Female MPs Stand Up to Sexual Violence – Silenced and Ejected from NZ’s Parliament. Sexual Violence “Rampant in NZ Society”

kiwi mps thrown out of parliament

Article from the UK’s Guardian newspaper (click to watch video)

The recent treatment of female MPs who bravely made a stand against sexual violence in the New Zealand parliament has caught the attention of the world’s media.

The UK’s Daily Mail wrote:

Women have stood up one after another to reveal their stories of sexual violence before being forced to be quiet and leave New Zealand parliament. When the women MPs continued, Speaker David Carter ruled their personal stories of sexual violence out of order, turning their microphones off and ejecting them from the Chamber.

Many of those opposition Labour and Green MPs that weren’t ejected on Wednesday then staged a walkout in protest. The women MPs stood to make points of order and demand an apology from New Zealand Prime Minister John Key for remarks made on Tuesday.

‘As the victim of a sexual assault, I take personal offence at the Prime Minister’s comments, and ask that you require him to withdraw and apologise,’ Green party co-leader Metiria Tureia said.

Green MP Jan Logie and Labour MP Poto Williams then made similar statements, but were asked to sit down.

The Speaker then allowed Green Catherine Delahunty to speak ‘on the assurance that it’s a fresh point of order’. Instead, she said defiantly, ‘as a victim of sexual assault’, before the Speaker interrupted her. ‘I take personal offence and would like a personal explanation from the Prime Minister,’ Ms Delahunty continued as her microphone was switched off.

When Labour’s Nanaia Mahuta continued in the same way, Speaker Carter said: ‘I now will require any member who takes a point of order along the same lines to immediately leave the chamber.’ Many did just that, but it didn’t end there…

More female MPs left the chamber, including Marama Davidson, Clare Curran and Megan Woods.

New Zealanders often portray their country as a great place to be a woman. Many Kiwis even believe their country was the first to “give women the vote” and use that as an example of the high regard they have for women in their society. But the sad reality is that sexual violence is “rampant” in New Zealand, there is a  ‘blame the victim’ culture, and the country has the highest rate of domestic violence in the OECD.

Explaining their decision to walk out, Ms Delahunty said: ‘We’ve walked out because every woman in this country needs to know that women parliamentarians will not put up with this.’ ‘The Speaker today threw out women from the House of Representatives for standing up and saying they were victims of sexual violence. What message does that send to young women?’ Ms Curran said.

Exactly, young female victims of sexual abuse know only too well that raising sexual assaults complaints never ends well for them. Take the two ‘Roast busters’ incidents as an example of how seriously they’re regarded by the criminal justice system.

Mr Key has refused point-blank to apologise for his comments, and has been supported by the male speaker of the NZ parliament who ‘didn’t hear his remarks’

Mt Key recently attracted international attention for harassing a young female waitress by repeatedly pulling her hair which was usually worn in a pony tail. The young woman refuted Key’s assertion that he’d given her a bottle of wine and she’d told him everything was ok.

Click below to watch the video on You Tube.

Key: “It sucks but it is what it is”

Mohammed Rizalman Bin Ismail

Readers may remember sexual assault survivor Tania Billingsley who was attacked by a Malaysian national Muhammed Rizalman Bin Ismail (above) in NZ as he burgled her home.

Tania’s complaint was ‘botched’ and her attacker allowed to leave the country, despite news reports that Malaysia was willing to waive diplomatic immunity so he could be tried in New Zealand. However, a New Zealand official told them it would be ok for him to be tried in his home country.

Tania went public and waived her right to anonymity when she saw how Mr Key answered questions from the media on the story…

“I just remember the first, the very first thing I watched on it, and just seeing him looking bored and annoyed at having to be talking about it and just saying there’s nothing that we can do pretty much. ‘Oh it sucks but it is what it is.’

“And that’s what I was getting. I don’t feel from him any sincerity in his concern for me.”


Billingsley believed the trauma she experienced had become a ”backdrop” to political drama ”instead of a really real and traumatic experience”.

In an essay released on the 3rd Degree website, Billingsley spoke at length about her opinion of New Zealand society’s reaction to sexual assaults as seen through the reaction of politicians to her case.

She believes New Zealand’s attitudes towards sexual violence needed to change.

“I would like to put a personal challenge to the Government,” she said. “The fact that sexual violence is still so rampant in our society is proof in itself that you are not doing  enough.”

She said it was easy “to do a McCully” and avoid responsibility for the problem but “sexual violence is present in all parts of our society and therefore needs to be addressed by all parts of the Government. There have been recent actions towards addressing this but it is not  enough.”

Police said they did not oppose Billingsley’s application for her name to be made public, ”as we wanted to support [her] wishes”.

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  1. A Dirty Dozen – authorities who support child sex gangs in NZ

    New Zealand child sex gangs such as the Roast Busters receive attention around the world. However, even greater harm is caused by those in positions of authority in New Zealand who exploit child sex crime victims, support child sex gang activity, and cover-up for child sex gangs. Below are examples of a dirty dozen, with the names of all concerned in the link at the end:

    Auckland region Police have been instructed to ignore every complaint of serious child sex gang crimes reported by any member of the public.
    An Auckland North Shore school teacher who for two years harbours a vulnerable child sex crime victim completely isolated from the protection of her loving, capable family.
    The NZ Teachers Council do their bit in the exploitation of child sex crime victims – their manager of Teacher Practice refuses to even read the complaint submitted against the teacher in (2) because the document is “too long”.
    CYF regard the rape and gang rape of an under age child as “love and romance”, and attempt to remove the child from the safety of her loving, protective home, in order to prevent her family interfering with the continued rape of their child by a child sex gang.
    The Department of Education recommend a child sex crime victim should receive the Independent Youth Benefit so she can live independently from the protection of her family simply because the parents drove their child to school in a car.
    A solicitor who covers-up child sex gang crimes by harassing the victim’s family with gagging orders – he has been rewarded with a top job at the Office of the NZ Commissioner for Children.
    The same solicitor who contravened numerous clauses of UNCROC while covering up child sex gang crimes – he has been rewarded with appointment as the chief advisor to parliament on adherence to UNCROC.
    An Auckland barrister who fabricates lies in court, and employs the dirtiest tricks such as walking out midway through court proceedings, in a gagging court case to cover up child sex gang crimes.
    An Ombudsman who ensures that no-one in authority is held to account for supporting child sex gangs, for covering up for child sex gangs, and for exploiting child sex crime victims – for these efforts, he has been rewarded with a Companion of NZ Order of Merit.
    A court judge who disregards the rule of law while terrorising the innocent family of a child sex crime victim (one terrified family member subsequently took his own life) in order to cover-up child sex crimes – she has been rewarded with the role of Chairperson of the Lawyers Disciplinary Tribunal in charge of determining whether lawyers adhere to the rule of law.
    Another judge who ignores the rule of law and the law, while contributing to the alienation of a vulnerable child sex crime victim, in the attempts to cover-up child sex gang activity – he is rewarded with promotion to Principal Judge of the Family Court. He provides unsolicited advice on techniques for covering up child sex gang crimes.
    The NZ Governor General promotes child sex gangs – he presented Queens awards to members of a well-known child sex gang, even though he was fully informed of their child sex crimes.

    Members of child sex gangs are small fry criminals in comparison. The main villains, who cause far more harm to vulnerable young teenagers and their families, are those in positions of authority who exploit child sex crime victims, support child sex gang activity, and cover-up for child sex gangs.

    It is disgraceful and a poor reflection on NZ society that none of these people have yet been held to account, providing the clear message to NZ youth that child sex gang activity is not only condoned, it is actively supported, facilitated and covered-up by those in authority.

    The names of all the New Zealanders described above, including details of their activities, are here: http://bit.ly/ourNZexperience

  2. It is the victims of child sex gangs and those who expose State support for child sex gangs, who experience the full terrifying force of New Zealand’s State power and wrath.

    When our under age child became victim of a child sex gang in Auckland, New Zealand State authorities pursued our innocent family with savage brutality few could imagine. The State was desperate to silence us and suppress information of our experiences. In order to get at us, State authorities illegally targeted our children. The State even used our vulnerable daughter as a bargaining chip, while putting her in a dangerous position so that she would continue to be abused.

    All societies have child sex criminals, however the real measure of the level of civilisation in a country is the State response to child sex crimes. Our experience shows New Zealand at the very lowest level of this measure.

    The information the State wanted so desperately to suppress, is the details of our experiences as summarised here: http://bit.ly/ourNZexperience

    • I’ve read your story. Shocking, beyond belief.
      The PROMOTION of that, the lack of decency was truly uncompromisable.
      Social services, schools all wanting to get in on the child rearing thing, and that is what they promote?
      The bully tactics, silencing of testimony, selective evidence entered into record. Staggering.
      I am very sorry for how the criminal justice system has dealt with this. An absolute miscarriage.
      Justice system, criminal.

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