17 Year Old Arrested For Mount Roskill Savage Rape

Mount Roskill Intermediate school

We’re relieved to hear that a suspect has been arrested in relation to the savage beating and rape of woman in Mount Roskill.

The 27 year woman old was attacked as she walked home from work through the grounds of Mount Roskill Intermediate school on the afternoon of  17 January 2012 . Her husband went to look for her and found her semi-conscious and badly injured She was left traumatised by the attack and unable to speak, taking over a week to recover in hospital.

In the same area another woman had been approached earlier in the day by an aggressive male behaving in a threatening manner. She told her mother who lives overseas, who read about the rape on-line and then contacted New Zealand police.

Police say they have a 17 year old youth in custody, given his age we assume that he will not be afforded the privilege of name suppression. Initially he will appear in youth court because he was 16 when the woman was attacked, but we suspect the case will be moved to a higher court to deal with. According to the Herald

He will appear in Auckland Youth Court charged with assault with Intent to commit rape, aggravated wounding, unlawful sexual connection and rape.

At the time, Inspector Gary Allcock said her injuries were “serious” and counted it among the worst he had seen in 28 years of policing.

NZ’s out of control teens

The number of rapes and violent attacks perpetrated by teens in New Zealand is reaching worrying proportions, it was only a matter of weeks ago that a 16 year old raped and mutilated a 5 year old Belgian girl at a Turangi campsite. The two males charged with the death of reporter Phillip Cottrell were aged 17 and 19,  and the youth who battered Karen Aim to death was only 14.

Today two youths  aged 14 and 15 appeared in  Rotorua Youth Court charged with the assault of  elderly Polish man,  Roman Skorek,  whose body was found in Kuirau Park early on Tuesday morning. A 20 year old has been charged with murder.

Youth crime is becoming increasingly savage in New Zealand. As  the officers working on the Turangi rape case said: its time for NZ society to take a good look at itself.

Its also time for an in-depth review of the criminal justice system for youth offenders. Something patently isn’t working.

Mount Roskill Intermediate

The school is situated in south Auckland, use the street view above to locate the area within Auckland.

13 thoughts on “17 Year Old Arrested For Mount Roskill Savage Rape

  1. So its basically because of weak police and government. If the government wants they can easily take the charge and can make new zealand a better place to live.
    secondly parents are not allowed to hit their kids when they do wrong. And if they hit kids have all rights to complain to police. This is simply ruining the relation of parents and kids. Parents have all rights on their kids. Ofcourse they cannot hit kids to worse but atleast they can teach them a lesson.
    seriously 17 years teen did this. If police and government didn’t do anything on this then soon new zealand will be called one of the violent and unsafe country.
    request- do something soon.

    • Yes, that one looks promising too and no doubt will be added to the over 35 family & community programmes currently managed and funded by “Family and Community Services” however it’s still ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ stuff whereas Dame Lesley, who has had many successes over the 20 years she’s been working in this field, has identified the best way of putting an ambulance at the top.

  2. Wow eugenics and racial profiling! what are you saying breed out all Maori and keep New Zealand for the pakeha who never commit crime?!

    Wouldn’t it be a far preferable to give the parents jobs and educate their kids properly?

    • It is well known and documented that children resulting from unintended pregnancies are more likely to be abused or neglected (regardless of race) so my suggestion would reduce the incidence of unplanned children borne by welfare recipients (regardless of race). It’s nothing to do with improving the genetic composition of the population, as per your “eugenics” accusation, but everything to do with reducing New Zealand’s horrific child abuse and teen crime statistics. As far as “racial profiling” is concerned, I don’t control the facts so stating them is neither profiling nor racist.

    • Of course it would be Finsker. John Key’s National party promised a brighter future for all, let’s see him deliver on that aspiration.

  3. Given that the majority of teens committing these serious assaults seem to be Maori or Pacific Islanders, and before someone shouts “Racist” know that the truth can never be racist, obviously upbringing must be a contributing factor. For someone so young to commit such heinous and violent crimes means they must be filled with rage and hate, usually a product of ones environment. Perhaps if the government stop paying people to breed we would see less unloved children who are nothing more than meal tickets for uncaring parents. At the very least, child benefits should not be paid unless female recipients agree to long term contraception as clearly they can not afford to have another baby. Of course the justice system must toughen up on youth offending but my solution puts the proverbial ambulance at the top of the cliff instead of just at the bottom.

      • Perhaps you should read my first sentence again before assuming that I was referring to the latest attack in Mt. Roskill. I based my opinion on facts according to the examples you gave namely assaults on the 5 year old Belgian girl and the murders of Karen Aim, Phillip Cottrell and Roman Skorek. It’s a shame you chose sarcasm to make a point rather than discussing the merits or otherwise of my comments.

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