Cost of Crime In Palmerston North

Remember our blog, Palmerston North’s Wikipedia Entry Censored? We discussed the curious incident of crime references being edited out of the town’s Wikipedia page because it was putting-off professionals from relocating to the area.

We all know that there is an issue with crime in Palmerston North, and its effects are having a big impact on one poor school who’ve had to use their scare resources in a big effort to combat the problem. The intermediate school is “one of the most burgled sites in the city”. From today’s edition of Stuff

A burglary-plagued Palmerston North school has spent more than $200,000 tightening up security.

Ross Intermediate School has lost thousands of dollars worth of plasma televisions, digital cameras and laptops in a string of burglaries in the past two years, making it one of the most burgled sites in the city.

But since its security has been amped up, principal Wayne Codyre said staff could now concentrate on what they did best – education.

The school has installed external security cameras and improved fencing and lighting.

Barrier arms were put early last year and a mesh fence was installed in May which still failed to stop burglars cutting through it.

“It’s just disappointing that the community are no longer able to come through the school, all because a small percentage of people ruined it,” Mr Codyre said. “There’s no need for people to be on site if they’re not staff after hours…” more here

Hopefully the school will now be able to focus on educating their children, it must be very disrupting for them arrive at school in the morning to find everything of value stolen. There have probably been times when their work has disappeared too.

But, one has to ask why the local law enforcement officials have been unable to control what looks like a rampant crime spree,  and where these goods are ending up. Surely some arrests should’ve been made by now, doesn’t it make you wonder who’s responsible, Palmy North isn’t exactly a large place.

Keeping it in the family

This was also in the news today. Another school in Hastings is also having problems with burglaries, but police have managed to make an arrest in this instance. Note the age of the offender and that he was already out on parole for previous offending.

Gutless’ father burgled daughter’s school

A judge has slammed a Hastings father and sent him to prison for the “appalling” burglary of his daughter’s school.

Michael Monty Skipper, 22, appeared for sentence before Judge Geoff Rea in Hastings District Court yesterday after earlier admitting breaking into Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Ngati Kahungunu Ki Heretaunga immersion school to steal about $40,000 worth of goods and causing $6000 to $8000 worth of damage.

He stole items including computers, laptops, Apple iBooks, hard-drives, modems, speakers and musical equipment. He then hot-wired a school vehicle found on the premises and loaded it up with the stolen goods.

Judge Rea said the offending, which occurred while Skipper was on prison release conditions, had left the school “completely devastated”… more here

It would be interesting to have a deeper look at burglaries in New Zealand schools to see just how serious and widespread the problem is. We think that profiles of the offenders would also make for some very interesting reading too.

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