"New Zealand has more coastline than the United States"

The above statement is often thrown around but is it true? According to the CIA World Fact Book New Zealand has 15,134 km of coastline, a lot less than the United States’ 19,924 km. Australia, New Zealand’s closest neighbour, has 25,760 km. Japan chalks up a pretty respectable 29,751 km but they’re all left for dust by Canada with a staggering 202,080 km. That’s a lot of fishing spots.

Canada 202,080 km

Indonesia 54,716 km

Greenland 44,087 km

Philippines 36,289 km

Japan 29,751 km

Australia 25,760 km

Norway 25,148 km

United States 19,924 km

Antarctica 17,968 km

Source CIA World Fact Book


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