Violent New Zealand – Lifestyle Block Homicide North Of Auckland

Above: Rodeo Drive, Redvale

New Zealand’s reputation as a safe place to live. especially for women, took another knock today when police announced they are treating the death of a young woman north of Auckland as a homicide.

According to press reports the body of a woman was found at a lifestyle-block property on Rodeo Road in Redvale, Auckland, an area popular with farmers, stable owners and hobby farmers. Police aren’t saying what her injuries are but three rottweilers at the property have been euthanised and a man is assisting police with their enquiries. The deceased woman is understood not to reside at the premises.

A report by gave the impression that neighbours avoided the occupants of the house.

“Earlier today, a Rodeo Dr resident was hesitant to talk to media, but said he did not associate with the people who lived at the house where the body was found.

“I stayed away from there,” he said.

The home’s previous owner said she sold it a year ago and was unsure of who the new owners were…” more here

New Zealand was recently named a being one of the best places to be a woman, but in reality NZ women suffer from an appallingly high incidence of violence inside and outside of the home.

In one study which examined a sample population of women in Waikato and Auckland,  33% of women in Auckland and 39% in Waikato had experienced at least one act of physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner. Whilst sexual violence by non-partners was reported by 9% and 12% of women in Auckland and Waikato respectively.

The New Zealand branch of White Ribbon says

“Violence is endemic within New Zealand with one in three women experiencing violence from a partner in their lifetime, while on average, fourteen women are killed each year by a member of their own family.”

“Each year there are over 3,500 convictions recorded against men for assaults on women and one in five women will experience sexual assault or sexual interference at some point in their lives.”

The estimated social cost of sexual violence in NZ $1.2 billion per year. It is NZ’s most costly crime.

Meanwhile in other crime news, Christchurch police say they have arrested a 20 year old man in connection with the savage assault of cricketer Jesse Ryder and have interviewed a 37 year old man who is a relative of the accused.

2 thoughts on “Violent New Zealand – Lifestyle Block Homicide North Of Auckland

  1. i guess while the personalities and values differ, there are too many folks in nz that have a perverted sense of right and wrong. in asia where I was raised, I was enjoying the concept of peace, rule of law, sharing, love. but when I went to nz, the folks were into milking money and only forming an explicit take money I win you loose relationship with no love or following social norms or values in law, and they don’t care about neighbours. at workplace new employees think they are smart having watched tv about law and order, so jump right in on the first day by falsifying records counting on your burden on having too much work to deal with and not take all the jerks to court to get in the way of operation. it is just a matter of fine line, where they not only destroy your livelihood, but if they act like the way they did with no respect to privacy etc, they just discover who your love ones are, where you give birth to children, and inject (so called accidentally) lethal amounts of drugs into the child to render them dead or seriously disabled then run away without admitting anything. that sort of criminal thinking was installed on folks like telecon’s shame 0hlin etc.

  2. What the White Ribbon initiative fails to raise, is that “domestic violence” isn’t a single instance of fist-meeting-others’-flesh (that’s just the denouement of bad behaviour).
    The more pertinent questions to ask are,
    What are these men doing right to keep her attracted to them, while she is being treated crappily?
    And why do these women … tolerate such behaviour up to the point of physical violence, from only those men?

    Examining the answers, and dating habits of women in these circumstances would do a lot to find unproductive patterns in their behaviour and the choices they make. The results of which would help other women not make those mistakes (the “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs” statement in action), and help men (the regular ones that usually have few relationships) … get more relationships (as I’ve said earlier, the guys showing objectionable behaviour, did not want for female attention).
    Water may seek its own level … but society has to mop up the splashes and spills while the equilibrium is being reached.

    I notice that people who have a social lifeline to protect themselves from consequences of bad decisions, that they solely make … tend to make those same bad decisions REPEATEDLY.

    P.S. notice that I’m talking about “domestic violence” not “rape”.
    P.P.S. violence in domestic situations, the recipient is not always women/girls (I’ve seen men/boys getting hit by their girlfriends/partners … and spoken to both of them about it, only to have the girlfriend say “But you like having that done to you, don’t you?” and the guy replying “Yeah, baby girl!”.)
    And before I forget, false accusations can also be made.

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