Kiwi Crims Terrorise Christmas Island Detainees, the Rise of the 501s

NZ police will

Persona non grata in Australia. NZ police will “endeavour” to meet AJ Graham at the airport

Kiwi criminals who are determined not to be deported back to New Zealand have gone on the rampage in a Christmas Island detention centre.

The thugs (which include rapists and child sex offenders) are under lock and key while Australian tax payers sort out their passage home. In the meantime, the Kiwi crims have been making the most of their stay by mugging and assaulting other detainees who are in the camp on lesser charges.

The rioters are thought to have hijacked a peaceful protest at the death of an Iranian citizen last week. Up to 80 Iranian and Kiwi males to launched full scale attacks in what the Australian press called a “death riot”.

Kiwi guys bash people up

Slovakian Matej Cuperka, 25, who is awaiting deportation for overstaying a tourist visa, said he fears for his life. “We’re pretty scared that the Kiwi guys are going to get in here when they get bored and they will start bashing people up,” he told The West Australian.

The dead man at the centre of the riots has been identified as Iranian Kurd Fazal Chegani, believed to have been aged in his 30s. Sources have said he was an asylum seeker who had been in the centre for five years…

“The disturbance follows an incident on Saturday (November 7) in which a detainee escaped from the centre,” said the department in a statement.

“A search and rescue operation was immediately undertaken however the escapee’s body was later discovered by search and rescue teams on Sunday at the bottom of island cliffs away from the centre…source

NZ’s gang members responsible

Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton, said a group of hardened criminals were responsible for the riot and they included foreign-born gang members. Of the 199 people on Christmas Island, 113 have a criminal history, including 11 armed robbers, five child sex offenders and four rapists.

Dutton said some of this group, which the government claims exploited tensions to create unrest in the wake of the death of escaped Kurdish Iranian escapee Fazel Chegeni, would face prosecution for what he understood was “well over $1m in damage”.

Failing the good character test

The Guardian said there is one UK-born detainee, who has lived in Australia since five years of age, and whose most serious offence was dangerous driving. Kiwis and Iranian citizens make up the two largest groups of offenders. Australia recently introduced tough new immigration laws that cancelled the visa of any non-citizen who has spent more than a year in prison. Up to 1,000 Kiwis, who are likely to have their category 501 visa revoked, will be expelled in the near future.

Australian Federal Police soon brought the riot under control. The detention centre is managed by the controversial private company Serco, who is also responsible for the management of prisons in New Zealand.

Some detainees told Guardian Australia during the standoff on Monday that a heavy-handed response from Serco’s ERT, in view of the level of violence allegedly used to subdue detainees in the recent past, was a central concern.

The department said peaceful negotiation had “always been the clear objective of all involved in the operation”.

“The centre remains calm, with detainees secured in undamaged areas of the centre. Food, fluid and medical support continues to be provided.” source

It has been speculated that immigration officials will now speed up the repatriation of the Kiwi offdenders, causing alarm in New Zealand because the criminal justice system has dragged its feet over introducing  controls to monitor the offenders when they’re returned.


Hundreds of Kiwi crims to be dumped in New Zealand ( – 16 August 2015)

Expect to see the returning Kiwi immigration figures making a jump over the next few months.

Recent law changes in Australia will open up the flood gates that have stopped the deportation of Kiwi criminals back to New Zealand.

So far this year 114 people have been sent home to New Zealand and a similar number are sitting in detention centres awaiting deportation. In comparison, NZ sent 14 people in the opposite direction over the last 4 years…

As we’ve seen in the atrocious monitoring of the sex offender who raped and murdered Blesida Gotingo, there is no reliable system of monitoring offenders in NZ. So what chance does the present system stand when Australia sends home hundreds of Kiwi offenders?

In April of this year a 67 year old paedophile was deported back to New Zealand, sparking fears he’d be free to attack more children. Any parole conditions placed on him in Australia are probably redundant in New Zealand. His name was been suppressed to protect his identity and he’d served 3 years in prison before his deportation.

He’d been placed on the Australian sex offenders register but New Zealand has yet to have a sex offenders register.

Among the impending deportees is 48 year old Aaron Joe “AJ” Graham (picture above), founding member of The Rebels motorcycle gang in Tasmania. Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton cancelled his visa and said “I have no tolerance for foreign nationals who are involved in serious criminal activity or are associated with criminal gangs”…

Caught napping

NZ Justice Minister Amy Adams revealed that legislation to monitor and control the returnees won’t even be presented to parliament until the end of 2015. Its not as if New Zealand hasn’t had time to prepare for this…source

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  1. “It has been speculated that immigration officials will now speed up the repatriation of the Kiwi offenders,”

    Yes, indeed, immediately. I noticed some of the comments in the NZ Herald on the subject of Australia’s deportation of NZ citizens, some were realistic, however most reverted to OZ bashing and also were rather childish. Do the crime, do the time, and if you’re not a citizen, you will be deported.

    I haven’t checked on comments re the riots yet, but I’m sure, somehow, Australia will get the blame.

    • Why do people stay here if they don’t like it? I cannot understand that…the only deportees are felt should be reconsidered for deportation were the ones that went there as small children and do not know NZ. Again I ask why stay?

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