Armed Standoff in Gloria Rd, Te Atatu, Auckland. Woman’s Body found in House – Botched Burglary

armed standoff west auckland

Update: 10.25 pm 15 Jan 2016

Police have launched a murder investigation after the body of a woman was found at a house in Glenvil Avenue, Te Atatu, Auckland this afternoon. According to a report by the New Zealand Herald two people were treated for shock after

family members arrived to find the body in at a house in Glenvil Ave, Te Atatu — sparking a massive response that included armed police, dog squads and the Eagle helicopter that put neighbourhoods in shut down.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are extended to the woman’s family and friends for their tragic loss and the manner in which their loved one died.

Residents of the quiet suburb later told media that police think the 70 year old woman died after a “botched burglary”. Police are likely to release further information at press conference at 3 pm on Saturday.

Today’s murder comes a week after the body of a female jogger was found in a garden in the Auckland suburb of Remeura. It is thought the man responsible may have been burgling houses in the vicinity before he attacked 41 year old Joanne Pert in broad daylight.

Social media initially provided the first news of today’s incident.

Gloria Rd Te Atatu

Shortly after the NZ Herald announced a body had been found in a house in the area

BREAKING: Armed police swarmed to an Auckland suburb tonight after a body was found in unexplained circumstances.

A police spokeswoman said a body was found at an address in Te Atatu.

The death was unexplained.

Police were called to the house at around 5:30pm after the body was discovered.

The enquiries are in their early stages and there is no further information available at this time, said the spokeswoman.

Residents in the area have been reporting on social media about a hive of police and emergency service activity around Gloria Avenue. One Facebook user wrote; “Must be something bad, all sirens on and guns ready”, while another wrote; “Glenvil lane ambulance there also”…

…Members of the public have posted images of Police vehicles inside cordoned off streets around the Peninsular on social media.

One has posted an image of a Police vehicle towing what appears to be an investigation trailer entering a cordoned off street.

Glenvil Lane has been cordoned off completely and there is a large police presence including armed officers and dog squads.

Officers were telling residents it is a “serious incident”.

An ambulance is parked at the end of the lane.

A police helicopter is also circling over the area.

A group of residents were watching the events unfold but said they were unaware what had happened.

There’s also a police presence on the back streets behind the lane.


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4 thoughts on “Armed Standoff in Gloria Rd, Te Atatu, Auckland. Woman’s Body found in House – Botched Burglary

  1. Wed 20th Jan 2016
    A teenager has been arrested and charged with murdering Te Atatu woman Cun Xiu Tian.

    Waitemata Police say a 19-year-old Te Atatu man is in custody and will appear in Waitakere District Court tomorrow morning charged with murder and two counts of sexual violation.

    “I know that the arrest will bring some relief to the Te Atatu and wider community and we’d like to thank the public for their support and assistance over the past six days,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Roger Small.

    The family of Mrs Tian, 69, have been advised of the arrest and are being supported by Police and Victim Support.

  2. It’s sad to read them people come to New Zealand full of life and go back either in coffin or get buried (in some shitty corner). Such crimes must stop. The country should give serious punishment to the killers & set an example in the society.

    Same day there was an article on NZHerald about a 16-18 year old “islander” prick who tried to beat up 14 yr old boy to steal his bicycle. This incident happened just 400 meters away from Gloria Ave. Apparently the 14 year old bought the bicycle after saving money for 18 odd months by delivering newspapers etc.

    Welcome to the most developed 3rd world country.

    • A lot of people are crying out for harsher punishments like what we see in other countries but it just isn’t going to happen. I don’t know why and can only guess the govt doesn’t want to pay out and our safety is of no concern to them. That and they need to maintain the NZ safety illusion so acknowledging we have a crime problem (and a huge list of others) will be bad for the image.

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