What New Zealanders Say About NZ – “There is something fucked up about this place to be sure”


Welcome to our mini series – What New Zealanders say about NZ.

The following comment was left as a reply to Chris1679’s thread on reddit New Zealand.

The Canadian OP was writing about New Zealand’s culture of violence and why he was cutting short his visit. Unfortunately, some of the replies did nothing to dispel his perception of the country’s “brutish, white trash behaviour” (but we’re not going to repeat them here but they are an excellent example of Kiwi ‘victim blaming’).


“After spending a year in Australia, I thought New Zealand would produce the same quality of people, I was completely wrong. After spending two months, almost 3, I have seen that kiwis are far from the same. I don’t mean to paint all kiwis with the same brush, but I have experienced some brutish, white trash behavior. As a Canadian, I thought we were all kinda chill and easy going. Way wrong. I stayed in Australia as long as I could be legally allowed, New Zealand, as beautiful as it is, I will be cutting this trip short. It seems everyone is geared up for a fight. I have met some great people here, but the majority haven been rude and bullish. Amazing country so far, will try to focus on the positives.”

As if to prove him right about the pugnacious nature of some New Zealanders here’s a selection of replies he received…

conkyTheEpileptic: If everywhere you go people are assholes, maybe its you who’s the asshole.

Try not behaving like a douchebag next time you come here.

jas656: Ever hear of the saying “if you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole; you run into assholes all day, perhaps you’re the asshole.”?

But hey if you want to judge over 4 million people by 2 months of worth interactions and then come here to moan about it to a bunch of strangers good for you man.

Perhaps you could try to get a new visa for Australia? Everyone is going to have places that suit them and places that don’t.

Dark_Creed: Please complain on our Yelp page.

But we are going to show you one of the more perceptive, open minded replies – left by someone in NZ. It very neatly sums up the major problem with New Zealand, and why it has to spend so much attracting tourists…

There is something fucked up about this place to be sure. When on my OE through Europe and the US there was a clear pattern: the most obnoxious people I ran into were NZders. Everywhere, drunk asrsehole kiwis. I now say that I’m an Aussie when I travel. Problem comes when I run into “other” Aussies though – they can see the shit … and to be honest I can see it too.

Moreover, I have never felt as threatened anywhere else in the world as I do at home on the roads and footpaths of nz.

If it is any kind of consolation, there will be a bunch of inadequate reasons for it. Any socialists in the house?

Sorry about your experience mate, but this is why the gov and tourism industry spend $$$$$$ on advertising each year. They cannot leave it to word of mouth. source

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4 thoughts on “What New Zealanders Say About NZ – “There is something fucked up about this place to be sure”

  1. I was born in ch ch near Hampshire st Aranui.I lived in Christchurch for 34 years and bashed and got bashed on a regular basis for all of that time.No tats and straight looking but I would attack with 100% committed violence for the slightest of reasons my logic being I may as well do maximum damage before some asshole
    get’s in first.I thought this was normal until I spent some time in the US and then moved to Australia to live.
    Now 25 years later I see NZ for what it is .A violent society with people ready to do serious damage for a look held to long or a disputed car park.Yeah in hindsight something is fucked up in NZ!

  2. it’s due to the amount of inequality apparent whilst still being a rich country. If you grew up in a low income family or within a poor community you feel the system stratification directly and indirectly. Without any real explanation for it coming from those with power or influence. So victims of culture go through life trying to pay for the basics with the cards stacked against them. When denial of unhappiness and cognitive dissonance fails the now socially despondent citizen he/she must give up the human values we all know deep down to be the future of humanity (otherwise why else would we be so insatiably polite in the face of foolishness) just to put food on the table.
    Ego is a luxury reserved for the wealthy.
    So the weary ‘doll bludger’ unencumbered by the abstractions of cultural programming faced with the real essence of the regime everyone else lives under and works for, can choose to despite lack of resources, social dogmas and little education become another martyr for social inequality fighting for basic rights as history has shown never often a worthwhile adventure usually payed for with blood or turn to degraded means of acquisition usually resulting in premeditated violence and or neurotic violent outbursts. Leading to prison where their fate is sealed. Then it’s only a matter of running the clock forward till they are dead with the only legacy left behind, Tragedy.

    This is happening on more levels than one. Foolishness permeates every managerial aspect of our time.
    We don’t need shit to hit the fan before we pull our thumb out.
    We must live like the apocalypse already happened only then will we know what it takes to save the planet.

    My two cents anyway.
    Systems fucked, leaders are buffoons, money corrupts, ideology is toxic, culture is a narrative that often goes unchecked by the individual, salvation has always been a small miracle away if only the first five would be understood.

    • A society that “preaches meritocracy”, where the jobs only go to the influential or rich (elites talk about looking for skilled people, while not mentioning their children (even/especially if unqualified, will be your boss)) …
      and where “managers” are seen as value-creators while “workers” are seen as cost-centres …
      along with a heapin’ helping of “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” CONservatism, is a society that wants the young to contribute, while the people previously connive to reduce the young’s share of the pie.

      I wonder how much hopelessness it will take before the flames start.
      Of course, immigrants will have to choose a side.

  3. Admin,

    As well as criticising NZ, Chris 1679 mentioned Australia favourably in comparison, an unforgivable offence. Surely that would increase the vitriol by at least 100%.

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