Sam Neill Favours Keeping the Current NZ Flag, not the #Teatowel

New Zealand born actor Sam Neill has tweeted his disdain about the proposed change to the New Zealand flag, calling the upstart contender a “teatowel”

The alternative design to the present flag of New Zealand has been dismissed by many New Zealanders as John Key’s “vanity project.” They say it’s a waste of $26 million of public money and timed to draw attention away from the signing of the TPPA.

Key’s previous suggestion was abandoned after it was compared to a Vegetarian Pirate Ship Ensign and an ISIS Flag,

silver fern pirate ship

while Key himself likened it to Japan’s Rising Sun.


5 thoughts on “Sam Neill Favours Keeping the Current NZ Flag, not the #Teatowel

  1. The Flag of New Zealand has Served New Zealand for at Least 113 Years has Dignity to it and
    should continue to Serve New Zealand

  2. When I look at the proposed flag, I just see the All Black symbol. I’m deeply ashamed to be from a country that has a game as its religion, as has been pointed out by some of the expat foreigners living here. Do the Americans have the Chicago Bulls logo on their flag? No, the stars and stripes is dignified, as Sam Neill described our current flag. This proposed design is an embarrassment.

  3. The very fact that John Key is pushing so hard to get the current flag replaced with a flag with a silver fern on it, which to anyone outside no zeal land will look like a white feather is astounding.

    Does he not realise that the white feather is a widely recognised symbol for COWARDICE?

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