Asian students attacks by auckland gangs

Two of at least six young people left bloodied and terrified after the attacks

Thinking about studying in New Zealand? Go to another, safer country where gangs of youth don’t prey on people of an Asian appearance. At least six young people have been attacked, beaten and robbed in Auckland recently, almost all of them Chinese or Japanese students. The assaults happened during daylight hours and came as Thai authorities warned citizens about the dangers of these incidents in New Zealand.

The muggings and assaults have been happening all around Auckland:

The first attack occurred last Tuesday evening. Two female Chinese students from the University of Auckland were attacked and robbed by a group of up to six teen boys and girls as they walked through a park. They were punched, kicked and wrestled to the ground before the group stole a handbag and a phone.

On Wednesday, two Japanese women were attacked near a park by a group of teens. The women were dragged, punched, kicked and robbed. Four teens were later arrested in connection with the attack.

On Thursday morning, a male Chinese student from Unitec’s Mt. Albert campus was walking in Oakley Creek when he was attacked by two men who kicked him, stomped on his head, and stole his laptop before fleeing in a car. Police have posted images of the suspects in the attack.

And on Monday night, an international student was walking on the street on Newmarket when he was pushed to the ground by four youths, ages 12 to 14, who were later arrested.

What the hell is going on in Auckland? It seems that Asians can’t walk on the street and mind their own business like a normal-ass person without getting punched, kicked in the face, and their shit stolen.” source

A prominent Auckland councillor said  enough is enough and has decided to blow the whistle, rather than participate in the “we are a safe country” propaganda designed to entice the international student market to study in New Zealand.

Waitemata and Gulf ward councillor Mike Lee has spoken out against the continued pretense that Auckland is a safe city. At a crowded meeting at the University of Auckland, held in response to the recent violent attacks on international students,  he said there was conflicting information over the safety of the city:

Gangs of violent offenders frequent the city centre

“There’s two messages coming out – that Auckland is incredibly safe ‘but don’t go there, don’t go there, don’t carry this and don’t carry that’.”

“Auckland is not incredibly safe … it’s not safe at all, it needs to be safe and it can be safe, and together we will make it safe.

“But the people who must lead this are the New Zealand Police … the gangs of violent offenders who frequent the city centre … need to be cleaned up once and for all,” he said.

A report by RadionNZ said that Mr Lee wanted a permanent solution to the problem, not just a few token arrests. He’s formally complained to the mayor about the level of violence.

Mr Lee had previously said he was prepared to advocate on the sutdents’ behalf with the police, saying he’d already complained to the mayor

Gangs are young women with male minders

“It’s not just background noise crime, it’s a serious problem. There’s a racial aspect to it because these kids are seen to be reasonably well-off, and they’re small, and these people are bullies so they pick on them,” he said.

Lee said the gangs seemed to be composed mostly of young women with male minders.

The attacks were giving Auckland a bad name internationally, he said.

“This is bad for those kids, it’s unacceptable in a civilised city, but also it’s giving Auckland a bad name all around the world because it’s big on Chinese social media, and that’s seamless, that goes all through the Chinese diaspora.” …

Chinese students seen as ‘rich pickings

Auckland University Chinese Student Society (AUCSS) president Phillip Wang said Chinese international students might be being targeted because criminals thought they came from rich families.

“I think it’s more like a stereotyping thing. I think people think international students, or Asians in general, are rich, or have rich families. I think the criminals, they want to target international students or Asians in general instead of other people.”

Other Chinese students at the university were scared to walk home at night, Wang said.

“They said they’re really scared to study late at night now, they want to get home early. Their parents are concerned as well.” source

Police say there are over 700 CCTV cameras in the city but there are gaps in coverage. But when did CCTV ever protect anyone? any shop keeper in New Zealand will tell you that. Perhaps the solution is better lighting, better urban design and more police on the beat protecting people?

contact police

Private police force taking up the slack

The gaps in police protection are having to be picked up by the universities, who’ve started employing their own security patrols to protect students walking through council owned, punlic land…

Unitec chief executive Rick Ede said the educator had put permanent security at the Oakley Creek walkway where one student had been attacked, even though it was a council walkway across a council reserve.

“We have that now covered from 8am to 10pm seven days a week because not only do our students use that walkway, members of the community do as well.

Call for police resources

As suspected, a lack of police resources means that areas of Auckland are unsafe for everyone, not just international students:

Labour MP and Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff told the meeting he was appalled and ashamed by the attacks on foreign students.

“Each of those attacks were quite brutal attacks, this wasn’t just a bag snatch or a theft, this was gratuitous violence – punching and kicking people on the ground, leaving the victims bruised and bleeding.

Mr Goff called for the police to be better resourced and for the public to be given “a certainty of apprehension”.

“The police aren’t getting the resources … so we need to be sure that our police force is in a position to respond when we need them.”

Chinese Consulate-General demands a solution

China’s Vice Consul-General Binhui Luo said the attacks had been distressing.

“We all know that several violent assaults and robberies against Asians took place in Auckland … among the victims were three Chinese students. “In my view strengthening communication and working for a solution should be what we endeavour… today’s meeting is a right step,” he said.

Students reclaim their park

Meanwhile, the Auckland University Student’s Association (AUSA) has launched an event to reclaim their park from gangs of thugs. They have started a petition to get Auckland council to improve safety conditions in Albert Park and plan a rally to draw attention to their cause.

Sign the petition here:

Join AUSA as we rally to Reclaim our Park – but be part of the change as well, and take part in the Albert Park Safety Audit!

As a student, particularly one from outside Auckland, one of the first things you learn upon arriving at the University of Auckland is to avoid Albert Park.

We’re told to avoid the park at night, avoid the park if you’ve been drinking, avoid the park if you’re on your own. It’s not safe , it’s not fair, and we need to change it to make sure our Auckland students, residents and visitors are safe.”


The event will take the form of both a rally, and a safety audit. Attendees will gather at the Albert Park rotunda before 7pm. The crowd will then be asked to get into groups of two or three. Each group will be given a grid map of Albert Park, with a certain section outlined. It will be their responsibility to go to that sector of the park, and fill in a questionnaire asking them to grade safety conditions, eg. Visibility, lighting, security phones, from 1-10. Some groups may be given multiple areas. They will then return for more speeches and rallying, before moving across to the University Quad for a free barbecue put on by AUSA!



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  1. It’s actually a natural progression from being a student involved in fights regularly, to becoming a gangster or a thug.
    Mass brawl: Students throw chairs inside KFC

    By Morgan Tait, Ben Hill

    Updated less than a minute ago5:32 PM Monday Aug 29, 2016
    New Zealand
    There was a number of calls to police shortly after 5pm today when a large group of students started fighting inside the Mangere East KFC on Massey Rd.
    There was a number of calls to police shortly after 5pm today when a large group of students started fighting inside the Mangere East KFC on Massey Rd.
    Up to 100 students used knives, chairs and pieces of wood in a brawl that spilled from an Auckland street into a KFC restaurant.

    Terrified staff locked themselves inside businesses on Massey Rd, Mangere, while others watched in horror as students received injuries bad enough to draw blood.

    Four people were arrested by police, who had to send 13 units to subdue the crowds shortly after 5pm today.

    A Mangere East KFC employee, who did not wish to be named, said about 30 school students burst into the restaurant.

    “It was a really big fight between school students. They came down to our store and started punching a guy. They just started smashing him.

    “They just came in. They picked up chairs and everything.”

    She said the students were boys and girls, and looked to be under 16. Some appeared to be injured, and were bleeding and covering their faces with their hands, she said.

    A large police presence quickly swamped the area, she said.

    She saw students taken away in police cars.

    Like the KFC slogan goes, “So good!”

  2. Somewhat related:
    Chinese community fear for safety following spate of crime, says Auckland researcher
    4:51 PM Monday Aug 22, 2016
    by Lincoln Tan
    A series of crimes against Chinese victims has left the community fearing for their safety and wondering if they are being targeted, an Auckland University researcher says.

    More than 6 in 10 of the 8500 Chinese who responded to an online survey conducted by Dr Andrew Zhu today said they felt unsafe in New Zealand, and 92 per cent said they were not satisfied with the anti-crime response by the authorities.

    “The perception that New Zealand is heaven is fast becoming one that it is hell. The country is seen as being a heaven only for criminals because of the soft action against them.” – Dr. Andrew Zhu

    Susan Zhu, a Waitemata Police Asian Reference Group member, wrote an email to the police raising “serious concern within the Chinese community” to public and personal safety.

    “New migrant communities are feeling more vulnerable particularly when those incidents happened within such a short period of time,” she wrote.

    “They feel that they have been targeted by criminals…and NZ, particularly Auckland, is no longer a safe place.”

  3. Yes well Asian people welcome to the real N.Z ,I was beaten after I was involved in a quad bike accident ,easy target as my ankle and arm were in casts,I was not able to defend myself ,the assholes also attacked my wife ,doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are the Kiwis love to attack the weak ,the old and infirm ,best in the world at it.

  4. There were 4 attacks and 6 victims.

    Newmarket: On Monday night, an international student walking along Khyber Pass Rd near the corner of Broadway, Newmarket, was pushed to the ground by four youths aged between 12 and 14 years old who were later arrested.
    Albert Park: 2 female Chinese University of Auckland students attacked by 6 teenagers in Albert Park at 8:30pm on Tuesday. Attackers were 4 female and 2 male.
    Queen St: 2 Japanese women were attacked in Queen St near Myers Park just before midnight on Wednesday. 4 teenage girls aged between 14 and 15 arrested and charged with assault with intent to rob.
    Oakley Creek: Male Chinese student walking to Unitec in Mt Albert was set upon by two men at 9.30am on Thursday. 2 teenagers arrested. 18yo appeared at Auckland District Court on 1 April and 15yo will appear at Youth Court at a later date.

  5. Next week their will be a headline about some crime the Asians have committed ,that’s the nature of the N.Z revenge culture.They deserved it because Jo Fong dealt meth ,just watch and wait

  6. I doubt that these incidents will be reported in the Australian press, so Kiwis will be able to peddle their propaganda line of a ‘tolerant multicultural’ society. I used to believe it, until I knew better.

    A few months ago I noticed a self-congratulatory article on a NZ blog where the author was bragging that the country hadn’t experienced any of the racial problems that had occurred in the UK and Australia. I pointed out that NZ was barely one generation into mass immigration and multiculturalism, while Oz and the U.K. had three generations of mass immigration. How are New Zealanders going to reconcile biculturalism and multiculturalism?

    It’s rather too early for Kiwis to pat themselves on the back.

    • I sometimes hear things in the media these days about the Land Wars such as “Little New Zealand stood up to the Might of the British Empire”. You’ve got to laugh sometimes.

      By the way, I heard on the radio this morning that John Key has been going around the World in the last week telling international audiences that people should move to New Zealand to be safe from Isis. Also that New Zealand is the Switzerland of the South Pacific and 2nd wealthiest country in the world. I almost choked on my breakfast cereal when I heard that. Maybe they were relaying back an April Fool’s joke.

      • George,

        Yes, I noticed an article in the NZ Herald, promoting the same fantasy, the Asia-Pacific already has a ‘Switzerland’, it’s called Singapore.

        • I laughed when I read that John Key wants New Zealand to become the Switzerland of the South Pacific. The corporate tax rate in Switzerland is half what it is in New Zealand. Additionally, Switzerland has robust political institutions, a highly educated and well-trained workforce, and a tradition of excellence. The “she’ll be right” mantra of Kiwis is the very antithesis to the Swiss way of doing things. If New Zealand really wants to be the next Switzerland, it could start by learning to build houses that are warm in winter and keeping its own productive people in New Zealand rather than forcing them to flee overseas to find reasonable opportunities.

          Singapore probably deserves the title Switzerland of Asia and, in many ways, is even more like Switzerland than Switzerland itself. Countries like Singapore and Switzerland do not have appalling levels of crime nor do they fail to punish criminals. These countries also have things that high net worth individuals enjoy. For example, nice restaurants, good places to shop, and activities to do rank much higher on the list of things that the rich want. I do not think eating fish and chips and shopping at the Warehouse is very enticing to high net worth individuals.

      • Not anywhere near being the second wealthiest country in the world and Switzerland is a high perfomance country. NZ simply is not.

        • It won’t happen by itself ,never seen so many teenage mothers in my life except maybe Mexico in the Barrio,instead of encouraging education here and subsidising it our govt. now sells it as though it’s another commodity item as housing ,food electricity and jobs have become.

  7. Nothing surprising here. I was witness to a couple of thug kiwis beating the daylights out of a Nepalese guy after a game of pool in Pokhara. They smashed this poor bloke in his own country and then ran like cowards to get away from the angry descending crowd. Cowards to the core. It remains the single most disgusting act I have ever seen. It is good however to see that the world is now being reported the facts rather than the lies and dribble we typically hear from NZ media about how great the place is. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

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