Elderly Woman Mugged At Gunpoint in Brown’s Bay

A sad symptom of the crime ridden society we live in today was made manifest by the daylight mugging of an elderly woman in the sleepy suburb of Browns Bay.

Browns Bay, a residential area very popular with European and Asian immigrants, has suffered its fair share of bank armed hold-ups (e.g. Westpac) but this is the first time we’ve heard of a member of the public being robbed at gunpoint.

Here’s how it was reported

An elderly woman was left badly shaken yesterday after a man pointed what appeared to be a gun at her chest before robbing her in the North Shore suburb of Browns Bay.

The 77-year-old woman was walking along Beach Road to her home around 11.15am on Saturday when the man approached her.

The man, believed to be in his early 20s, demanded her handbag.

“When the victim refused, the offender presented a metal object and pointed it straight at her chest. The object was covered in a black cloth. It appeared to be a gun barrel. The object was protruding out the end of the cloth,” said Detective Darren Attwood of the North Shore CIB.

“The offender ripped the victim’s bag from her shoulder. He then ran back across Beach Rd and got into a passenger’s side of a waiting vehicle. The vehicle drove north in the direction of Torbay… more here

We’ve blogged about handbag snatches many times, they’re nothing new and there have been a few associated fatalities elsewhere in Auckland. But the implied use of a firearm and the age of the victim are worrying developments,  especially in a relatively a upmarket, family oriented suburb of Auckland.

The news report went to great pains to point out the suspect was a Caucasian male with olive skin in his early 20/early 30s. Given the high number of surveillance cameras in the area we’re sure it won’t be long before an arrest is made. However, they’re obviously not acting as a deterrent.

Time to step-up police foot patrols in Browns Bay as its obviously not the safe, sleepy little village it once was.

There’s a related story about a Caucasian male  in the press today (link), could it be the same person perhaps?

‘Violent’ teen hunted by police

    “Police are hunting a “violent” 19-year-old man accused of aggravated robbery.

Conan Livingstone failed to appear at court on January 31, resulting in an arrest warrant.

He has previously absconded while on electronic bail.

North Shore police said Livingstone was a violent man who should not be approached.

Members of the public who saw him should instead call police.

Livingstone was originally remanded in custody before being granted electronic bail to an address in Ranui in West Auckland. He has links to Torbay, Browns Bay and Albany.  His known associates were also being sought by police in an effort to locate him…”

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