Thai Ambassador in New Zealand Warns Community to Take Care, Violence Against Women Still a Problem in NZ

Thai flag-attacks on thais in New Zealand

Thai nationals have been advised to take care in Auckland

The Thai Amabassor to New Zealand is advising the Thai community in Auckland to take care after attacks and deaths among the Thai community.

In one incident, a bound and gagged Thai woman died after she fell from a moving car, in another a Thai national was attacked in her Henderson motel room…

A 50-year-old Thai woman, Jindarat Prutsiriporn, died from injuries after she escaped gagged and bound from a moving car early in March, and a teenager was last week charged for allegedly attacking another middle-aged Thai woman in Henderson…

Yesterday, the ambassador visited the woman who police said suffered a “laceration” to her hand after she was attacked in her motel room.

He said there had been four or five cases of attacks on Thai nationals over the last five years, including the two incidents this month…

“My advice to the community is to just be very careful and try to avoid the areas in Auckland that may be dangerous or not good to visit.”

No arrest has been made in relation to the Prutsiriporn case, and police have stopped asking for the public’s help.” source

A 17 year old youth has been arrested for the motel room attack. He was charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and possession of crystal meth/utensils. The Thai woman was a visitor to New Zealand and was cared for by family members after discharge from Middlemore Hospital. source

The ambassador’s comments come at a time when the Chinese community has also expressed its outrage over attacks on its students living in Auckland. The Chinese Consulate-General this week demanded action be taken to improve their security.

Mike Lee

Whistle-blowing councillor Mike Lee: “Auckland is not incredibly safe…it’s not safe at all”

Whistle-blowing Waitemata and Gulf ward councillor, Mike Lee, has breached protocol and spoken-out against the continued charade that Auckland is a safe city. At a crowded meeting at the University of Auckland, held in response to the recent violent attacks of international students, he said there was conflicting information over the safety of the city:

Gangs of violent offenders frequent the city centre

“There’s two messages coming out – that Auckland is incredibly safe ‘but don’t go there, don’t go there, don’t carry this and don’t carry that’.”

“Auckland is not incredibly safe … it’s not safe at all, it needs to be safe and it can be safe, and together we will make it safe.

“But the people who must lead this are the New Zealand Police … the gangs of violent offenders who frequent the city centre … need to be cleaned up once and for all,” he said.

Gangs are young women with male minders

“It’s not just background noise crime, it’s a serious problem. There’s a racial aspect to it because these kids are seen to be reasonably well-off, and they’re small, and these people are bullies so they pick on them,” he said.

Lee said the gangs seemed to be composed mostly of young women with male minders.

The attacks were giving Auckland a bad name internationally, he said.

“This is bad for those kids, it’s unacceptable in a civilised city, but also it’s giving Auckland a bad name all around the world because it’s big on Chinese social media, and that’s seamless, that goes all through the Chinese diaspora.” …

Chinese students seen as ‘rich pickings

Auckland University Chinese Student Society (AUCSS) president Phillip Wang said Chinese international students might be being targeted because criminals thought they came from rich families.

“I think it’s more like a stereotyping thing. I think people think international students, or Asians in general, are rich, or have rich families. I think the criminals, they want to target international students or Asians in general instead of other people.”

Other Chinese students at the university were scared to walk home at night, Wang said.

“They said they’re really scared to study late at night now, they want to get home early. Their parents are concerned as well.” source

Violence Against Women – Hog Tied 50 Year Old Woman Dies After Escape from Moving Car in Auckland

Update: Police have identified the woman as a 50 year old Thai migrant who lives in Auckland, she was critically injured in the attack and died late last night in Middlemore hospital . Her immediate family have been informed and have asked for the media to respect their privacy. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this time.

Police are still hunting for two people who were involved in the incident, are appealing for the public’s help but have released very little detail about what happened or speculated on a possible motive.

Residents of the Auckland suburb of Papatoetoe were left shocked yesterday after a woman was critically injured in an abduction gone wrong… read on

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8 thoughts on “Thai Ambassador in New Zealand Warns Community to Take Care, Violence Against Women Still a Problem in NZ

  1. Sadly this is becoming all too common. Too many New Zealanders (mostly Maori and Pacific Islanders) see growing Asian (Chinese) Community as a problem only because it continues to further help marginalise them pushing them back into fringes of society. While many white New Zealanders view introduction of Asians into this country as an “Invasion” for many of those who are Maori and Pacific Islanders see it as double invasion as they already see colonisation of this country by white New Zealand as first invasion. It’s this hostility that they have couple with ongoing sense of entitlement made worse by New Zealand Government to appeased any past aggressions, real or imagined, that they may caused them has created sort of conditions you now see here where they feel they have right prey on people they now see as the “Enemy” (i.e Asian Students). Ironically so not to appear racist towards the people of Maori or Pacific Island communities, New Zealand Government, casually ignores this problem that happening too frequently towards large proportion of their population hoping that it will just simply go away. What a shame that nobody here has any sense of history or they would realise that reality is when it comes to “Invasions”, Chinese were here first before any White, Maori, or Pacific Islander and that there is enough circumstantial evidence out there to support this view if they knew where they look. And it’s just not New Zealand that Chinese discovered first but also alot of other places like Australia and West Coast of America. For example in New Zealand there’s large lake called Lake Taupo and on West Coast of America there’s large lake called Lake Tahoe. Both of these names for these lakes are native words, and if they sound the same to you they should as a number of acclaimed historians and archaeologists believed the names for these lakes both originate from same root word “Ta-Hu” which is an ancient Chinese word for “Lake” or description of one “A large body of water”. This is not a coincidence.

    • I have heard from many well educated new Zealanders it used to be an even more developing nation about 30 years ago and especially after the war. And I’m sure there weren’t to many Asians and immigrants yet. Asians bring in money big time and the government knows it ! Why else would they let them in ? Talk to any shop owner in arrow town and Queenstown and they will tell you their biggest spenders are the Chinese..

      There are Chinese everywhere in the West. There’s Chinatown in many European countries and the US. We appreciate them there. Because they are hardworking respected people in society. They even own Las Vegas… Why complain about that??Their services are greatly appreciated and loved by us westerners. In The US this is one of the best tourist attractions too. Guess what.. I would like to see an China town in New Zealand too !! And I would love to visit often. They are the hardest working foreigners we’ve got !! There is no question about the fact they are boosting our economy…

      Any way.. why do you stay here with the education you’ve got ? For sure you could get better elsewhere? ALOT BETTER….

  2. This could explain some tensions I noticed under Asians lately here in CHCH.
    How sorry I am for them , does not give them the right to discriminate on other whites in NZ. (like myself) please understand that not all withes are against the Asians…or Chinese. It is a shame , have lived with an Chinese woman for an year in The Netherlands and she was great ! She would often invite me over for dinner without asking any cost or whatsoever. Very friendly respectful woman also in Dutch society.

    I love and respect all Asians and will be happy to travel there one day and enjoy there fascinating culture.
    My husbands stepmother is from Thailand and she is wonderful , one good day she will introduce us to her big family in Thailand and we look really forward to that.

    I love to eat Asian food and we eat out almost every week in an Asian restaurant most of the time Chinese.
    They always give an fair price and good quality food something is hard to find at an kiwi restaurant….

    Let me get one thing clear because now I’ve got even the Asians getting against me because I am white.. and I am not liking it. New Zealand is in existence because of China … without NZ’s trade with China NZ would simply not exist ! I really hope you get that NZ ! You bully these people but yet get your fish and chips or Chinese take out ? This does not make sense at all. And then I didn’t even the millions of dollars the Chinese tourists are bringing in the country… Your fellow citizens would be out of an job if they didn’t come ! DUH !

    Wouldn’t this be a good reason to respect the Asian’s here in NZ ?! They ****** are busting the kiwi economy big time …Can’t any kiwi understand that? Sometimes I feel like daily life here in NZ is like being part of one big kindergarten.. yeah really ! I have worked a lot with kids and to be honest the kiwi “grown ups” are not much different from the elementary kids I have met in my life…

    This is my simple request to respect the Asians in NZ once and for all. The Chinese /Asian community is very big in NZ and you cannot ignore them. They deserve the respect from the kiwi’s because they simply cannot live without them ! You got that right kiwi’s and have a great racism free day now.

    • Actually N.Z can live perfectly well without Asians as can any other western country .sorry to break it to you but most Asian people come here to enhance their own lives not the lives of New Zealanders ,don’t read anything into this its just a fact.

      • Yes however I would imagine that the U.S would grind to a halt very quickly were it not for South American workers ,Mr Trumps plan.If we allowed no more Asian immigrants into N.Z and expelled the ones already here it would have very little impact on our economy ,of course it would insult our major trading partner China and there would be huge financial repercussions in the way of punishment .Just pointing out the facts here and I in no way advocate removing or denying Asian people access to N.Z .Our country is at an all time low in terms of productivity,the people coming here are not increasing our G.D.P just sharing the limited wealth which was already here ,much of this is due to over regulation .Just my beliefs and I would welcome comment

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