Violent New Zealand – Cricketer Jesse Ryder In Coma With Skull Fracture, updated


Jesse Ryder is in intensive care after a savage beating by 4 men in Christchurch

New Zealand’s carefully honed image of being a safe country has taken another blow after the savage beating of cricketer Jesse Ryder.

Ryder was left with a fractured skull, punctured lung and internal bleeding after a frenzied attack by four men on a Christchurch street. Ryder was due to fly out tomorrow to start a $NZ300,000 contract with the Indian Premier League.

According to a report in the NZ Herald Ryder was attacked from behind outside Aikman’s Bar on Papanui Road, Merivale.

Radio New Zealand reported he was in a coma. His condition was critical.

A witness, who only wanted to be known as Adam, told Fairfax Media that Ryder had his shirt ripped off his back and was on the ground as four men kicked and punched him outside the bar.

Ryder was lying in a bush “shaking, vomiting and covered in blood” in the carpark of McDonald’s, which was across the road from the bar.

Adam, who was drinking at the bar, said the brawl broke out behind him.

“From what I could tell it looked pretty unprovoked,” he said.

Four men started punching Ryder in the bar’s courtyard and the fight was quickly pushed out on to the street.

 “Four dudes were just laying into him and absolutely smashing him on the ground. His shirt was ripped off and they were kicking him and punching him while he was down.” more here

We send him our best wishes for a full recovery. Read more posts tagged NZ not as safe as you think and  violence on the streets.


a 20 year old man and an out of town male relative, age 37, have been arrested. Neighbours saw a man led away in handcuffs from a home in Barbadoes Street on Thursday evening, just hours after the attack.

British Cricket Team Victims of Theft in Auckland

Continuing with cricket and sporting news, it has emerged that three members of the British touring cricket team were victims of theft whilst staying at the Pullman Hotel on Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland on Sunday night.

Police are looking for a man who was pictured leaving the “plush hotel” with the unnamed cricketers’ gold clubs which had been left in an unsecured storage room. A doorman, who is reportedly not a suspect, helped him carry the golf bag out of the door in the early hours of the morning. The theft was noticed when the team’s luggage was loaded up for the flight out. For more click here.

The team has already left New Zealand and are unlikely to be as lucky as the member of the US rowing team at Lake Karapiro who had their stolen possessions returned minutes before leaving New Zealand. For more read US Rowing Team Member Robbed, World Rowing Championships 2010.

South African reporters covering the Rugby World Cup weren’t that fortunate. Christiaan Kotze and Barry Aldworth lost R60 000 worth of equipment after South Africa’s games against  Samoa at North Harbour stadium.  Neither were SuperSport journalists Brenden Nel and Gavin Rich, when their car was broken into at a parking lot at an Auckland hotel.

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    • Good luck with being an immigrant in another country, with luck you won’t suffer from racism there either, learning the language is a good start.

  1. Have you not noticed the outrageously disproportionate rates of crime by race ?
    It only makes a difference if like most people they refuse to acknowledge these facts.
    I have come to see this. Its one of the reasons why my family is learning a foreign language and leaving NZ

    • Now you mention it… No. We haven’t. Crime appears to be evenly spread across the population. Some sectors may get punished for it more than others.

  2. Christchurch by percentage has probably the largest European population concentration in New Zealand.
    Lets see who the perpetrators of this crime are. Any guesses ?
    My guess is since over 90% of the population here is European New Zealanders, the perpetrators will be European.

    • Why does the race of the perpetrators have to be a factor in this crime, are you suggesting it was racially motivated?

      If the perps aren’t European does that make their behaviour more acceptable to you?

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