NZ Slides In World Peace Rankings

New Zealand has fallen behind Iceland in this year’s Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index.

Read a brief report about it here and find out what Kiwis are saying about it.

What can be done to halt the decline? Guidance is provided in the 2011 GPI Discussion Paper

How can New Zealand further improve its peacefulness?
New Zealand is forecast to become more ethnically diverse over the next twenty years which may pose challenges particularly in the areas of inequality and marginalisation.

New Zealand has a higher level of violent crime and incarceration that most other highly peaceful nations. Without addressing the root causes of criminality and insecurity the government risks spending more and more money that could be put to more productive use in other areas of society without seeing the anticipated results.

In order to maintain its high standing and reputation as a peaceful country New Zealand needs to address issues of inequality and marginalisation. Especially notable are the inequalities and lack of achievement that are transmitted through family circumstances, resulting in problems for future generations of ill-health, criminality, violent behaviour, lack of economic achievement and so on. However, without addressing current issues drawn out by this analysis of the social, economic, governance and cultural structures of peace, New Zealand may face decreasing levels of peacefulness in future.

For stats and facts relating to crime, social inequality, domestic violence and child abuse in New Zealand look under our NZ Facts and Stats tab at the top of this page, or click on any of the links below


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  1. “One in three NZ women experience physical and/or sexual abuse throughout their lifetime at the hands of a partner. Women and children are more at risk of violence in their homes than in the street. As a private crime behind closed doors, domestic violence never shows up in statistics as much as it occurs”.

    from te kakano tumanako

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