Read more about the UK healthcare surcharge for non-EU residents here: Pay for UK healthcare as part of your immigration application.

When you don’t have to pay or get an IHS reference number
You don’t need to get an IHS reference number or pay the healthcare surcharge if:

  • you’re applying for a visitor visa<
  • you’re applying for a visa (from outside the UK) for 6 months or less
  • you’re applying for indefinite leave to remain
  • you’re a family member of a European national with European Union treaty rights

8 thoughts on “#DirtyPolitics – New Zealand’s ‘Free Press’ Ramps Up Anti-British Rhetoric in Lead Up to Flag Referendum

  1. I noticed a report last week buried in a newspaper which said that China wanted the Union Jack gone from the NZ flag. In February John Key was guest of honour at fundraising dinners held by wealthy Chinese businessmen and a lot of money was raised for the change the flag campaign. NZ started using the proposed new flag on exports to China. Today we hear that an Iranian Film maker is not allowed to enter NZ, coincidentally at a time that NZ and Iran are negotiating trade deals. We hear a lot about NZ independence but in practice another myth.

  2. New Zealand is anti-anyone-who’s-not-kiwi-born-bred-and-brainwashed at the best of times, this is just going to make that even worse, and all over a flag that literally no one I’ve spoken to wants. Even the people who don’t see how bad this place is want to keep the current flag because it’s what soldiers fought under during the wars. The poor folk like me don’t want it because we’re starving while he messes with the flag and children go to school underdressed and hungry, but he’s trying to blindfold everyone using this flag debacle. and using xenophobia to perpetuate this distraction from the very real, very severe problems that he just doesn’t care about.

  3. Most Kiwis’ OE lasts a couple of years at best and most of them go to Australia anyway. Surely within 5 years they could apply for permanent residency if they’re that keen on staying long term? Much like they could do in Australia, the US or any other country that Kiwis flock to.

    That’s the thing about it, kiwis talk a good game about “being part of the Commonwealth of Nations/British Commonwealth” to try to relax or maintain residency requirements for themselves through riding the coattails of Australia … while studiously ignoring the reality that other countries like Singapore, Nigeria and India are part of that grouping. That says a lot about their attitude towards race …

    Funnily enough, if I recall correctly tighter visa rules were put in place for Kiwis because of abuse of that permanent residency process.

  4. I’ve noticed this too. I’ve also noticed an increase in the number of anti Australia stories. My guess is that it’s part and parcel of disconnecting and isolating New Zealanders from other countries in the Commonwealth.

    Key’s agenda undoubtedly is to make New Zealand a republic, the first step of that is to change its flag.

  5. Personally, i find Fairfax Media to be the puppet masters to the puppet government. Stories with any negative spin on how shit things are getting, usually disappear deep into their archives. The whole place has become the corporate bastard child of right wing politics and a nation lost at sea..

  6. Again I’m glad this is being acknowledged ,the bullshit anti British crap from John Key is crazy after the recent visit from the British royals ,I’m sure this visit cost N.Z taxpayers millions ,however the coward John Key indulged the whole occasion and now stabs the royals in the back.Typical gutless kiwi,he had ample opportunity to negotiate a deal for the young N.Z people who want to travel to the U.K and experience Europe .He wants to suck dildos in Hawaii with his American friends ,change the flag ,introduce corporate ownership of every thing ,poison the waterways then go have a beer with his new girlfriend rugby player miss Ritchie Mc suck

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