Shots Fired At Auckland Police, Rapes and Murders. Is Crime out of Control in NZ?

Today we learn that shots were fired at police in Friedlanders Road (Google Street View above). New Zealand’s escalating violent crime continues to be a problem for over-stretched police around the country.

Counties Manukau Police said four shots were fired at police in Manurewa about 3.50 on Wednesday morning.

While several shots hit the police vehicle, no was was injured.

The car took off following the altercation and neither those involved, nor the car had been located before 5am on Wednesday… more here

Later in the day police said they were looking for Patrick Dixon, “A Maori man, aged 30 in connection with a shooting in Manurewa later this morning…He has warrants for his arrest for unlawful carriage and possession of a firearmsource

Today’s gun attack happened 3 days after a three people, including a child, were injured when a gun man fired into a group of people assembled in a park in Mangere.

Joanne Pert’s alleged killer is due in court today. The 24 year old male is due to appear for a trial callover this morning. His name suppression may be removed. Ms Pert was killed as she jogged through Remuera on the morning of 7 January. Police have released no details about the nature of her death, the injuries she received or a possible motive for the murder.

Meanwhile in Wellington, police in hazmat suits entered a property where a woman’s body was found last night in Newtown. Police are keeping typically tight lipped about the incident…Woman’s body found in Newtown flat

The body of 31 year old Rosemary Dey was found in the a flat in Constable Street, Newtown yesterday. Police said her death was “unexplained” and have released no further details. Police climbed onto scaffolding at the rear of the apartments to see in through a window where they saw Ms Dey lying dead. More here and here:

“The police came around about 5.30pm looking for a girl missing. Suddenly there were lots of police cars.”…Neighbour Laura Gardner said she saw three police cars and a fire engine arrive outside the house about 9pm Tuesday. One person inspecting the scene appeared to be wearing a hazardous materials suit, she said.

Down in Dunedin, 21 year old Alexander James William Merritt has pleaded not guilty to murdering 51 year old Karin Ann Ross.

Ms Ross’ body was discovered by a passer-by in a car park in Strathallan Street. Police won’t release details of how she died, the nature of her injuries or a possible motive for the attack:

Police have not commented on the nature of Ms Ross’ death, but it is understood it was violent.

As defence counsel Anne Stevens entered Merritt’s plea, people in the public gallery cried out in disgust.

“F***’s sake – it’s bulls**t,” one woman yelled.

Merritt, who until today had interim name suppression, was remanded in custody… more here

And Featherston is hitting all the wrong notes again as a mob of drunken teens descends on a private home.

‘A Featherston man is vowing to stand against more than 20 drunken teens who laid siege to his home — smashing windows and threatening violence — in attacks linked to the deaths of two boys in a Masterton crash at the weekend.’

‘At noon yesterday a group of about 15 teens again appeared at his gate, he said, and were wearing gang colours and “threatening to run me out of town and kill my daughter”.’ source

Recent violent attacks in Dunedin

16 year old raped in Dunedin library car park February 2015:

A man who raped a 16-year-old girl in the Dunedin Library car park after befriending her on Facebook while they were in the library was yesterday sentenced to nine years and two months’ jail. David Michael Witchall, 25, was convicted of sexually violating the girl by rape, sexually grooming four younger teenage girls, two charges of indecent assault and one of doing an indecent act – all at Dunedin. source

Man arrested after woman found stabbed to death at Dunedin house July 2015

Dunedin police are investigating the death of a woman at a Waldronville property and have launched a homicide investigation. source

Woman repeatedly assaulted in the street August 2015

The woman was repeatedly beaten in the street in the early hours of Saturday morning as she tried to escape her attacker. source

Dunedin man jailed for series of rapes and sexual assaults August 2015

A Dunedin man has been given a long prison sentence for a series of rapes and sexual assaults. Mateo Nixon, 30, was convicted in July on six charges of rape, three of unlawful sexual connection, two of indecent assault and two of sexual connection with a young person under 16.

In the Dunedin District Court today, he was sentenced to 14 years’ jail with a non-parole period of eight years. source

Other incidents



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  1. Before I found this site I knew there was a lot going on between the Maori s but this is all so scary and the incidence seem not only to aim Maori woman but any woman who is not permanent protected. The police seem unable to work against any crime or have no plan in place. This is no place to live as woman if you have to fear to be struck, raped or robbed by long term criminals who already registered for their criminal activities.

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