Deported Kiwi Crim Arrested in Hamilton

kiwi criminals deported from Australia

Since a law change in Australia last year hundreds of Kiwi Criminals have had their visas cancelled and deported back to New Zealand, with potentially thousands more to follow.

One of the deportees sent home in disgrace from Australia last month was arrested in Hamilton and appeared in court this morning charged with burglary.

Hamilton based offender, Haihura Jacob Ward, aged 25, and around 167 other ‘returnees’, aren’t under any monitoring system in New Zealand because they arrived before a new parole-like system was established to handle criminal deportees from other countries. Ward was deported from Australia on November 12.

Various news outlets are reporting…

The man was arrested after allegedly going inside a home and fleeing when the burglar alarm went off, 3 News reported.

He was tracked down by dog handlers and no one was injured during the ordeal.

Hamilton deputy mayor Gordon Chesterman said it was “shocking” and “disappointing”.

“This is an example of dumping people with issues into an unsuspecting community. I don’t think we knew that deportees were coming to Hamilton, so we don’t know how many are back and if so shouldn’t there be some sort of programme to re-establish them back in the community?” read more

Kiwis caught napping

There has been a push to improve monitoring of criminals deported from Australia to New Zealand ever since the murder of Christchurch schoolgirl Jade Bayliss in November 2011. The 13-year-old was strangled in her home by her mother’s ex-boyfriend Jeremy McLaughlin – a man who had spent time in jail for the killing of a teenager in Australia before he was deported in 2001.

Convicted murderer Michael Heron, whom Australian authorities warned could kill again,  was deported from Australia late 2014  and is understood to be living in Christchurch. He is now living with a woman and four children in the Christchurch suburb of Woolston. A father of one of the children contacted police about Heron’s criminal past, but was unable to get hold of more information due to privacy restrictions. This is a salient  reminder that the rights of the offender have paramount consideration in New Zealand, and the country has a reputation for being soft on crime. Furthermore, there is no sex offenders register in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Returning Offenders (Management and Information) Act 2015 was passed under urgency on November 18, 2015 despite the New Zealand government being made aware of Australia’s law change in 2014. The bill (which was introduced on 17 November, had its first second and third readings on the same day and received Royal assent on the 18th) established a regime for the identification and management of offenders returning to New Zealand after being sentenced to more than 1 year’s imprisonment in an overseas jurisdiction.

However, because the New Zealand government dragged its heals for the last year, criminals who returned to New Zealand before  18 November 2015 are exempt from the monitoring provisions and are under no obligations to co-operate with authorities.


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Hundreds of Kiwi crims to be dumped in New Zealand (August 2015)

Expect to see the returning Kiwi immigration figures making a jump over the next few months.

Recent law changes in Australia will open up the flood gates that have stopped the deportation of Kiwi criminals back to New Zealand.

So far this year 114 people have been sent home to New Zealand and a similar number are sitting in detention centres awaiting deportation. In comparison, NZ sent 14 people in the opposite direction over the last 4 years…

As we’ve seen in the atrocious monitoring of the sex offender who raped and murdered Blesida Gotingo, there is no reliable system of monitoring offenders in NZ. So what chance does the present system stand when Australia sends home hundreds of Kiwi offenders?

In April of this year a 67 year old paedophile was deported back to New Zealand, sparking fears he’d be free to attack more children. Any parole conditions placed on him in Australia are probably redundant in New Zealand. His name was been suppressed to protect his identity and he’d served 3 years in prison before his deportation.

He’d been placed on the Australian sex offenders register but New Zealand has yet to have a sex offenders register.

Among the impending deportees is 48 year old Aaron Joe “AJ” Graham (picture above), founding member of The Rebels motorcycle gang in Tasmania. Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton cancelled his visa and said “I have no tolerance for foreign nationals who are involved in serious criminal activity or are associated with criminal gangs”…

Caught napping

NZ Justice Minister Amy Adams revealed that legislation to monitor and control the returnees won’t even be presented to parliament until the end of 2015. Its not as if New Zealand hasn’t had time to prepare for this…source


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  1. The NZ government response seems rather lazy, perhaps Key and most New Zealanders thought that the Australian government wasn’t really serious or that some concerted whining by Kiwis would change the decision, they were very, very wrong.

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