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This is an interesting thread that was published on the King Alfred School ‘Wyvern Club Discussion Site’ in the UK.

Isn’t it peculiar how New Zealand is perceived from afar by people who’ve never lived there, shows that the myths still abound. Would anyone who has lived in Hamilton or New Zealand agree with the statements here?


This is the page they are talking about e2nz.org/new-zealand-warnings-and-dangers. It is now well out of date. If anyone is looking for information about Hamilton please use this link: Posts tagged HAMILTON.

Update: After a few days the club realised that their page was getting more hits than usual, mostly from readers of E2NZ.org. After that a fair degree of realism entered the conversation.

Update 23 June 2014

Update 23 June 2014

Hamilton in the news this week

Police warn of stalker at popular Hamilton lake

A man who allegedly dragged a woman behind a shed at a popular Hamilton leisure spot has not been caught.

Police have spoken to “a couple” of potential suspects, but have not charged anyone over the attempted abduction, Detective Sergeant Kristine Clarke of the Hamilton CIB said.

On Thursday, May 22, a man grabbed a woman between 11am and noon at the Hamilton Lake Reserve.

Lake Rotoroa is a favourite for Hamilton residents who walk and run around its perimeter. The woman’s attacker tried to drag her behind a shed before a passerby intervened and the man ran off.

Police appealed for information about the offender and it prompted another woman to come forward.

Her encounter was less dramatic yet the sexual nature of the advance led police to believe it was the same offender.

And a stoner is in court for shooting at people coming out of a fast food restaurant

Youth fires at pizza buyers

A 19-year-old Hamilton man has admitted shooting at members of the public as they waited for food outside Pizza Hut.

In the Hamilton District Court, Shawn Michael Hawkins pleaded guilty to charges of injuring with reckless disregard for the safety of others, possession of cannabis and two charges of careless use of a firearm causing injury on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year.

About 7.40pm on Christmas Eve, the first victim was sitting in the front doorway of the shop next to Pizza Hut on Grey St, Claudelands, having just ordered some pizza.





7 thoughts on “Hamilton – Updated

  1. I live in Hamilton. Once, a neighbouring kid came in and randomly offered us a plate of mandarins. We were a bit suspicious. 5 minutes later we discovered my son’s ripstick had gone. The neighbours were all a bit ‘gangy’ so we didn’t dare confront them over it.

  2. The baby died on Monday night but the man got name suppression. Isn’t it great how he gets more protection than the baby he slaughtered?

  3. Hamilton is not a place I felt safe in. The presence of the Mongrel Mob is very strong, children are recruited into gangs and do jobs for them all the time, they are underage so never make it to jail.
    Personally, I kept all doors locked at all times and was “on edge” most of the time. I have friends who consider it a fine place to live but for me it was not somewhere I could relax.
    Yes, there are some nicer suburbs but try going into town. Not a very pleasant or safe feeling place.

    I had a few incidents of having rough looking young kids come to my door with a fake “school charity sign up sheet”, seriously, like their parents has written it in felt pen on a piece of paper, asking for donations and obviously checking out from the doorway what I had in my house. The type of extremely obvious attempt to rip you off/case your house etc is not uncommon. You will see often see gangs of 10-14 year olds around, recruits for one of the adult gangs. I found that scary.

  4. The fear of being found out that the “she’ll be right” attitude is not progressing the country is rife. Outsiders, that have not been drinking the kool-aid from birth stand little chance because they’ve looked behind the curtain.

  5. The above comments are written with a ‘feel good factor’ with zero ounce of truth. Most of the commentators are not only ill informed by seem to be suffering from paranoia mixed with Islamophobia. These old fogies remind me of my old lecturer who once preached islamophobia and NZ nationalism in front of a young NZ audience in university, who know nothing neither about Islam and the political frontier that the world today is. Preaching hatred before an audience is something the old fogies do very well, both in NZ and UK alike.

    Going back to the question poised above, I have lived in Hamilton, and the crime rate is very high, i personally was evident of a case of stabbing and was robbed of my phone twice. I have a policeman neighbor, originally from UK, who left his job and went to Australia, because his professional life was taking a toll upon his family life.

    The commentators above are left wing zealots who still believe in white nationalism and they wont spare a dime to malign the factual truth to uphold their sham nationalism.

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