RIP Arun Kumar: This is New Zealand. “This would not have happened if our police force would actually do the job we think we pay them to do”

NZ's justice system is failing people like Arun Kumar

NZ’s justice system is failing people like Arun Kumar

The senseless murder of Auckland businessman Arun Kumar has stirred up much social commentary in New Zealand, more so when police announced that a 13 year old male who was “known” to them and his 12 year old mate have been arrested. Police are thought to still be looking for at least another two children.

Arun Kumar’s death came days after Blessie Gotingco was murdered by a man under “police supervision” who was apprehended within hours of her body being found. That happened a month after Amy Farrall was raped and murdered by a young man who was paroled from prison 6 months earlier.

Here are some of the comments we’re seeing on the net. Sadly, most of them blame the parents and fail to recognise that its New Zealand’s social structures that are broken, they are also ignorant of their own failure to be effective members of the Village that Raises the Child.  They are mostly unaware that the under-resourced criminal justice system they fund is in ruins and unable to stem the rising tide of crime, or reform the criminals it processes. Meanwhile, their government tells them that recorded crime in on the decline and they’ve happy to believe they’ve nothing to worry about in ‘safe’ New Zealand.

From Twitter:


This is an excerpt taken from New Zealand’s most popular social media site – the forum at With attitudes like these, compounded by racism and hatred, is it any wonder that society has broken down in New Zealand, causing it to become the unsafe place it is today?

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Hamish in Auckland

Here’s another point of view which we liked very much, it was first published on and was written by someone who knew Arun Kumar and his wife.

New Zealand: A man is dead – Rest in peace Arun Kumar.

I have known Arun for about two years I met him in the course of business, in some ways he was quite a traditionalist. He wanted to meet you if you wanted to get his business. I laughed when he told me that over the phone and responded that we had met quite a few times. That was the only time I can ever remember Arun being on the back foot,it last about two seconds while he digested the fact that I bought my cigarettes from him if I need some and was in the area. He told me I should drop by soon and buy some more from him. I did on my way to ” she who must be obeyed’s” ( SWMBO )place that night. It was the start of a valued friendship…

Arun’s business is located very close to an African hairdressing business who are friends of SWMBO so we are frequently in that area. Arun if he didn’t have customers to serve was often outside on the pavement, he liked people and enjoyed ” chewing the fat ” from my perspective this was fantastic, rather than hanging about listening to to the women speaking Swahili I could walk down the road a few meters and set the world to right with Arun and his ever changing audience who shared English as a common language. Interestingly a lot of African guys seemed to find it a convivial place to wait and many of them spoke Swahili…

I wouldn’t have described Arun as quite (quiet) in fact I would have described his wife as quite (quiet). One of the funniest moments I can recall with Arun was when I walked into his shop with three new product lines, he calculated the margins ( in his head I needed a calculator to confirm them ) and told me they would work if our recommended retail price could be achieved and then tried to give me a pie and a can of coke. Given that they were new untried product lines and he was placing a small order the pie and coke would have cost him about 15% of his profit margin it wasn’t a lot of money but…. His wife just looked at us and rolled her eyes…

This is what Hamish had to say about the news report that stated:

“Mr Tuapiki said he wasn’t surprised to hear the incident was a stabbing, because a youth had been threatening people on the street with a large knife yesterday afternoon, asking for cigarettes.”

I am in the area often and it is a long time since I have seen police walking the beat in the area.I walked through the area two weeks ago and was part of Arun’s audience for ten minutes, the last time we had a chat. Sometimes it is impossible not to walk the area without being hassled for money by beggars. At the Henderson Mall entrance a couple of hundred meters away from Aron’s shop last week I gave a beggar my ” don’t even try look ” he didn’t. He walked up to my eldest daughter who was walking beside me and tried to con her.

I can’t help but think this would not have happened if our police force would actually do the job we think we pay them to do. Would the NZ Police stop fucking about and wasting our taxpayers money working for the FBI ( an American police organisation ) attempting to secure a few more million for the Hollywood hoodlums by bringing criminal proceedings in New Zealand against Kim Dotcom when those pricks should be paying to bring civil proceedings against him and pay for it themselves. The New Zealand police are fast becoming a joke…”
“There needs to be a police presence in Henderson”…many robbed frequently and assaulted
This was first published on the news site Listen to the audio here

“…Dean Thompson, the head of the Henderson Central Retailers Association, said on Wednesday that the Auckland Council and police need to increase security measures.Mr Thompson said they have been asking for a dedicated community constable for the area for years, and at the moment the area has only one truancy enforcement officer.

“We’re happy to supply the accommodation, supply the office for them to be based – but it needs to have a police presence.”

Local business owners said they are not surprised that young people have been linked to the dairy attack. Many have said that they are robbed frequently, shouted and sworn at and punched.

Two businesses spoken to by Radio New Zealand said they have changed their hours – opening later and closing earlier – to avoid confrontations.

Virender Singh knows first-hand how risky owning a small business can be. He was stabbed by two youths at his Otara Liquor Store in 2008. He told Radio New Zealand that hearing news of Tuesday’s attack was painful and brought back terrible memories.

Mr Singh said he sold his business two years ago because he was sick of being attacked by young people. He is now a truck driver and said he feels much safer.” source

Local businesses frightened by drug addicted teens

A specific group of young teens addicted to synthetic cannabis have created a mood of intimidation and fear in Auckland’s Henderson shopping area with shop owners claiming police are doing little to stop it.

The group, some including adolescents not yet teens, were sitting in the sun today, just 20 metres up Great North Road where yesterday Railside Dairy owner Arun Kumar, 57, was stabbed to death.

Three shop owners spoke on-the-record about what was happening but four others would not.

One shop owner, across the road from the youth sitting in the sun, said “no, too frightened, not on camera.”…

Tatoo shop owner Boda Carter of Sanctuary Ink, 20m from Railside Dairy went on record. He said

“We have had a lot of trouble with them for months, always mugging people, stabbing people; it is not the first one,” he said.

“Not even a month ago, eight of them jumped my own son on the train, to mug him, to grab whatever they can, sell it, grab synthetic weed. I blame that shit.”

Carter said many people in the area had been knifed by the young teens.

For much of the time the youths were high on their drug, or wanted to get high and needed money.

“They’ve stabbed heaps of people. They are human trash.”

Police did occasionally deal with the group and they had been caught on commuter trains trying to rob riders.

“At that age they can only get a slap on the wrist, more needs to be done,” Carter said.

“I reckon beat them all within an inch of their lives, set an example.”

He believed most of the group – which seems to run to 10 to 15 individuals – had been kicked out of schools and “half of their parents are already inside.”

Police did occasionally deal with the group and they had been caught on commuter trains trying to rob riders.

“At that age they can only get a slap on the wrist, more needs to be done,” Carter said.

“I reckon beat them all within an inch of their lives, set an example.”… more here


4 thoughts on “RIP Arun Kumar: This is New Zealand. “This would not have happened if our police force would actually do the job we think we pay them to do”

  1. So sad for the Kumar family. So unsurprised that Maori children are responsible. Won’t get jail time, bound to be members of a youth gang.
    Basically, how can these offenders’ parents weep and wail in court when their children are self-raised and feral and they(the parents) are utterly responsible?

  2. Love you, says boy on murder charge

    A 13-year-old boy accused of murdering a West Auckland dairy owner by stabbing him in the neck inside the shop appeared in court yesterday

    The boy, who ‘cannot be named because of his age ‘, appeared in the Waitakere Youth Court and entered no plea to a charge of murdering father-of-two Arun Kumar.

    Judge Lisa Tremewan said the boy would appear again in the High Court at Auckland this month. He will remain in custody until then.

    He did not enter a plea on the other charge he faces – of robbing Mr Kumar with intent to assault him.

    A 12-year-old boy also appeared yesterday and entered no plea to the joint charge of robbery with intent to assault. Arun Kumar.

    The 12-year-old will appear again in the Waitakere Youth Court next week. He will also remain in custody.

    “The boys’ lawyers each applied for bail, which the Crown opposed”.

    Youth Court sittings are closed to the public but a large contingent of the boys’ families was allowed in to watch as the two accused, both wearing dark shirts, stood side by side in the dock.

    As he was led into custody, the 13-year-old mouthed “love you” to his family members. Some of them yelled the same back at him from the public gallery, as well as comments like, “Be strong, baby.”

    Mr Kumar, 57, was stabbed in the neck in front of his wife during what is believed to have been an attempted robbery of the Railside Dairy in Henderson about 7.30am on Tuesday.

    Police have said Mr Kumar’s wife was unhurt but was traumatised, and was being helped by Victim Support and a police ethnic liaison officer.

    Family members and friends have paid tribute to Mr Kumar, saying he was a hardworking man, a great husband and father.
    – APNZ


    This is the sad reality of NZ, manifested in this curious case. The absconding parents from their responsibilities and the degree of cold blooded terror of these young maori/islander vermin .

    But what could you expect from them, when they are too busy cooking meth in their basements, or playing rugby while their kids are out on the street stabbing somebody. The families should also be prosecuted and they bear the most part of the moral responsibility of the death of an honest hardworking immigrant.

  3. Starving and begging for food? No they’re not!!! This area is crawling with kids addicted to synthetic cannabis and doing crazy shit. You won’t see this mentioned in the press because it’s too shameful to admit New Zealand’s drug problem is out of control and there’s nothing that can be done about it. The press say the kids we’re begging for cigarettes but they’re not, they’re asking for money and robbing to buy dangerous drugs that are completely legal in NZ.

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