Hundreds of Kiwi Crims to be Dumped in New Zealand – NZ unprepared to take them – Updated 13 Nov 2015

NZ police will

NZ police will “endeavour” to meet AJ Graham at the airport when he’s deported

Update 13 Nov 2015

Since the deportations from Australia started in December 2014, New Zealand has still not introduced any

  •  parole-like conditions
  •  monitoring or supervision
  •  Collection of fingerprints or DNA
  •  Collected photographs, aliases or ask for family details to be recorded
  •  Requirement to provide an intended address

for any of the criminal deportees that have already returned to New Zealand. There is also still no sex offenders register.

585 Kiwi criminals are awaiting deportation but 167 are already here. Mr Key admits he doesn’t know if murderers and rapists are among those back here. “I don’t know precisely, we might be able to get that information, but if they do, they are covered under the public protection orders or the extended supervision orders.”

3News checked, and there are no public protection orders at all. There are no extended supervision orders either. source

Expect to see the returning Kiwi immigration figures making a jump over the next few months

Recent law changes in Australia will open up the flood gates that have stopped the deportation of Kiwi criminals back to New Zealand.

So far this year 114 people have been sent home to New Zealand and a similar number are sitting in detention centres awaiting deportation. In comparison, NZ sent 14 people in the opposite direction over the last 4 years.

The NZ Herald writes

Up to a 1000 criminals – including killers, sex offenders, drug dealers and outlaw bikies – will be dumped on New Zealand’s doorstep in the next five years.

The Government is scrambling to keep New Zealanders safe after recent law changes in Australia opened the way for the deportation of Kiwis who have committed crimes across the ditch…

Among those expected to be deported are dozens of gang members, sparking concerns new outlaw motorcycle clubs could be established here alongside international rivals including the Bandidos and the Rebels..

Under changes to the Australian Migration Act in December, Australian officials have the power to cancel the visas of suspected or convicted criminals, particularly those sentenced to more 12 months’ jail or more, or found guilty of sex offences…

There has been a push to improve monitoring of criminals deported from Australia to New Zealand since the murder of Christchurch schoolgirl Jade Bayliss in November 2011.

The 13-year-old was strangled in her home by her mother’s ex-boyfriend Jeremy McLaughlin – a man who had spent time in jail for the killing of a teenager in Australia before he was deported in 2001.

Convicted murderer Michael Heron was deported from Australia late last year and is understood to be living in Christchurch.

Heron, 43, was jailed in Australia in 1996 after stabbing a man to death in a bar fight. He was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years’ jail and had extra terms added for repeated acts of violence in prison. Authorities warned he could kill again.

As we’ve seen in the atrocious monitoring of the sex offender who raped and murdered Blesida Gotingo, there is no reliable system of monitoring offenders in NZ. So what chance does the present system stand when Australia sends home hundreds of Kiwi offenders?

In April of this year a 67 year old paedophile was deported back to New Zealand, sparking fears he’d be free to attack more children. Any parole conditions placed on him in Australia are probably redundant in New Zealand. His name was been suppressed to protect his identity and he’d served 3 years in prison before his deportation.

He’d been placed on the Australian sex offenders register but New Zealand has yet to have a sex offenders register.

Among the impending deportees is AJ Graham…

Among the offenders likely to be sent back is 48 year old Aaron Joe “AJ” Graham, founding member of The Rebels motorcycle gang in Tasmania. Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton cancelled his visa and said

“I have no tolerance for foreign nationals who are involved in serious criminal activity or are associated with criminal gangs”…source

it is a disgrace that the NZ government doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Graham is now in the Supermax prison in New South Wales awaiting deportation to New Zealand. An Australian Supreme Court judge once likened him to an “assassin”.

A New Zealand police spokesman said it was aware Graham’s visa had been cancelled, but they had not been advised of a removal date.

“We are informed when people who are removed from Australia in these circumstances are arriving in New Zealand and we obtain information relating to their background where relevant. We endeavour to meet them on their arrival in New Zealand and speak to them and where it’s deemed necessary pass on information to police in the areas they will reside.” source

NZ Justice Minister Amy Adams revealed that legislation to monitor and control the returnees won’t even be presented to parliament until the end of 2015. Its not as if New Zealand hasn’t had time to prepare for this…

If police were informed an offender was being deported they would meet them upon arrival at the airport and request a DNA sample and fingerprints, but that was voluntary.

This week Adams said officials had worked at “some pace” in recent months to get better systems in place to protect the public. “I recognise [the system] at the moment this is not nearly robust enough for those people deported back to New Zealand and I want to change that.”

Last month, Adams announced the creation of a new register that would list people who had been, or were about to be, sent back to New Zealand after being convicted of a crime.

Before the end of the year, she hopes to have legislation before Parliament that would see monitoring and conditions imposed on criminals returning to New Zealand similar to those that would have applied had their sentence been served here.

New Zealand is notorious for its organised gang culture which is fairly well tolerated in many communities, and there are scores of small towns considered to be gang strongholds. Read articles tagged Gangs of New Zealand for more information.

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  1. The lack of competence makes this development very scary.
    The way things usually go is that when something really bad happens, they hope it doesn’t happen again.
    That’s it, hope it doesn’t happen again. Then when it does happen again, a mediocre gesture and some good sounding rhetoric, and only when it becomes a serious problem, is meaningful action taken [usually one that affects more people than necessary].
    Instead of being ahead, they are usually behind, reacting, unprepared.
    The gang issues in NZ are very big. NZers take to gangs like fish to water. There is activity all over, and not very many people talk about it. You know, that dirty little family secret that no one talks about.

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