Asian Community Cries Out: “Its Enough! stop the crime New Zealand”

The Asian community in New Zealand has had enough of being the victims of crime. They’ve had enough of being attacked for the colour of their skin. They’ve had enough of having their businesses robbed and their staff attacked. They’ve had enough of having their homes invaded and their cars hijacked from their drives while they unload their shopping. They’ve had enough of getting mugged and dragged under cars in front of their young children.

The Asian community has made a video to highlight their concerns. By improving their lives the lives of everyone in New Zealand will be enriched.

Director of the video “Its Enough! stop the crime New Zealand” Tyler Luo told the press:

“I love New Zealand and want it to be everyone’s beautiful home”.

“But in recent years, the continuous occurrence of crime, to Asians, especially Indian, Chinese, Korean and other groups has caused us great losses and painful experiences”

In the video, victims of crime in New Zealand speak of their experiences, including an elderly woman whose arm was broken when she was thrown three to four metres, and a woman who was punched in the face, smashing her glasses.

One victim says, “New Zealand has never been a country like this,” while another says they don’t want it to become a “criminal paradise”.

Mr Luo says these crimes aren’t noticed by the mainstream media, and victims don’t know how to get help and are disappointed by the police.

“We want to do something to help them… maybe the Government, the politician, the police officer can hear,” source


We love New Zealand, but we do not want New Zealand being a criminal paradise. We hope the government is able to solve the issue as soon as possible. We need to stop crime Crime needs to go down. It’s enough. We don’t want to be victims anymore.

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  1. An object lesson as to why crime has consequences, but especially if you’re in a gang, and you fail to carry off the crime.
    I suppose a solution is not to participate in crime, but some people may consider that as too simple.
    Man raped his mate as punishment for botching a burglary
    Last updated 15:40, July 4 2017
    Alister Reid was on trial at the Napier District Court. (File photo)
    Alister Reid was on trial at the Napier District Court. (File photo)

    A man has been found guilty of sexually violating his male accomplice as punishment for botching a burglary.

    Alister Reid, 47, raped the other man in November 2013 after the pair had unsuccessfully attempted to burgle a property in Hastings.

    On Tuesday, Reid was found guilty of sexual violation after a one-and-a-half day jury trial in the Napier District Court. The jury acquitted him on a charge of attempted sexual violation.

    Judge Tony Adeane thanked the jury for their work on the “thoroughly distasteful case”.
    Judge Tony Adeane thanked the jury for their work on the “thoroughly distasteful case”.

    Crown prosecutor Jo Rielly told the jury Reid had known his victim for about 10 years and would regularly stay with him and his partner and their young children.

    On the night of November 3, 2013, Reid made his victim accompany him on the burglary of a house in Hastings. The burglary was unsuccessful when an occupant of the house became aware of them and bolted his door.

    The pair ran away, got into a car and drove away. On the trip back to their Hastings house Reid drove into an orchard near Clive.

    Rielly said Reid blamed his accomplice for the burglary failing. She said Reid punched the man in the face then told him “there had to be payback”. It was here that he allegedly tried to force the victim to perform a sexual act but was unsuccessful.

    They drove home, where Reid made the victim help him put methamphetamine in bags. They then both injected themselves with methamphetamine.

    The victim had a shower. When he came out of the shower Reid forced him onto a bed and raped him.

    The victim told the jury he had initially thought Reid was joking when they were in the car on the orchard.

    Ad Feedback

    “He acts like that sometimes … I thought it was a normal bully thing he does … But then I started getting worried. I wanted to get out of that orchard,” the victim told the jury.

  2. It is indeed incredibly sad/bewildering that the Kiwi psyche does not seem to be intellectually sophisticated enough to comprehend the self-destructive long term negative societal effects of our minimsed/normalised, rampant, anti-social behaviour. Failure to confront and deal with the P (methamphetamine) epidemic/poverty epidemic/homelessness epidemic/child abuse & neglect epidemic/domestic violence epidemic/illiteracy epidemic…..the list simply goes on & on. When one looks at how Scandanavian societies function (consistently rated and ranked amongst the top functioning global societies), you see the concept of Universality in action, eg: ALL children qualify for child benefit support payments, regardless of family income. ALL children/youth/young adults/adult students have free access to quality education (no such thing as “course fees”, even at university level). Scandanavians comprehend that Education is a right, not a privilige and as such, a quality education is a long term investment towards creating a more healthy, functional society. Quality, subsidised Health & Dental care for all etc… And of course, Scandanavian societies have both subsidised and private practioners – you are free to choose which service is more preferential for your needs. And many more examples of universality… too exhausting to list whilst in the throes of utter disbelief that Kiwis are incapable of comprehending that every Man, Woman and Child are worthy and deserving of a good quality of Life…! Kiwi Land has simply not yet evolved to that extent. The seemingly socially acceptable gross inequality within Kiwi society is simply mind boggling?! Why are Kiwis ok with inequality?? It’s a very strange rationale. The ignorant inability to perceive of anything other than our petty, classist, discriminatory, sexist, violent, criminal behaviours is too tragically pathetic to be believed! And yet this is the current state of life in NZ, it consistently gets worse, not better. Makes one wonder if little ole NZ missed the boat when God was handing out the ability to think/analyse/deduce…

    • The sad thing is NZ used to have free education including university. You even recieved a weekly allowance to attend. Unfortunately that ended about 30 years ago.

  3. Today’s N.Z Herald states that N.Z is 9th equal globally on an index of social progress.Supposedly this encompasses ,income equality,acceptance of immigrants ,housing conditions and affordability and some other lies,seriously the propaganda machine here manages to squeeze in a little more crap everyday,much like North Korea really.

  4. Yeah but it’s not racist it’s just the scum preying on what they believe to be the weak Asians ,I was in La during the Rodney King riots ,Asian store owners set up machine gun nests on top of their businesses while everybody else was looted their stores were untouched for obvious reasons ,the perception in this country is that politeness and respect is weakness.

  5. The misconception is that ,”N.Z has never been a country like this”, in fact it has always been a very,very violent place and property crime has always been prevalent on a large scale .I read one persons comment mentioning their reluctance to return to N.Z from the Middle East ,I can relate to this as I felt the same way returning from Los Angeles,it was so relaxing to live in a place knowing the Police could protect its citizens and took all forms of criminal activity seriously .Its not just the Asian people who are victims of crime in N.Z ,many N.Z people have realised the futility of reporting property crimes and violence here has become normalised to a degree that many locals don’t even venture into known dangerous areas ,Asian people are just more unaware of the danger zones. Not being a psychologist I don’t have answers for a repair however I can see that dishonesty is societal here and as recent and past events highlight the dishonesty and deception start at the top levels in N.Z parliament and freely flow through the society,it should be expected that crime would be rampant in a society who’s leaders and elected officials believe the laws and rules of society do not apply to them,the attitude of do as I say not as I do fosters the corruption and other crime in N.Z.The people who would speak out against the system are made impotent by threats and revenge acts ,the people who should speak out are often benefiting from the proceeds of this corrupt little backwater and therefore keep silent.

    • LAPD is terrifying. They were so bad federal regulators had to step in. It’s happening throughout the US. Cops harass ordinary citizens, yet my lower crime state still has double the homicide rate of NZ.

      • Ok I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt ,I am a simple man ,when I lived on the West side of L.A I chose to live in areas which I felt comfortable in ,including Hermosa beach and Venice Beach,when I lived in the SanFrancisco Bay Area I chose to live in Marin county,now most surveys are conducted on a homicide rate per 100000 people per capita and these areas encompass all areas of a country or state,I won’t deny that if a person chooses to live in east L.A there chances of being killed will be much larger than mine were for making my choices ,basically the homocide figures are generated by dangerous areas and if you think you can walk anywhere you feel like at night or whatever that would be a mistake right here in N.Z as a U.S resident I was never assaulted by a random individual although in all fairness as a young man I did get into a couple of situations which involved the police .I always found the police to be fair ,honest and professional .I will not insult the police in N.Z as I truely believe the majority of them are not doing their job for the pay check however we are stuck in an archaic English system of police work and justice and it’s obvious to most people here that the system is a huge failure .In the U.S police are more community focused and seem to have the ability to differentiate between hard core criminals and people who have broken the law,The U.S system although flawed at times offers way more protection to its citizens rather than waiting for a cop to come by after a crime to take a statement which is the N.Z way,how dare a police force or any other person tell me I do not have the right to protect myself or my family in my own home ,that’s what they do here.However the people who make those rules have more security than a South African diamond merchant.Sorry you are experiencing bad times with law enforcement in the U.S

      • And who says dying on the roads here in N.Z is not homocide but called an accident,,in my mind following another so closely that you have no reaction time is not really an accident but a poorly planned act of transport terrorism i

      • When I was 16 in Palmerston North I went to sleep on my way home to my country address,this was over 30 years ago.I woke up to being smashed on the head with a police baton while sleeping in a secluded park on a bench at about 11.00 pm ,my reaction was to grab the assailant by the throat and smash him in the face a couple of times then I realised it was a cop so I stopped beating the idiot.I allowed myself to be arrested as the two wimp cops could never have handcuffed me had I not complied,at the Palmerston North police station I was handcuffed behind my back and kicked to the ground ,unable to put my hands out my head hit the concrete ground first which broke my jaw and burst both my eardrums ,blood flowed out both my ears and I was unconscious until the cops twisted my handcuffed arm up my back until they broke my wrist at which time I regained consciousness screaming out of pain ,I was let out of the police station at 4.00 am in the morning ,there was a white frost and the cops had taken my shoes and jacket,I walked 45 minutes to the hospital and was refused medical treatment as one of the cops was the husband of the staff nurse,when I went to jail I was charged with wilful damage (to a policemans shirt) and assaulting a police officer(for defending myself) so honestly to the wimp ass person who lives in fear of the Los Angeles police ,go fu..k yourself,if you want to claim assault figures go check how much unreported violence there is in N.Z also if the cops laid a hand on me in the U.S it would be like winning the lotto as I would sue their asses ,here you would just get beaten and dropped in a ditch.

    • Hi there, morning report from the Middle East. I am enjoying a nice coffee in my safe and affordable apartment, with security perched just outside. This is a good neighbourhood here in Luxor and I get free security as I am next door toa well known hotel for tourists. There are no crazy men to be seen here doing highly anti-social, destructive and criminal things – there simply is no visible crime here, unlike where I was residing in the small village in rural NZ.
      There is some hassle in Luxor, but it is not dangerous and if you use the right psychology the whole matter just dissolves into a smile and an acknowledgment. Mostly I am hostage to hospitality. As for the testosterone of the Arab male;- well its just that and it is not toxic. It can be used positively for brute strength and defense. The men are loyal and in most instances are gentlemanly and protect women. It is built into the Arab culture. I feel much much safer aroundthese men than with Kiwi men. I watch how they treat their children, and they are very patient and loyal and loving. I have never witnessed any child abuse here, despite some if the issues of poverty. There may be poverty, but I do not see deprivation. There is also respect and dignity to be found here despite poverty.

      • Sounds like most of the world outside N.Z we here in in N.Z have just made another record apart from a sailing race we have 119000 police investigated cases of domestic violence in one year,best in the world

  6. This video is being scoffed at in New Zealand. This video needs to go viral to be of any use at all!

    Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive Chris Roberts released a written statement about the video.

    “New Zealand is generally regarded as a safe destination for all visitors. It is unlikely this video will have any impact on our international reputation.”

    • And so the serving of Kool Aid continues.. The NZ govt should stop marketing alternative facts to the world. I’m not sure if any other country blatantly markets itself as being 100% pure, clean, green and corruption free.. At least have the decency to warn the tourists – Oh wait, that won’t happen…

      This video should go up on Youtube!

    • Uhh, Mr Chris Roberts, the video was not filmed with the purpose to negatively affect NZ’s international reputation at all. (Duh)

      It was put together by people in the affected communities and was meant to be a plea, asking the government to make more of an effort in protecting them against crimes of these sort, and of which they are clearly afraid of … Why all the insecurity?

      • How exactly was this comment an ad hom attack? ‘Chris Roberts’ wasn’t even a poster – My comment was about the Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive Chris Roberts not being able to recognize a plea from an affected community in NZ; instead seeing the specified video as an ‘affront’ to NZ’s reputation rather than acknowledging the fact that crime IS an issue in NZ.

      • because the one thing kiwis absolutely cannot tolerate in any shape or form is someone complaining , i lived and worked there at the end of the nineties , complaints are met with scorn at every level

        tenant to land lord = the heating wont work in the house you let me = ” stop whining ”

        customer to mechanic = the brakes wont work properly on the car i left in for repair = ” stop whining ”

        worker to boss = the office manager is a sociopathic bully and is making my life hell = ” stop whining ”

        tax payer to inland revenue service = ive been waiting six months now for a tax rebate = ” stop whining ”

        its the default reply by kiwis to everything remotely ciritical of anything

  7. Sadly, this is not reaching the rest of the world and so it continues. There is abject poverty, homelessness and desperation all over New Zealand and large numbers of this backward, poverty stricken and drug & crime addicted population blame the Asian community for their woes. It’s hard to know what to target but maybe the New Zealand government is the problem. They market this asshole country as “100% Pure, clean, green, safe New Zealand”. None of these things are true and this needs to meet a much, much wider audience. It seems that the only people who know that NZ is unsafe are New Zealanders! Maybe the victims of these crimes could run a “100% Unsafe, Filthy, Crime Ridden, Racist New Zealand” campaign. There’s no point shouting about it in New Zealand – Kiwis just shut their eyes and blame immigrants!

    • In all fairness to the people of this country,for the most part the population has been completely neglected by the few who are hugely profiting by stealing money from new immigrants,these people act in an arrogant fashion as befits the newly rich in any turd world country

      • I actually believe that the majority of this has nothing to do with racism and all to do with increasing poverty in NZ. In particular the realisation as each year passes you are financially and socially much worse if than the previous year (even if you are working). People just get to a point were they break. I firmly believe major civil unrest is on the cards if the trends continue.

        • Agreed and at a more grass roots level people begin to establish their own rules regarding morality and acceptable behavioural strategies for survival,many kiwis default to their gang affiliates when threatened (not the police) ,developing alternative economies are commonplace ,face book is used to advertise for people to steal to order ,Your stolen car can feed peoples family and fuel addictions this is huge in N.Z ,the standard morality no longer applies when it comes to putting a roof over ones head ,food in your mouth and hey ,for a person addicted to cigarettes even maintaining the habit which was introduced with the government seal of approval not so long ago(definitely a kiwi idea that a huge tax on smokes would stop people smoking $26.00 a pack and the revenue not used for cessation programmes)I can speak from past experience ,when you are hungry for a couple of days it’s no holds barred.Behaviour in the provinces of N.Z has become very different ,poverty coupled with meth use have made many areas of this country very dangerous ,not only do the politicians not know this sadly foreign tourists have no idea.In regards to your statement about civil unrest,well it’s already firmly entrenched here in the form of gangs ,intimidation/ bullying and street crimes and alternative economies ,like bit coins but not.sad to see this all happening however if a person looks individually at the people who are running this tiny island it is usually possible to trace back a series of anti social ,immoral and sometimes criminal behaviour to the leaders with little more than a basic google search.

        • In my experience ,honesty does not gain respect in N.Z ,Integrity is not valued ,hard work is for what N.Zers consider surfs, money is worshipped no matter how it is obtained.

  8. It would do a great deal for the Asian community to call those people committing crimes against them as RACIST.
    There, I said it.
    But I wonder how many of them are scared that if they “cause problems” (by rightfully pointing to those opportunistic criminals with the full knowledge that they target Asians BECAUSE they know their complaints will be ignored or downplayed) … their visas may not be renewed, or they will be “let go” from their jobs. Can’t be saying anything bad about Godzone now, eh?

    The unpleasant theory is that these new immigrants (or even old immigrants who don’t look or sound “Kiwi enough”) … are a necessary sacrifice to appease the criminal element in New Zealand, so they don’t cause any hassle for the long-time Kiwis or people of high society in New Zealand.

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