Kiwi Threatened to Slit Premier’s Throat, Didn’t Show Up in Court Because Press Would Be There

Campbell and co

The Newman family

A trolling New Zealander is alleged to have used a fake Facebook profile to threaten the slit the throat of Queensland’s premier, Campbell Newman.

Then, when he was required to appear in court, the coward didn’t show up because the press may’ve taken his photograph. Fortunately, the Australian court did not award him name suppression, which is very popular in New Zealand.

The incident was reported by Australia’s Courier Mail:

A New Zealander accused of threatening to slit Premier Campbell Newman’s throat skipped his court appearance to avoid publicity today.

Reece Kyle Casey, 26, is accused of using a fake Facebook account to threaten to “slit their throats”, referring to Mr Newman and his wife Lisa.

The Courier-Mail previously reported that the post on the Premier’s official Facebook page on January 29 had said the threat was serious and would be carried out.

The message also warned Mr Newman to protect his loved ones, which was taken as a threat against his two daughters, it was reported…” read the rest here

Casey is believed to live in Caboolture, reportedly a low income area popular with New Zealanders and Pacific Islanders.

According to the Mail’s previous article a threat was also made against Mr Newman’s loved ones – i.e. his daughters – which was taken very seriously and security increased accordingly.

“Security was immediately strengthened around the Premier and his family. Police linked the fake Facebook account and message to a man who was due to leave the country within a fortnight.

He has been charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, which carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail…” source

The status of Kiwis in the Australian state has degraded with TV shows like The GC and and the Joel Barlow fraud case doing little to improve their reputation.  Just hours ago Fake ‘prince’ Barlow lost an appeal against his 14 year sentence

“New Zealand-born Hohepa Hikairo ‘Joel’ Morehu-Barlow was jailed last year after pleading guilty to defrauding Queensland Health of $16.7 million.

Barlow was given the maximum sentence of 12 years for the most serious fraud offences committed by him between 2007 and 2011 and a further two years for the other fraud offences, to be served cumulatively…” source

The NZ Herald reported last year nearly 800 New Zealanders were slammed up in Australian prisons.

A couple of weeks ago revealed Australia deported more than 100 New Zealanders in the last 18 months because of criminal offending, or the risk of offending. Also,

Figures provided by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection show that since July 2007, 420 New Zealanders have been sent home for failing a character test.

That included 85 in the 2012-13 year and 22 between July and November last year. An unknown number of those were deported straight from Australian prisons on becoming eligible for parole and banished without being subject to post-release conditions.

Among those to have their visas cancelled was Marouna Williams, 24, who is expected to arrive in Hastings this month after serving part of a three-year prison sentence for a home invasion and intentionally causing serious injury in 2008. He has not lived in New Zealand since he was 2…

The number of Kiwis being deported from Australia far outnumbered those going in the other direction. Of the 478 people deported from New Zealand after a prison release between July 2008 and November last year, just 33 were Australians.” source

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