Double Standards in NZ – Whinging about Kiwi Crims and the Deportation of the Downs Syndrome Teen

Rosarion Biltoft Nielsen

Rosario Biltoft Nielsen and his mother Kirsten Biltoft have less social value in NZ than serious offenders

Today we’re showing you an excellent example of the double standards New Zealand is renowned for.

For the last few months New Zealanders have been carping about the treatment of their criminals in Australia, many of whom are facing deportation for failing the ‘character test’ and languishing in deportation centers while their appeals are heard.

Recently the whining has reached jet engine intensity with Kiwi MPs flying the Tasman to highlight the ‘human rights’ abuses of Kiwis banged-up for having convictions for rape, child molestation, serious assault and armed robbery. The incessant nagging from New Zealand (this process of attrition is a common practice in the country) has gone on for weeks but still the crims are getting sent home where their human rights are protected but not their victims’ . When they return to New Zealand their lives of crime continue unabated and an under resourced corrections system is failing to monitor them..

Meanwhile, a honest hardworking immigrant family (without a criminal conviction between them) is facing deportation from New Zealand simpy because their son has Downs Syndrome.

“Rosario, who is a 16-year-old with Down Syndrome and autism, has delayed development and functions at the level of a two-year-old. Having been bought up in Denmark he has minimal understanding of English and is home schooled. He needs assistance dressing and will not be able to live independently in the future.

Rosario is eligible for funding under the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS), but the family has made no claims. The Biltofts believe their investment in New Zealand should more than compensate for the social cost of granting Rosario residence. “He hasn’t cost New Zealand a penny at all, we’ve supported him ourselves, totally,” Biltoft said.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said: “The Minister’s priority is to ensure that all applicants understand their rights of review and appeal. The Minister is satisfied that is the case in this situation.”

An appeal was lodged with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, but while it found there were exceptional humanitarian reasons for granting him a visa they denied the appeal because it would not be “unduly harsh” to send him to Denmark..”more here

But why isn’t the same rationale applied to New Zealand’s criminals facing deportation from Australia? Surely, if is not “unduly harsh” to repatriate them too?

Immigration NZ area manager Michael Carley said all non-citizens coming to New Zealand must have an acceptable standard of health so they did not impost undue costs on the public health system.

After careful consideration Rosario’s visa was denied because of his health…

The boy has an unacceptable standard of health In much the same way that the Kiwi crims have an unacceptable standard of character .So why is their deportation a ‘human rights issue’ for New Zealand yet the deportation of a child is not?

Which leaves one with the conclusion that criminals have more social value in New Zealand than children with disabilities.

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“Badlands, NZ: A Land Fit for Criminals” NZ is Soft on Crime first published 26 April 2011

David Fraser, a British expert with extensive experience of crime and punishment in the UK has just had published another book, this time about crime in New Zealand: Badlands, NZ: a land fit for criminals

He recently turned his interest to New Zealand which claimed to have one of the highest prison incarceration rates in the developed world: 186 people per 100,000 of the population. However, research by the British government suggests that New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of imprisonment and may be being too soft on criminals. The country’s legal system is seen as being lenient on offenders because it is making more and more non-custodial sentences available to convicted criminals.

One source says “New Zealanders have been kept in the dark about the true nature of our crime problem, because politicians and academics have caused most of the soaring crime rate and would prefer the public didn’t find out.” Although the cost of keeping a criminal in prison is accurate at $100,000 a year it costs far more for society if offenders are released – the average criminal committing around 80 crimes at a cost of $355,000 a year to the community…

Fraser reckons successive NZ governments have also let their country down by introducing legislation that favours the offender: calling it “the scandal of the century” and that they should be ashamed of their actions

“The record of all governments in New Zealand since the 1950s in relation to crime prevention has been disastrous,” Fraser writes.

“The fact is that all governments since then have gone out of their way to introduce policies that have encouraged criminals to become more criminal.

“Almost every piece of criminal justice legislation passed during the period has made it easier for judges to avoid sending criminals to prison, by expanding the number of non-custodial alternatives available to them.

“In addition, other acts of parliament, as well as procedural and administrative changes, have put numerous obstacles in the way of finding, arresting and convicting offenders.” read on



9 thoughts on “Double Standards in NZ – Whinging about Kiwi Crims and the Deportation of the Downs Syndrome Teen

  1. Another good example of how New Zealand is hell for Autism sufferers, seriously I would not recommend anyone with Autism Spectrum move to New Zealand at all.

    I have a friend who used to live in Wellington who used to go to a Autism social group and when it came to questions like unemployment, I can tell you people with Autism or other conditions which are diagnosed have a hard time looking for any paid employment in New Zealand, what happened was my friend decided to join in a Japan enthusiasts group, even though he was from Hong Kong and lived more than 20 years in Wellington, my friend was lucky enough to be recommended to a teach English in Japan program and moved to Japan last year, the last time I had contact with him, my friend likes it in Japan more than in New Zealand.

    My advice to people who want to move to New Zealand and who have Autism and other conditions, don’t bother as you’ll face what unemployment and demoralization is like, for myself I am hoping to move to Japan soon as well

  2. New Zealand in my opinion is not a place for a Autism Spectrum Disorder sufferer or a person who has ADHD and etc, the Government does not fund Autism services adequately at all, I’ll write about my experience once I have the time as many Autism sufferers in New Zealand are pretty much unemployed

  3. Yeah whatever ,I remember spending time as an Engineer in Jamaica,the newspaper used to report articles about renegade mobs of goats running on the road and eating other people’s vegetables etc.Thats pretty similar to the N.Z Herald reporting about their feral human superstars .

    • Are you talking about the whaling?
      If so check the comments on any of those articles. Kiwis take ANY chance to make them selves look high and mighty. It’s ridiculous.

      • Its related but also the Japanese people are not happy about how the host families in New Zealand are treating the Japanese students who go on student exchanges to New Zealand

        • I haven’t heard about this. What are the host families doing? They choose to host then treat them like crap?

      • Yes you are correct,I notice in the Newspapers how many times the word/name Kiwi is used,also how many times Hero is used usually Kiwi hero saves bus load of burning American children or Kiwi hero saves Chinese tourist ,always the Kiwi is better than the poor stupid person from another country.N.Z people commit outrageous criminal and immoral acts and then say how terrible other countries are .

  4. Double standards. That sums it up right there. Kiwis are constantly bitching about how they are treated overseas (and in general) while more than happy to treat others like crap.

    They whine about their ‘fellow kiwis’ who are apparently homeless or barely making ends meet, but then abuse the crap out of people on benefits.

    I’ll give you a nice example. Remember that news about the gang members whose car was run off the road and they all died? There was this one guy posting how we should respect and blah blah blah while giving a lecture on the power of Jesus to save. Fair enough. Only issue with that is in another article I saw him posting in about Japanese whaling, he was ranting about how evil the Japanese are and how their country needs another atomic bomb dropped on them.

    Yes it’s only one person but it’s indicative especially considering NZ’s super racist attitudes and this article.

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