Armed Offenders Squad See Action in North Shore Shooting, Six Arrests

New Zealand’s reputation as a safe country took another blow today when six people were arrested in the middle class Auckland suburb of North Shore.

According to a report in the NZ Herald neighbours called police after a shot was heard at a premises on Stott Avenue, Birkdale. Police cordoned off the street and

A witness said the police Eagle helicopter was circling Birkenhead College for about 45 minutes.

Three men were seen handcuffed on the ground outside the house.

Police would not say whether the incident was drug-related.

The incident was witnessed by Radgirl who posted about it on the Trade Me forum, saying

Oh no armed offenders down Stott Avenue

helicopter hovering and one guy on the ground in handcuffs!! 4 cop cars whats happening.

…we were told to all get inside the house so guess its bad

no one guess hellhole Auckland– can you believe that??!!

Late 2011 a P lab was uncovered in the area.

Each year  New Zealand police find on average about 200 P labs, many of them operating in rented houses. Drug experts have warned that “makeshift labs are ticking time bombs that pose a risk to their occupants and to those who live unsuspectingly alongside themOften the labs are uncovered only by accident – or after they explode.”

As well as the obvious risk of explosion and fire, contamination from the manufacture of the drug can render a house dangerous to live in, so be sure to know the history of your new home in New Zealand before you move in. Decontamination could cost you as much as $50,000.

Some statistics about P (July 2011) from TV3:

“Amphetamine prevalence in New Zealand remains among the highest in the world and injecting methamphetamine is on the rise, according to the latest United Nations report.

The World Drug Report 2011 shows 2.1 percent of New Zealanders aged 16-64 used amphetamines in the year 2007/2008 and rates of methamphetamine use are still rising, in contrast with Australia.

Among frequent injecting drug users in New Zealand those who injected methamphetamine increased from 40 percent in 2006 to 50 percent in 2009

Managing Director of Methcon and former police drug squad detective Dale Kirk says not enough is being done to educate people on the dangers of methamphetamine, or on getting addicts into meaningful programs to deal with addiction…” more here

Thinking about moving to the North Shore of Auckland? Earlier this year an elderly woman was mugged at gunpoint in Browns Bay. Read more about there area here.

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