At Least Five Kiwi Alleged Bikie Gang Members Detained and Awaiting Deportation from Australia

Mr Haapu

Ngati Knaohi Te Eke Haapu wearing a Rebels shirt (Facebook)

New Zealand citizen, Ngati Knaohi Te Eke Haapu (above) has been confined to a high security prison in Australia after his visa was revoked for being an alleged member of outlawed motorcycle gang ‘The Rebels‘.

His partner told the new Zealand Herald that while he was serving in Afghanistan with the NZDF, Happu’s duties included protecting Prime Minister John Key during a visit in 2010.

This is the image the New Zealand public are being shown of Ngati Knaohi Te Eke Haapu, who is being presented as a decorated “hero” in his home country

Mr Haapu in camo

The UK’s Daily Mail says that Mr Haapu was arrested at Perth’s Casuarina prison last Saturday.

Haapu had been at the prison visiting another senior member of the gang who is also held pending deportation to New Zealand. New Zealander Joel Royston Makaea (below), a senior member of the Perth Rebels gang, was detained by immigration at Perth airport on 2 September 2015, his visa has since been revoked.

Haapu was about to drive off after the visit when armed police surrounded his car with taser guns drawn. Until his arrest Haapu had worked for 3 years as a scaffolder in the WA mines.

He was removed from the vehicle, handcuffed and placed in a prison van before being locked in solitary confinement inside the high-security facility. It’s believed Immigration Minister Peter Dutton revoked Mr Haapu’s Triple Four visa two weeks ago when he returned to New Zealand to visit family. His lawyer Michael Pena-Rees said Mr Haapu is still ‘shellshocked’ by his incarceration. source

Mr Haapu is thought to be one of three New Zealand nationals who were taken into custody over the weekend and their visas cancelled on character grounds. The other men are  Mehaka Tepuia and Michael Joiner who’ve lived in Perth for more than a decade.

Joel Royston Makaea

Joel Royston Makaea was the first person in Western Australia to be slapped with a deportation for being a member of an outlaw bikie gang

New Zealander Joel Royston Makaea (above) is sergeant-at-arms of the Rebels’ Bentley-based chapter, he has lived in Perth since March 2005. Makaea was detained by immigration at Perth airport in September, his visa has since been revoked.

Makaea served five years in prison after “he and an accomplice bashed another man with a shovel, cut his achilles tendons and stabbed his hands”.  Makaea is being represented by the same lawyer as Mr Haapu – Michael Pena-Rees.

Pena-Rees is also representing Aaron Joe “AJ” Graham (Kiwi founding member of the Rebels gang in Tasmania) and his co-accused Michael Glenn Preedy.

NZ police will

AJ Graham during happier times

Under changes to Australia’s Migration Act in December 2014, the cancellation of visas of suspected or convicted criminals is mandatory. On the hit list are groups that incite religious or racial hatred, Mafia figures, drug traffickers, outlaw bikies, child sex offenders, and anyone who has been imprisoned for 12 months or more.

Police in various Australian states have already drawn up, and acted upon, lists of criminals that could be deported under the new law, regardless of whether they’d been convicted of a criminal offence or not.

New Zealand “angry”

The deportation issue has become a hot topic in New Zealand where anger is growing at Australia’s crackdown on unwanted foreigners.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key raised his concerns about the policy directly with Malcolm Turnbull during his visit to New Zealand last month.

More than 100 Kiwis have already been sent home this year and it is understood close to 200 more are in detention awaiting deportation.

The crackdown began in December when the threshold for revoking visas was lowered to include anyone who had been jailed for more than twelve months, or members of organisations such as bikie gangs that were suspected of being involved in organised crime.

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection said the Government remained committed to protecting the Australian community from those involved in serious criminal activity. source

3 thoughts on “At Least Five Kiwi Alleged Bikie Gang Members Detained and Awaiting Deportation from Australia

  1. I’m sorry, but why would you go from being a war vet to joining a motorcycle gang unless you love violence?

    He had a good job that would have paid well (all mining jobs do), so what happened?

    The report suggests that he’s in shock at being detained, well it may just be the shake up he needs to straighten out his life.

    Who knows?

    What Australia is doing is not new, many countries do it.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too, and it appears to be a beat up of Australia, yet you don’t get any comments from the perspective of the Australian government or from the police. It seems somebody forgot to ask them…

      They don’t lock up people for visiting members of gangs in hospital, they just don’t. They must have something on this guy, but the papers have not bothered to get the whole story, or they have but want to paint it in a different light.

      • ljy2008

        There’s a lot of Australia-bashing in the NZ media, the furore over the deportation of NZ nationals seems typical. New Zealanders are outraged at the ‘inhumane’ treatment of Kiwi criminals by Australia, however they don’t want them back in NZ, they can’t have it both ways.

        A recent Australian TV report estimated the cost of the Christmas Island riots at $10 million, those NZ thugs are now in a maximum security prison where they belong, until deportation.

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