Two More Women Attacked in Dunedin, Violence Against Women Reaching Crisis Point in NZ


If you’re thinking about emigrating to Dunedin you may want to give it a miss. Dunedin is rapidly overtaking Auckland as New Zealand’s most unsafe place for women.

A 40 year old woman was seriously assaulted at 6 am today in Cutten Street, police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

As usual, police are keeping quiet about the nature of the victim’s injuries and any weapons used, however the attack was thought to be related to a Dunedin gang and

A Cutten St resident told the Otago Daily Times police in blue overalls searched several Cutten St properties from about 10am, including bushes and bins. A property on the street was cordoned off with police tape at that time, the resident said.

Shortly before 3pm it appeared a weapon, believed to be a knife, had been discovered at another Cutten St address. Police photographers were then seen documenting that scene…

At 2:30 am on Saturday a 22 year old woman was assaulted by two men in a red four-door sedan in the city. Police are also asking the public for their help in finding the attackers. Our thoughts and sympathies are extended to these women and all victims of violence in New Zealand. More on both stories here

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27 thoughts on “Two More Women Attacked in Dunedin, Violence Against Women Reaching Crisis Point in NZ

  1. pink dildos with secret pepper spray capabilities would be a good start,if attacked just pull the dildo out of your handbag ,aim the tip of the penis at the aggressor and squeeze the balls ,pssshhh.

  2. It’s actually really scary, I’m 22, female and I live in Dunedin. I’m afraid to go places by myself because people are creeps. Case in point, just yesterday I was walking back from town in the evening, it was still light. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly attractive, and yet as I ran to cross a street I was wolf whistled at by some moron in a car, the some creepy old man out for a run was staring, by staring I mean, after he ran past me he was rubber necking. For the more idiotic who would then inquire about my outfit I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket. This stuff happens a lot, I had one man approach me as I waited for my partner to leave the toilet and attempt to turn the superman logo shirt I was wearing into a sleezey pick up line. I’ve been grabbed at, and touched while I was just trying to eat some chips on a bench after school. I walked home at night once and was shouted at by a group of drunken teens who were presumably trying to start a fight. All I’ve ever done is mind my own business and people are super creepy. Every other day you hear about people like yourself being attacked, it’s terrifying. The cops are useless though.

    • It does sound very scary. It is in fact one of the reasons I actually moved to nz. In my home country I experienced the same kinda thing. And heard that it was very unlikely for things like that to happen in nz. What a myth ! I have to admit it is a lot less than where I’m from..but here in chch I try to stay in the better neighbourhoods. For sure things like that would happen here too in the rougher area’s. It only happened to me ones when I walked alone at night but nothing serious. Try to walk with trustable guy’s as much as you can especially at night. It sure makes the difference.

    • “The cops are useless though.”
      One example of corruption that people forget, is …
      someone drawing a salary while not doing the work.

      From that situation, it can be reasonably deduced that police in NZ are corrupt …

  3. I agree George ,seems like there is no stability for anyone in N.Z .Low wage economy ,unbridled foreign investment and immigration makes for a very unsettled and angry population …….
    It shows.

      • Thanks ,I’m sure you are correct ,I’m not crying about a shortage of money,I returned to N.Z with a good head start,I do miss the more relaxed lifestyle that used to be here ,we used to take safety for granted .I live 5 minutes walk from a very nice beach but even as a male would not go there after dark,roving gangs of feral teenagers love to attack people who walk alone ,they are fully aware that they can get away with it,N.Z police do not patrol ,they are road revenue warriors.

  4. A reply to leave N.Z ASAP
    Funny you should mention inviting the neighbours girls over to my house,we actually did invite one of his over 18 year old ,daughters for a beer and pizza after work on a Friday evening,had 4 Young builders at the house and we all had a blast,harmless and the girl only drank two Heine’s the asshole neighbour called his daughter on her cell and told her to come home immediately ,apparently he threw a big tantrum and wouldn’t talk to her for two days and the poor thing wouldn’t come inside for its dinner that night,he really hates my guts ,luckily he’s a coward and to scared to confront me plus I’m selling my house.

    • ah what a shame you’re neighbor is too controlling. It does sound pretty extreme. I used to drop by at my neighbors all the time and I loved it. I am sure they did too. How nice of you to invite them over. You’re lucky he’s not one of the noisy ones.

      I stayed with a friend in chch and he lived in a middle class neighborhood. They had all good relationships with the neighbors but not with the dogs.. every time they left their home one dog was attacking them every time they got out ! Other neighbors who also had dogs just started barking the whole day and every day. It drove the guy mad ! And eventually they sold the house and are living in nelson now.

  5. The truth is that New Zealand has a massive problem with violence, and BOTH genders are guilty of it. New Zealand women are just as violent as the men, with female perpetrated violence is just as prevalent, but seriously underreported. The difference is that the primary victims of violence in New Zealand (which are actually MEN) have almost no protection whatsoever. In fact, when men get beaten up, it rarely even makes it into the media, mainly because it is such a regular occurrence. The media is reporting what people want to hear and is pushing political agendas, which is what you will NEVER see a report of a man beaten by his female partner, despite the fact that this happens frequently.

    There is an underlying anti-male situation in New Zealand (like all Western countries), where men are ALWAYS presented as violent, sexual predators that should be blamed for almost everything, and woman are always presented as victims. Signs of this are seen everywhere. Go to any police station and there will be signs on the door saying that violence against women should not be accepted (which I agree with), but that lack of an equivalent protecting men and children is totally ignored (so much for equal protection by the law). The same thing is present with campaigns like “White Ribbon” which by implication ENDORSES violence against men and children (there have been moves by the Mens Rights groups in New Zealand to get this replaced with a campaign to stop violence against EVERYONE, but these have gone largely unsupported).

    In domestic violence disputes, close to 50% are perpetrated by women in New Zealand, but police AUTOMATICALLY assume the man is the instigator irrespective of all evidence to the contrary. Even on the rare occasions when women are sentenced they STILL get preferential treatment with sentences one third the length of men for the same crime (this is known as a pussy pass). There are also no shelters for men, and the government has ACTIVELY ignored requests from male sufferers of domestic abuse for these shelters to be put in place.

    The media does a wonderful job in New Zealand of hiding the realities that violence is a serious, non-gendered problem. EVERYONE should be protected equally against violence, but it seems that that in New Zealand it is perfectly acceptable to present men as the thugs they often are, but not women; they are blameless angels no matter what they do.

    • you could be very right about that. It’s actually the women in New Zealand that have treated me like trash most of the time… I agree the media cannot always be trusted. They for sure are manipulating the crowd to fulfill some kind of “political ” agenda.

    • Yup, you’re bang on the money with that observation.
      Had a friend (Jeet) who was with an abusive girlfriend (Ngahuia) …
      she’d openly slap him and twist the flesh on his chest.

      When I told her to stop, this happened:
      “But he likes it, don’t you, Jeet?”
      “Yeah baby girl!”

      And that’s also something else I realised:
      People will accept lots of abuse, when it comes from someone they’re attracted to. They will not accept ANY abuse, when it comes from someone they’re NOT attracted to.

  6. Sure there are women in high profile roles but I feel there are still to many left out of an good future in general in New Zealand. When having babies as an teenager ..this leaves them very vulnerable and when the boyfriend leaves them..they have no education and end up in poverty. There seems to be an lack of motivation..for most girls to start an company or go travel. This is just what I see when I look around here..but hey I’m in the south Island perhaps the North does it better..

    Any way cheer up girls you’ve got the power to defend yourselves and make the best out of your future. My advise is to educate yourself first before you have an family. it is just to expensive here to study and have an the same time for most. Make sure you follow your dreams girls ! I’ve been attacked myself and will follow self defense lessons when I’ve left… krav maga is an excellent option.


    • There’s a mentality among kiwi girls/women that this kind of thing will never happen to them. I’ve recommended Krav to a quite a few. They never do it though.

      • that’s to bad Shan . With a bit of determination anybody could.. sadly women too often become victims here in NZ. I hope they would reconsider. Would be great if the gyms would offer something like ! The grils here do seem to be very fund of their pump classes..

      • Hi Tony , It’ proves women being women and having fun no matter what anybody else thinks of them !! Something more kiwi women should do without fear. Having some sort of an hobby being active with a sport , travel and to live for an passion in life other than gambling at horse races…Ok it’s great to dress up and stuff but it seems a bit of an snobby show to me. Although I won’t judge it. But I always sense women are being tucked away somehow and being oppressed..pushed down. This article is another proof of that. In my country there are 10 times more people then in NZ and yet we don’t here so many stories like these..

        But thanks for the explanation on my experience with sexism. I suppose you are right. But I don’t think I can ever get used to it. It always feels so unnatural for me. I respect this NZ habit though but prefer the more equal TREATMENT and opportunities elsewhere.

        the way you describe it sounds like an Muslim culture Tony.. haha who would have thought ? I wanted to escape from that in Europe but it’s not much better here in that matter. I guess they act like this for their own safety . And with all those violent stories going on it’s not hard to see why…Chances are big the violent ones must have had an violent youth too.. I’s an hard knock life for some. But I believe there is always a way out !! Sounds like the police must drop by often where you are at ?

        [Edited by Admin: two comments combined]

  7. anyway I do feel sorry for these kiwi woman being treated like garbage in NZ. Perhaps time to sign up for some self defense classes ladies ?

  8. Well this of course does not surprise me either.. I am not claiming western countries are perfect but I have for sure experienced living in NZ some kind of sexism. Most men here don’t seem to take woman seriously. There seems to be an conservative attitude towards women here. At least this is my experience. How I notice ? For example kiwi guy’s never look at me in an conversation and always talk to my husband first. Most of them totally ignore me.. and some kiwi girls seem to be afraid of men. Look everybody decides for themselves but in western countries I have never experienced this , man and women are treated equal and woman not only exist to have have babies and gossip with their girlfriends.. there’s more to life than this ladies. It used to be like this 70 years ago or so in Europe too…. Ever heard of emancipation ?

    • It’s a weird social environement here ,if a person directs a conversation toward a woman the male partner may feel envious and violent toward the perpetrator ,after all they feel that the woman is one of their possessions ,many woman in N.Z are happy with this as its a good lazy way to accept life without any challenges .The problem comes when their partner exerts his ownership of them later behind closed doors.My neighbour ,just a disaster of a male ,has two lovely daughters and a lovely wife who does his washing cooks his food and puts up with his boring sicko personality,any way ,when talking to me describes himself as “we”. There is no “we “,it’s him the pathetic over indulged white male loser with a huge fat gut ,then there’s his lovely wife and family which he endangers on a daily basis by trying to act like a 50 year old Silver back Baboon and rule over the entire neighbourhood.
      This is typical of the spoilt Kiwi male,maybe because he can open a jam jar with a stuck lid more efficiently than his wife he has the feeling that he now rules the world .When socialising Men speak with men and women speak with women in N.Z ,bizarre and weird but that’s what they do and that’s what they are comfortable with.

  9. I live near Dunedin now and enjoy living in the area. Mainly as it has so many good walks and the harbour is beautiful. The nature of New Zealand politics is that the Government invests where the votes are which is mainly Auckland but Dunedin is at the back of the queue. This has a flow on effect on under investment in health and mental health. I think the future of Dunedin will be tied to Asia as the Chinese are keen to invest in the city as a tourist hub and put the infrastructure in place for the proposed significant numbers of Chinese Tourists who want to visit the area. There has been some resistance to this such as the proposed waterfront hotel being scrapped but there are other projects in the pipeline so it is inevitable where the future lies.

    I draw attention to this article from the Otago Daily Times at the weekend which once again highlights the lenient sentences handed out for attacks on women. I wouldn’t describe Dunedin as a sexist City as women are in many high profile roles. There is a problem across NZ where people are living in very stressful circumstances with the high cost of living, alcohol and drugs thrown in and therefore some very serious domestic problems.

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