French Tourist Crashes, Car is Ransacked

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French tourist suffers double whammy of NZ’s unsafe roads and high crime rate

A French tourist who was involved in a crash in Taylorville on Saturday afternoon had her car ransacked while she was receiving treatment in hospital for her injuries. The woman was the sole occupant of the car and lost control of it on a bend.

Police say her car was broken into and personal possessions were taken from the vehicle. They are also making inquiries after the occupants of a vehicle threw bottles from a vehicle on State Highway 69 between Inangahua Junction and Reefton, on Friday evening. source

If you’re a tourist planning to visit New Zealand, believing it to be a safe country you may like to go somewhere with better roads and a lower crime rate.

To our regular readers – the next time you hear about this story will be a damage mitigation exercise to repair New Zealand’s damaged reputation. This often happens when oversea tourists fall victim to crime in New Zealand. Rather than paper over the cracks if would be better if New Zealand authorities did something to make the country safer for visitors and residents alike.



16 thoughts on “French Tourist Crashes, Car is Ransacked

  1. Maybe New Zealand should change its national symbol to a vulture.

    I’ve always thought the Kiwi was appropriate, it’s a rare bird; only comes out in the dark, when it is difficult to see; has a big beak (nose) that it digs around in the dirt with; has small eyes, and can’t see well; and it’s flightless.

    But maybe a vulture is more appropriate, it seems to sum up the attitude of New Zealanders better.

    • I like your description of the Kiwi but why have a bird on the flag ,just go straight out and have a flag with a nasty rat on it,should be self explanatory and represent the majority of the population with clarity.

      • I think to represent the average New Zealander with a rat, is an insult to rats.

        In general rats are clean social animals that live in nicely functional family groups, they are intelligent, loyal, trainable, and make great pets. Rats have a bad reputation due to history (the part they played in plague outbreaks), but they are actually really nice animals.

        By contrast, New Zealanders are almost the exact opposite.

  2. This is hardly a new phenomenon. t’s just another something that kiwis pretend doesn’t happen.

    Even in the 80s, such events were relatively common throughout the country. It was never a good idea to leave your car unattended overnight if it broke down or crashed (get it towed straightaway). My job at that time entailed a lot of rural driving and any car left at the side of the road was invariably trashed if it was still there the next day.

    (Same about rural burglaries and leaving country houses unlocked. Our central North Island rural house was broken into and ransacked several times in the 1970s, as was the (garaged) car. About the only reason people leave their places unlocked is that replacing the doorframe is expensive if burglars decide to kick it in)

  3. I worked on a BBC film shoot based on the west coast in 2000. The crew stayed at a hotel in Greymouth. While on location filming, clothing and possessions were stolen from the hotel.
    None was ever returned or found, and I don’t remember an apology ever being given by the Hotel.
    When in Westport paranoid locals jeered at us from cars and generally despised us because we were outsiders coming in and spending money in local stores.
    And they perceived our line of work as soft and over paid (4am starts, and often 10pm wraps) as much of it was highly specialized CGI directed by the people who made walking with dinosaurs.
    “you funny dressing big shot film guys”.
    I never voted Helen, and never been back since.

    • That shop keeper showed alot of restrain. I would have been smacking the crap out of that little shit as soon as she came behind the counter. You’ll often find that the girls here are the worst. They also know that the law will be soft of them because they are Maori or whatever. I hate seeing people who are making an honest living having to put up with scum like this.

      • I would have not been able to resist whacking them with the cricket bat and worry about the consequences later,as you say they showed an incredible amount of restraint,I went to an all night service station in California ,the little middle aged cashier was sitting behind the counter and I noticed a huge hand gun in her lap ,I asked her if she would use it ,her reply was”you wanna find out”. Maybe N.Z needs a little more frontier justice,being told you are not allowed to protect your own self ,family and possessions goes against the laws of the universe.

        • All shop owners should be allowed to own a shotgun taser, if such a thing ever existed. Shoots out enough stunners to take down 4-5 hood rats and give them 50,000 volts of fuck you and take that suckers.

          • The frontier justice may upset the “special arrangement” that exists between the criminal element and police.
            Worldwide there are many situations and places that are peaceful only because police allow the local gangs to “victimise certain people” and “are allowed to arrest youngbloods(or a suitable substitute selected by the gang leadership) that can’t follow the agreement”.

            Getting paid both to enforce or ignore lawbreaking … is a rather lucrative position to be in. At the end of the career, “peace, at the expense of outsiders to the community” is maintained.

            And I doubt people in a community are going to complain about outsiders being sacrificed for “the greater good”.

            2 good examples of this are “Hot Fuzz” and “The Wicker Man”.

  4. Right now somebody is trying to figure out how to make the tourist responsible for this ,she asked for it ,she didn’t lock the door after her head went through the windscreen ,she should have taken her valuables with her in the ambulance ,why did she crash her car in the first place ,she was caught shoplifting when she was six years old !

  5. Wow, another new low for people in this country. The depths some Kiwis sink to know no boundaries. They’d probably make excellent deep sea divers.

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