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Welcome to our little blog.

Are you considering a move to New Zealand? perhaps you’re thinking of living there long term or just want to sample the lifestyle for a while and then move on.

This is a blog dedicated to giving you as much information as possible to enable you to make an informed choice because it’s always better to go into these things with eyes wide open. There is a wealth of information on the world wide web about the benefits of New Zealand, this centres mostly around the beautiful landscape, the laid back lifestyle and how great a place it is to raise kids.

Sounds too good to be true huh?

There isn’t so much information on the realities of life for many newcomers to the country, the problems that migrants face most days and how they manage to overcome them, if indeed they do. Nor is there much about the poverty, the high level of crime, high number of road accidents, the prevalence of drug, alcohol and child abuse and the dissatisfaction that is felt within New Zealand. Perhaps these are the reasons why over a quarter of the population of New Zealand have chosen to live somewhere other than their homeland.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Thinking of Emigrating to New Zealand

  1. I AGREE!The pitbulls are terrible. They are uncastrated, teased so that they are aggressive and unpredictable, and roam freely among small children who often play unsupervised. The drug problems are very bad here. Because some communities don't want waves being made,and New Zealand is very careful of its international reputation, much of this is hushed up and handled roughly and quietly outside of the media, law and established social services. You can imagine that the victims receive few guarantees & indifferent care. I can send you photos of one of these typical very unfortunate areas (and there are many of them) with run-down housing, graffiti, dirty nasty feral dogs trotting around the dirt roads, and the poor school-skipping children with juicy white louse eggs in their hair whilst parents do drugs at home. This is the face of New Zealand you will not see at the job fairs or Malcolm Pacific migrant input machines.

  2. One thing I'm surprised you haven't included on your blog is the pit bull problem in NZ. Lots of them around, usually in the hands of the 'wrong' people, maimings and deaths, poor dog controls.

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