Asian Student in NZ “if you see a pack of young Maori/Polynesian males, be prepared to sprint PC is not worth dying for”

Asian students beaten up in Auckland NZ

Sean Zhuang gets to the crux of the matter. Source

A reminder today that New Zealand is a proudly bi-cultural society that has yet to get to grips with adopting multi-culturalism.

This is a country where senior politicians are comfortable with making ‘Asian invasion’ type speeches, yet Asian students are slammed for being un-pc when they make statements about ethnic groups of young males.

The current racism stoush started after Asian students in Auckland raised a stink about getting attacked and beaten up, rather than sitting back and taking it quietly like they’re supposed to do.

Maximum international education PR damage was sustained when the Thai amabassador made a statement about New Zealand being unsafe and the Chinese Counsulate demanded action.

Diversionary tactics were needed, stat! How could the reputation managers make this the victims’ fault and not the perps? The NZ Herald dutifully complied:

A post to an Auckland University Facebook page saying “if you see a pack of young Maori/Polynesian males, be prepared to sprint” has sparked criticism for racial profiling.

The post, made on Overheard @ University of Auckland, said: “Asian students are currently being attacked by criminals. Even women are getting violently [beaten] up!

Cross the street if you see a pack of young Maori/Polynesian males, be prepared to sprint.”

The post acknowledged it was “not politically correct to profile” in Western culture but said “better safe than sorry. Political correctness is not worth brain damage or dying for.

Six Asian students have been left bloodied, battered and terrified after assaults in Auckland in the past two weeks. source

Responses on the Facebook page have been enlightening to say the least. This one perhaps echoes what many people think in New Zealand (we make no comment as to the correctness of it, PC or otherwise):

People need to understand that ethnic group associations needs to be clarified in both ways. Know your arguments. Example below:
Most terrorists are Muslims (prob true)
Most Muslims are terrorists (false)
Assaults are mostly done by Maori/Pacific people (prob true)
Most Maori/Pacific people are assailants (false)
Most shit drivers are Asians (prob true)
Most Asians are shit drivers (false)
Argument over. Go home everyone.

So there you have it, the NZ Herald has very neatly deflected attention away from the issue of Asian students and made it about racial profiling of the nation’s youth, without considering the profiling which singles out Asians for attack, whether it be from street gangs or politicians.

Multiculturalism has a long way to go in New Zealand, this is the ‘youngest’ country on earth for a reason.

Want to send your kids there to study? Find somewhere else with a more mature social structure.

30 thoughts on “Asian Student in NZ “if you see a pack of young Maori/Polynesian males, be prepared to sprint PC is not worth dying for”

  1. Related to political correctness:
    Assaulted Auckland taxi driver demands access to cab video of attack on him
    Last updated 07:34, April 21 2017
    Three men assaulted Vineet Mahajan just after midnight on Tuesday morning.
    Three men assaulted Vineet Mahajan just after midnight on Tuesday morning.

    An Auckland taxi driver who was assaulted by three men is being blocked from seeing security footage of the attack by his employer.

    Vineet Mahajan was set upon by the trio on Tuesday morning, when he refused to pick them up.

    Jim McWilliams, managing director of Taxis United and Mahajan’s employer, said he had “no problem” with the driver viewing the video but insisted the law was that only the police and the company were allowed access due to privacy concerns.

    Cliff’s Notes: taxi driver assaulted, had video footage of the assault recorded in company car, boss says the taxi driver isn’t allowed to keep a copy of the video because of “privacy concerns”.
    (Privacy of criminals is very important in New Zealand, you see, as they are private citizens and entitled to quiet enjoyment of their surroundings and environment)

    The creeping doom of political correctness in the end strangles law-abiding citizens, by shielding criminals and their enablers.

  2. I wonder if all those lessons in self-esteem are paying off, because, these bullies and criminals seem to have lots of it.
    (Also, remember, only a suspended sentence, because having these young people unemployed will only cause more trouble … just let them victimise “outsiders” so that “our community is left alone” and also, because PATRIARCHY (seems to be a common excuse for some) 😛 ).
    Teenage girls in brutal robbery of superette
    5:00 AM Thursday Apr 21, 2016
    A young shopkeeper says she could not defend herself against six teenage girls as they landed punch after punch on her face and body while she tried to take refuge in the back room of a South Auckland dairy.

    The “absolutely appalling” attack comes after a spate of violent robberies across Auckland, believed to be driven by a growing demand for black-market cigarettes and tobacco.

    At the Hari Superette in Puhinui Rd, Papatoetoe, the girls – some wearing masks – pulled down the store’s roller door before jumping the counter to begin their early-evening attack.

    The shopkeeper, who was too scared to be identified, said she was still frightened and appealed for anyone who recognised the teenagers from CCTV footage to call the police.

    It shows the girls, thought to be aged between 16 and 18, walking into the store and stealing chips, icecream and candy before bashing the woman and making off with cash and cigarettes.

    • what a shame for these young girls ! Although I can understand their point of view not to see a way out of this shit. Probably from an very poor background and maybe even abuse or neglect in the family. Still this is not an excuse for them to start acting this way and have an future as an thief. They have to understand they will get caught one day and might end up in jail. I know many youth from troubled poor backgrounds that have worked their way up even attending university ! But some may need some more guidance. If there is no initiative from the government to prevent these crimes and get these troubled youth back on track, I would suggest an volunteer youth worker to work with these youths in troubled area’s.

      I know one organisation doing this in Auckland but they are an dangerous sect called UCKG. Please stay away from that place. Although they work with these gangster youths with their youth workers. I know that the head of this organisation is highly corrupt living in brazil. Although they give their kids a good time and keep them away from crime they are asking ALL of their money !

      But they are using does seem to work. They take the youth from poor area’s to activities and organize youth events with them building valuable friendships that keep them away from crime.

  3. I came across an music video today which made me think of this subject. The message is ” we are all brothers and sisters and should live together in PEACE. Just like Martin Luther King just dreamed of for America. I am sure he would have wished the same for New Zealand..


    peace everybody !

  4. Brian Burgess sorry you had to go through an though time in New Zealand. To me your story is totally shocking ! Makes me wander what expats got through having different accents. It just doesn’t make sense people do things to each other. While you have been born in nZ and so have an kiwi accent it is hard to understand why they would do these horrible things.

    Did you go back to England ?

    • A lot of the free speech in New Zealand is only allowed if you are praising the place.
      At University, the only time I observed them taking down the “gooks go home” notices on the library noticeboard, was when I wrote in retaliation “While you were living in caves, Asians were building civilisations!”

      It sure says a lot about building inclusive communities, when the librarians … admitted they never looked the noticeboard, eventhough they kept putting up schedules and information.

  5. Actually I think prison would be a good alternative for many people in N.Z ,three meals a day ,heated accomodation ,everything free ,T.V gym etc ,a life without the fear of being fired at an employers whim no more anxiety no financial worries ,doesn’t sound that bad ,most people are living a form of home detention dictated by financial restraints already ,nope I’d turn down the home detention option ,rent my house out and take a break from this ridiculous society in a cell .come arrest me for driving 4 kms over the speed limit anytime.

    • I am sure some of the criminals in NZ figured that out too Tony. This very bad set up society makes people go desperate and look for an easy way out of their troubles. They might not even know another way to get out of their situation when born in an gangster family.

      For many people in rich European countries Prison is like an Hotel and this attracts many criminals form poorer countries. Our prisons are about 85% full with foreigners…

      • Agreed ,living on the edge of financial ruin seems to be the new normal in a country where everything is so expensive and the labour laws are so pathetic,surely this contributes to the poor social climate here,this country does have some nice scenery though !

  6. Young people in N.Z are now immune to the police ,there was a time when it would have been a big deal to have interaction with them,since they became the Nanny state revenue collectors no one gives a shit about them ,we all know they don’t care about crime ,just money collectors from people they believe can afford it ,corruption

  7. John Key now tells anyone who will listen that N.Z is the Switzerland of the South,I wonder how many Asians and Pacific Islanders live in the Switzerland of the North.

  8. Just to give one example from today.. Kiwi’s don’t just discriminate Asians. From the moment I set foot on this land.. The racism started and it never stopped until today. Just to let you know I am an blond blue eyed slim fit female that doesn’t dress to weird. I consider myself quite normal. I am an friendly spontaneous positive and happy person at least before I got to nz but I try very hard my best to stay like that. And yet especially kiwi women like to express their hatred towards me. It seems they do not like the fact that I was placed on this planet.

    This morning we buy an tea at the petrol station and they just poor a lit of milk in while I am allergic too it. So I had too go back and ask another one..seems unimportant but these little things have happened so many times at so many different places in chch that it’s nearly driving me insane ! I have lived and travelled most of the world and this has truly never ever happened to me out side of new Zealand !! This is absolutly crazy! I suppose this is rasicism because I cannot believe anyone can be that stupid…

    In the afternoon I had to buy an top up at an supermarket and when I asked this to the older white lady she pretended she did not understand me and would not sell me the top up !!!! Really one of the weirdest people I have ever met in my life !!

    My English is fluent and although not with an kiwi accent well understood by some of the nice kiwi’s and expats.

    So being as “white” as can be kiwi’s don’t care about that either.. Anybody that is NOT kiwi they will bully no matter what colour or background.

    Anyone else with similar experiences ?

    I guess I can be thankfully for not being beaten up yet. But I have certainly met some aggressive kiwi’s that would have loved too ! Stay save everybody. Stay away from those kiwi’s as far as you can.

    When you want to fly to chch. Don’t let those kiwi’s ruin your trip l. I would strongly advice you to only go for the tourist stuff in chch and soon head out. It will only get better once you ‘be left this godforsaken place..

    • It’s very true that the racism and xenophobia in New Zealand is far reaching. I was BORN in New Zealand, but my parents are both from England. I started to become the target for racism as soon as I got to primary school, and have had to deal with it for most of my life. It’s got to the point these days where I no longer think of myself as a New Zealander. The Kiwis DESPISE anyone with overseas connections.

      • Your comments are interesting Xavier. I am married to a Kiwi and raising our children here. I have noticed at their schools that there are strong family groups with very strong historical ties to each other. Immigrants or Kiwis moving towns can’t break into this powerful inner circle so their (and our) children are always sort of on the periphery. I can imagine that this was your experience as well.

      • @Xavier Money very interesting observations. My parents also migrated from England when I was still a child and I well remember an incident soon after I finished high school where I attended a party with the people who I thought were my school friends. One of them attacked me and punched me in the face for no reason (I wasn’t even talking to him, and had previously never had a problem with him.) When I demanded to know why he had done this to me he said he didn’t know why he did it but that he was very drunk and I had an annoying English accent.

        Incredibly I was the one who was asked to leave the party following the assault and my attacker was allowed to stay!

        As I walked home nursing my bruised face and knowing that there was no point in reporting the assault because all my so-called “friends” would back the other guy (because he was a bona fide kiwi with strong historical ties to their families) I had an epiphany and decided that as soon as I had the chance I would leave New Zealand, country I had grown up in and loved, behind. Because I knew at that moment I would never be fully accepted as in New Zealand no matter how long I lived there and would never receive equal treatment or any kind of justice there, despite the fact it said “New Zealand” on my passport.

        As soon as I finished my degree I moved overseas where I ended up becoming a Police officer. I’ve since helped many others who have been victims of crime and always did so without fear or favour. (But it would be stupid not to “profile” suspects though!)

        It still upsets me to think of how all my so-called Kiwi “friends” turned on me. Not one of them stood up for me when I was brutally attacked for no reason right in front of them by one of their “bros.”

        • And nothing has changed ,you would be worse off now having adopted mannerisms and speech patterns from another country.This makes the narrow minded idiots even more angry maybe because now they can’t figure out how to manipulate a person from another place or maybe it just reminds them of their own inadequacy and lack of understanding for the world outside a 20 k radius of their home.the N.Z elite have already predetermined their friends and don’t want outsiders around messing things up or challenging their rights to power.
          Unfortunately these behaviours are constantly reinforced by our misplaced national pride and govt.engineered spin belched out in state controlled media ,a flag change was a pretty pathetic attempt to change N.Z social and cultural practices how about the govt. brings back subsidised university education and has a serious attempt to raise the education levels for school children ,address the issues of child poverty and abuse ,it’s to late for the parents of many of these kids and breaking the cycle will take many years ,cost billions of dollars and require sustained effort and good policy.The outcome would provide us with a safe and far more interesting country to live in,as we know none of this will happen as N.Z s focus is on rapidly achievable financial gains for a few old boys maintaining the status quo of first families in N.Z .The three year political term is ridiculous as very little can be achieved in this short period and a lack of federal govt creates an incredibly wasteful yo yo effect for taxpayers ,one party sells the national Rail system the next buys it back etc and on it goes.Basically the current administration are filling their pockets as quickly as possible and couldn’t care a less about the social damage they will leave behind.The only way to get wealthy in N.Z seems to be by misleading and then robbing someone you know or ripping off tax funds,tourists or immigrants.
          As with the U.S and many other countries there is no real desire for change in N.Z , our politically elite leaders have no interest ,they will never be punched in the face or robbed outside the grocery store ,their incestious social groups are already established so other people’s lack of social outreach opportunity doesn’t bother them .Makes a person wonder how such a tiny country could be so pathetic and confused many of us are related or knows someone who we know yet we continue to screw each other over.

        • I’ve been on the receiving end of muggings, burglaries, theft (carried out by “friends”), along with massive levels of abuse, regular fraud, and criminal levels of incompetence. At primary school, one of the TEACHERS was investigated by the POLICE for the way she treated me (of course she kept her job). Things didn’t get much better as I got older. This resulted in MASSIVE problems with self-esteem.

          Once I realised what was going on, I kind of woke up and realised it wasn’t me that had the problem. Expecting someone to do their job properly, to get something you have paid for, an organisation to reach a reasonable standard of workmanship, or to behave ethically is NOT unreasonable. Once I woke up, everything started to change. These days I have as little to do with the Kiwis as possible. Most of them I simply can’t stand being around, and I certainly don’t think of myself as one of them. I’ve learned to work around them, not with them. After being repeatedly rejected career wise I am now building my future from home using the internet, working as an online tutor for an Australian company, and am producing novels I am selling in digital marketplaces. All my friends are now from overseas. In essence, I have disconnected from New Zealand as much as is possible without actually leaving. I’m now in the process of setting up further incomes using the internet to get out of this hell hole once and for all. (Like many I have been trapped here, and it’s taking me time to escape.)

          I have encountered so few decent people in this place, that I have learned to be extremely cautious, and not believe a word of what anyone tells me (almost every New Zealander I have every encountered has been a compulsive liar). The good people I have encountered are almost exclusively foreigners.

          • You are not alone ,kiwis are not a bunch any intelligent person would wish to engage with.interesting that their lies and deception are so transparent yet they continue thinking nobody knows what they are up to.I also go with socialising only with immigrants and have some great people I can call friends from all over the world ,none of us socialise with Kiwis ,common knowledge is they are not to be trusted.

          • Good for you Xavier money , glad you have an plan to get out of this shit hole. We feel for you man what an awful experiences you have been through. Can’t imagine what you’ve all have been through , but for some people life starts after thirty or some after forty. For me my life started really @ 25 years old when I started travelling. Because I had already travelled so much my confidence wasn’t that much affected here. Thank God I know things don’t go like this in the rest of the world. But I wouldn’t be human not to be affected by this shit after to many years residing in nz. That’s just life isn’t it ? Not all roads are smooth , but guaranteed I have learned my lessons here. And than are the nice expats I’ve met and the beautiful places I’ve seen I can be thankful for.

          • Recent happenings. Conned by a washing machine salesman. We got our money back, but the machine sits under the house. Car door hit by taxi while parked, taxi company claims we were at fault (apparently they do it all the time). Shouted at in street after woman in front of me gets past couple standing in the middle of the path, man shouted at me for some reason “its common practice to say excuse me please”. Was it because I was dressed in a shirt and dress pants? I looked rich you see. Yes NZ is awful and its getting worse, do not come here and get trapped.

  9. I listened to an interesting Scottish lady talking on RNZ at the weekend. It was very enlightening to learn that the Glaswegian Police and authorities have significantly broken a culture of violence in that City by confronting the problem head on and treating violence like it is a public health issue. I very much doubt that NZ has problems like Glasgow had, but given current NZ tendency to manipulate statistics who would know. NZ has been shutting prisons at a time when the prison population is at an all time high. Something illogical there. We get told crime is at a 30 year low, hence shutting prisons, so why is the prison population at an all time high? Resources need to be put into dealing with violence rather than just pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

    • This kind of reminds me of the film “Hot Fuzz.” In this film the main character is transferred to a small village which hasn’t had an officially recorded murder in twenty years. However, the accident rate in this village is very high. People are being killed in various different ways, but no-one will believe that the killings are in fact murders. They all think they are accidents.

      Incidentally, there is a FANTASTIC example of tall-poppy syndrome at the start of the film. The main character is SO good at his job, he makes everyone look bad, and that is the reason he is transferred.

    • Your comment about “creative accounting” is spot on. I noticed this link in the media today.

      The point for any would be immigrants or returning New Zealanders is to be wary of the uptopian statistics that you are being shown. New Zealand wants your cash and has a great sales pitch so come with your eyes open! It is sad when people feel they have been shafted of their life savings. Google some of the horror stories about immigrants and their pensions.

  10. As a person who has worked in law enforcement and previously majored in political studies perhaps I have a unique perspective. I’ve seen the “profiling” issue from both sides. In policing you would not be very successful if you didn’t “profile” people. You could even end up dead. Because a lot of the time when you profile people your assumptions turn out to be correct. I was always taught not to judge people on appearances but in law enforcement this is terrible advice. When it is safe to do so by all means be “PC.” But when approaching a group of heavily tattooed people at night who are built like tanks and look like gang members I wouldn’t bet my life or anyone else’s on appearing “PC” by assuming they are nice people who just happen to look dangerous either. Better safe than sorry.

    • The flip side of this is that if you are smart, you can use the “profiling” to your advantage. Dressing like a thug or a hopeless looser will largely get you left along in New Zealand. By contrast, dressing nicely (which would be thought of more as average overseas) causes all kinds of problems from abuse being yelled at you to muggings.

      It’s a pretty sad situation, when you live in a country where you have to disguise who you are, put on rough clothes and a tough face simply to avoid being assaulted, robbed and otherwise mistreated.

    • Yes N.Z police are completely inept at profiling and are a huge fail .They are very good at treating everyone in the same way and completely missing the point that they are supposed to protect communities not harass people at will .

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