Female Body Found in Wellington Harbour and Car Jacking in Auckland

New Zealand police are being remarkably taciturn after a member of the public discovered a European woman’s body floating in Wellington harbour.

The briefest of media statements was released, saying simply

A woman’s body was found in Wellington Harbour at about 8pm last night.

Police were contacted by a member of the public who saw the body in the water near the East by West ferry terminal on the waterfront.

“Police are seeking any sightings of a European woman, mid 30s in age, wearing a dark coloured sweatshirt, black leggings with a red and black backpack in the area since 21st November,” said acting Detective Sergeant Caroline Martin.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Wellington Police on 04 3812000

Renee’s Phone Found in Mall

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased woman, later named as Renee Anne Hundson, a struggling single mum who leaves behind a beautiful young son. According to a post on her Facebook page Renee’s phone was found in the Wild South clothing store in Wellington’s Johnsonville Mall on 23 November.

Her death follows the murder of a woman at a Wellington home last week.

Car Jacker in North Shore

Meanwhile the public is being advised not to approach a male and female couple in Auckland who car jacked a $65,000 vehicle at gunpoint at an Albany, North Shore Mcdonalds restaurant.

car jacker

CCTV photo of the North Shore car jacker ordering his fries (what is that mess on the floor?)

In what may become a disturbing trend the gun was fitted with a silencer, suggesting the crime was pre-meditated and the perps were prepared to use the weapon. It happened after the arrest of a male for a similar incident last Wednesday in the North Shore. source

Auckland’s North Shore city, a densely populated and relatively wealthy area popular with immigrants, is known to be territory for a number of gangs and drug syndicates. However, police are always keen to play down their activities.

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