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Update: 21 year old Rotorua baker Rawiri James Samuel and an un-named 20 year old male have been charged with murder and Two youths aged 14 and 15  were later charged with assault in connection with the death in Kuirau Park. Police have retrieved property belong to the deceased man, Roman Henry Skorek, and have searched properties in Rotorua. 

Mr Skorek suffered stab wounds to his face and body during the attack. He had recently arrived from Niue to Rotorua and had been staying at the  Crash Palace Backpackers hostel in Rotorua every summer for the last 5 years. He is believed to have no family in New Zealand but has a daughter who lives in the United States.

Our sincere condolences are extended to Mr Skorek’s family and friends.


On the day that police said they were “confident” that the savage death of a 64 year old Polish man in Rotorua’s Kuirau Park yesterday morning wasn’t gang related (are gangs and their prospects supposed to leave business cards with their victims now and how can four perps not constitute a gang ?) we hear that a middle aged man was beaten up for wearing the wrong colour T shirt in Napier.

Two teenage youths from the small town of Napier, “Black Power” country,  have been charged for mugging a man who dared to wear a black and red T shirt on their turf just before Christmas.

The NZ Herald covered the story, saying

“The youths, aged 16 and 18, will appear in Napier District Court on charges of aggravated robbery and injuring with intent to injure.

Police said the 52-year-old victim had gone to the shops at Greenmeadows on December 23 when he was approached. One of the alleged attackers told him: “This is BP (Black Power) country” and said they were going to take his shirt off him. The shirt’s colours, black and red, are those of the rival Mongrel Mob gang.

The man refused to hand over his shirt and was attacked when he came out of the shop…” more here

The irony is that these two young thugs probably aren’t even Black Power members, but prospects. No doubt their membership chances will be much improved once they’ve served their sentence.

Surely there must be more fruitful and rewarding things for young men to do in Napier?

Kuirau Park Sex Attack

On Sunday evening a 15 year old girl was attacked by a man in the same park where the 60 year old man was found dead. Police think the attack may’ve been sexually motivated. According to a report in Stuff Kuirau Park has a reputation for sexual activity and a 13 year old girl was assaulted in a reserve in the suburb of Fordlands in late November.

Hot Pool Death

Our readers may remember eight year old Toromon Toromon, who was playing in council owned Kuirau Park park with family and friends late Dec 2010, when he accidentally fell into one of the thermal pools. Sadly the little boy died from his injuries in hospital. For more read Hot Pool Fencing and Signage Under Scrutiny In Kuirau Recreational Park and Child Dies After Rotorua Hot Pool Plunge – updated

Rotorua parks: not such a safe places for children, parents take note. Take care how you dress them too:

New Zealand. Any Colour So Long As It’s Black : 4 year old attacked for wearing a red T-shirt in Whakatane and a man gets bashed in New Plymouth because his dog had a red leash.

Supermarket Frenzy

Take care in Rotorua’s supermarkets too. This is a video of two security guards getting wacked by a mother and daughter team earlier this month, it soon went viral

Don’t get caught up in a brawl when shoplifters are challenged. It is socially acceptable in New Zealand to just stand-by and watch – there is no obligation to lend assistance.

Eve Margaret Campbell, 50, and her daughter Cherylly Campbell, 30 later appeared in court charged with aggravated assault.

3 thoughts on “NZ Not A Walk In The Park – updated

  1. Anything to keep the NZ prison population down?

    Re. Kuirau Park. Police said today that Rotorua is “Still safe despite death”

    “Police are insisting Rotorua is still safe, despite the apparent murder of a man in the same popular inner-city park where a teenage girl was seriously assaulted this month.”

    STILLl?? its strange what passes for safe these days if events like those are be considered to be the norm.

    Incidentally, Rotorua was the town where a mother and daughter attacked supermarket security guards when caught shoplifting earlier this month. Their ‘butt crack’ video went viral.

    (we’ve added that to the post above)

  2. I’m going to purge my children’s wardrobes right now.
    Then again maybe they’ll go to Australia. I think it happens both ways – the Kiwis simply run back and forth keeping ahead of the authorities. In addition to changing their location, sometimes they change their names, sometimes just outwait the statute of limitations and then switch countries again.

    KIWI criminals convicted of manslaughter, rape, kidnapping and robbery in their home country have slipped into Australia and carried out a shocking crime spree.
    Border checks are so loose that New Zealand offenders who served lengthy jail sentences are merely ticking a box claiming they have no criminal history.

    Fraud’s so common they have legalised it to save the money of prosecuting it? LOL?

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