Ground Moves as Bangs Shake Auckland – Alam Halfa? – UPDATED

Are you an Aucklander and did the ground move for you this evening?

A series of loud percussive explosions was heard in the region. The first at 4.15, followed by one at 4.25 and another at 4.45. No-one seems to have a satisfactory explanation for what caused them. They are possibly linked to a large military exercise called  Alam Halfa which recently started at Waiouru military base then went ‘on tour.’

If the bangs were caused by the military they’re keeping quiet about it.

UPDATE 19 June .  The military has ‘fessed up for causing the explosions, but hasn’t said why it took them so long to admit it. Admitting to regularly dropping large amounts of ordnance isn’t a good look for a country that bills itself as ‘the most peaceful on earth’:

“Defence Force explosive training was behind a series of booms that echoed around Auckland, the Defence Force says.

About 4pm yesterday, residents from Piha in the west to Whangaparaoa in the north-east reported being mystified hearing and feeling large thumps, bangs or shocks… Today a Defence Force spokeswoman said its Kaipara Bomb Range was likely to be the source of explosions that were heard…

“Number 5 Squadron was on the range yesterday afternoon conducting trials for the P3K Orion.

“Normally the sound is confined to a 10-15km radius. However, it appears a prevailing westerly wind coupled with low cloud cover have amplified the sound from the explosions,” the spokeswoman said.

The trials would be completed by next Wednesday, with four further test days programmed for today, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week…” source

The range is a gazetted high explosive range, where supervised explosive training is carried out regularly. source. The range is at the top end of Muriwai Beach, north west of Auckland and on the opposite side of the country to where the explosions were heard in Whangaparoa, Greenhithe and east Auckland. However, there were few reports from locals in the Kaipara area complaining about the bangs. Apparently, the NZDF has dropped 500t bombs in the area in the past. so maybe they’re used to it.

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