Violent New Zealand – Three People Injured in Park Shoot-Out

Think New Zealand is a quiet, peaceful place with little violent crime? Not a bit of it, New Zealand has an horrendous reputation for casual, violent crime – much of it in public places.

Take for instance, the early morning shooting today of three people, one of them legally still a child, in an Auckland park just 350 metres from a primary school (explore the Google Street view above).

Police are searching for a man who fired a gun into a crowd of about 40 people. According to Three News…

Police were called around 4:30am after reports of shots being fired in Mangere. Police believe a group of 40 people had been gathered drinking at a reserve on Yates Rd.

According to reports, a man then entered the reserve armed with a gun and fired three shots into the group before fleeing the scene…

A 22-year-old was taken to Middlemore Hospital with gunshot wounds to the leg and abdomen, along with a 16-year-old and a 24-year-old, who both have gunshot wounds to the leg.

The 22-year-old victim has now been transferred to Auckland Hospital, and police say while his injuries are serious they are not thought to be life-threatening. The other two remain in hospital.

A large number of enquiries have now been launched by police, and so far very few of the people gathered in the reserve have come forward… more here

Residents want stronger police presence on notorious drug dealing, party street
As if often the case in New Zealand, crime and disorder thrives when law enforcement is lacking:

residents told 3 News they heard a series of bangs. They say the area is a notorious party street, and incidents like this are a regular occurrence. One person said they want a stronger police presence across the neighbourhood. source

While the New Zealand Herald reported neighbours saying the park is a drug dealing hotspot and police don’t respond to calls

Dawn Williams, 58, who lives opposite the park, said the small reserve was “a drug dealing place“. “We see it,” she said.

Another neighbour said she saw the same cars visiting the park regularly.

We called the police for suspicions of drug dealing but they didn’t do anything about it,” the neighbour said.

 So far we know that
  • A 22 year old man has serious gunshot wounds to his legs and abdomen
  • A 16 year old youth has gunshot wounds to his legs
  • A 24 year old man has gunshot wounds to his legs

11 thoughts on “Violent New Zealand – Three People Injured in Park Shoot-Out

  1. I know now what is fuelling the violence ,RTDs now that’s ready to drink mixed alcohol with sugar and caffeine ,these things are illegal in the U.S and can not be made with liquor, only Malt ,I see a pattern here with the introduction of these drinks and the increased youth violence,these drinks are cheap and create anger in most people who consume them .Lion breweries distributes and markets them,maybe we should go back to selling beer ,wine or liquor ,not concotontions thereof.
    Any research out there ?

    • Thats a good theory, they are very popular and throughout the years I’ve been bouncing the women punters always have them hidden in their bags etc, guys will hide them down their pants or back pockets. They ‘pre-load’ on these drinks before going clubbing etc. Mostly because they are cheap bastards! Ot you will see youths in groups swigging on these down at the park or wherever.

      Did you ever see the video of the 8/9 year old maori boy who was absolutely wasted at a skate park in Auckland on Cody’s Bourbon and Cola drinks? Theres a youtube video of it.

      I have never agreed on energy drinks either, you should see how many kids are drinking them today. Heart attack in a can is how I see them. There should be an age limit on them as well, the same as there is on alcohol. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and had panic attacks from drinking those things while at work. Evil crap.

      • There must be special mention about some people having Redbull, “V” (yes it’s called Wee for a reason) early in the morning around 8:30am with cigarette in other hand, don’t get me wrong people these are 9-5 gentlemen. I don’t judge this but it looks wrong, when I spoke to an ex-colleague (an intern), he said that’s what he could afford as a breakfast to keep the body going on all the way till lunch. Most of his salary used to burn out paying for rent in a shared accommodation. Smoking is another disease here, some lobby group spread this idea that smoking reduces weight and I see number of fat islanders just smoking like chimneys sticking against the wall and staring at by-passers (Newmarket, Auckland CBD, K’road, name it & you’ll; find one smoking junk there).

        Smoking burns your lungs people, it does! and sugary carbonated drinks are bad. For some reason people in NZ buy whatever crap stories media throws at them. 100 monkey syndrome is relatively way faster in a smaller country.

        • Two minutes on Google showed me that the United States Federal drug administration outlawed the sale of these drinks in 2010 due to the likelihood of people to ,drink drive ,harm others ,engage in unsafe sex and self harm under the influence of these drinks,I’m sure the powers that be are fully aware of this and are completely willing to sacrifice our young lives and social peace in the pursuit of profits.After all its corporate profit before humanity in 100% pure Kiwiland.

  2. I assume the police weren’t interested in the neighbours reporting 40 people drinking at 4.30 am in a residential area on a community owned park,no doubt they were getting their beauty sleep so that they could go issue middle class citizens speeding tickets .

      • You know what fucks me off, is seeing all the kiwis howling about how NZ is turning in to a ‘Little America’, especially when they see a crime involving a gun because the common kiwi view is America is full of gun toting psychos.

        They don’t seem to realize (or just don’t want to face) the fact that IF every American is a psycho, then kiwis are no better. NZ is just smaller and the rules on guns are different, but kiwis act like they are morally superior beings, always pointing the finger at the troubles in other countries to justify their own.

        Kiwis don’t realize it isn’t about the weapon, it’s about intent. Kiwis bash and stab. A one hit punch attack or a stabbing is no different from a gunshot essentially.

        • I’m all for giving N.Z four way stop signs same as the U.S ,the ones where by you take your turn to proceed based on the order you arrive at the stop sign,relies totally on social conscience but works very well in the U.S ,now couple this with free handgun ownership here in N.Z ,pushy angry bastards here with no social conscience would all kill each other off in about a week.

        • Kiwis try to be like Americans, but they fail miserably. For a start, Americans aren’t scum bags like they are and are much better, nicer, friendlier, cultured people in general. I know we hear jokes about the ‘dumb ass Americans’ who eat donuts and what not haha but thats just stereotyping. You know what I mean. What I like about America is the fact you can blow some rapist, home invading scum bags brains out if they break into your property. Everyone should have the right to protect their home and family. Shame you can’t do that to the twats here who invade and rob your home. They get a slap on the wrist and you get thrown in jail.

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